1. chykharivska

    Admission offers for Pharm

    Does anyone know how much time it takes a pharm school to make a decision. I interviewed at my #1choice school a while ago but haven't heard anything while the school I interviewed with not that long ago, offered me an admission in about 1 week after the interview. Should I call my top choice...
  2. GodIsBeautiful

    People Not Believing You're Majoring in [Insert Blank Here.]

    This semester, I was excited to be accepted into pharmacy school and my older sister, medical school. However, as she and I spoke over this break, we realized that many people who we have confided about our future professions to had surprised, confused, or condescending reactions, saying...
  3. B

    OTC contraceptives now free in Washington state

    Over-the-Counter Contraceptives Are Now Free for Washingtonians With Insurance Any Washingtonian pharmacists try to run a claim for OTC contraceptives yet? What are the limitations? Like, how many condoms can one person get at a time?
  4. B

    Does where you do your IPPE rotation matter?

    My sister is doing her IPPE's soon and she had me ask around at the top 5 hospital I work at. However, she ended up finding one at a local hospital before I got the contact info for the preceptor. Should I push her to still contact the hospital I work at or should I let her work at the local...
  5. GodIsBeautiful

    Working The Summer Before Pharmacy School.

    Is it best to work an educational job that requires me to use brainpower or apply myself mentally the summer before pharmacy school? I feel like doing something non-pharmacy related before things get intense in pharmacy school in Fall 2019. I also don't want to burnout before I'm even [a] P1...
  6. C

    License Transfer to California if Licensed Under 1 Year?

    Hi all, I’m currently completing a PGY-1 residency out of state but decided I would like to return to my home state of California after finishing in July. (Went to pharmacy school in another, different state). Do I have to be licensed for a year in order to license transfer? I missed the...
  7. T

    Waterloo University Pharmacy applicants Class of 2023

    Hi everyone! I decided to start a thread for the upcoming application process. Feel free to share any questions about stats, the application process, and other things!
  8. M

    Which to choose: UT Tyler or UIW Feik?

    I am considering choosing between UT Tyler College of Pharmacy or UIW Feik School of Pharmacy. I know the first still is in the precandidate status so that one con that might deter me from picking the school. However, Feik is a private school and I've heard rumors of it being a diploma mill...
  9. D

    In my junior year and thinking of pursuing med school over pharmacy?

    I am currently in my junior year of undergraduate school and in a bit of a dilemma. I am supposed to be studying for the pcat and applying to pharmacy school in the summer. But I am thinking about changing paths and pursing medical school. I worked at retail and hated it and just don't see...
  10. sodasteve

    Should I go to Ross? or should I pursue a different path

    Hey so I was hoping I could get some advice on my current situation. I am 25 years old, and I recently got accepted into the pre vet program at Ross. I have always wanted to be a vet but unfortunately I never put in the effort when I was in college to get a high enough GPA to get accepted into a...
  11. L

    LOI to program director or contact?

    Quick question, if the program contact (on ASHP website) is different than the program director of a certain hospital, to whom do we adress the letter? Thanks!
  12. L

    Loma Linda vs Chapman

    Hi guys, I'm trying to choose between these two schools. I like Loma for their strong reputation, alumni network, and school environment, but I'm also considering Chapman because of their location, 3 yr program, and connections within OC area where I want to work in the future. Thoughts and...
  13. P

    Walgreens Pharmacy Manager job offer

    So I was just offered a position with Walgreens. I will be a staff pharmacist and get trained for 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks, i will be promoted to pharmacy manager. I just got licensed this September. I have some intern experience and had a rotation with Walgreens. For the past 2 months, I have...
  14. S

    Top 5 School with 3.0 GPA

    Hello, I am a current PY2 enrolled in a top 5 pharmacy program. I currently have a 3.0 GPA. I have a bachelor's degree (something my program doesn't require), research and leadership experience, and an internship at a local retail store. What are my chances of matching with a program such as the...
  15. D

    UCSD PHARM C/O 2023 Interview/Acceptance

    Hello! I don't think I saw a forum for UCSD c/o 2023 so I am starting one! Please let me know if there already is one so I can take this down ~ If alumns or current students can provide some advice for UCSD pharmacy interview process, it would be much appreciated :) Thanks !!
  16. P

    Walgreens Pharmacist Salary

    I recently interviewed for walgreens and everything went well. However, I was shocked at how low the salary is compared to what I have been hearing. I am a recent grad and this will be my first job. The interviewer told me i would be getting $52 an hour. I did some research and the avg is $56...
  17. T

    One year post-graduation in hospital debating residency

    Hello all, I am seeking career advice as the 2018 residency application start looms. I am a 2018 graduate now working full time in a hospital. I applied to 15 higher-end residency programs, got 4 interviews (and 2 in Phase II) but did not match. After scrambling to find a job post-graduation I...
  18. M

    Career Choices..

    Hi all, Bear with me here as I bring you up to speed for my question. I am a current P2 in pharmacy school and am having some serious reconsiderations for my career path. In high school, I shadowed a pharmacist and thought 'well this isn't too shabby' and from those 3 hours I foolishly decided...
  19. L

    NAPLEX, state board identity card

    Is it true that to apply for pharmacy state licensure by examination (NAPLEX/MPJE), you need a specific state identity card and not only american passport proof in order to give you an authorization to test? If that's the case how do out of state, or even out of country people apply? I know...
  20. P

    Independent pharmacy franchise: McKesson, ABC, or Cardinal?

    Thinking about opening an independent next year. Have researched into different franchises and buying groups to leverage buying power and get better PBM rates to try and survive. Was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the 3 main wholesalers and their franchises? Any positives or...
  21. P

    2019 Grad Intern Job Interview

    I have a 5-week APPE rotation to make up after my graduation in May and wanted to know how to go about explaining this to my district manager when I interview with them in a few weeks; I really want this job as it allows me to live in my hometown and don't want to be passed up by others who will...
  22. pharmakev

    OSCE/PEBC in Ottawa

    I know this is a longshot but is anyone here taking the PEBC/OSCE in Ottawa, ON this upcoming November? It would be great to review and practice some cases.
  23. Kevin.Mero

    This should convince more people to enter the field of pharmacy!

    The highest-paying job in healthcare pays over $200,000—here are the other 9 The highest-paying job in healthcare pays over $200,000—here are the other 9
  24. GodIsBeautiful

    White Coat Ceremony - Nametag or Engraved Name?

    Hey! I'm just curious; which one do you prefer? A nametag for your white coat, or your name engraved on the coat itself?
  25. S

    Can someone shed light onto my situation? I need help asap!

    Ok, so I am a psych BA major with a 2.2 gpa as of now, which is bound to go up and I'm in my fourth year of college. I go to SUNY. I am afraid that my gpa won't go up to 3.0, by the end of the 8th semester. I have never heard of CCOM. Do I have any shot at any post bacc programs which will...
  26. Y

    Pharmacy Rotation Commute - Is a 1.5 hour commute too much?

    Hey! This is my first time posting, I am a P3 student at UIC College of Pharmacy on the Rockford campus (about 75 miles away from Chicago). We recently learned about a longitudinal APPE where you would do your 4x core rotations at one the UChicago hospital. It sounds like a great opportunity...
  27. Kevin.Mero

    Dual degree in pharmacy and physician assistant studies

    What do you think of the following? Is it a good move?? Two U.S. universities are offering novel pharmacy degree programs. The University of Rhode Island (URI) in Kingston, RI, and Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI, are now offering a dual degree in pharmacy and physician assistant...
  28. B

    Another pharmacist refuses to fill meds for religious beliefs

    I am surprised this hasnt made the rounds here yet: Michigan Pharmacist Refused to Dispense Miscarriage Medication, Citing Religious Beliefs Looks like this pharmacist was let go from his job, although they dont explicitly describe the circumstances of why he doesnt work there anymore.
  29. L

    Writing in pharmacy school

    I’m currently writing a paper for an English class I’m in and am having a hard time finding answers to these questions; What types of writing have you done for pharmacy school? How have previous college courses prepared you for writing in your major? Have there been any unexpected writing...
  30. P

    University of Georgia Pharmacy 2023 (UGA COP)

    So I don’t think there’s a tread for UGA COP for students entering fall of 2019, so comment with your PCAT score, GPA, applicant type, and if you’ve been offered an interview or been accepted yet. My PCAT was a 77, 3.30 GPA, I’m early decision, and I’ve interviewed already.
  31. P

    Hypothetical: Can a chain staff pharmacist also own an independent pharmacy?

    My buddy and I were talking about this and was hoping to get some input. Could a chain staff pharmacist (i.e. CVS, Walgreens, etc) buy or start an independent pharmacy and still keep their job as a chain staff pharmacist? (Assume it's in another district from where you currently work, but...
  32. a_zed24

    Hexose sugars are the ONLY building blocks for other polymers

    Hello there, my chem teacher said in class that ONLY hexose sugars, like glucose, can be repeated several times to produce oligo or polysaccharides. The other monosaccharides (triose, tetrose, pentose,...) can not do the same but are important for the formation of carbohydrates
  33. M

    Industry pharmacy

    Hi guys, I am looking for a summer internship in pharmaceutical companies. I have no clue how to start, if you did an internship in pharmaceutical companies before please explain , 1. how did you get it? 2. what position did you apply to. 3) where did you do it. 4) anything you can tell me to...
  34. P

    Applying for hospital positions

    I graduated this year and I am applying for hospital positions, mostly in the rural area. I have not received any interviews. So far I have been applying with a one-page resume, cover letter and references (when asked). Would it be better to apply with my CV instead of resume? Granted, its...
  35. R

    pharmacy or physical therapy?

    I'm confused between these two fields. Physical Therapy pros: I like how interactive it is and how your physically working to help reduce the pain of a patient. I am an active person so I feel I will enjoy that. I also like how you're not looking at a screen all day. To me, the PT environment...
  36. R

    Pharmacy, PT, or OT?? help a poor confused soul

    Please help me I am really confused. I am into my junior year of college and I am still not sure which healthcare career I want to pursue. I worked as a pharmacy technician in retail and had a horrible boss who verbally assaulted me which contributed to me hating the experience. Also when I...
  37. BC_89

    Have a Contingency Plan with your Career (Living Example)

    This is the time of year many of you are awaiting answers for interviews, acceptances, and excitement on new experiences. With anything in life, you find an interest and build on that interest to become a professional of the field of your choosing. One thing no one can predict is...
  38. S

    Fired for Diversion, found innocent, who will consider hiring

    Long story short: Worked for a chain pharmacy, as an intern up until the point I received a Pharmacist job offer full time. Two months later, I was accused of diversion, fired, complaint sent to the BOP, went to court, and I was later found completely innocent. The BOP response was that there...
  39. N

    Jefferson College of Pharmacy: Did anyone apply?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone applied to Jefferson and got an interview? Also for current students, is it hard to maintain a 3.0 GPA?
  40. N

    Shenandoah University Class of 2023

    Everyone share your application status and if called for an interview , please share us your interview experience.