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  1. Ccdd

    Nurses Anti-Vax/Antivax

    I’m starting to notice that more and more nurses are anti-vax. Recently, I took my foster children to a new doctor and discussed vaccines. As with any medical care aside from ER services, I have to get approval from their medical social worker through the agency. As I stepped out of the doctor’s...
  2. K

    Emergency RN to MD

    I'm looking for advice!! I'm currently working as a nurse in a busy NYC emergency department, and have a wish to go back to medical school. I'm currently finishing up my post-bacc classes while working full time, so my plate is pretty full. The conundrum I seem to be in is deciding which cycle...
  3. D

    Becoming a dentist via nursing as an international student

    Hello. I am a foreigner. Originally I wanted to apply for Bachelors in Biological Science in order to work for one year in my specialty and apply for the Canadian PR. This was a preliminary for applying to dental schools because the tuition for foreigners is rather draconian. However, after...
  4. A

    Med school or CRNA?

    I could use some advice from physicians, students, or CRNAs. I got my BA in psychology and have done some therapy work over the years, and recently decided to take the plunge and go back to school for either Psychiatry or Anesthesiology. I'm nearly 30 now, which is why I'm hesitating on going...
  5. Edeshotel

    D.O Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

    Hey everyone! Name is Blaine and a little history about me. I am a Registered Nurse with almost 3 years of experience in the ER. I love love love nursing, but have always wanted to become a Dr. and embrace a higher calling. I love medicine and more importantly love helping people. I considered...
  6. S

    Currently in CRNA school & considering backtracking to make the switch to medical school. Am I crazy?

    Brief history: I was a horribly average high school student. My poor academic performance drove me nuts, so I viewed undergrad as a chance to prove to myself what I could accomplish. I graduated with a BSN, a 4.0 cGPA, and I was very involved in extracurriculars in my university. After...
  7. XWing5000

    Non nursing degree holder and not sure to pursue an ADN, BSN, or MSN

    I have a BS in Computer Information Systems, 2.9 cGPA. I only need 3 more classes to complete the science prereqs. I have a 4.0 for my prereq classes at the moment. I know I will need to get to at least a 3.0 cGPA, should not be an issue with the 3 classes I need to complete. local community...
  8. H

    Another Nursing student pondering going to medical school

    I am 21 and currently about halfway done with a BSN program. Before applying to nursing school I volunteered in a Urology outpatient office and I shadowed the nurses. That was when I kinda started to question if I wanted to be a nurse or an MD. I didn't like how they were just kinda following...
  9. S

    ENT Nurse Practitioner Career

    Hello everyone! Im an undergraduate student who is currently attaining a bachelors in Communication Disorders. I enjoy this field alot, and initially hoped to become a certified Speech Language Pathologist. SLPs do so much good, but recently as Ive advanced in my studies, I found myself...
  10. J

    Nurse kills patient by giving vecuronium instead of versed

    At Vanderbilt, a nurse's error killed a patient and threw Medicare into jeopardy Pretty crazy how this happened. Can’t imagine the torture the patient was going through in their last moments.
  11. U

    3rd Year BSN Student

    Hello, my name is Austin. I am a Marine Corps veteran and I am about to start my third year of my BSN. I have come to the realization that I ultimately want to be a physician. Classes don't start until next week and then another week before add/drop ends. If I change majors now, I should be able...
  12. T

    BSN Student applying to Post Baccs

    Hi so I just graduated from nursing school and am wanting to go back to a post bacc so I can hopefully can go to med school. I will end with around a 3.5 gpa and lots of healthcare experience from nursing school. I did get two cs as a freshman in biology and chemistry but have improved my grades...
  13. L

    Previous med student wanting to reapply

    hi, I attended a DO school for 3 semesters, all in good standing. At that time I took a medical leave of absence for a year and planned to return the following year. After taking leave though I changed my career path to nursing and needless to say did not return. Like I said, I left in good...
  14. Y

    extracurricular activities

    I am 28 yo, part time registered nurse in med surge, have been the chair for a safety committee at work, did research with an MD at the hospital (but my school wants me to do lab research with faculty member so they are not counting that research) I just started training in a lab but I am not...
  15. RayMae

    Ruining chances at med school with BSN?!?!

    Honestly I am writing this at 6 am after a night of no sleep from worrying about this exact subject so bare with me. I have always wanted to be a doctor. That being said I am currently a 21 year old ICU tech who is about to start her second semester of Nursing school. I had originally began...
  16. R

    RN to MD! Pursue a BSN or BS Biology/Chem?

    Hi all! I know this has been posted millions of times, but I'd like an up to date answer. I'm currently in my last semester of nursing school at my community college, finishing an ASN. I've always wanted to become an MD, and figured nursing would give me that clinical exposure and early entrance...
  17. emeraldsong1712

    Help/Advice for a Future NP

    Hello all! I'm looking for some advice and insight into the NP route. I have been very up in the air with DO/PA/NP and finally decided on NP based on a number of personal factors. I just don't want to give another 7+ years to schooling before earning a living, so NP it is with strong aspirations...
  18. redence

    Interested in the health field. NP or MD? What should do I major in college?

    I'm a senior in high school, interested in the health field. Most of my family have well respected careers such as doctors, dentists...etc. My parents are pushing me to become a doctor, however I feel like I don't have the drive to go through the long years of med school and residency. I'm not...
  19. A

    Nurse to Physician

    A little background: I'm currently a nursing student in an accelerated bachelors program (11.5 months, BS-to-BSN). I have a previous degree in Human Development. I went into nursing because I love direct patient care and I find it hugely fulfilling to make a direct impact in the lives' of...
  20. Ritz0016

    Tips to pass the NCLEX

    I’m a nurse practitioner and I’ve been reflecting on the path I took to become an RN and NP. Often the path felt very challenging. I’d love to help others feel less overwhelmed- I’ve compiled some tips on helping nursing students pass the NCLEX. Let me know if you have questions! My website...
  21. vivre17

    Any MDs/DOs/med students with a nursing background out there?

    What's your story? I'm graduating nursing school soon and I'm about to start taking pre-med courses within the next year, but I've found myself needing reassurance because I'm not exactly getting the encouragement I wanted from the majority of friends and family. Even my advisor gave me a hard...
  22. D

    CRNA vs Surgery

    Hi, So I wanted to start off with describing my position. I'm 18 and I'm currently doing the pre-reqs for a nursing career, a plan that I've had since I was 12. However, in the last year or so, I've gained interest in cardiothoracic surgery and neurosurgery. Due to this, I've considered...
  23. foxsocks

    Just starting out RN to MD

    Hey guys! I'm just starting out in my quest to pursue medical school and I'm looking for advice/WAMC, hoping you all might be able to point out some things I'm overlooking or not aware that I need. Encouragement is also welcome! Let it be known that I've thought/prayed/labored/sweated long...
  24. R

    Nontrad - High undergrad GPA - what route is best?

    Hi all! This is my first post on this forum. I'm just looking for a little insight on the best route to take as a non-traditional pre-med student. Here's a little background: I graduated in December 2016 with my BSN (I'm 23 years old, currently working as an RN). I've decided to pursue my dream...
  25. M

    BSN to Med School

    Hey world, I was wondering what a BSN program to med school would be like. The big question is what prerequisites would I have left after I complete my bachelors in nursing (BSN). Here is my plan: • Take a year of basic courses in community college. • Transfer about 30 credit hours over...
  26. L

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Help

    Hey guys, I've been interested in the Mental Health field for as long as I remember, as well as the sciences. I'm currently a junior in college and am working towards getting a bachelors in Biology. I recently discovered that you can specialize within nursing to be a Psychiatric Nurse...
  27. Leia-1

    MD Summer practice

    Hi! I just finished my 3rd year in Medicine and I'm thinking about spending some time in hospital with the nurses, learning how to do some simple procedures. Which is the best department to do that?
  28. D

    Medical license section of ERAS

    I have an active registered nurse license (in the US). My Designated Dean's Office (at a US allopathic school) told me that my license (including state, number, expiration) should go in the section labeled "State Medical Licenses." The woman who does our ERAS training insists that any...
  29. B

    In Cork: Need Nurse/Phlebotomist/Doctor to take blood for a few hours

    Looking for a Nurse, Phlebotomist or Doctor or anyone with appropriate training to take blood for a few hours one or two mornings in CORK. We are doing blood tests with a small group of people looking for hormonal response over a 2-3 hour period. Good pay. You should have proper...
  30. J

    Nursing and Midwifery : champion professions

    This presentation was prepared for me to help international students from Nigeria choose the right course. Very good. Thank
  31. M

    Poor Grades, How to Achieve R.N.?

    Hello, I graduated back in 2014 from a UC with a B.S. in Biology. Unfortunately my transcript is poor and it will be an uphill climb to be qualified to apply for Nursing programs. Cumulative GPA: 3.16 Science GPA: 2.85 (if you include math it is 2.77) Yeeeesh - underwhelming, I know. I was...
  32. T

    ICU Nurse/CRNA or MD

    Hello everyone! I am currently an ICU Nurse with about 3 years of nursing experience. I am 24 years old. I am truly confronted with a tremendous decision right now, and that is CRNA or MD. I have my associate degree in nursing and am in the process of obtaining classes necessary to bridge...
  33. cdmguy

    NJ Nursing Board allows Noctor to own medical clinic

    I ratted this Medspa to the NJ State Board of Nursing. It is co-owned by a NP and a vascular surgeon. NPs are not permitted to own medical facilities in NJ. The vascular surgeon has no experience in the aesthetic techniques that he is supposed to be "supervising" the NP in. The NP believes...
  34. A

    Should I Apply Now or Wait a Year

    I am a nursing student and after much discussion/ shadowing/ talking to people etc. decided I would prefer to go for the MD route instead of the nurse practitioner route. I have a majority of the pre-med requirements, but I am missing two classes- Physics II and Ochem II. Because I intend to...
  35. D

    Advise on NP route

    Hello, I am graduating in 2 years with a BSN. My career goal is to be a Family Nurse Practitioner. I need advice on which route to choose. The Options: A: Doing BSN to DNP program part-time while working as a nurse. B: Working as a nurse for 2 years then applying to a BSN to DNP program C...
  36. E

    Nursing to Pre-Med...Should I do it?

  37. sloanetaylor

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner v. Psychiatrist

    Hi all, I would be grateful for any insight or help you could provide regarding this. I went all through high school and half of college thinking I was going to be a doctor (leaning towards psychiatrist), but I haven't been so certain lately. My questions: 1. Back to Basics: Why did you choose...
  38. BoardVitals

    FREE FNP Board Review Questions

    Can you answer all 6 of these FNP Board Review Questions?
  39. F

    Will I be able to get into a nursing program?

    Hi currently I am a student who was dismissed from NYU due to a really low GPA of 1.8 and enrolled/transferred into Bergen Community College in the hopes of getting better grades and proving to NYU that I am capable of doing well in school. I did extremely poorly during my freshman and sophomore...
  40. F

    Will I be able to get into a nursing program?

    Hi currently I am a student who was dismissed from NYU due to a really low GPA of 1.8 and enrolled/transferred into Bergen Community College in the hopes of getting better grades and proving to NYU that I am capable of doing well in school. I did extremely poorly during my freshman and sophomore...