1. B


    Hi guys, I hope everyone is doing well. As the school year ends, I wanted to see what other pharmacy schools are doing for this crisis? Personally, my school keeps us in the dark for the most of this. I know this COVID-19 situation is making things difficult for the IPPE & APPE students. It is...
  2. X

    Pharmacy Career Choice/ Pharmacy Outlook

    This is to concentrate views from recent grads or soon to be graduating to give TRUTHFUL accounts of the profession. I’m seeing a lot of misinformation and it is our job to be transparent for anyone looking to go into the profession. I’ll just post the job outlook from the Bureau Labor of...
  3. avpaddict

    Rutgers Pharmacy Prerequisites for Transfers

    Hi, I have a question about transferring into the pharmacy school! Is it true that in order to apply as a transfer student for Rutgers EMSOP, you need to complete all of the prerequisite courses BEFORE YOU APPLY? I mean, is it possible to put off the completion for some of the remaining...
  4. P

    AHHH Which School Should I choose!

    Helloooo, I will be graduating with my bachelors in May and I just finished my pharm school application process! All that's left to do is choose a school. I was admitted to OSU, Temple, U Mich, and Albany. I am still waiting to hear back from Rutgers. Honestly, I think it has come down to Ohio...
  5. T

    Is it just me or have I picked the wrong field to go into?

    Okay so I should preface this by saying that I wanted to go into medicine or pharmacy because research was way too specific (I dont want to become the world expert on one single enzyme cascade) and I do view becoming a physician or pharmacist as something worthwhile and meaningful because you...
  6. stef491

    KGI School of Pharmacy interview class of 2024

    Hi everyone! Has anyone had their interview with KGI's School of Pharmacy? I have mine in a couple weeks and would like to know what questions to expect. Also, in the email it said the interviews would start at 9am and are expected to last until 3pm, and it doesn't seem like the campus tour is...
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  9. D

    January 2020 NYS Compounding exam

    Anyone take the exam, how do you all feel?
  10. S

    PHARMCAS personal statement feedback!!! Any help is much appreciated

    Hi guys! I am in the process of applying for pharmacy school. I just have a rough draft of my personal statement and I am quite unsure whether I am writing it in the right direction or not. Also very stressed out and worried because writing is not my area of expertise. So please let me know what...
  11. H

    Lost Pharmacy Student/ pharmacy informatics

    Hi everyone I was hoping to write on here and get some much needed advice since I feel like I don't really have anyone to turn to (this might be a bit long but I'm just so lost). I'm currently a P3 student and I'm really interested in Pharmacy Informatics but I'm not sure what I can do to...
  12. D

    MD to PharmD? Has anyone done it in this order, and is it worth it?

    Hello, There are a few posts out there about people doing PharmD --> MD, but has anyone with an MD done a PharmD after? Is there any sense in doing this? I am an MD student at an accredited international medical school. My fiance is a DO student in the US. We both want to start a family as...
  13. D

    West Coast University Pharmacy Class of 2024

    Hello everyone, I decided to start a thread for the class of 2024 to share interviews and information regarding the program. I had my interview on Friday (10/04/2019), and I still haven't heard back and I am so nervous. Please share your experience if you heard back and when you interviewed etc...
  14. P

    Possession of Control Substances charge as a pharmd Student

    Hello, It is extremely embarrassing and shameful to be writing this on a website of such highly respectable people, but at this point in time, any advice I could get would be of nothing but help. I am a PharmD student in a 0-6 program, completed 2 years, supposed to be entering p1 year this...
  15. B

    Lipscomb vs. Belmont Pharmacy

    I know that both schools were overall and their pharmacy schools were established around the same time. Both their Naplex pass rates are very close with Lipscomb at ~91% and Belmont at ~93% as of 2018. A lot of the threads I see comparing Lipscomb to Belmont pharmacy were nearly 10 years ago...
  16. B

    Class of 2024 anyone receive interview invites yet?

    Has anyone received any interview invites thus far and have their interviews scheduled yet? I submitted all my stuff in on 07/31/2019 Coursework verified 08/05/2019 Applied regular admissions, no early decision (ED) Applied to 7 schools (Lipscomb, Belmont, MCPHS-New Hampshire, LECOM-B, LECOM-E...
  17. F

    Auburn HSOP Class of 2024

    Hey Everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had heard from Auburn Harrison School of Pharmacy yet, I checked my pharmCAS this morning and seen where it had just become verified!
  18. W

    Western University Health of Sciences in California - current students / prospective students?

    Hi everyone, I am currently applying to mainly California pharmacy schools this cycle. Western U is my top choice as of right now. I was just wondering if anyone knows what they mainly look at (GPA, community service, extracurricular, personal statement, etc)? Is it worth to apply as an early...
  19. P

    Should I retake the pcat? -UofT

    Hi everyone! I'm pretty torn on whether or not I should retake my pcat because I scored really low on CR :( Bio- 85 Chem-94 CR- 20 :( QR- 81 Composite - 78 (CR brought it down a lot) UofT needs a requirement of 20 in CR which I have and my GPA is probably around B+/A which isn't too high I'm...
  20. D

    Question about University of Illinois, Chicago

    Hi! I wanted to reach out and see if there was anyone on this thread who attended UIC in Chicago. I was curious about their thoughts on the curriculum, how they handled it, and if they were able to find a job out of state after finishing school there for residency or retail. The web page...
  21. P

    Chances to getting into good pharmacy schools? Success stories?

    Hi all. I really want to go to a good California pharmacy school like USC, UCSF, or UCSD. I am a well-rounded student but my GPA isn't super stellar. I have a 2.8 cumulative and 2.6 for math and science. In terms of my extracurriculars, I'm part of the Pre-pharm club at my school and served as...
  22. M

    Anyone taking PCAT July 2019? Have you started PharmCAS/personal statement?

    With studying for the past month or so for the July 12, 2019 PCAT, I haven't done anything for PharmCAS or started my personal statement. I emailed a professor about a LOR but she hasn't gotten back to me, and I figured I'd tell my pharmacist at work about doing it after the exam as well. My...
  23. A

    What are my chances to be accepted to medical school after pharmacy school.

    Hey Everybody, So I just finished my last year of pharmacy school and thinking about going to medical school. My undergrad gpa was a 2.9 and had a 4.0 at Temple pharmacy school. My overall gpa is a 3.45 and I recently took the mcat last winter and got a 514. I have 2 medical publications and 5...
  24. E

    Virginia MPJE

    Hello, I am taking the VA MPJE in a few days and I wanted to see if anyone had used If so, did you find it helpful/ worth $70? Also, while I have your attention. Can anyone clarify about out of state control substance prescribing. Are scripts written by NPs, PAs, and...
  25. S

    I am a pre-pharmacy student but I am wanting to go into medical school instead now

    It's not like I'm totally against going into pharmacy. I still think it's interesting but giving it more thought, I like how doctors can do physical examinations and diagnosis patients. Pharmacists can't do that and yes they can counsel but I don't think I'd get the satisfaction out of that ...
  26. A

    cvs and giant offers

    I got an offer from both cvs and giant pharmacies. I'll be working with cvs as an intern for 8-10 hours a week. With Giant, I still have to do the paperwork but Im definitely going to be working with them (for a fact) but i'd be working as a tech. Im not sure how many hours I'll be working with...
  27. a_zed24

    Filling of capsules

    Hello there! in our last Pharmaceutical Technology lab, we've prepared some capsules and our teacher told us that, obviously, only the capsule's body should be filled with the powder and not the cap. She said that this would produce a "space" and that space is necessary for the "swelling of the...
  28. D

    It is too late for me to switch this career choice

    I will start pharmacy school this August. However, after following this forum I have realized that my chance of getting a job is extremely low and my debt will be >200k. But I am feeling stuck because I can't really switch to any other career especially not engineering since I can't handle Math...
  29. T

    Jefferson College of Pharmacy Interviews

    Hi guys! I wanted to start this thread to see who hasn’t heard from Jefferson College of Pharmacy yet, after their interview? It’s been 6 days and I haven’t heard from them. Does anyone know how long Jefferson Pharmacy takes to respond?
  30. M

    KGI vs MBKU School of Pharmacy

    Hello all, I am having some conflicting thoughts about choosing which school to go to between Keck Graduate Institute and Marshall B. Ketchum University. My reason for posting this to the forums is to gain any insight about which school would be a better choice. Ill list my pros and cons for...
  31. GodIsBeautiful


    Hello! Are there any African-Americans entering pharmacy school this year (Class of 2023!) on SDN? If so, do you know if your future school has an ASPA (African Student Pharmacy Association) chapter? Let us connect! :D Or... If you'd just like to talk, and looking for a new friendship (like...
  32. F


    Hey Guys Im kinda worried because between my undergrad and start of pharm school I had almost a 2 year break. I am worried I forgot EVERYTHING in my sciences and maths. My first semester is Biochem and I barely got thru Mechanisms in Orgo, it was the worst! Please dont be harsh, I just need...
  33. P

    Can independent pharmacy sell drugs/equipment for office use to a prescribers clinic?

    I know the law says that the pharmacy cannot fill a prescription “for office use,” but can an independent pharmacy sell injectable or oral medications to a prescriber for their office use? I would assume there would need to be a purchase order and a lot of documentation. I had a prescriber...
  34. S

    Florida MPJE!!!

    Hello all, I have decided to make a new post regarding the Florida MPJE. I wanted to create a place for people in similar positions to come together and hopefully help one and other pass the exam. I wanted to begin with a few general questions if anybody can help! 1) Is the USF Pharmacy Law...
  35. B

    Texas A&M Pharmacy V.S. Feik School of Pharmacy.

    Hey guys, I’m having a little trouble picking which school to go to. Both are great schools, but Feik is just a bit too expensive. Current students at both institutions, any idea of the benefits for attending one over the other?
  36. K

    Joining the Military to pay for pharmacy school

    Hello everyone! I start pharmacy school in August. As my first day of classes quickly approaches, I have a lot of anxiety about money. How am I going to pay for school?! I don’t have anyone to help me pay for school. I have worked as a pharmacy tech for a couple years now and have not met anyone...
  37. D


  38. BC_89

    Forum Members Pharmacy Job Market and Financials Subforum - Feedback Needed!

    A lot of comments and suggestions over the past few weeks have reached our attention concerning the mega-thread merge of the Pharmacy Job Market. Due to multiple subtopics integrated in what has been said as a non-clear lay-out thread, myself and @Saisri_PharmStdnt (with discussion with admins...
  39. H

    CPJE March 2019

    I made this thread for people who are taking CPJE for current batch (predate hopefully mid-end March). There's only available dates until March 2nd then goes to April.
  40. ChicPharmDee

    Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (PTCE).

    Hey, everyone! So I start my first year of Pharmacy school next semester, but I am not certified at as a Pharm Tech. Honestly, it's super hard getting pharmacy jobs without the license, and I have yet to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination. I wanted to know how easy (or...