1. KingofMaskedSinger

    Neuroscience major

    I'm a current first year neuroscience major and was wondering if anyone else on here could tell me their experience getting a bachelor's in NS at NYU or just a bachelor's in neuroscience in general. I am kind of on the fence about whether or not I should stick with it or switch to something...
  2. J

    Pre-med track at NYU? + Neural Science major?

    Hi everyone! I'm currently a Medical student in Switzerland (1st year). However, I'm having major difficulties with regards to my language of study, as I'm fluent in English (I think in English and have always studied in English) and my Medical course is in French. Besides making eloquent...
  3. N

    A word of caution to anyone considering the Cross-Continental MPH at NYU.

    I am in this program now, currently in Accra, Ghana. I gave up other more established programs to be here because I wanted the experience of living abroad for a year. However I believe I was severely misled about the program and want to warn anyone who is starting to think about their...
  4. J


    so i took the DAT twice guys, neither time did i do amazing, or even above average in that case. i get it, high possibility i wont get in, i really do get that, but i do want to still apply DAT (FIRST TIME) PAT 15 READING 18 MATH 18 ORGO 20 CHEM 22 BIO 14 (ha i know..) AA: 18 SCIENCE AVERAGE...
  5. J


    so i took the DAT twice guys, neither time did i do amazing, or even above average in that case. i get it, high possibility i wont get in, i really do get that, but i do want to still apply DAT (FIRST TIME) PAT 15 READING 18 MATH 18 ORGO 20 CHEM 22 BIO 14 (ha i know..) AA: 18 SCIENCE AVERAGE...
  6. A

    Possible to get into Columbia dental school?

    Hello all, I'll be enrolling in a masters program before applying to dental school. I'm currently studying for the DAT right now, which I'll be taking next year if I am ready (not taking it unless I'm scoring a 25+ on DAT bootcamp). Assuming I do end up with a high DAT score, do I have a shot...
  7. D

    Chances as a 3rd Year Undergraduate to UPenn/Buff/NYU 21AA

    I have just finished my DATs and am happy with my results. Bio: 19 GC: 21 OC:22 TS:20 RC:20 QR:25 AA:21 PAT:21 I am only a sophomore going into my junior year and after receiving my scores, is it possible for me to apply this late into the process (Likely late September application submission)...
  8. F

    Choosing an ED school

    Hi everyone, So it's the summer right before senior year for me, and I need to choose a school to ED at. I have a 3.9 GPA (two Bs in precalc Honors Junior year), 34 ACT, 790 math II, and 720 Bio M (I'm gonna retake bio next month). I go to a Bay Area Silicon Valley high school, so I'm not top...
  9. FrostyPod

    Secondary Essay Review

    I was wondering if anyone would look over my NYU secondary essay. It is only a few hundred words and I would appreciate any feedback. Feel free to PM me or post to the thread.
  10. L

    NYU vs UCSF vs Cornell vs UCL vs McGill

    I have a bunch of offers but idk where to go. They're all stupidly expensive due to the fact i'm an international student from Canada. But I guess i'd appreciate some insight from alumni or current students attending each university. I'm most leaning towards Stanford or UCSF right now. NYU...
  11. M

    Turn down NYU to reapply or is that a bad idea?

    So a follow up to the 400k debt bandwagon thread, what would be the feasibility of me re-applying after strengthening my application. I thought my scores were okay: 21 AA 21 TS gpa: 3.56 sgpa: 3.61. I only got accepted into NYU last cycle. But as I complained about before, that debt load is...
  12. M

    Anyone else in the 400k+ debt bandwagon after the 2016 cycle?

    Well title says it all. I was an average applicant and took my state's private school (NYU) which costs around 400-430k and kinda stressed about. Anyone else dealing with similar numbers? I heard some people say they'd rather give up on dentistry than go into that level of debt so it's kinda...
  13. E

    NYU or Rutgers Honors College for Pre Med

  14. C

    Program-Specific Info / Q's How are my chances of getting into NYU?

    Major: Public Health Minor Psych Overall GPA:3.58 Pre-req GPA: 3.66 (Planning on retaking 1 class that if i get an A in will bring it up to 3.76) 75 Hours at hospital's general OT department, 120 hours at the hand therapy clinic of the hospital for special surgery, 100 hours at a pediatric...
  15. W

    Mount Sinai vs. NYU

    Fortunate enough to have acceptances to two great NY medical schools. Costs of attendance are approximately the same with NYU being slightly more expensive due to more expensive housing--I'm not really using cost as a decision-making factor. I already decided against Vanderbilt and UVA largely...
  16. M

    NYU Vs. Touro

    For applicants who have been accepted to both NYU and Touro, I am wondering which school people chose between the two and what factors were part of your decision? Especially applicants out of state, from different regions of the country, how did you select between these two schools? I know...
  17. S

    Adelphi/NYU 7 yr Vs Temple 7yr

    Hi! I got accepted into the Adelphi/NYU 7 year dental program as well as the Temple/Kornberg 7 year dental program. Aside from the cost (which isn't what I'm basing my decision off of) I was looking for input on either of these programs. I know NYU has a bigger name but is that something that...
  18. C

    NYU MS - Oral Biology

  19. Namelessking

    Go to NYU or re-apply this June for a cheaper school?

    Hi, so I thought that I would just go accounting and turn away from NYU but something is nagging at my brain to try and go through with dentistry. I was already accepted into NYU but would it be feasible to wait another year essentially and try for another, cheaper school (away from the...
  20. H

    NYU or Temple Accelerated Dental Program?

    I've recently been accepted to both the 7-year accelerated dental programs for NYU and Temple University, and I'm struggling to decide which one I should attend. Here are some factors that I'm considering: Temple gave me a full scholarship for my undergraduate time there, whereas I received no...
  21. s3rr8s

    Yale vs. NYU

    Hey all - I've been rather fortunate this cycle and am down to deciding between NYU and Yale. Honestly, I am leaning rather strongly towards NYU, based off of its great location, Bellevue as a training site, and the good home residency programs, amongst other factors. I also have a strong...
  22. k.dot


    Hello, I have recently committed to NYU's 7-year BA/DDS program. I received excellent financial aid and my parents are covering the rest of the cost so I should be coming out of undergrad debt-free. I just wanted to know if there are any other people on this site that are currently in this...
  23. Namelessking

    Where would be the best place to go after graduating from NYU dental?

    So I had a post up earlier complaining about NYU's debt load (450-500k) and realized that I would need a high paying job in order to slam those down. I realize NYC is pretty saturated but where would be the best area to go in New York state to get a higher starting salary? The jobs that do exist...
  24. D

    UConn (Full Ride) vs. NYU (WL)

    Hey Yall, I posted a thread earlier with a few schools, but I have narrowed down to these two options and am still a little torn. I was offered a full tuition and fees scholarship at UConn and am currently on the WL at NYU. My main concern here is will NYU provide me with opportunities that...
  25. T

    Why do local dentists hire Temple over Penn/NYU due to clinical skills?

    Hello SDN. This is first post of mine and please excuse English as is not first language (Singapore). I have been shadow practice in Pennsylvania and New York for past three months. Five doctors told me that they do not hire Penn or NYU new completed students. Only Temple, but sometimes Pitt or...
  26. R

    NYU College of Dentistry class of 2021 meet and great

    Hi, guys. I have been accepted to NYUCD class of 2021. I though it would be a good idea to get to know my future classmates a bit before time. Share stories and experiences about DAT prep, applications and interviews, prior dental experience, and so on. And if some of you are in the NYC area...
  27. M

    What are my chances of getting into NYU, Columbia, or NJMS?

  28. Namelessking

    Dilemma concerning NYU's tuition - at what point is tuition too high?

    Hello. I was recently accepted into NYU which was just a back up honestly. I thought that with my stats I would have gotten into more schools here in the northeast but I was left with the most expensive ones like Boston University and NYU. DAT: 22AA 22TS 23 Bio 22GC 21OC 24PAT 22QR...
  29. ThatGuy15

    PhD/PsyD Research Experience Somewhat Unrelated to Current Interest

    I am currently a senior at NYU and will be graduating by the end of Spring 2017 term. My academic interest is to pursue a career as a clinical psychologist and further specializing in neuropsychology. However, before I apply to Ph.D. programs, I first would like to earn a master's degree and...
  30. R

    NYU vs SUNY Downstate

    I've been accepted by Downstate and waitlisted by NYU. The problem I'm having is deciding which school is the best fit for me. Both have dual MD/MPH degrees which matters more to me than lab based and clinical research They both prepare their students really well when it comes to their...
  31. S

    USC or Tufts or NYU

    Hi, I've been accepted to USC, NYU, and Tufts and I really need some help with making my decision. I'm from Southern California and I love living here and being close to home but, I don't know if I like PBL at USC. I liked Tufts and I NYU seemed nice too. I appreciate any input :)
  32. T

    Rochester v. UMass v. GW

    Hi all, I'm trying to decide between Rochester, Umass, and GW. Interest in IM and Psychiatry. Leaning away from GW because they give grades during Preclinical. I'm also on the Waitlist at NYU, and am curious if I should hold out for that and/or put a bunch of effort into trying to get off the...
  33. F

    Established Post Bacc or New Post Bacc

    Hey Guys! I'm relatively new to the forums and perhaps posted this to the wrong forum before, but I need some help. Over the past few months, I've made the decision to switch professions from film and TV over to medicine. I want to do a post bacc program with the hopes of getting into medical...
  34. L

    Program-Specific Info / Q's NYU OTTHA

    Anyone heard back from NYU yet regarding their application for the OTTHA program?
  35. F

    NYU or Tufts?

    This site has been a great source of wisdom during the application and interview process. I am grateful that I have been accepted to a couple of schools and have narrowed it down to NYU and Tufts. Any advice, insight, and your personal opinion would be appreciated. I am a NY native so NYU has...
  36. P

    NYU vs UDM vs UMD

    Hello everyone, I have been accepted into 3 great schools and I am having an extremely difficult time deciding where to attend. I have read countless threads but I would greatly appreciate any details/comments/opinions anyone would like to share with me. My options are NYU, Detroit Mercy and...
  37. E

    sophomore gpa question

    I got a 4.0 (mix of A's and A+'s) first semester of freshman year, a 3.471 (B+'s and A's) second semester, and a 3.33 (B+) in the summer for a final cumulative gpa of 3.688 my first year of college. In my first semester of sophomore year, I'll end up with a C+ in bio 2 (A- in lab), a B in ochem...
  38. K

    Current NYU dental students, please help!

    Hello! I recently was accepted into NYU and am thrilled, however, thinking about looking for housing is already making me anxious. Are there any current NYU students who can recommend apartment buildings/places to live within walking distance (preferably) to the school? Also if you could...
  39. K

    Choosing the right Dental school

    Hello everyone! I am having a hard time choosing between NYU and UDM for dental school. Can anyone who has graduated or is currently attending either of these schools give me some real pros and cons not just about the dental school but maybe also the surrounding area that the dental school is...
  40. P

    NYU vs Louisville

    I was just accepted into NYU and Louisville. I am having a hard time deciding which school to attend since there are pros and cons to each university. I am currently a Florida resident. I had such an amazing experience at Louisville during my interview, everyone was so nice and I loved the...