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  1. whitwhit

    Being Black in Pharmacy School chronicles...

    Recently got accepted into Pharmacy School (save your critical comments for another thread, i'll read them there). My parents were born and raised in Nigeria, then came to the states for better education, so I was born and raised here (I have visited and lived in Nigeria for a fairly short...
  2. swiseman

    PCAT January 2018 without all Prereqs

    Hey guys! First thread here. I'm taking the PCAT on 1/3/18 with only the following prereqs: Gen Chem 1&2, Gen Bio 1, A&P 1, and Microbiology. I will not have Organic 1&2 or Calculus in yet, but I have College Alegbra/Trig pretty fresh. I learned the base of organic chemistry in another...
  3. G

    Explanation of loans to a newbie?

    Hey guys! So I got accepted into pharm school for this upcoming fall semester. During undergrad I was fortunate enough for my parents to pay for my tuition at a state school. Now that I'm going to pharmacy school, I have to start taking out loans. Can someone explain to me which loans to take...
  4. E


  5. T

    UT (Toledo) Fall 2018 P1 Class

    I don't see anyone ever talking about my school so I figured I would start a thread. This upcoming admission cycle will be the first time UT's pharmacy school will be accepting applications through PharmCAS and taking students that aren't UT students. I'm just curious as to how many other non-UT...
  6. H

    Medical vs Dental vs Pharmacy Schools

    So I'm about to become a Senior this Fall and had the intention of becoming a Pharmacist. Until I got a job at walgreens as a Pharm tech I realized that Pharmacists in the retail environment have it boring and aren't much different than techs besides the obvious of having the knowledge of each...
  7. Kobethegoat24

    When should I apply for Pharmacy School ?

    I am trying to get as many people's opinion on this as possible. So I am a junior and have taken almost all my prerequisites except for Organic Chem 1 and 2 and anatomy (The most important ones). I need to take my PCAT by october of 2017 and apply between November and march deadline if i want to...
  8. P


    Current pharmacy students! I'd like to get your input on which school is better! Would you choose Western or UCSD? What is the difference between these schools? And does it matter which school you go to in terms of future jobs?
  9. V

    Does anyone attend UT Pharmacy?

    I'm looking to apply to the University of Texas at Austin Pharmacy school. The only problem I have is finding a place to live that won't destroy my bank. Hopefully, somewhere that is safe and where I may take the bus to campus (I heard taking the bus is cheaper if you're going to live farther...
  10. U

    Advice Regarding Two Years of Prerequisites

    I need help deciding where I should go to complete prerequisites for pharmacy school. My options are PBA and FAU. PBA seems to be the more practical choice as I would go their for two years and then apply to their pharmacy school for four years. With FAU, I would be going there to do prereqs...
  11. Y

    Majors/Careers similar to Pharmacy?

    I had my sights on becoming a pharmacist. I'm in my 3rd year of a 6 year pharmacy program. Unfortunately last semester I failed a class that was a prerequisite for 3 other classes so I have to take them this summer. I've never failed a class before but the thing is I knew this would happen...
  12. J

    Wayne state or LECOM?? Help me decide

    Fortunately, I've been accepted to both Wayne state and LECOM schools of pharmacy. Unfortunately, I have no idea where I want to go. There are pros and cons to both schools For one, I live about 10 minutes away from Wayne State and about 3 and a half hours from LECOM. Wayne state is a more...
  13. B

    UT Austin Congratulations and Inquiries

    Hello everyone, I'd like to congratulate those who got an offer for UT Austin this cycle. They must have done amazing on their interviews! Unfortunately, I failed mine. I got my result recently and I'm still a bit baffled since. So I have always heard this advice that the interview is nothing...
  14. NCliving

    Should I pursue pharmacy school vs pa school?

    First off I want to say hey to everyone since I am new to these forums. To give a little background, I just graduated with my bachelors degree in exercise science over here on the east coast. My plan for the longest time has been to go onto pa school and hopefully work more in the sports...
  15. L

    How well will being a Standardized Patient look on my application for Pharmacy School

    I'm going to be an SP for NEOMED until I apply to their PharmD program this fall, and was curious to see how much, if any, help with being an SP might give me on my application. Just trying to think of different ways to set myself apart from the other kids whom I'm competing with!
  16. M

    Class Time Commitment?

    I'm just wondering what the average number of hours is that's spent physically sitting in class during pharmacy school? I've found a lot on the overall time commitment of pharmacy school but I'm still curious about this. How many classes are usually taken at once and how many hours each week...
  17. PharmMavoDal

    Low PCAT?

    Did anyone get accepted into pharmacy school with a low PCAT score? That is the only thing I am worried about I have great grades (~3.5) and ton of pharmacy experience (~2.5 years) my PCAT is 62 However I have an interview for the pharmacy school tomorrow! So maybe I am okay?
  18. Phoefe

    How long does it take for a Pharmacy School to receive the PharmCAS application?(after e-submitting)

    Hello! I recently submitted my PharmCAS application and I wonder how long it usually take for schools to receive it. I'm also waiting for the supplemental application, but it says I won't receive it until the school that I'm applying to has my PharmCAS application. Thanks!
  19. A

    In pharmacy school but can't pay for it

    Hi everyone, I am currently a first year (P1) in pharmacy school and have had to deal with an unusual financial situation I was hoping someone could help with. Before starting pharmacy school, I made sure to figure out I would be ok financially. Then, about 2 weeks before my first semester, I...
  20. whitwhit

    USC School of Pharmacy c/o 2021

    Greetings everyone, Didn't see a thread, so I thought one should be made. Did anyone get accepted? What's your status?
  21. P

    Pharm techs in pharmacy school

    Hey all! I was a Pharm tech at cvs it was first job, I then worked for an independent pharmacy. I got hired in at Walmart and I almost cried every single break. They don't care about their employees and it was just a whole different world. It almost made me change my mind about pharmacy school...
  22. F

    KU Pharmacy School Class of 2021 (Fall 2016 Applicants)!

    Hi guys! No one has created a page for KU Pharmacy Class of 2021 yet so I thought I would start a thread to discuss interviews, acceptance, ect! I know they're priority deadline ends December 31, 2016 and they don't accept applications after February 1st! Has anyone heard anything about an...
  23. L

    Do I have even a sliver of a chance?

    Guys, honest opinion do you think I have a chance with the following pharmacy schools with-- Prereq semesters 3+ GPA :: 2.82 -- hoping to get to a 2.9 after this semester PCAT :: 93 - taken once...
  24. youngsoo1269

    General Biology Net ATP in Aerobic Conditions

    Hi i'm studying for the PCAT using the Princeton Review Cracking the PCAT. In the general biology section it says that "Under aerobic conditions, therefore, the complete oxidation of one molecule of glucose produces : 30 ATP" I'm confused cause when I took microbiology I learned that in aerobic...
  25. K

    What Are My Chances in My Situation?

    Greetings everyone! I'm new to this forum so please spare me if I'm posting in the wrong area. So just to be short, I want to attend medical school in the near future but may have some harsh obstacles in my way. I am a 19 year old Pre-Med/Pre-Pharmacy student currently attending my local...
  26. F

    Drake Pharmacy School Chances

  27. F

    Interview at University of Arkansas Medical Sciences (UAMS)

    Chances of acceptance after landing an interview with UAMS? Chances of landing interviews with other schools (Creighton, KU, Drake, Iowa?)
  28. J

    Pharmacy School in california?

  29. 19ixiann

    UF or USF? (Pharmacy school suggestions)

    I'm considering UF, USF, and FAMU for pharmacy, but I'd like to go to the same school for undergrad as grad to make things easier later on. Any thoughts or opinions on any of those schools would be helpful.
  30. 8

    Pharmacy school location

    I'm currently in the process of applying to pharmacy schools. My state does have a highly ranked (top 10) pharmacy school (currently where I am for undergrad) so I could attend here to get in state tuition. However, I know I don't want to stay in this state after I graduate because it just isn't...
  31. A

    What topics should you know for pharmacy school interviews?

    Like current news stuff or anything important they may ask about even though it's not that current. For example, I'm sure SB 493 would be something they may ask about. How about biosimilars? I'm not very good at understanding stuff like Obama care or health care reform. This stuff was never my...
  32. S

    How important is the location?

    Hi all! Just a question about how important is the location of the pharmacy school? I've seen a lot of people say that pharmacy school is where you build a lot of your pharmacy connections, are these local connections super useful when it is time for residency matching? I grew up in...
  33. C

    What to do after biochemistry?

    Hello everyone, I am a current Biochem. undergrad student and I got into this career just because I like chemistry. I am a junior now, and I still don't know what I want to do after my undergrad. I don't even know my options. I know this is a very vague and a stupid question, but can someone...
  34. PharmMavoDal

    Pharmacy School Chances?

    PCAT composite: 62 GPA: 3.5 State Certified Pharmacy Technician Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician Tons of pharmacy experience I have some extracurricular under my belt. So my question is...... what are my chances of getting into pharmacy school? Applying to Oklahoma pharmacy schools...
  35. PharmMavoDal

    Pharmacy School Chances?

    PCAT composite: 62 GPA: 3.5 State Certified Pharmacy Technician Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician Tons of pharmacy experience I have some extracurricular under my belt. So my question is...... what are my chances of getting into pharmacy school? Applying to Oklahoma pharmacy schools...
  36. Aki Shimoyo

    What do I do for my current situation? Did miserable on PCAT.

    I took the PCAT today and I did absolutely terrible. I got way below the 50% percentile. I am freaking out right now. I feel incredibly discouraged. Should I just consider applying to schools that do not require the PCAT? Right now is September. Will taking it a second time in November allow me...
  37. youngsoo1269

    Getting into pharmacy School without a Bachelors Degree??

  38. F

    UNT System College of Pharmacy Class of 2021

    Anyone applying to UNT for Fall 2017?
  39. L

    where should I attend pharmacy school? MUSC or USC CoP?

    long story short I currently have a 4.0 from a state school in the south and a bunch of shadowing hours, etc. I am about to be a sophomore and am going to apply in state to one of the 2 pharmacy schools in my state (SC). One of them is MUSC and the other is the college of pharmacy at USC. They...
  40. X

    Pharmacy School Transfer Chances

    Hello Everyone, A lot of the posts I have been reading about concern early assurance and pre-pharmacy, however I am asking particularly about applying for pharmacy school after getting a bachelor's degree from an institution. I am currently attending Carnegie Mellon University and the...