2018-2019 Touro University (Vallejo, California)

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Thanks for the update. Congrats on getting to your choice of schools!

Sure thing, 2k17star! Thank you!

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does anyone know if there's an initial drug screen for incoming OMS1s?
Unless something has changed, there is no initial drug screen for OMS1s as far as I know. It is for 2nd years before they go to clinicals.

Also, for those on the waitlist, I interviewed late last year, was placed on high priority waitlist, and got accepted off the waitlist 4 days before the start of orientation/classes. There is still hope!
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Touro-CA match list, according to another forum:

While searching for Touro CA match rates I came across your thread. Do you have the residency match percentages for Touro CA? Do you know what the % has been for the last several years? Thanks so much!!
Did anyone from this class be placed on the accept hold list? Do you know what the chances of getting off the accept hold list for the year you applied for?
Current Touro 3rd year here. You will set up your own 4th year rotations, and this is a good thing because you can choose to pursue more audition rotations to increase your chances of matching into a specific specialty. You are correct about 3rd year rotation sites. Sites include 2 northern california Kaisers, Northbay in fairfield, San Joaquin General, St Joseph's in Stockton, Natividad, Arrowhead regional medical center in San Bernardino county, Sutter Roseville, and a few more I forget off the top of my head, but those are the major sites. More often than not, the hospitals that Touro CA rotates at have residency programs.

There is a new sim lab somewhere on campus that was just put together, although there was not a sim lab during my first two years. Honestly, the value of a sim lab is quite low, because you should be spending your time studying for your board exams. If I were an incoming first year, I would hope that activities in the sim lab are optional.

I'm not quite sure what COMLEX average of Touro CA is like, but the class of 2020 had a 100% pass rate, but honestly this isn't saying much. Pass rates are more of a measure of how many "bad students" the school prevents from taking COMLEX/USMLE. There was a lot more "weeding out" of the class in 2020, which explains the sudden jump in pass rate. Preparing for board exams falls on you and you alone. The ways a school can help prepare you for boards is less mandatory attendance lectures and labs. Touro has a wide range of people that score high and score low on COMLEX/USMLE.

Feel free to post more questions about the school or PM me

I know it's an old thread but had a question to your comment. What do you mean by weeding out? Do some students get held back? Also, do you have a sense of approximately what the attrition rate is at Tuoro-ca? (Separate question). Thanks!