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  1. W

    Early Decision vs. Regular Dcision Pharmacy School

    I have read the other threads but none of them have the answer to my question and I am still not in the clear. According to PharmCAS early decision interviews are between sept and oct and decision is made by 21 OCT. However, if I apply as regular admission can I still be interviewed within this...
  2. S

    Do i have a chance?

    So like many of you I took the PCAT today. I didn't do great but I wasnt expecting to do great my preliminary scores are as followed Bio:54 Chem:49 Critical reading: 38 Quantitative reasoning: 53 Composite:47 I actually did better than I thought I would I was really under prepared. So my GPA...
  3. N

    Pharmacy School. To go or not to go!?

    I have been debating this for a few months now. I started my undergrad in '06 with the goal of being a pharmacist and graduated with my BS in Biology in 2010. I am a month away from starting Pharmacy school and just learning about the surplus of pharmacists, lack of jobs, and declining pay in...
  4. P

    Laptop Recommendations

    So, I'm an incoming P1 and I was thinking about getting a new laptop for school since mine is old and sad. Does anyone have any good recommendations? What laptops do/did you use in pharmacy school, if any at all? I'm definitely not looking at any Mac, though.
  5. P

    Advice for an incoming P1?

    Hi, As the title implies, I'll be starting school in the fall. Does anyone have any advice on how to transition into pharmacy school? I'll be moving out of state and I'm going to a relatively new school (applied late and didn't have the best stats), so I was also wondering if anyone could...
  6. O

    High school student wanting some advice pharmacy school! (sorry it's so long) (That's what she said)

    Hello, I'm currently going to be a senior this coming fall and I am interested in a career in pharmacy, but I have some questions. Firstly, is it better to go to an undergrad that has a pharmacy school? I was thinking on going to Hampton University for pre-pharmacy because I can get in with...
  7. M

    Depression, and life situation. Needing help.

    Hi, please read the whole thing. It really does mean a lot to me. I am an aspiring physician. Of course, life doesn't come off that easily. My father was born in Vietnam, at the bottom of the economy. He used the floor as paper because he couldn't afford any, and didn't take food on the table...
  8. A

    Failed out of pharmacy school one year before graduation

    I was just notified a few hours ago that I have been kicked out of school due to poor academic standing. What are my options at this point? I was in a 0-6 school so I don't have my bachelors and my gpa is not good. I truly loved studying pharmacy and I was doing well until these last three...
  9. K

    Do Pharmacy Schools like Minorities?

    I'm 50% native Hawaiian and was wondering if pharmacy schools look for minorities for their incoming classes? Is this something that makes you unique or could they care less? Just wondering...
  10. D

    My Problem With Getting Into Pharmacy School. Please Read. Advice Needed.

    Hi all, This is my first post and I believe my first time on SDN for quite some time now. My story is a rather long and complicated one, which I will try to be as concise as possible with here, but I am in dire need of advice, and I don't think I can get any "real" answers from the resources...
  11. LatePrePharm

    Pharmacists: How manageable is $150k-$200k in debt?

    I have loans from 4 years of undergrad, and I'm applying to pharmacy school this coming cycle. I calculated the cost of tuition, fees, and living expenses for my top choices. My total loans will be around $200k once I'm done with everything. The total amount will be somewhere between $150k-$200k...
  12. B

    Pharmacy Tech in Undergrad?

    Recently, I had just completed my freshman year in undergrad working in Pre Pharmacy. Although, I have been wondering if it is completely necessary to get a job as a Pharmacist Technician in preparation for the career as a Pharmacist and admission to Pharmacy school? Will having Pharm tech...
  13. Orion2

    Pharmacy Tech going for PharmD.

    Hey everyone, new to this forum. I'm a pharmacy technician at a compounding pharmacy, I've been there for the past three years now. I'm 29 years old from South Florida and I've made up my mind and I want to become a pharmacist. Problem is I get a lot of conflicting information from different...
  14. H

    For Sale PCAT studying materials

    Hello, future pharmacists! I am selling 2015 Dr. Collin's Study guide and 2015 PCAT destroyer for $210. FREE SHIPPING! They both don't have any highlighting/writing inside. They are in GREAT condition! I spilled coffee on PCAT destroyer cover though but inside is brand new. If you want more...
  15. G

    For Sale DR COLLINS 2015 ,cheap!!!!!

    Selling my Dr. Collins with minimal writing ,2015 for $135 . Willing to bargain, reply or send me a message thanks
  16. H

    Selling PCAT Studying Materials (Kaplan, PCAT destroyer, Dr. Collins)

    Hello, I finished taking PCAT and now i am selling my PCAT study materials! I strongly recommend studying these (These are enough materials for you to study) and you will definitely ace your PCAT! I used a separate note to take notes and did practice problems so these are pretty much new...
  17. A

    My boyfriend doesn't understand how difficult pharmacy school is... How do I help him understand?

    I'm in my P1 year of pharmacy school. It's going well grades-wise but my relationship is on the backburner. I do what I can but I have ADHD and studying/school is incredibly difficult for me to begin with and it seems like in order to do well and not fail out of school, the rest of my personal...
  18. U


    Hey, So I really enjoy smoking weed. Throughout college, I've smoked fairly regularly with the exception of breaks of a couple weeks to a couple months here or there because of an upcoming drug test for a job, travel, family events etc... I've recently been accepted into pharmacy school and...
  19. H


    Hello, guys! I am selling Dr. Collin's study guide with 2015 updates (This study guide is so good, I got exactly the same essay prompt, and chemistry questions were pretty similar) 2015 PCAT Destroyer (Spilled coffee on the cover, but it's brand new inside) And 2013-2014 Kaplan PCAT study...
  20. J

    Alternatives to my situation

    Hello, all posting because I believe I have found my self "stuck between a rock and a hard place". I going into my Jr. year of college and trying to figure out my aspiring dream of becoming a dentist. Currently, my GPA at my college is a 3.67 at the college I am attending at a 3.5 at the...
  21. F

    To be a Health Science vs Biology major....?

    I just got accepted to CSUF for fall 2016 as a Biology major. :) I am not someone with a lot of time to just focus on school only. I have a 6 year old son & I work part-time to be able to go to school. I want to do Pharmacy school later down the road. Is biology a very tough major? Should I...
  22. E

    Ohio State University College of Pharmacy Interview/Feedback 15-16 cycle

    Hi, I interviewed with Ohio State COP the morning of Feb 27th and that same evening I got an email saying that OSU COP has reviewed my application and want to offer me admission however there are no directions on how to pay the deposit and no deadline or anything. I was just wondering if this is...
  23. M

    Pharmacy School interview accept/decline etiquette

    Hello, I had a question regarding the rules, if any, to accepting then declining a pharmacy school invitation. If i accept my number 2 school of choice, but then interview at my #1 choice, would I get penalized somehow by declining the number 2 choice even after I put down the first deposit to...
  24. LatePrePharm

    How long after submitting your application did you hear back?

    My friend submitted his application on Feb 1st. His stats are ~3.1 GPA, chemistry BS, had to retake a few classes a couple times, 60 on pcat, minority. He's getting nervous because he hasn't heard anything back from the 5 schools he applied to and some of his application was rushed. He doesn't...
  25. pharmaqueen

    Hampton University Class of 2020

    Hey guys, doesn't look like anyone has posted anything yet for this cycle. Just wanted to start something off, I just submitted my transfer application on Jan 6th. I'm applying to two more schools here in Florida as well so I have a lot more work to go. Feel free to chime in and good luck!!!
  26. 1

    2015 Really need help. Can I get into pharmacy school?

    Hi all, I am in a predicament and I'm not quite sure how to salvage the situation. I am currently a junior bio major at my state university, and I have been on and off academic probation for my entire college career. I did extremely well in high school. I have a strong chance of getting...
  27. X

    UPR PY1 thinking of dropping out of pharmacy school for dental school

  28. H

    WSU Spokane

    Hello! So I decided I wanted to apply to WSU college of pharmacy and added them to my list of schools on Pharmcas on 11/17. I completed the supplement application on 11/18 and I got the confirmation e-mail that my application is complete on 11/20. It says that it would take up to 4-6 weeks to...
  29. M

    Quarter vs. Semester system

    Hi All, I attended interviews at two different type of schools, semester and quarters. I am trying to decide whether quarter system is a good or not? I never went through the quarter system and have always used the standard 16 weeks semester system. How is quarter system different in Pharmacy...
  30. I

    Having a very difficult time deciding what courses to take next semester to prepare for PCAT

    Hi! I know this is so annoying and long but I would appreciate any advice anyone has!! I plan on taking the PCAT this upcoming summer, July 8-9. If you have taken it already or know a lot about what is on it please help me decide what courses to register for to ensure success on the exam...
  31. S

    pharm school chances?

    I'm only a sophomore in college, but I messed up my second semester in college as a freshman. The first semester I made 3.o and my second semester I had a lot going on and made a 2.0 (all C's). I'm freaking out and think my chances are ruined. I'll probably make a 3.6 or 3.4 this semester, but...
  32. O

    2015 Rejected on the Early Decision stage for Pharmacy School

    Hello all! I recently got denied admission for CU School of Pharmacy on the Early Decision stage of admission and was wondering if there are any success stories in my situation after the fact. I thought I was a strong applicant with a 3.7 GPA and an 85th percentile PCAT, and what I thought...
  33. P


    I dropped college because i was so confused about which math class to take. I was put in elementary algebra which doesnt count for credit. So i took placement test and i didnt pass the placement test but they combined my placement score and act score to let me go into intermediate algebra. I...
  34. P

    Did i ruin everything?

    I dropped college because i was so confused about which math class to take. I was put in elementary algebra which doesnt count for credit. So i took placement test and i didnt pass the placement test but they combined my placement score and act score to let me go into intermediate algebra. I...
  35. P

    Prepharmacy math course help!!

    I was suppose to start college in the fall as a freshmen but i ended up dropping it. It was becasue i was so frustrated with everything. Over the summer i found out that i was not able to recieve my scholarship because my school didnt receieve my new act score they needed in time which i had no...
  36. D

    Do Pharmacy Schools honor grade forgiveness?

    So I'm extremely new to SDN (this is my first post) so be merciful pls :) I just wanted to know if Pharmacy schools take into account your new GPA if you have retaken a class or two. Doing so has really helped my GPA so I was wondering if Pharmacy schools would consider it. Also, do any other...
  37. J


    Hey Pcat Studiers, I'm DONE taking the PCAT and im looking to sell my 2015 Collins study material! It is the latest verison and in new condition. For all of you feeling iffy about this material, my advice is DON'T, because the Dr.collins study guide helped me tremendously and is very precise to...
  38. L

    Western University PHARMACY (Class of 2020)

    Official thread for Western University applicants of the 2015 cycle! Has anyone submitted their supplemental yet? Post if you get any updates/interview invites! Good luck everyone!
  39. L

    UOP - University of the Pacific PHARMACY C/O 2020

    WELCOME! Thread for applicants during the 2015 cycle. Has anyone gotten any interviews yet?
  40. H

    Pre-Pharmacy advice

    I currently have all my pharmacy prerequisites done with the exception of Orgo 2 which I will be taking in the spring. My overall GPA is a 2.66, I've taken the PCAT once, received a 72 and I am considering taking it again. I have plenty of pharmacy tech experience and great letters of...