1. H

    Should I get a Psy.D to enable me to do IMEs for Veterans?

    Hi all, I have my BA in Psychology and I'm trying to decide if I should get an LMHC or a Psy.D. In terms of how I want to practice, the only benefit a Psy.D confers is the ability to do IMEs for Veterans (and it adds a little more credibility if I want to write a book or make an informative...
  2. P

    Leave my PsyD program for another?

  3. K

    Uni of Denver, Rutgers, Baylor, PGSP-Stanford PsyD Consortium Info

    Hello! I am new to this website. I am an undergrad majoring in psychology and am interested in applying to PsyD programs. I am now looking into the PsyD programs at Rutgers, Palo Alto, Baylor and University of Denver. Are there anyone currently in the program and can provide some insight and...
  4. C

    PhD/PsyD (PSYD) Help me choose a program!

    Hello! I have been accepted to Spalding University, William James College, and Nova Southeastern University (all Psyd), and am having trouble finding recent information about the pros/cons about each school and deciding where I should go. If anyone has any information about these programs, have...
  5. M

    Unfunded PhD / PsyD - Worth it?

    Hi all, I recently got accepted to Hofstra's PhD program for clinical psych. It's not funded and tuition is high, after 6 years I calculated it may cost ~130k This program has a good reputation and students go off to either work in private practice or at hospitals in NY. I know in law and...
  6. C

    Psych Scenarios (PsyD interview prompt)

    Hello!! One of the schools I received an interview for let us know that there will be a written prompt with a scenario having to do with a client & psychologist. Has anyone else had an experience/interview such as this one? Any ideas on how the questions can be worded/what the prompt can sound...
  7. P

    Careers in Clinical Psych

    Hi everyone, I am asking for career advice, and I’m going to give you some of my stats/background before I go into my situation. Undergrad GPA: 3.94 Grad GPA: 4.0 No research experience (besides working as a lab assistant for a semester in a Bio lab. I’ve also done plenty of research...
  8. H

    Clinical PsyD at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology vs MA in Mental Health Counseling at Northwestern University

    After applying to multiple doctoral-level and masters-level programs in Clinical Psychology, Counseling, and MFT, I've narrowed my choice down to two programs: A PsyD in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Chicago Campus), and a MA in Mental Health Counseling...
  9. L

    PhD/PsyD First year student seeking advice

    Hi! I am a first-year PsyD student, and I am planning to transfer out of the program as I feel like I'm not gaining any value, especially given what I'm paying for tuition. I chose this particular program as I believed there would be some if not an equal opportunity to pursue research and access...
  10. Kelly Re

    Navy HPSP

    Is anyone on here applying for the Navy HPSP Clinical Psych program? I am submitting my packet soon and wanted to see who all was also applying!
  11. A

    PhD/PsyD PhD/PsyD Psychology program interview invites and admissions (applied Fall 2021 for Fall 2022 admission)

    Hi everyone, It is that time of year to share what psychology doctorate programs people applied to during the Fall 2021, and when they received interview invites. Also, if you were accepted or not/your final decision. Please provide what faculty you wanted to work with as well and who...
  12. B

    PhD/PsyD Admissions Advice, thank you!

    Hello, I am looking for some advice....I want to attend either a Counseling Ph.D. program or a PsyD program. Just some personal background, I just graduated with a B.S. double major in Health Science and Psychology, with a 3.9 GPA, and did decent enough the GRE. I have just about every...
  13. M

    Undergrad seeking doctoral/post grad advice

    Hey everyone, I am a rising senior behavioral neuroscience major who was primarily interested in applying to PsyD programs in the Chicago area, with the Chicago School being my first choice (William James College in Boston as a second). I had considered this originally as I want to be a...
  14. D

    Switching to Psychology from a pre-med

    Hello Everyone! A bit of a long post ahead: I'm not sure if a similar thread has been posted before but I am a student that switched from being very pre-med focused to psychology. I have always had an interest in Psych but never looked seriously into it as a career until I started working at a...
  15. M

    Reputable Somatic Psychology PsyD or PhD programs?

    Hello everyone, I want to become a clinical somatic psychologist or clinical psychologist who can become certified in creative arts simultaneously. The population I currently work with is trauma (developmental and event), addiction, substance abuse, and mood disorders as a licensed massage...
  16. T

    Kean vs Chestnut Hill PsyD

    Hi everyone! Making a decision between starting my PsyD at either Kean or Chestnut Hill this Fall 2021 and having a rough time deciding. Any thoughts, opinions or suggestions?? Anything is helpful at this point!
  17. Anon1117

    Best psychology doctorate school options if I'm based in Lebanon?

    I did my psychology BA at a good Lebanese American university at Beirut, GPA 3.9, did some volunteering, there's no research labs but I took 2 research courses and conducted a research study woth 3 credits. I'm completing my MA in Clinical Psychology at a less known university in Beirut and I'll...
  18. Mila1998

    Nova Southeastern University PsyD

    Hi everyone! I have been accepted into NSU PsyD program in clinical psychology which has good stats (licensure rates, APA-match rates above 88%). However, the cohort is over 50 people. Can I have any advice from those familiar with this program? I could really use any input!
  19. Haywinfield

    Trying to figure out the best path for me (help appreciated)

    I apologize in advance if this is a repetitive question. I did some searching on the forums and didnt see anything specifically relevant to what I am asking, and google search just turns up a bunch of fake blogs and grad school sites that are clearly advertisements for Alliant. I graduated with...
  20. N

    Insight into APPIC Internship Sites

    I’m wondering what questions to ask to get a better sense of the culture of a site.
  21. T

    PsyD Admissions - Prerequisite Courses

    I am currently pursuing a master's in religious studies/theology at Yale University and plan on pursuing a PsyD after graduation. While I have a focus in pastoral care and counseling, I have not completed the prerequisite psychology courses required of PsyD applicants as I majored in an...
  22. K

    Help choosing a PsyD program

    Does anyone have an opinion on which PsyD program and University reputation is the best? I have to stay in the LA area and these are my options. I’m trying to decide between Azusa Pacific University, Cal Lutheran University, Fuller Seminary, and Loma Linda University
  23. N

    Interested in Intensive Therapy work, would PsyD or PhD be better? Also, should I apply to PsyD and PhD programs after undergrad?

    Hello everyone! I apologize for the long post in advance! I am currently finishing up my junior year in undergraduate as a Psychology and Hearing and Speech Sciences double major. I had a difficult time deciding between going the SLP or Psychology route, but now have decided that I will be...
  24. P

    Help and advice with tough graduate decisions

    I am currently a junior at university completing my BS in psych. I work at a psych lab and childcare center at my school. It's about that time to be making grad decisions. My gpa is currently 3.6 (due to ONE bad neuro class), and by next year it should be like 3.7ish To start off, I know all my...
  25. D

    Loma Linda vs Alliant SD for PsyD

    I’m interested in hearing from people with experience at those two schools. I’ve already researched both schools. I’m wanting to apply for 2020 to the PsyD program. Can’t apply anywhere other then Southern California (husband has a job here) so these are my only two options I see - Pepperdine is...
  26. D

    Non-Traditional Applicant For Psych Programs

    Hi situation is a bit odd...I graduated from UCSD in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology (Physiology and Neuroscience)..I originally wanted to go to medical school and was a pre-med but it did not happen. Unfortunately my father became really sick and I ended up taking care...
  27. P

    Alliant or Midwestern University Psyd

    Are they similar? One better than the other?
  28. P

    Mercer University PsyD

    Any thoughts, opinions or information anyone have to share about the PsyD at Mercer University?
  29. M

    Midwestern-Glendale, AZ PsyD

    After looking through nearly every mention of the Clinical Psychology PsyD program at Midwestern U in Arizona in the SDN, I have a question--is the program still poorly regarded? I've been accepted to the school and want to make sure I'm making an informed decision. Their cohort size is ~23...
  30. P

    Alliant PsyD SF

    I got an interview for alliant in sf for the PsyD. Can anyone tell me about their experience without interview if they have been through the process? I know everyone is gonna talk about how much they dislike alliant. Financially, my parents have it covered. Their 2017 apa match rate is 94%. I...
  31. P

    Did anyone apply to the wright institute PsyD for fall 2019?

    hi guys. It’s my first post on here. The wright institute is mt number 1 choice for PsyD. I applied for admission for the upcoming 2019 fall semester. Has anyone applied and gotten an interview yet? I thought I could start this thread so we can all update each other during this process. Hope to...
  32. S

    Doctoral Program Interviews with Writing Component?

    I was recently invited to Pacific University's PsyD interviews and I've decided to go. I know that many people here have negative views of the school, but attending is convenient for me and I feel like it will give me good interview practice, if nothing else. However, I was surprised by the...
  33. E

    Ferkauf PsyD Info

    I applied to Yeshiva Ferkauf’s PsyD program and I was wondering if anyone attends the school or has at least interviewed there and could tell me some pros and cons that I wouldn’t find from reading their website. I really like the program and am hoping to go, so I’d love to learn more!
  34. neurodoe29

    APPIC Internship Match 2019-20-- Phase II

    Hi all, I thought I'd start a thread in advance for those of us who either know that they will be in Phase II since they received no interviews in Phase I (hello, me), or who end up in Phase II after not getting matched in Phase I. Hopefully this can be a great source of support and...
  35. S

    PsyD Program Interviews

    I recently got invited to my first PsyD interview (hopefully more to come) and I'd really love to hear about other peoples' interview experiences. I applied to some PhD programs last year and had a few interviews, but I was living abroad at the time doing a masters and had to do them over...
  36. M

    Linguistics masters, pursue PsyD after?

    I am a ‘mature’ (36) year old student. I’m currently completing a masters in linguistics with a lot of concentration in psycholinguistics. When I finish I would like to go into psychology and get a PsyD. My question is how can I best prepare for this? Anyone else done linguistics and gone...
  37. PM_MeYourTrauma

    PhD/PsyD What's the deal with Indiana State University?

    I’ve been looking into different PsyD programs but I’ve been trying to stick to the more legitimate programs out of non-private/non-profit schools. I am interested in working with Children and Trauma populations in the future so I have been looking for PsyD faculty that have similar interests...
  38. S

    Pacific vs. Roosevelt PsyD in Neuropsychology

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty desperate to get some firsthand accounts from people who have gone through the PsyD programs at Pacific University in Oregon and Roosevelt University in Chicago. Both programs offer a neuropsychology track, which is what I'm truly interested in and why I've focused on...
  39. O

    Should I go into forensic psychology? Is it worth it?

    Hi, I just found this website and I thought this might be the perfect place to ask some questions. I'm going into college soon and I was thinking about majoring in psychology. I was reading about all of the different psychology career paths and forensic psychology caught my interest. Correct me...
  40. S

    LAST 60 CREDITS: Phd or Psyd Clin Psych Programs

    Hello, Going to be applying to schools in the fall. Haven't been able to consolidate the information on which programs (both PhD and PsyD) look at only the last 60 credit hours for the undergraduate gpa.... Bombed freshman year courses, but did well in my classes all other years. I know...