WesternU-Pomona or Touro-Ca?

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Jul 26, 2016
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I was fortunate enough to gain acceptance from both Touro and Western. I have dug up previous threads about this topic and really my only lingering question is how well does each school prepare their students for boards? Is one particularly better than the other and why? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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WesternU hands down!!!!! Better program, more reputable in California, more organized curriculum.
Not only do I recommend WesternU, but I also DON'T recommend Touro-CA. Worst COMLEX level 2 scores in the nation and I've heard tons of negatives.
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Do level 2 scores really matter as long as you pass?
Do level 2 scores really matter as long as you pass?

They definitely matter. Some specialties (the less competitive ones) could weigh your step 2 scores higher than your step 1. But it’s generally easier and the averages are always higher.
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