2022-2023 Medical College of Georgia

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Can someone send me the groupme invite? Late to the party but I was accepted 12/27 lol
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If reapplying to MCG (i'm planning on reapplying through EDP), does submitting my primary for MCG EDP automatically withdraw my current waitlist position at MCG from this past 2022-2023 app cycle?
Today is the CTE deadline so I’m pretty sure this week is the last real chance of final WL movement.
Can someone PM me the group chat? I got accepted a couple months ago. Thanks in advance!
I'm a reapplicant applying EDP to MCG. An advisor i've been talking with to prepare for reapp told me to choose N/A for essays that my advisor worries may show revealing weaknesses about my application that could give easy reason for MCG to reject me again. What're y'alls thoughts about this?
Accepted off WL today through phone call
Interviewed late Oct
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Part of me regrets not applying to MCG EDP. I was worried about putting all my eggs in one basket with EDP, which was why I avoided it and did Regular Decision. I applied to 56 MD schools and the secondary app workload is awful.
how did you 56 apps go? i'm in the same position as you this cycle. hoping for the best
my LM is in my bio, but 511-515 mcat and 3.1 sgpa (my cgpa is just slightly higher). hope this post serves as some hope for my lower stat peeps out here!!

of note, 4.0 postbac gpa that was the main thing that changed from last cycle (2020) to this. MCG told me that my gpa was holding me back, and let me tell y’all I heard them lol. dm if any questions!
hi, how many credits did you take in your post-bac and what was your overall GPA?
Current M1 at the Athens campus. Feel free to DM me for housing recommendations/leads or other questions regarding campus preference etc.
Could I ask are lectures mandatory for you guys? Also do yall get the UGA meal plan or how does it work?