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Does CDU follow the DGSOM HEALS curriculum?

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Does CDU follow the DGSOM HEALS curriculum?
Yes. CDU is essentially a sub-program within DGSOM. CDU students do everything that regular DGSOM students do, just a little extra in terms of research and where rotations will be.
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Is there a Facebook group/group me for CDU or is it the DGSOM one?
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does anyone know when the CTE deadline is for Drew?

It’s a bit unclear: the document attached to the acceptance email suggests it’s April 30th and last I checked the UCLA amp portal states it’s 3 weeks before the start of the pre-matriculation program (which would make it July 11th). For reference, the UCLA CTE deadline was June 1st.

Maybe if someone has asked this question to the admissions office directly, they will have a better answer.