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  1. D

    What qualifies as a "Science" Letter of Recommendation?

    How do we know whether or not an engineering course that is considered BCMP qualifies as a science course for the purposes of a letter of recommendation? After looking through several medical school LoR requirements, it doesn't seem like any really define what qualifies as "science". Harvard...
  2. ramblingamblin99

    Postbac Composite from HES vs. Undergrad Packet?

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  4. A

    Forgoing Committee Letter As a Slightly Older Applicant

    Hi, I am planning to apply to MD programs in the coming 2022 application cycle. I'm 26 and am curently in a graduate program. My undergraduate institution has offered to write me a committee letter and typically does so for recent alumni. I graduated three years ago. Would I be given more...
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  6. D

    Committee Letter / Maximum number of LORs - question

  7. 1

    LOR Help. Science Professor ghosted me.

    About 1 year ago, I asked a science professor for a lor and he said he would DEFINITELY write it over the summer. I reminded him before summer as well. But recently, when I tried to get a committee interview, the staff told me that I did not have the required 2 science letters. I emailed that...
  8. M

    institutional filtering - myth or reality

    The data presented on this thread shows sky high medical school admission rates for most T20 schools. Data on what percent of med students went to top 25 undergrads? Can anyone here who actually knows speak to whether these sky high admission rates are due in part to institutional filtering...
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  10. B

    School apparently doesn't have my amcas committee letter after submitting secondary?

    Hi guys, I submitted my tulane secondary yesterday around 20 hours ago. Even though my committee letter has been uploaded for 2 weeks now they apparently don't have it. Does it take some time for amcas to provide the committee letter?
  11. G

    When to submit AACOMAS Primary?

    Can someone explain the general timing for submitting the primary app. I got my transcripts and MCAT score verified on AACOMAS and I'm working on the application right now. I'm almost done, but should I wait until the beginning of June? I heard that they don't start reviewing primaries until...
  12. little_giant

    Letters of Rec Requirements for Committee Letter

    Hi everyone! I know some colleges like Albert Einstein require specific LOR's such as 1 from a major professor who taught you, and 1 from a non-major science professor who taught you. However, if I have to send a pre-med committee letter, and that does not include those specific requirements...
  13. A

    Question about when to send in committee letter for TMDSAS and AMCAS

    Hello. I'm currently working on my applications and I would like to ask about when I could or should submit my committee packet/letter. Are we allowed to have the letter(s) sent in before submitting the application?
  14. P

    Can't submit one more letter of recommendation

    Hi y'all! I am applying this year. I have turned in my application. However, I did not realize one letter I receive from my Pre-dental society does not count as a committee letter until WesternU informed me about it. On AADSAS, there is this rule that I can only submit 1 committee letter and 1...
  15. A

    Committee Letter

    So I am having a Committee letter written from my University, which includes all of the individual letters of recommendation that I have obtained in a packet. My letter writers have sent those letters to my university to be included in the Committee letter. I am wondering however, do I need to...
  16. rasaini

    Individual letters and committee letter

    Hi everyone. I am planning on submitting my ADEA AADSAS application but I am really confused what I should fill in the evaluation section? Should I request a committee letter or individual letters? In case I want to send both what should I do? Because my committee letter will reach schools very...
  17. WhereMyLiberalsAt

    Too many LORs?

    So I'm all done getting my LORs but I feel like I have too many. I list them out so it paints a clearer picture. 1) Committee Letter/packet Letter from committee themselves " " orgo professor (very close relationship, also did amazing in both semesters) " " PI...
  18. Tenzing2017

    Committee Letter Ranking Question, Hurt Chances?

    Hey everyone, Just a quick question on the Committee Letters. My schools ranks it's pre-meds, 10% Top, Next 15% Strong, next 60% Recommend, 5% DNR. My question is this: I've come a long way academically: Started as a freshman 3.0, then did another 3 years (4th year student) and maintained a...
  19. S

    Skipping Pre-Health Committee

    Hello Everyone, I am currently a senior in my last semester of undergrad. I am a Human Biology major who took every single pre-requisite for med school. I have a 3.8 GPA. I only recently decided that I want to apply to med school, and unfortunately I will not have time to be evaluated by the...
  20. I


    I'm sorry if I sound pathetic but I'm on the verge of tears. So my school gives a Letter of Evaluation to be sent to Medical School. In order to receive it we need to submit our application for it and a minimum of three recommendation letters by February 15. One of the letters MUST be from a...
  21. M

    Letters of Recommendation? How many is too many?

    Hello Everyone, I am thinking about applying this application cycle after getting an "OK" from my University's Health Professions Advising Office. Right now I am filling out application for my University's Committee letter, which has a deadline March 1st. I am concerned how many letters to...
  22. Welshman

    Two LoRs from the same Job?

    Hi So here's my situation. I've worked at my schools IT center for the past 3 years and I basically have 2 bosses, one I work with every day and another who is a professor and dean at the school. Initially, I asked my daily boss for the letter since she knows me the best but recently I've been...
  23. LindaAccepted

    Medical Which Allopathic U.S. Medical Schools Require Pre-Health Committee Letters?

    When preparing to apply to medical school, there are lots of details to consider! One major area of the application that causes a lot of stress are the letters of recommendation. To make the process of deciding which letters to collect easier for you, I did the research! (Your welcome.) As I...
  24. A

    No committee letter, but school offers one

    My school writes committee letters, but they require students to open a file with the pre-med office a year prior to applying to medical schools. Since I didn't know about this, I missed the deadline to open a file and now I will not receive a committee letter. Will this look bad on my...
  25. S

    Question regarding pre-health committee

    Hello, I will be applying to osteopathic schools this coming June and had a question regarding the pre-health committee letter of recommendation. The committee at my school has very strict deadlines to which materials must be submitted. I completely understand this and have met all of the...
  26. HopefulDoc91

    How important is a committee letter?

    I applied to DO schools last year, but when I went through the health sciences advisory committee at my university, they decided to not recommend me (my major is pre-vet, and they thought I still wanted to be a vet even though I've dedicated everything to applying to med school). Anyway, I am...
  27. LindaAccepted

    Medical Applying to Medical School Without a Committee Letter

    Some medical schools like, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, require a committee letter if your undergraduate pre-professional health advising office provides them. In my experience managing a program that was initially connected to the Office of Admissions, it’s a small number of medical...
  28. G

    Can I send a committee letter AND other individual letters not included?

    So I am interviewing with the committee in a couple of months. I plan on getting a couple more LOR from a professor and a doctor I will be shadowing next semester, after I will have interviewed with the committee. Can I have the committee letter be sent as well as sending the other individual...
  29. willowyone

    Will admissions boards look down on me for waiting until senior year to decide to pursue med school?

    I'm filling out secondary applications now and I'm working on Penn State's. They ask why I do not have a pre-health committee letter despite the fact that my undergraduate school does offer them......the honest reason is that I didn't decide to apply to med school until after the deadline for...
  30. Iridionprime

    Late evaluation letters....how important are they 0_0 ?

    Hello. So here's a summary of my present situation. I applied early like the first week, finished all my secondaries as soon as they were sent to me as well. However, my school uses a committee letter and they still haven't uploaded it. It's frustrating since I went out of my way to get all my...
  31. D

    Still waiting on Letters of Recommendation

    Just had a quick question about the application. Could I submit the application while still waiting for the letters of rec/committee letter? Because I was told that would take two weeks and everything else is already ready to go so can I submit the app while the committee works on my letter...
  32. P

    Sending LORs that are not received by AMCAS

    Hi! I have just finished one of my secondaries and designated 7 letters to that school (they didn't have a cap on letters). 6/7 letters that I sent/designated have been received by AMCAS and are very strong letters. However, the one that has not been received by AMCAS is the health committee...
  33. P

    DO Letter of Recommendation Questions. Please Help

    DO school list Touro NY, PCOM, Rowan NJ (I know state preference but I figured why not because i dont live far), LECOM, NYIT, West Virginia. So my question is this. First is with respect to the LOR from a DO. I recently shadowed a DO to get an LOR. He submitted the LOR with his practices...
  34. C

    Commitee Letter or No Committee Letter?

    Hello all, I know this is a much-posted about theme, but thought I'd ask in hopes of getting specific feedback. As a non-traditional student with a sub-par GPA not on a medical track, the Pre-Med advising office has shown zero interest in me. The people I've spoken to there have been casually...
  35. Lost In Transcription

    Still confused about committee letter

    Hey all, hoping you can help me be less dense. My committee from university is writing me a committee letter. It will contain like 6 LOR. So when I apply to places and they say "you can ONLY turn in 4 letters", does my committee letter count as 1 or 4? Thanks, sorry for the question- I know it...
  36. jesie

    Committee Letter Dilemma

    Hey everybody, So my LoR status is as follows for applying MDPhD 1 x Committee Letter (Made up of 3 science teachers and my honors thesis mentor in the sociology department) 2 x Research PI The committee letter at my institution is a composite of four different teacher evaluations, one of whom...
  37. confidentandgood

    Taking a gap year... when to apply?

    Edit: problem solved!
  38. turtles43


    Hi- I graduated from PSU in May 2015, and have taken a gap year and will be applying in June. During my undergrad career I attended 2 PSU branch campuses, and never actually went to the main campus. The committee letter comes from the main PSU campus, but since I never actually went to school...
  39. cherryblossomsgalore

    Committee Letter for the Liberal Arts Student

    So, I am applying for the 2017 cycle and I recently found out that my alma mater has a committee letter, however I was a liberal art double major there. I went to another school for my pre-medical requirements. Should I try to get a committee letter from them? I graduated in 2013.
  40. NoMorWastedTime

    Re-use Committee Letter?

    So I graduated with my masters in biology last year, and did not get into dental school due to a lot of reasons. Applied late, only a decent DAT score, ect ect. This year I am applying as early as possible (June), but was wondering if I can reuse the committee letter from my masters program, and...