2023-2024 Liberty University (LUCOM)

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im in my last semester and im kind of clocked out. does LUCOM care if we maintain our GPA or will i still be fine if I get like a C- or C? I didnt see anything specific in the handbook but I want to make sure I dont do anything too dumb. thanks!
Got a C in a course I was finishing when I got in, because I bombed an exam 5 min after finding out I got in, lol. Nothing happened, just don’t fail anything & not graduate.

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Hi! Do any of the current medical students use anki for their classes? Do you guys mostly used premade decks that are class specific for LUCOM or do you use anking? Also is the class pretty collaborative with their materials like notes, anki etc...? Im also wondering with the new curriculum if we are still going to be using the same class slides and material as the previous classes. Thanks for all the help!