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  1. J

    For Sale Dr. Collins PCAT self-study (July 2016 update) $175 or best offer

    I took the January 2017 PCAT and scored in the 95th percentile using the Collins books. They have been spiral bound for convenience. There is some writing and highlighting from the previous owner, but as far as I can see, it is mostly pencil (some highlighter) and can be erased. Retails for $375...
  2. D

    What are decent pharmacy schools with the LOWEST TUITION possible in the US?

    I am in the middle of deciding which pharmacy schools to apply to. How do you research for pharmacy schools in the US? Is there a website with a legit pharmacy school ranking including tuition and everything? I used to use startclass but the website is no longer working, and is not legit as...
  3. T

    Awkward classmates

    The good news: I got into my dream pharmacy school! The bad news: I'll be stuck with several of my classmates from undergrad. During undergrad, these classmates were always in their clique, which I'm pretty sure they'll continue during pharm school, and were mostly rude (always talked or left...
  4. Kevin.Mero

    2017 Student Applications, Enrollments and Degrees Conferred are now available from the AACP!

    Pharmacy Student Tipping Point Accelerating / Every Metric DOWN Except Attrition Rate - Highest EVER Profile 2017 - 6,600 faculty, 63,800 students enrolled in professional programs, and 5,8000 individuals pursuing graduate study. Fall Enrollments 2017 - 63,087 students were enrolled in the...
  5. G

    Advice on my situation

    I graduated from college with a chemistry pre-med degree in 2013 my cGPA was a 3.23. I did a few years of research in an Ochem lab and my favorite classes were my pharmacology classes. After college I was unsure which path I wanted to take so I didn’t do anything. I ended up getting involved in...
  6. Kevin.Mero

    Head of the class: Top pharmacy schools

    "Whether they work for community drug stores, supermarkets or big-box stores, managers have one thing in common: Hiring the right pharmacist is one of the biggest decisions they will ever have to make." Head of the class: Top pharmacy schools - Drug Store News
  7. T

    Pharmacy School Decision: Howard or Creighton

    I got accepted to Howard University Class of 2022 in Washington DC. In addition I have at interview at Creighton University in Nebraska (applied to the long distance program). Still going to the interview, but in case I get accepted there also. Which school is better? I chose to apply to the...
  8. D

    Accepted students and pre-pharm students, What are your stats?

    To all accepted pharmacy students and students who are planning to go into pharmacy, what are your GPA, PCAT score, extracurricular activities, pharmacy experiences, leadership experience, etc? It would be great to know the general stats of all fellow pre-pharm students and accepted students so...
  9. G

    Multiple ear piercings in pharmacy school?

    Hello guys, I was wondering whether it's "off-putting" to get multiple earlobe piercings (3) and a cartilage piercing to get into pharmacy school? I have one earlobe piercing right now but I'm thinking of getting more ear piercings but I want to make sure it's not deemed as unprofessional or if...
  10. J

    Out of State vs. California Pharm School

    What would be a better pick if you had to choose, out of state school or stay in Cali? I am having a hard decision picking one considering which school would give me the best opportunity to network and land a job in Cali (eventually) and residency.
  11. J

    Getting in to pharmacy school with low GPA

    I was enrolled at a university for 4.5 years and accumulated a 2.33 gpa. My last semester at the university, I had many personal problems the affected my grades and ended up failing 12 of the 16 credits I attempted. I decided then that I needed time away from school to mature as a student before...
  12. J

    Decision To Make Between Pharmacy Schools. Help!

    Hello everyone! I am done with interviews finally and hearing back from schools. I unfortunately did not get into my top choice so I must decide between the remaining choices. Anyone have any thoughts on Manchester University in Indiana? Marshall B. Ketchum in Fullerton, CA? Northstate...
  13. P

    need help for the school decisions

    Hi folks, I have four pharmacy schools to decide and I would appreciate all your thoughts and inputs. MCPHS at Worcester, Northeastern U, Temple U and Jefferson. The location, cost and residency are what I considered, and I will have to take loan. Also, does anyone know how much of the...
  14. W

    What if I don't get into pharmacy school/fail pharmacy school?

    I'm from Alabama and the only 2 pharmacy schools in my state are Auburn and Samford. I'm currently a Senior, graduating class of 2018. I haven't decided what I wanted to be/do. I already got accepted into college and got some scholarships. I'm a very nervous/anxious person. I always doubt...
  15. N

    Surprised pregnancy at the beginning of pharmacy school

    Suprised pregnancy at the begging of pharmacy school
  16. A

    FDU Pharmacy Entering 2018 (Class 2022)

    Thread for anyone entering (or applying) to the 2018 cycle for FDU Pharmacy School.
  17. J

    New Pharmacy Schools in California

    Hello everyone, what is everyones' thoughts on attending a new pharmacy school in California (Pre-candidate, candidate)?? pros and cons? I ultimately want to practice in California for clinical/residency.
  18. J

    Pharmacy School In-State vs. Out of State? Differences?

    Hello everyone, I live in California and applied to a variety of in-state schools as well as out of state schools. Apart from costs and networking for a job, what are the differences between going to pharmacy school in california and out of state?
  19. T

    Updated Chance me Thread

    This is an updated version of a post I made asking if I have to get into pharmacy school or take a masters degree. Here are my stats so far: B.S. in Cell & Molecular Biology General GPA: 3.12 Science GPA: ~2.80 (approximately) These GPA's are from my school not from PHARMCAS, my app has not...
  20. J

    Need Help! Multiple Pharm Offers but Still Interviewing???

    Hello Everyone, How do people handle with multiple school offers that are staggered? For example, I have some offers and given 2 weeks to make a decision. But I am still interviewing and waiting to hear from other schools. Do people usually pay the deposit to save a seat and withdraw from the...
  21. J

    Thoughts on Touro's MSMHS-COP???

    Hello Everyone, Has anyone attended Touro's MSMHS-COP program before? If so, was it helpful? Where are you at now at your professional career? Pharmacy school is my ultimately goal, but I was thinking this 10 month program would give me an edge when it comes to clinical residency after pharmacy...
  22. C

    Should a Type B person go to pharmacy school?

    TLDR: What's the workload like in pharmacy school, and what does it consist of? Essays, multiple choice tests, oral presentations, etc? And will I fail out of school if I don't study 24/7? I'm seeing lots of posts on these forums asking about whether or not someone with fifteen extracurricular...
  23. B

    Chances of getting into Pharmacy School?

    Hi all, I have just graduated with a BS in Biology and applied to several pharmacy schools. What are my chances of getting into UW, WSU, USC, and UOP with these stats? Cumulative GPA: 3.41 Science GPA: 3.44 Extracurriculars: Active member of PrePharm Club at my uni (1 year) Officer for...
  24. S

    Pharmacy school drug testing and prescribed drugs

    I just got accepted into a pharmacy school and they require drug testing and a background check. I have no criminal background and have never used illegal drugs. However, I was wondering would legal prescribed (C-II) medications for chronic pain be enough to cause me to be rejected from pharmacy...
  25. P

    UAMS College of Pharmacy Class of 2022

    If you're a part of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Pharmacy class of 2022 (wow that was a mouthful) come say hello! I'm curious about how many people have been accepted, or who has interviews coming up etc.. I'm hoping that someone will make a Facebook page for the...
  26. B

    Optimizing Personal Finances: Leaving Big Pharma Workforce to Begin Pharmacy School

    Hi all, I am looking for some opinions on a comparison of different financial pathways that I am considering. Background: Married with one child in public elementary school ~5 years work experience as a QC Chemist for generic manufacturer Spouse currently not working, but will begin...
  27. L

    Pharmacy Internships

    Hello, I just got accepted into Texas Tech pharmacy school and I'm thinking a little too far ahead. I have some questions about pharmacy internships (retail and hospital) for anyone who has done one to get some info. 1) When do students apply for internship positions? I know you can apply for...
  28. P

    Accelerated PharmD?

    Hello, Does anyone know a good accelerated PharmD program that does not require PCAT?
  29. S

    UGA vs Mercer Pharm School?

    Hey guys, I'm currently doing my undergrad at UGA and, up until a couple weeks ago, UGA was my first choice for pharmacy school. After touring Mercer and talking to some alumni, I am now thinking that Mercer would be a better fit for me. For people currently attending pharmacy school at...
  30. H

    Preparing for an interview?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering how everyone is going about preparing for their pharmacy school interviews? I'm a little nervous and don't know what to expect!
  31. S

    PCAT scores take 2

    So I just took the PCAT again and I'm a little discouraged because I scored less this time. So July 2017: Bio:41 Chem:87 Crit R.:69 Quant:47 Comp:64 And September 2017 Bio:58 Chem:55 Crit R: 72 Quant: 57 Comp: 60 Just wondering what my chances are with this score. I'm applying to six schools...
  32. T

    Law School After PharmD

    Hello everyone, I am currently a P4 and will be graduating with my PharmD in May of 2018. I have been spending a lot of time thinking in about my future after pharmacy school and am really interested in going to law school and obtaining my JD. In short, I have always wanted to help people and...
  33. P

    How Immature is/was Your Class?

    I saw a thread about bullies over on the pre-med forum and was thinking I could kind of bring it over here... Anyone in or remember pharmacy school and how your peers were? I feel like my class in general is pretty immature and we've definitely got a few students that ridiculous. Any bullies...
  34. P

    Saw this free pharmacy pocketbook on my Amazon Recommendation

    Wassupp Ya'll! Hope summer is treating all ya'll well before school starts ><. But...I just got a notification to check out books under my recommended weekly and I found this treasure! Hopefully it will prepare us well before we start school! The e-book consists of the top 200 drugs, scheduled...
  35. S

    Partially Paid Pharmacy School Tuition?

    If a pharmacy school wants you bad enough will they partially pay for your tuition? I currently have over a 4.0 GPA and just finished the PCAT today with a composite preliminary score of 433 (95th percentile). Gauging the average GPA and PCAT scores of accepted students to certain schools I'm...
  36. M

    ???Marriage and Pregnancy in Pharmacy school...

    Hello... My fiancé and I will both be starting pharmacy school this fall. We are planning to get married the summer of 2019 (we already live together). And after, of course, planning to start a family. When we get married, we will both be entering our PY3. I know 2 years isn't that long to wait...
  37. F

    Foreign Pharmacy Fresh Graduate

    Hi, I just graduated from a four year pharmacy program in another country, and my goal is to become a licensed pharmacist in the U.S.. I was planning on taking the FPGEE exam, but a site says I'm not qualified to take it since I graduated after 2003. So I think the only option for me right now...
  38. F

    Foreign Pharmacy Fresh Graduate

    Hi, I just graduated from a four year pharmacy program in another country, and my goal is to become a licensed pharmacist in the U.S.. I was planning on taking the FPGEE exam, but a site says I'm not qualified to take it since I graduated after 2003. So I think the only option for me right now...
  39. S

    Help!! Skipping the first day of class

    I would really like some advice on this! I am an incoming P1 student and I am considering skipping the first day of class. I have this huge family reunion I planned to go to and would have to miss the first day of class. I already booked the tickets and everything and emailed one of the peer...
  40. S

    Appalachian College of Pharmacy vs. University of Iowa College of Pharmacy. Which is Better?

    Appalachian College of Pharmacy VS University of Iowa, School of Pharmacy :):shrug: Help! I am not sure which school to pick. I have given a seat deposit for both schools, but still don't know which one to officially pick. I will be moving from Los Angeles, CA. ACP is a good school and is only...