what are my chances urm

  1. jonginsbbygirl

    WAMC: school list help (cGPA 3.71, sGPA 3.68, MCAT 515, URM)

    ***PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THREAD*** Thanks so much :) Hi, all. I’m very nervous about applying this cycle (2021-2022), but finally feeling brave enough to ask for some advice. Year in school: About to finish Gap Year 1 of 2 Background: URM female MCAT: 515 (131/127/127/130) cGPA/sGPA...
  2. S

    WAMC - 3.46 cgpa, 3.41 sGPA, 506

  3. Sadlyanon

    WAMC 3.8c 3.69s URM 504 MCAT

    Unwatch Thread Ignore Thre Hello all cGPA 3.80 sGPA 3.69 First mcat 501 (127/122/127/125) Predicted Second mcat 504 (128/120/127/129) My 3 aamc practice exams were all exactly 507 i really don’t know what happened. I know you are supposed to retake when you are ready, I never ever scored...
  4. mednovice12

    Slowly losing my mind... HELP?!

    I've spent days going through this website seeing if I can even get in anywhere and let me just tell you its a rollercoaster of emotions. There are people with high GPA/high mcat that don't even get into DO schools and other people that get into all of them. I don't even know how to begin...
  5. H

    What Are My Chances URM?

    Hi! I'm a black female URM hoping to get into a top 20 MD school. I'm currently in the undergraduate program (graduating in a year) but am wondering what are my chances BUT ALSO WHAT MCAT SCORE I SHOULD AIM FOR upon graduation in about a year. Here is what I have or anticipate having by the...
  6. sweatytshirt


    Hey everyone! New user here. I plan on applying next cycle. What do you think my chances are of getting in on my first try with these stats? cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS: 3.69 and 3.56 MCAT score(s) and breakdown: 504 (123 C/P; 128 CARS; 124 B/B; 129 P/S) State of residence...
  7. G

    What are my chances

    3.53 cGPA 3.49 sGPA TX resident URM 300 hours shadowing (200 private practice, 100 shadowing different specialties at a hospital) Worked between 28-40 hours per week during my last two years at undergrad as manager of a local snack shop. Because of work and school, not much time for EC's...
  8. S

    MD WAMC: 504/3.73c/3.57sc, FL URM

    Submitted and verified. Received most secondaries. Just looking for some extra tips thanks y'all! Good luck and blessings to you! URM-AA Year in school: Gap Year Country/state of residence: Florida Schools:CMU; UCLA; FIU;FSU; Howard University; Loma Linda; Meharry; Michigan State; Oregon...
  9. J

    URM high GPA low MCAT, do I have a chance at top 20 schools

    Please help. My question is do I have any chance of getting in to any Top 20 schools. I think my MCAT really hurt me but want your opinion. Here are my stats: - URM (African American, African Immigrant and first generation college attendee in my family) - cGPA of 3.88 and sGPA OF 3.80 - MCAT...
  10. dvalois

    Help with Application

    Hello All! If you could please let me know where I could use some strengthening in my application, I would be most grateful! I plan on applying next cycle (2019). Open to MD and DO. Thanks! Here are my stats: GPA: 3.54 BCPM: 3.26 MAJOR: Bio Sci (Clinical Lab Sciences) STATE SCHOOL (CA) URM...
  11. M

    508 MCAT, cGPA 3.3, URM

    Thanks in advance!
  12. the.shorn.one

    Help with school list ! (3.6, 502)

  13. E

    Very Low GPA, High DAT. Advice?

  14. ThunderDog

    URM, 3.9 GPA, 500 MCAT, waitlisted at 2 schools

    Does anyone seen or had experience with someone with my similar stats? 3.9 GPA 500 MCAT 64.4 LizzyM URM I interviewed at Houston and Lubbock back in October-November of 2016. I believe my interviews went exceptionally well as we connected pretty easily, but that could just be from my...
  15. F

    MD & DO 3.4/3.8, 505. Help Finalizing School List

    I need help finalizing my school list. I will be a re-applicant. Non-traditional. URM. This time, I plan to apply MD & DO. I will be a recent NY resident (July/August), so I won't be eligible IS anywhere. OOS friendly suggestions please. I'm willing to live anywhere, as long as I get to be a...
  16. M

    3.8cGPA 3.69sGPA URM 6/1MCAT

    Hello, I am applying this cycle, with approval from my pre-med advisor. I am a Maryland resident with my top choices at UMD, UVA, UCSanDiego, UCSF, and George Washington. I know California favors in state applicants, but I want to know the chances of me getting into UCSanDiego and UCSF as OOS...
  17. F

    What are my chances?

    Currently a Bio Major. 1 semester away from graduating. My stats are somewhere around ~3.2 science ~3.3 Overall. 100+ hours of shadowing. Scribe Experience. A lot of (non-medical) volunteer experience. Have been in the military 5+ years. URM. I don't take the MCAT until May. Assuming that I do...
  18. L

    3.3 cgpa 3.1 sgpa 518 MCAT URM from HYP

    Hi all, TX res Graduated from HYP as a Biology Major URM- black female My low GPA is derived from the fact that I had a very sick family member that I had to take care of while going to school. This meant working 40+ hours a week t0 financially support myself and my family and most months...
  19. H

    What are my chances of medical school which schools should I apply

    I am a URM and come from low socioeconomicbackground (parents supported a family of 5 on $30,000 annual salary), First Generation college student. Florida Resident. I graduated HS with 96 college credits ( earning an A.A in Pre-medical Science from Community College) 3.8 GPA I graduated from...
  20. C

    What are My chances of Medical School

    I am a URM and come from low socioeconomic background (parents supported a family of 5 on $30,000 annual salary), First Generation college student I graduated HS with 96 college credits ( earning an A.A in Pre-medical Science from Community College) 3.8 GPA I graduated from JHU B.S in...
  21. D

    What are my chances? SMP needed or no?

    Year: Senior URM: half hispanic Country/State: Maryland Schools: MD (DO as a last resort) Cumulative: 3.5 Science: 3.35 MCAT: have not taken it yet( taking it in June) Research: currently in research that will be published summer of 2017 Volunteering/Physician Shadowing(clinical): ~300...
  22. M

    3.8cGPA 3.7sGPA MCAT TBD WAMC?

    Hello everyone I am a transfer student from community college and I received my associates CC GPA: 3.73 ( all A's but got a C in both Orgo I and II) I transferred to a 4 year school and will be graduating this spring. 4 year institution GPA: 3.882 (anticipated of of course) Looking at the...
  23. W

    3.8 cGPA 3.95 sGPA 506 MCAT

    Asking for 2018 fall admission 105 clinical hours ~100 shadowing ~200 community service 2 semesters of research URM (Puerto Rican)
  24. M

    Steller UGrad gpa/ Horrid Ggpa - need help

    Please advise me - especially current medical students at top 25 schools My undergraduate gpa at University of Chicago was 3.7/4.0 and I was a National Rhodes Scholar Finalist (triple major - social sciences) Graduate gpa @ public health school (think Yale) was 2.6/4.0... I got ill throughout...
  25. M

    3.85 cGPA/3.71sGPA 510/510+ MCAT

    Hello everyone, Ill try to be short and concise GPA when I graduate spring 2017: 3.85/ science 3.71 my transcript is literally all A's EXCEPT for a C in BOTH orgo I and II. I also got B- in Physics II. On the pluside I got an A in biochem... my reason (not an excuse) for why I recieved a C in...
  26. E

    MD & DO What are my chances for DO school after reinvention?

    Hello, I hope all is well and greatly appreciate your time and feedback for my situation. I'm writing in regards of my pre-medical experience, and was wondering if I could get your input on the chance I may have for MD or DO schools. I'm a 22 year old Hispanic female, and have lived all my...
  27. T

    DO what are my chances

    I just finished a biology degree, currently working in a lab. I am an URM. While I was in school, I was the primary caregiver for one of my parents.So, while I have a lot of healthcare experience, it did take away some of my time. I'm leaning towards DO and Caribbean since I know those are my...
  28. Jgall95

    3.6 GPA, 509 MCAT, URM, Extensive EC's

    Hey guys I know this is my first post I just now discovered SDN!!! I hope to be a long time lurker especially if I do not get in this cycle. Anyways I am really curious about my school choices any help would be appreciated because I think my school list sucks after reading a lot on here!! -3.6...