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  1. A

    Academic Term for AP Credit

    Good afternoon, I'm currently inputting my course information on AMCAS and have a good number of AP credits. On my transcript, they are listed under a separate section called "Test Credit." I know that AMCAS asks you to list these as Freshman courses, but which term would I list? None of these...
  2. YoungDaggy

    AP Course - Repeated

    I took AP chemistry in high school and got credit for it in college. However, I took CHEM 101 (its equivalent) in college anyways because I was told med schools don't really like AP credits. My transcript shows that the transfer credit was excluded and that the taken class is a repeat (and...
  3. S

    Should I take Biostatistics or Expository Writing?

    This is my first post so sorry if it’s a little long, haha. I’m planning out the rest of my sophomore year and was just wondering which course would be more beneficial for medical school. I can either take Biostatistics or Expository Writing this year. For some background, I haven’t taken any...
  4. D

    Foreign High school/ Advanced credit

    I am a US citizen who did his high school in a foreign country and I earned my GCE A-levels at the end of my high school. I have attended a community College in Texas for 2 years and recently transferred into a university. The problem is that the university I have transferred into has assigned...
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  6. N

    AP Credits to Waive Math Pre-Reqs?

    Hi everyone, I want to drop a math class I am taking this semester (for personal reasons and scheduling conflicts), but I'm wondering if I even need take it next semester at all. I have AP credit from AP Stats and AP Calc AB, and I'm wondering if I can use both of those credits to satisfy the...
  7. L

    Adding AP and CLEP courses to AACOMAS

    Does anyone know which semester to add AP credit? I know most add in the first semester but on my transcript my AP credit is listed Spring 2013 but I didn't technically start school until Fall 2013. My college is listed as attended from Aug 2013-Dec 2016. I took one CLEP test also and it's...
  8. T

    AP Physics Credit?

    I have credit for Physics I, so if I take Physics II along with Physics II lab and Intro to Medical Physics, will this be enough physics for med schools?
  9. D

    AP Credits = retake?

    Hello, Hope you’re having a good day. I am aware that this topic has been discussed repeatedly in different contexts, but I felt the need to ask again for more concrete answers. I’ll try to phrase my questions accurately. I am not at the point to purchase MSAR yet, but 1). does it show whether...
  10. C

    AP physics and psychology credit - need to retake?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to SDN, and I tried my best to look up potential solutions and advice via past threads, but in the end I still want to write a post of my own. I'm currently enrolled in a very tedious and time-consuming intro physics course (mechanics) for which I have AP credit. I also...
  11. K

    AP Credit Rule Interpretation (Harvard specific)

    I've looked through lots of forums but I'm getting confused the more I read it. So I understand some schools take AP credit for fulfilling pre-med requirements and some don't. For example, Feinberg School of Medicine (Northwestern) takes AP credit to fulfill the pre-med course requirements even...
  12. F

    Program-Specific Info / Q's AP/IB Credit for Nova and FIU

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone applying for Nova and FIU's occupational therapy programs knows whether or not they accept IB/AP credit for some of their prerequisite courses. For FIU, it's not a huge deal if they don't because the only course I would need to take in place of the credit is...
  13. Seihai

    Took too many AP Credits, what to do?

  14. ArtMajor

    AAMCAS AP Credit/Duel enrollment complication

    So I've found myself in a unique situation. I took a class in high school for dual-enrollment, and got community college credit. However, I also got AP credit for the same class from taking the AP test. Don't ask me why I took the AP test while also having dual-enrollment, I have no freaking...
  15. bschooldoc

    Self Study Phyics or Retake?

    So I took AP Physics my sophomore year of High school and got both lab and class credit for Physics I and II. I got conflicting information from two different prehealth advisors about whether I should retake it or not. One advisor told me to retake it to study for the MCAT and ensure I can apply...
  16. W

    AP credit for BIO in Texas schools

    Hey y'all. So I just recently found out that some schools don't accept AP credit. With that said, I came into university (I attend UT Austin) with both Bio 1 and 2, both with labs, from high school with AP credits. I'm applying this summer and really worried that most Texas schools won't accept...
  17. A

    GPA calculations for AP credit

    I do not need to fill any med school requirements with my AP classes. However, my school placed my AP classes on my transcript with grades of CR based on a credit/no credit grading system. Does this mean that they will be calculated into my med school gpa as Cs like they do with all credit/pass...
  18. L

    Quarter Classes and AP credit for Year Long requirements

    So I have AP credit for the first 2 quarters of calculus (UC System) and also took the last quarter of Calculus in college to finish up the year. I will also take 1 quarter of statistics in college. Will these 2 quarters of math + AP credit fulfill the a year long math requirement at any...
  19. P

    Physical Chemistry or no?

    Hello! I looked around the forums and found a couple threads with really great information regarding the status of taking Physical Chemistry to fulfill the chemistry requirement. I am, however, in a really weird spot and would like some advice. Little notes: 1) I received AP credit for General...
  20. M

    Retake Calculus or Jump Into Calc 3?

    Hi all, I'm at a state school majoring in biochemistry (I LOVE CHEMISTRY:love:) and looking to go to medical school. My school requires that I have three semesters of calculus for my major, and I did well in Calculus BC as a junior in high school. As a result, I received credit for both Calc I...
  21. F

    Schools that accept AP??

    Does anyone know if the following schools accept all AP Credits and CLEP Exam credits that are non-science and appear on my transcript? UCLA Harvard Case Western UPENN Columbia LECOM UNC UOP SIU NSU BOSTON TUFTS UW West Virginia University of Michigan University of Texas at Houston Thank you.
  22. D

    AP credits for med school?

    So I'm going to be a senior in high school this fall, and my AP exam results from junior hear came in a few days ago. I got a 4 in AP Chem, and a 5 in Calc, US History, and English. Most medical schools require chem and English, and some recommend calc as well. Do you guys think I should use my...
  23. T

    Transcript Question

    Hi guys, I have a quick question about sending in transcripts. I'm in a weird predicament, since I was just reminded that when I was in high school I did this thing through Fairleigh Dickinson University called the Middle College Program, where I basically just paid to get credits for an AP...
  24. J

    Schools Accepting AP Credit

    The only class that I might have a problem with is Physics, because my AP credit from high school carried over into my physics requirement for college. Does anyone have a list or know what dental schools will accept the AP credit? Also, even if a school says they don't accept AP credit, what...
  25. L

    Adding AP classes to AMCAS - How to List?

    I got AP credit for Psychology and Calculus. On my official transcript, it lumps them together at total transfer credit accepted: 16.0. However, on my unofficial transcript it shows that I got credit for 7 different math classes and 1 psychology class for Spring 2010, the semester before I...
  26. F

    Should I use my AP credits or retake the classes? [Physics]

    Hey everyone, I took both AP Physics C exams (mechanics and E&M) during my senior year of high school and got 5s on both tests, giving me credit for both semesters of general physics at my college. On the one hand, some have told me that I should retake these classes because medical schools...
  27. L

    AP credit used for Medical School Applications

    I have AP credit that makes me exempt from some classes in my college. If I retake classes like Physics and Chem, they will not count for my college GPA but will they still count for Medical School Applications? Thanks.
  28. P

    AP Credits (which ones apply and should I apply any at all?)

    Hey guys, so I'm a high school senior, I'm going to a public university (UIC). I've heard a lot about AP credits not being accepted at dental schools. I've taken 6 AP courses (AP Chem, AP Calc AB, AP Calc BC, AP Bio, AP Physics 1, AP Lit and Comp) and I know most dental schools don't allow for...
  29. S

    AP English credit

    I took two years of AP English in high school, which gave me credit at my undergrad institution. It appears as 9 transfer credits on my transcripts but obviously don't have grades. Do dental schools generally accept this as the English prerequisite or would I need to actually take English classes?