1. J

    Pros vs cons, MWU or UIC?

    Title: Midwestern University vs. University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry ( both are in-state for me) School 1: MWU Pros: Not in the city Better equipment? (from what i've heard) Cons: More expensive School 2: UIC Pros: Slightly cheaper Have worked with many dentists that...
  2. S

    Illinois DPT 2021-2022

    Figured I'd start a thread for Illinois DPT applicants. I've applied to NIU, Bradley, Gov State, Iowa, Rosalind Franklin, and UIC. GPA: 3.55 cumulative, around a 3.8 prerequisite GPA. Observation Hours: around 900 outpatient, 25 inpatient GRE: 155 Q 150 V A lot of various volunteer and other...
  3. alphinerpoke

    University of Illinois-Chicago: Class of 2024

    Hey all! I wanted to get to know all the people that are going to be in my cohort! I also am looking for a roommate to live in Chicago! Hope to get to know you all :)!
  4. rebelais

    ***Official - University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) OMFS Residency***

    University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) OMFS Tracks: 6-year MD/DMD Track (1 position) 4-year DMD Track (2 positions) 1-year Non-Categorical Internships (5 positions) Department Chair: Michael Miloro DMD, MD, FACS Program Director: Michael Han DMD, FACS Full-Time Attendings: Nicholas Callahan...
  5. D

    Question about University of Illinois, Chicago

    Hi! I wanted to reach out and see if there was anyone on this thread who attended UIC in Chicago. I was curious about their thoughts on the curriculum, how they handled it, and if they were able to find a job out of state after finishing school there for residency or retail. The web page...
  6. S

    Your experience with these MPH/MHA programs

    Hello, So it is almost time to finalize and commit to a program for the fall and I wanted some insights on your experience with the following schools: UIC - MHA Rutgers (New Brunswick) - MPH Drexel - MPH NYU - MPA Cornell - MHA Out of these programs, what was your experience through the...
  7. B

    Regis vs. UIC

    Hi I am trying to decide between these 2 schools! I love the city of the Chicago, the diversity of the city, but Regis program is 35 k cheaper and an equally good program. please Help!!
  8. B

    How did you decide on a school?

    Hi, I got accepted to UIC and Regis and I am trying to decide between the 2 schools. I really liked the diversity of UIC and Chicago and I know I will be able to connect with the people there. Chicago is also the 2nd highest employment for PTs which is also a plus because UIC has many...
  9. B

    VCU vs UIC

    Hi, I recently got accepted into both VCU and UIC and I am trying to decide between the two schools! I am really torn between the both schools because they both are really good schools. Being not from either state, the cost of both programs would be similar and I would love any input on the pros...
  10. E

    Stuck between Bradley, UIC, and Northwestern

    Hi all! I am currently a senior finishing up my Health Science degree at Bradley. I am stuck between three schools that I've been accepted to. I also have a few pros and cons for going to each school which makes the decision even harder. I was wondering if anyone is currently a student in the...
  11. D

    UIC DPT Class of 2022

    Hi everyone! Couldn't find a page on facebook or student doctor so I wanted to start my own forum! I am super excited to get to know all my classmates! So, if you've been accepted into UIC and plan on attending in the Fall I'd love to hear from you all! I'm currently in my gap year working in...
  12. M

    School X vs School Y

    Thank you for the help!
  13. D

    MD Applying to 6 or 7 schools only...bad idea?

    3.7 cGPA; ~3.5 sGPA -Graduated with Honors -Spanish speaking and immigration but not URM -Strong extracurriculars (3 years of paid clinical experience, lots of research but no publications, non-clinical volunteering, minimal shadowing, significant scholarships) -No MCAT yet - will be taking in...
  14. maryelizmc

    Chicago Area Family Housing

    We have a great house for rent (or purchase) in Oak Park IL -- close to Loyola, UIC, Rush, and other Chicago-based medical schools and universities. We'd like to get the word out to residents/interns who may be seeking a large family home close to public transportation, shopping, parks, and...
  15. W

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Chicago OT schools - UIC or Rush?

    Hi everyone. I am wondering if any of you went to/are attending UIC or Rush for OT and could tell me about your experience. I got into both programs and have been debating between the two for nearly a month, and it is getting very hard to choose!!! I liked Rush because it has a smaller cohort...
  16. R

    UIC (GPPA) or Northwestern (Pre-Med)

  17. N

    UIC vs VTC

    Hi all, made a new account to preserve anonymity. I am currently deciding between University of Illinois College of Medicine in Peoria and Virginia Tech Carilion. I am a resident of Illinois, however, with VTC's M1 scholarship, tuition, at least for the M1 year is less at VTC. I am blessed to...
  18. P

    UIC vs Rush

    Any help/insight is greatly appreciated! Rush Pros Loved the students on interview day Felt like a great "fit" Ample volunteer opportunities Nicer facilities Able to be at Cook County (underserved hospital) more during rotations Cons More expensive (~$50k over 4 years) UIC Pros Better...
  19. U

    University of Illinois Chicago VS University of Michigan

    Hi everyone, I’m currently confused and wanted to get some opinios about the situation I’m in. I have been accepted to The University of Illinois Chicago and The University of Michigan for the Pharm.D. program. I can’t pick between these two schools and wanted to hear everyone’s input on this...
  20. A

    UIC Orthodontics

    Hi! Any opinions on the UIC orthodontics residency program? Is it considered a strong clinical program?
  21. U

    Renting AMSA Conference/UIC Chicago- 2bed/2bath condo available for nightly/weekly rentals

    I'm an attending physician in the Chicago area and I have a property available for nightly or weekly rentals in the Little Italy area within walking distance to UIC/Rush/Cook County/Jesse Brown VA. There is free street parking available which is rare for downtown Chicago. My unit is available...
  22. T

    General Admissions & OTCAS OTCAS GPA Problem!

    So, my transcripts were verified today (yippee!) but there was a small issue with my GPA. The OTCAS overall GPA was the same as my GPA as calculated by my university BUT I did not know they also break down the GPA by subject matter! My overall gpa is a 3.85 and the subject GPAs range from...
  23. A

    Renting Affordable Chicagoland Room Rentals for Med Students

    Hi everybody! =) - Beautiful newly remodeled garden apartment in a very safe neighborhood. - Quiet, smoke free home - 2 furnished bedrooms available, rent includes all utilities, wifi, AC/Heating, washer/dryer use. - Shared common areas: living room, kitchen, & bathroom. Kitchen with...
  24. K

    Midwestern University or Wait

    I recently was accepted to Midwestern University in Downers Grove for pharmacy, Chicago State, and Roselyn Franklin. Unfortunately, I missed one prerequisite for UIC, so my application was withdrawn. My first choice is the best from the schools I got accepted, Midwestern. However, I do realize...
  25. APraxon

    Rural Pharmacy Program (UIC COP)

    Hey Guys, I've searched SDN for this question and haven't really found anything (so if you do please just link it here and I'll more than happily check it out there - assuming it is up to date). So the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) has two campuses. One in Chicago and one in...
  26. N

    UIC vs VCU dental

    Hi yall I'm on the fence kind of for both schools, VCU and UIC. I was accepted at VCU on Dec 1 but am waitlisted at UIC. I am OOS for both schools so the cost of attendance will be high regardless. I don't know much about Richmond area or either schools to be honest. I am trying to get off the...
  27. P

    UIC vs Ohio State

    Hi guys, I was lucky enough to get into both of these schools in the same time frame before having to commit to either one of them. I was curious as to general opinions about each school as well as some specific questions. Some quick background on me, I am out of state for both schools and...
  28. K

    know thy schools

    So I saw this posted a long time ago but think it might help us youngins now. Please answer the questions in the following format. Feel free to expand on your response and skip anything you don't want to answer. 1. Name of Your Dental School 2. Your Year (if you're not comfortable answering...
  29. L

    Help with picking a school!! UIC vs. Utah vs. UW vs. Colorado

    I've been accepted into uic, university of Colorado, university of Utah, and university of Washington so far. I'm from California so all of these places are new to me and offer cheaper tuition that most California schools. Problem is I can't decide where to go? Uic is the highest ranked but how...
  30. K

    ASDOH vs UIC

    Hi guys So I was accepted to both of these schools so far and are both great schools imo.... But which one is the better? And I think the tuition amount is about the same? I'm from IL and after the first year the cost of UIC is the same with ASDOH. I'm just wondering what majority of you guys...
  31. F

    Criteria in choosing a PT school

    Hi everyone! So I'm between three schools at the moment: UIC, Northwestern, and Ohio University. I got a great feeling at both OU and NW, but a meh feeling at UIC, although I know all three programs would be great options. In choosing a program, is it bad to go with the better logistical fit? In...
  32. 2

    UIC Waitlist Chances

    Hey everyone, I was recently wait-listed by UIC (my number 1 choice). I've been accepted to other great schools, so I most likely will put a down payment down for one of those schools. However, I still really want to go to UIC. Does anyone know somebody who's gotten off their wait-list? Or if...
  33. N

    Program-Specific Info / Q's UIC MSOT

    Anyone have any info on the program? Stats of anyone who has been accept, program vibes, faculty info etc? Thanks in advance!
  34. T

    Program-Specific Info / Q's UIC Concurrent MSOT/OTD App

    Hi all, I know it's a bit late to be submitting the UIC MSOT app, but I'm applying concurrently to the MSOT and OTD programs and had a question about the essays for MSOT. MSOT prompt: "Why is the UIC OT program a good match for you and why are you a good match for UIC? Think about the kind of...
  35. sloanetaylor

    Program-Specific Info / Q's What is UIC's OTD program like?

    It's my number one school - will be applying for Summer/Fall 2018 entry. What was the class load like? What specific things do you like about UIC's program v others? Are students at UIC hyper-competitive or do they like to work together and help their peers? Thanks for any input! Any other...
  36. IMG2009

    Room in Chicago near UIC, Rush, Medical District

    HD Pictures: 1 bedroom for rent in a modern/spacious 3 bedroom 2 bathroom condo, Flexible dates available. Free street parking, 5 minute walk to western blue line station. All utilities and cleaning service included in the rent. Walk in closets! Fully furnished with a new bed, dresser/desk, and...
  37. R

    Do I have enough extracurriculars?

  38. C

    Uic supplemental application

  39. L

    Applying to Pharmacy School This Fall-Chicago Area

    Hey Everyone, I'm just seeking some advice for what my chances are getting into Pharmacy school. I currently attend a 4 year university in Chicago and I am looking to apply to UIC as an early decision applicant. I know that UIC is one of the best in the city, and I am just getting more and more...
  40. H

    UIC vs Lewis university

    Hii everyone! Im a senior in high school and i have to make a decision on a college soon. I want to do pharmacy (like 80% sure) and I got accepted into Midwestern's Dual admissions program so I do 2 years of orereqs at Lewis then go to Midwestern for 4. I would not get a bachelor's but is that...