SUNY Downstate Shadow a student program

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Oct 24, 2009
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Hey all accepted students to SUNY Downstate. Congratulations again on this great achievement!!! Since Downstate does not have a second look weekend we could use this shadow a student program to meet each other as well as check out SUNY downstate. I am sure this experience will give us a better idea of whether or not Downstate is a good fit for us.

I have called the admissions office regarding the program. In your acceptance package you should have received a flyer with some information about the program. The program starts January 4th to June 1st. You have to contact the admissions office via email or phone and provide them with the dates you will like to shadow as well as your contact information. The dates cannot be one where volunteers have exams or holidays.

I will contact a medical student to see if he could co-ordinate several volunteers to host several students on a given date. The hope is to have several days where several prospective students could shadow together.

So lets starting posting some dates people !!!!!
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