1. M

    Lost and Confused: WAMC

    Hi, I'm really sorry if this is redundant. I tried looking for similar questions but didn't see any. I am crazy worried because I've been told there's no hope for me going to med school and I wanted opinions. I wanted to apply med school this year but now am debating between post-bacc and SMPs...
  2. insaiyan-premed

    Step 2 CS discontinued

    Hello, I wanted to know how this would impact Pre-DO students like me who plan to mainly go DO schools as non-trad reinventors. I know PE is still there but w/ Step 1 P/F and Step 2 gone how would I make the case of being competitive for say Rads or EM. I know it's way early thinking about this...
  3. J

    Does being a part time student your whole college career look bad when applying to medical school?

    So, my whole college career I have always been a part time student because I have needed to work to afford to live/pay for school. I have had a few semesters where I had 15 credits, but the vast majority were 12 or less. I don't know if it makes a difference that I have been working as an...
  4. C

    SMP while Applying to Med School?

    Hey Everyone! I'm currently going to apply to medical school for the next cycle as I am a current senior and I need some help regarding deciding if I should do a SMP or not! Im looking into applying about 30 schools both MD & DO but I recently got accepted to an SMP program at Kansas City...
  5. DerArzt321

    WAMC D.O. 3.34cGPA 3.09sGAP 503 MCAT

    WAMC? D.O. underdawg / considering podiatry. 3.34 cGPA (3.6 from degree-granting institutions) 3.09 sGPA (3.45 from degree-granting institutions) 503 MCAT (127/125/124 (CARS)/127); retaking for a shot at 510+ in June; confident I can get at least a 505. Story: Long-time lurker on SDN. MI...
  6. P

    MD wamc

  7. F

    Extra Curriculars

    If I do yoga on a regular basis, is that considered an extra curricular worth mentioning in a med school app? Just curious. Thanks.
  8. svk7

    MD WAMC at this point in the cycle? 508/3.73

    I count myself blessed to have received acceptances at two well-respected DO programs. I would be honored to attend either of these programs; however, it is no secret that MD programs historically yield more competitive applicants for residency programs and open more doors (even with the...
  9. G

    C or W in Master's Program?

    So basically I'm in a medical masters program at a DO school and so far I'm thinking I can achieve a 3.4-3.5 in my fall semester. I have A's and B's in 4 of the courses but a low grade in the 5th which is biochem. I can either stick it out and get a C or C+ or drop the course by Friday. I...
  10. cCypheN

    Help with School List for 2020 Cycle

    Hey guys, I applied this cycle, but only to my resident state MD and DO programs in Arizona. I havent heard back from the MD programs and do not expect to. I was waitlisted for II at AZCOM and rejected at ATSU-SOMA. I am now preparing for a re-app. Also I applied late. I had all of my...
  11. M

    MD Against all odds?

    hello, I would like to know my chances at the following schools. I am one of those low gpa/high mcat applicants ( problematic!) but am hoping my entire application will be convincing to secure a medical spot for the 2020 starting class. My state of residence is Ca. Stats : 3.42 Overall and...
  12. D

    SOS WAMC 3.34 sGPA/3.5-3.6cGPA/503 MCAT

    Hey everyone! Long time lurker here- just wanted to get your guy's input on what you think my chances are for getting in to a DO school this cycle. FL resident 2 science, 1 MD, 1 DO LOR (should I get a non science LOR?) 1000+ hours of hospital volunteering Orgo TA 2 semesters Private tutor 1...
  13. F

    biotech VC

    looking to work for a biotech VC next summer in NYC/SF. Do you think med schools would look down upon that to doing something clinically-based? Please let me know. Thanks. wasn't sure if adcoms have a stigma against "business" of healthcare
  14. I

    WAMC 3.45 SCI 3.60 CUM 504 MCAT

    What schools are my best options? SCI GPA: 3.41 CUM GPA: 3.60 MCAT: 504 2 years volunteering in the ER, 6 months shadowing a neurologist/IM (MD), 2 years in a Cell and Molecular lab, 1000 HRs paid tutoring, several years with church volunteering. 6 LOR- Research professor (Strong)...
  15. S

    522 MCAT/Low GPA: Am I too far down the hole?

    I graduated recently with a Bio degree in TX. I'll spare everyone the sob story and details--other than stats. cGPA: 2.6 sGPA: 2.4 MCAT: 522 (took it May) ECs: 1 publication, plenty of shadowing and clinical volunteer hours. Most of my pre-reqs were Cs, (F in orgo1, retook for a C, D in Bio2...
  16. S

    Low GPA/522 MCAT Texas advice?

    I graduated recently with a Bio degree in TX. Won't go into much detail other than stats. cGPA: 2.6 sGPA: 2.4 MCAT: 522 (took it May) ECs: 1 publication, plenty of shadowing and clinical volunteer hours. Most of my pre-reqs were Cs, (F in orgo1, retook for a C, D in Bio2, retook for a C) My...
  17. ComfySouthern

    Somewhat clueless on School List cGPA3.3 sGPA 3.7-3.8 MCAT 509

    29 y/o black male- non trad State of residence: Florida Undergrad 2007-2012 Business/Accounting: 3.2 GPA (very few science classes), sGPA 2016-2018 3.7-3.8 (A in all upper level sciences Orgo Physics Etc.) 2 year masters in psych 2016-2018: GPA 4.0 509 (129/126/125/129) ~750+ hours of...
  18. MiamiHeatElite

    MD Help with school list

    Overall sGPA/cGPA: 3.96 MCAT: 512 (125/129/129/129) Demographic: White male from rural underserved southwest Virginia; son of physician with no particular challenges or narrative Undergrad: Microbio major/Bio minor from Virginia Tech Clinical Experience: 1.5 years of ER scribing (1700 hours)...
  19. A

    MD School list advice: 3.97 cGPA, 4.0sGPA, 517, high clinical exposure + research

    Hi everyone, I'm working on my school list and am having difficulty finalizing it. About me: State of Residence: CA (urban) Demographics: Caucasian Male, 2016 grad College: Top-20 research university cGPA: 3.97 sGPA: 4.00 MCAT: 517 (131/128/129/129) Major: Interdisciplinary preventive medicine...
  20. S

    MD Looking for some advice for school list

    Hello everyone! just got my MCAT back today and have no idea where to start! KY resident 3.91 cumulative 3.89 science 510 (126/128/127/129) MCAT Biochemistry Major in the honors program Right now I have University of Louisville and Kentucky on my list. I was looking at Michigan schools...
  21. G

    EC hours

    Hey, I am applying for DO schools for this upcoming cycle. I was just wondering if my volunteering and shadowing hours are good for DO schools. 200 hours - Shadowing in underserved communities (MD and DO; Cardiologist, Pediatrician, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, etc.) 108 hours -...
  22. E

    ORM / Texas Resident

    TX Resident, ORM, just finished undergrad. cGPA/sGPA: 3.38/3.59 MCAT: 523 EC: Clinical job working with DO: ~2000 hours Clinical community service: ~1000 hours Research: ~500 hours (during undergrad) Non-clinical community service: ~1500 (I started a non-profit serving URM) Non-clinical...
  23. DoctorOrdinary

    Boundaries of Volunteering, Making myself a "well rounded" applicant

    Many medical schools love insane amounts of volunteering, whether clinical or non-clinical. I do the typical box-checking stuff to meet the 100-200 hour "requirement" to make myself a better applicant, but I've only recently started and I will be applying next cycle. However, I also founded an...
  24. J

    MD WAMC/School List

    WAMC - Looking for help with school lists. My current lists only include some schools I would like to go, but probably won’t get in. STATS: cGPA: 3.68, Very strong upward trend. sGPA: 3.70, also decent upward trend. MCAT: 508 125 130 128 125 State: Missouri Truman State University...
  25. P

    DO Advice on school list

    I have a balanced 501 MCAT a 3.96 gpa and a 3.92 sgpa. Would it be possible to suggest which DO schools I should apply to...? NJ resident and overall well rounded app... Thanks in advance
  26. P

    DO Advice on school list

    I have a balanced 501 MCAT a 3.96 gpa and a 3.92 sgpa. Would it be possible to suggest which DO schools I should apply to...? NJ resident and overall well rounded app... Thanks in advance
  27. G

    Is this realistic or not?

    Hi there, I've been browsing these forums for awhile and I'm having a hard time determining if my dream of becoming a doctor would be possible. I am 27 years old. Details below: Highschool: -Graduated in top 10 of my class 1st undergrad institution (2009): -I went to a top-tier university...
  28. M

    International Student (What are my chances?)

    I would appreciate help creating a school list (MD and DO) cGPA: 3.901 sGPA: 4.0 (Note: My undergrad is not very prestigious, but got a scholarship that reduced my tution from international to resident tution fees) MCAT: (June) Residency: International Clinical hours: 500+ ER Scribe, 100+ PCP...
  29. V

    Educating Leaders 2018, The AACOM Annual Conference

    Future DO student here, is it worthwhile to attend the 3 day conference? I will be starting school in July and the conference is in DC so transportation wouldn't be a problem for me. Any feedback regarding the conference would be appreciated, thanks!
  30. K

    Weird URM app? WAMC

    So my background is a bit unusual which is why I posted this thread. I want to know if I should throw MD schools into my application strategy. I'm a Ghanaian American(immigrated to the US when I was 4) from the Northeast who is a career changer. I am 27 and grew up largely as a DACA/Undocumented...
  31. MiamiHeatElite

    3.96 GPA, 512 MCAT

    Overall sGPA and cGPA: 3.96 MCAT: 512 (125/129/129/129) Race: White Undergrad: Microbio major/Bio minor from Virginia Tech (Virginia Resident) Clinical Experience: 1.5 years/2000 hours of scribing in a relatively fast-paced ED; I considered the experience meaningful Shadowing: ~70 hours of...
  32. P

    Nontrad applying under Disadvantaged status

    hello all, After taking several years off, I have finally decided to apply this year. My stats are 3.43 cGPA + sGPA ( from a top 30 west coast school and postbac at a state school) with a 522 MCAT ( 40 old MCAT) MY ecs are as follows: 2 years Molecular Genetics Research 2 year stem cell...
  33. P

    regarding resolved incomplete grades

    hi all, , as I had several incomplete grades over the course of my academic career, I resolved these incompletes with A's. I read in the AMCAS manual, however, that I should still list these courses as incompletes but the grade ( A) will be computed into my AMCAS gpa. my question is how do...

    Apparently becoming a nontrad: cGPA 3.8, sGPA 3.2, GraduateGPA (MPH) 3.6

    I graduated with a BS in Biology in 2016 and started working on the MPH right away not knowing that the MPH will not help my science GPA. Now that I know, I am planning to hold on taking MPH classes until I fix my science GPA. By which I mean taking upper level science courses, at least 20...
  35. Mr.IceHockey

    Give it to me straight (WAMC DO schools)

    sGPA: 3.0 cGPA: 3.45 Graduate science GPA: 3.51 (Johns Hopkins) ORM (white male) New York Resident MCAT: 499 (47th%) (CP: 123, CARS: 125, BIO: 125, PS: 126) (second time taking it, 5 point increase) Additional ECs: -volunteer fireman -Tons of research experience (full time job, medically...
  36. alexlex143

    WAMC Please! Non-trad, URM, cGPA 3.4 sGPA 3.3

    Working on a realistic school list. Here are my stats: 1. cGPA 3.4, sGPA 3.3 2. MCAT = 504 (124, 125,130,125 breakdown) 3. CA resident 4. URM Latino/a (Mexican/Central American, native Spanish-speaker, etc.) 5. Attended a CA state university, BA in English, working on an MS in Biology 6. I am a...
  37. LJA1

    I have 284 credits - What do I do now?

    I had quite the surprise this morning when I read on the AACOMAS website that they now factor in all course attempts into GPA. Grade forgiveness was going to be my saving grace, or so I thought. I've been getting ready to apply next cycle (2018) and had no idea they had changed their policy...
  38. T

    MD 3.93, 518, non-cheating Institutional Action

    Graduating in 2018, top 30 school. Biology BS cGPA: 3.93, sGPA: 3.93 mcat: 518 RESEARCH- 1 year, 150 hours, not clinical, basically a literature review type study but worked with a team and directly with professor. got a poster presentation out of it, no publications VOLUNTEERING (clinical)-...
  39. C

    HELP 4.0sGPA, 3.9cGPA, 522 (very unbalanced) MCAT, schools?

    High GPA 132/126/132/132 - I've never tanked CARS so badly on a practice exam but somehow this what I ended up with on the real thing. Should I be concerned? Will this bar me from competitive schools? 150 hours clinical volunteering 50 hours non-clinical volunteering 50 hours shadowing Strong...
  40. H

    Low GPA/ Please help me make a game plan

    Hello Everyone, This is my first post on sdn I'm hoping to get some advice on how to make myself a better applicant in the future. Before I post my stats I want to you say I understand how poor my grades have been I would just like some advice on what to do now as I'm about to graduate. My...