Dr Buddy

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Nov 19, 2008
Hello all,

While I did see a discussion thread for LECOM-B I didn't see one specifically for the entering class (though I might have easily missed), so I figured I would start it up.

So first and foremost, congrats all on acceptance in med school! If you're anything like me its a long journey already just trying to get in, and that was just the first step on an even longer road.

How is everyone doing with all the in processing paperwork?

Anyone around from the Bradenton area? Just curious where good places to live/ places to avoid are. Trying to find somewhere close to the school but also close to active areas (I hear Sarasota is where the local and bar scene is usually at)

Well, I hope everyone has a good day. Let's get some discussion going an help each other out. I look forward to meeting you all