1. hopeful_vet2026

    Tennessee c/o 2026 hopefuls

    Welcome to the UTCVM applicant page for class of 2026! Good luck to everyone!!
  2. B


  3. yuh

    Been over a month and haven’t heard anything?

    Applied to ~25 schools and haven’t heard anything from 1 school sending secondary. It’s been over a month since I completed my AMCAS. I understand COVID is pushing back the schedule, but I haven’t even received secondaries from schools that don’t screen. Is anyone else in this position? What, if...
  4. 9

    Can you save Letters of Recommendation?/Being able to have them as soon as the cycle opens

    I have came across different threads that pertain to the process of asking for letters of rec, but what I am wondering is if is there a way I can talk to my professors and have them send me a letter of rec that I can save somewhere, or if I should tell them to save the letter until I send them...
  5. arrowslinger

    Seeking advice on application and what to do after.

    I am a ORM white male in Texas with a 3.3 GPA and a 2.8-3.0 BCPM GPA (I majored in nutrition and am unsure if certain classes will be counted). I have 332 hours of combined shadowing and 2 internships one from a local pediatric center and one from MD. Anderson in Leukemia, as well as research in...
  6. P

    Is there anyone who got into the IDP program without taking a formal bench test course?

    The title speaks for itself. Thank you all for your input.
  7. Punished Angeleno

    What Now?

    Where I Stand: > earned B.A. in history from UCLA; 3.17 sGPA, 3.5 oGPA; slight upward trend > 2 waitlists (USC, UDM); 2 rejections (Loma Linda, Midwestern-AZ); 8 still under review > pessimistic; will start preparing for upcoming cycle > have already taken a bunch of recommended classes...
  8. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS Below average stats! Opinions?

    So I am really starting to freak out reading some of the stats on here. Everyone is so impressive, it's making me feel like I have no chance at getting in anywhere. I definitely started all of my experiences/observations way too late and got a super low GRE score. Can someone be honest and give...
  9. rcollinb

    My last final is May 10th, and I want to take my DAT and apply. Is that possible?

    My last final of Spring 2019 is May 10th. I want to take my DAT and apply that cycle. Is that possible? Would I have time to study and have the DAT and application processed before it would be too late? Having the DAT taken and application done before August is ideal, but that is why I am asking...
  10. darude

    Is Interviewing Early in the Cycle Considered a Good Sign?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if it is generally considered a good sign if you are interviewing at a school early in their cycle? I know dental school is rolling and your personal interview is obviously a big factor, but since decisions don't come until December is their any advantage or...
  11. D

    ERAS Bullet Format for 2018-2019 cycle

    I'm currently filling out my ERAS and reading up on past advice. From my understanding, applicants were previously unable to include bullet points/dashes in their applications due to a formatting issue with ERAS. However, I have found no issue with this. Perhaps they fixed this? I've also read...
  12. nembry

    THOUGHTS? starting now and taking MCAT in August

    I've realized I really don't want to do a gap year. I will graduate May 2019 from UT Austin and my original plan is/was to take the MCAT that same May, apply in June then hopefully matriculate Fall 2020. I have taken every pre-med prereq except for Biochem and Physics 2 (i understand how...
  13. ReturnToSender

    sending the same app again?

    hi all, been reading through the other threads but still can't gauge where i'm at, so if you could help thank youu applied last cycle with 508 mcat, 400+ combined hrs shadowing (2 diff drs), 1000+ hrs hospital volunteering at 2 diff places, 3.9 cGPA, 3.8 sGPA, various leadership and ECs, 2 yrs...
  14. Franzliszt1

    How are people on SDN paying for this cycle?

    The advice I see most commonly is to apply broadly. Getting into med school is very challenging and it would be foolish to apply to fewer than say 14 schools. I know 14 is the "average" but I'm using SDN wisdom to set the stage for my question to the SDN community. I will be relying entirely...
  15. amg_la

    School List? Heavy ECs, 3.88 cGPA, 3.88 sGPA, MCAT TBD

    I am trying to figure out my applicaion list for this 2017 cycle. Im taking the MCAT on 5/18 so ill have a more definitive list when I finally have my score but I would appreciate any advice you can give me on schools to apply for. Really hoping for a baylor acceptance under grad school rank...
  16. shellsterpie

    Personal Statement Advice

    Hello! I am in the midst of writing my personal statement for the upcoming cycle. I have gotten various advice from different people regarding how to go about in writing it. Some told me to be creative and unique, without listing out all your accomplishments since that is what the other parts...
  17. shellsterpie

    LOR Dilemma, seeking advice!!

    Hi everyone! I am a current junior and getting ready to apply in the 2018 cycle for dental schools. I have already taken the DAT and am currently working on my personal statement and getting my LORs situated. I am getting a committee letter from my school, but I am also working to try and...
  18. B

    To late to apply for this cycle?

    Hi guys and gals, first post here. I wasn't planning on applying until next cycle (graduate in the fall) but a close friend in podiatry school informed me that a lot of schools had a lot of open seats still. Because of this hes suggesting i apply for this cycle. Isn't it kind of late for this...
  19. M

    2017 admission - am i screwed?

    My scores: DAT: 22AA, 22TS, 24 PAT, 24 RC, 22 QR, 21 OC, 22GC, 23 BIO GPA: 3.65 Only got 3 interviews so far and waitlisted at 2 of these 3. I applied to ten schools. Kinda unexpected but am I pretty much done at this point or is there still time to for the rest of the schools to send...
  20. M

    Only had 3 interviews so far, should I expect more or nah?

    I had three interviews so far but it's already midway into November. Should I expect any more interviews realistically or no? Schools I'm waiting on include VCU, Stony, Buffalo, Boston University, UPenn, Temple. Thank you.
  21. A

    What to fix for next cycle?

    Hey everyone, you have probably seen me around here lately. Unfortunately I have only got 1 interview invite (at UNLV) so far and that is set for January.. so it's not looking too great for me. I'm trying to stay positive and am hoping that I will do well on that interview and maybe even get...
  22. RogueBanana

    Interview Season Stress Tips

    Just figured I'd make this thread because A- I'm bored at work B- I also feel the stress and wanted to help out some of my friends on the interview trail So as most of you know, It's interview season! Basically, the single most stressful point of your life thus far, especially if you come to...
  23. M

    2017-2018 Cycle? --> Good luck 2016 cycle!

    Hello everyone, First of all good luck on everyone's application this year. I would like to start to give a little background of myself and some questions I have. I just started my senior year but I am doing an internship abroad for a whole year. Basically, I am working with prevention...
  24. L

    Interview scheduling - am i at a disadvantage?

    So a school just sent me an email that i've been selected for an interview and they told me to choose a date. I was surprised to see how quickly the dates filled up. I did see the email a bit late, approximately 24 hours after they sent it and they only do interviews once a week so I ended up...
  25. L

    Senior, applying this cycle, general advice needed/timeline

    Hey guys, I hope your semester is going well! I just wanted to come here an ask someone who is currently applying or has already applied to med school. What was the general timeline you followed the year you were applying? In terms of personal statement writing, asking for letters of...
  26. L

    MCAT Prep, schedule, applying this cycle w a *terrible* GPA

    Hey everyone, Hope your semester is off to a good start. So just need some advice/insight, especially if you have already taken the MCAT.... please + thank you! I've going to be taking the MCAT in April (tentatively) + was wondering the best route... I had my eyes on The Berkeley Review...
  27. RogueBanana

    Everybody Needs to Calm Down (2017 App Cycle)

    I've posted this before, and I'm sure i'll post it again at some point during this cycle, but chill out. Seriously, its the beginning of September, and there's already threads of people asking how many IIs they should have. By any standard, it is still very early in the cycle. Some schools...
  28. Alienman52

    Interviewing for the "Experience?"

    Hi all, I have been fortunate enough this cycle to have a DO acceptance in hand. Needless to say I am elated, however, I'm having difficulty deciding if I should attend two of my other interviews. I have an acceptance at ACOM, and interviews at LUCOM and BCOM. IMHO, I think LUCOM is a pretty...
  29. Iridionprime

    Late evaluation letters....how important are they 0_0 ?

    Hello. So here's a summary of my present situation. I applied early like the first week, finished all my secondaries as soon as they were sent to me as well. However, my school uses a committee letter and they still haven't uploaded it. It's frustrating since I went out of my way to get all my...
  30. L

    Apply twice to the same schools, or wait for a stronger app?

    Hi Everyone, I saw a few threads that were somewhat similar to this, but couldn't find a case that exactly matched mine, and there didn't seem to be a definitive answer as some threads contradicted others. I'm wondering if applying to schools in one cycle, then re-applying in the next cycle...
  31. Alienman52

    School with Secondaries on their Website

    Howdy all, I was thinking that we could make a thread with a list of schools who have their secondaries on their website, so that people who've applied to these schools dont just wait around for nothing. I'd hope that most of these schools would email applicants saying that their primary has...
  32. E

    Advice on applying late this cycle or next cycle?