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  1. FutureDoctor5000

    Merger 2020

    Will the merger weed out the IMG's? Discuss and let me know what y'all think.. How long before these off shore schools close? Theres way too many DO and MD schools popping up for the IMG's and FMG's to even get spots. I really hope that sometime in the near future NO ONE other than someone...
  2. D

    What’s everyone’s opinion of PCOM-South GA

    Hey guys the title says it all. I’m looking for an opinion about PCOM-South GA. I’ve been accepted there and waitlisted a couple places. I chose PCOM South Georgia even though it’s a new program because of its affiliation with PCOM and the numerous opportunities available as the first class...
  3. S

    Is it better to get dismissed or resign from residency?

    I am currently an intern in a DO FM residency. I am returning back to the medical field after taking a 3 year break. I was super excited when I first started , but once I started IM rotation in mid August, everything started falling apart. I realized I forgotten a lot of medicine and was...
  4. 9

    DO Shadowing in Dallas

    I am having a hard time finding a DO to shadow in the Dallas area. I have cold called, sent emails, visited clinics, etc. but I have been constantly turned down. I used the website and have not had any luck with that either. If anyone in that Dallas area knows of a DO that...
  5. D

    2018-2019 Waitlist Support Thread

    I saw that a waitlist thread hasn't been made for this cycle, so I took the liberty of making one:happy:
  6. 9

    MCAT score

    So, I wanted to know if not reporting a score to AACOMAS (DO schools) would get me in trouble? I went from a 480 to 493 and and recently got a 487. I am beyond scared and just upset. I thought I would do better considering I had a 439 on my second attempt but I could not. Does anyone know if I...
  7. H

    For those who did great on the MCAT and got into med school, a little help?

    For those who studied MCAT and did well (515+), what books do you recommend and what were your study schedules like? I need to do really well on my exam. I am planning to take it for the first time in January 2019 or May 2019. I made my fall semester light deliberately so that I could study for...
  8. examsandyams

    Secondary tips?

  9. examsandyams

    Does the medical school you attend determine residency location?

    I'm from the Midwest, I would like to eventually end up working in the same region because of family ties. I know residency matches are dependent on COMLEX/ USMLE scores and specialty, but do residencies prefer students who attend medical schools in their region? Some DO schools have missions to...
  10. examsandyams

    Wait for possible, late Sept DO LoR if I have MD LoR? Would I be behind in app cycle? Stats listed

    I recently received my MCAT score of 500 and was recommended to apply broadly to many DO schools (have a different post about this). I have the chance to shadow a DO physician, but I can't until September. I was originally thinking of shadowing him and then asking for an LoR, but now I'm...
  11. P

    Course Classification

    hi guys! so I have these freshman seminars that count towards my English credit at my university. Read a lot and wrote lots of essays in each. However in AACOMAS they’re classifying these courses as Anthro and History because the titles of these courses had quirky names. I called them twice...
  12. N

    WAMC -- Low GPA+High Postbacc

  13. N

    Need help with school list

  14. N

    WAMC Low GPA + postbacc

  15. N


  16. P

    WAMC, 3.36 sgpa, 3.49 cgpa, 508

    Just got verified today so I was wondering my chances are for DO schools (California resident)? I'm a little disappointed because I have calculated a higher sgpa (3.4) than the verified gpa (3.36). I also ended up choosing the wrong course subject for my class Developmental Biology (earned an A)...
  17. CharlieChan93

    Chance me, roast me, or send me to the Carib

    What's up everyone, thanks for taking the time to glance at this. I would like some advice on my chances at DO schools as well as help with a realistic school list. my general metrics are: 24 year old white male from New York. 504 MCAT, 126 C/P, 124 CARS, 127 BIO, 127 PSY. Taken once, May...
  18. L

    Anesthesiology Hopeful, looking for advice!

    Hi all! I am currently matriculating to a DO school in the south. And would like to stay in the south after graduation. However, I have noticed that not many southern academic centers are DO friendly yet (Who knows with the rapid southern DO school expansions). Anyways, during the past year I...
  19. mikeknicksjets

    More than 6 letters in AACOMAS?

    So I messed up by thinking that AACOMAS has a max of 7 LoRs and not 6, but now I've reached the max with an additional person writing me a LoR. Has anyone had experience with sending extra letters directly to the schools? Could this possibly be detrimental to me in any way? I feel like this is...
  20. G

    Meharry Medical College OR Touro college of osteopathic MD in NY? Help!

    Hi amazing docs and future docs! Would like to get your advice on school decisions as I am a reapplicant and have been out of school for 3+ years. I got accepted into Touro a few months ago in the harlem campus. I was also waitlisted at Meharry until this past friday! Meharry offers a MD program...
  21. N

    Do you think I should apply to D.O. schools this cycle?

    I have a 3.68cGPA and a 3.53sGPA from a competitive liberal arts college in PA, where I am a resident. I am taking the MCAT on September 1st. Will I have time to apply this cycle, or should I wait a year? As for ecs, 150 clinical volunteering hours, 50 hours of shadowing (general surgery, PM&R...
  22. mikeknicksjets

    LoR from Lab Coordinator?

    Hey all, first-time poster here. I just recently to apply DO after months of going back and forth of whether I should (avg stats, ECs). Anyway, I'm in the process of gathering letters and was wondering if a LoR from my biochemistry lab coordinator would suffice as a science letter. He's not a TA...
  23. G

    Thoughts on my school list/what are my chances

    I have a 502 MCAT and with 2nd attempt got a 500 (don't ask, literally don' know what happened on test day as I was averaging 510 on AAMC practice). Anyways, I have a 3.55 GPA & 3.3 GPA, a lot of leadership, clinical experience, research and volunteering. I'm a FL resident and have compiled a...
  24. Yazo

    Would it be too late to apply in early October?

    I finished my third year of undergrad a couple of weeks ago and right now I'm starting to study for the MCAT, which I hope to take on August 31. This means that I will have my score in early October and I will have my application ready by then to apply ASAP. I'm also starting to gather letters...
  25. P

    mcat retake end of august, too late?

    I took my mcat august 2016 and got 491, my cGPA is 3.57 and sGPA is 3.44 (including math) i heard DO schools don't include math? so it might be different then since I got Bs in calc 1 and 2. I want to retake the mcat end of august, early september. My activities section is good. If i submit my...
  26. W

    High GPA/Low MCAT- help with school list

    Hey guys, This is a re-post from the MD WAMC section. I am a first time user and pretty new to this, but wanted to seek some help as I'm struggling with the application process. I graduated summa cum laude (GPA 3.97) last year with a degree in Health Sciences from a public research...
  27. P

    DO Chances, any school suggestions?

  28. Z

    MD and DO

    Can one be a doctor as a DO and an MD? I used to have this professor that went on and on about how a student of his was a doctor of both osteopathy and medicine. His story goes as she was a DO student who just had to take a test to also get her MD while she was taking her exams for DO. He said...
  29. C

    DO School Stats

    Hi all, I'm trying to set up an excel sheet for myself so I can tell which DO programs I could realistically get into. I'm having trouble, however, as most of the schools' websites post the minimum GPA & MCAT scores needed to get in, not the average accepted scores. Does anyone know if there...
  30. B

    Mcat score of 496

    Hello, I recently received my March MCAT scores and scored a 496. I did not get to study very much at all due to a death in my family that set my studying back. I have a 4.0 science and regular GPA, as well as 200+ shadowing hours. I volunteer in the ER department and started my own club on...
  31. Mister Significant

    Variation in GPAs

    My academic advisor gave me a statistic that 78% of the students from my school with a 3.2+ science gpa and a 500+ MCAT gain acceptance into a DO program. The 3.2-3.4 range is considered low, so I was wondering if shes right.
  32. I

    cgpa 3.35 sgpa 2.6 mcat 519 great ECs

    HELP! I have a very low science and cumulative gpa. im going to be honest there is not a trend present in my science grades, although I am ending on a strong note. Due to some personal commitments/issues I have to at least attempt to get into a program this cycle. My EC are pretty good, writer...
  33. mednovice12

    Slowly losing my mind... HELP?!

    I've spent days going through this website seeing if I can even get in anywhere and let me just tell you its a rollercoaster of emotions. There are people with high GPA/high mcat that don't even get into DO schools and other people that get into all of them. I don't even know how to begin...
  34. DrDee99

    Advice and what are my chances

    Hi all, Long time lurker, sometimes poster. Here's the deal: I applied in the 2015-2016 cycle as a CA resident with two MCAT scores: 27,29. I applied to 39 MD schools-- got two II and two waitlists at UVM and Quinnipiac. My undergrad GPA is a 3.8c, 3.79s. I didn't know about DO at this point...
  35. Z


  36. B


    Hello, I plan on applying to DO schools this upcoming 2018-2019 cycle. I'm having a difficult time figuring out what schools to apply to since only some schools list their matriculation stats. If anyone could give me some insight or link some resources, I would greatly appreciate it! this is...
  37. ZohanKhan

    Osteopath interested in General Surgery

    I am a first year D.O student currently interested in General Surgery. I understand that Gen-Surge is a competitive specialty, and perhaps even more challenging for an osteopath to match into. Does anyone know (or is anyone) a D.O that matched into surgery and can offer advice on how to study...
  38. G

    Should I switch to pharmacy?

    Hey first timer here. Currently a junior (second semester) was planning to take the mcat in may and apply(DO) after I get my scores back. Current GPA: 3.07 cum 2.75 sGPA Experience: shadowed MD for 2 years Shadowing 2 DO's in a couple of med clubs Research at a hospital for a semester Now, I'm...
  39. R

    DO 3.2cGPA (upward trend?), No MCAT, senior taking gap year

    Hello, White male Undergrad at Missouri State University Cell and Molecular Biology senior graduating in May. Graduated in 3.5 semesters and due to hand injuries I couldn't take the MCAT last spring. I went through courses too quickly, worked 40+ hours a week and never could figure out how...
  40. bdavis23

    Wvsom vs. pnwu

    hey guys, I’ve been accepted at wvsom and could interview at pnwu next week. I’ve been really set on wvsom but pnwu advances my interview and said they still have openings in the class, not just waitlist. It has higher pass complex first time pass rates. Im from the west so staying out seems...