pre dental advice

  1. nakdolski

    Do I have a chance of getting into a Masters?

    Currently pursuing a CS major at a respected university (top 40) with 72 credits completed, I've had a change of heart towards dentistry. After 2+ years of mental health issues and acting like an idiot I’ve completely bombed my GPA.(2 flat) I’m currently in the middle of a 2 year leave of...
  2. T

    Thinking about Orthodontics or Prosthodontics:

    I am a current community college student who is almost done with my first year of college. I am trying to decide which field I want to major in and what profession I want to go into after graduating from college. I am considering either Orthodontics or Prosthodontics. I am also thinking about...
  3. N

    Pass/ Fail for Biology

    Hello, I recently graduated from a university on the quarter system so I took three Bio courses to complete the bio requirements (BIO 1,2,3). For Bio 2 I ended up doing pass or no pass as at the time I had no intentions of going to dental school. I did this the quarter of spring 2020 which was...
  4. P

    Low GPA and Wrong major

    Hi, So I recently graduated undergrad with a 2.7 GPA, I had lots of issues in life happening which resulted in that. I want to go Dental but I’m not sure where to start. Should I go to CC, Masters Program, or Post-bacc program to get both pre-reqs and a higher GPA? If you have ANY advice at...
  5. N

    what are my chances of getting into dental school this application cycle?

    Hiiiii, I have around a 3.25 GPA and a 22 AA and 23 TS on the DAT, I was wondering if you guys think I have a chance of getting in this cycle or if I should wait. I also have 2 leadership positions, 100+ shadowing, 70 volunteering hours, and a couple other extracurriculars as well.
  6. predental.Em


    Date of submission: Have not submitted, planning on submitting June 1, 2023 Overall GPA: 3.3 Science GPA: 3.4 Deleted. — School list: **** NEED SUGGESTIONS! UF NOVA Lecom midwestern az NYU
  7. D

    Pre Dental and foreign degree

    Hi guys! I have an associate degree in Engineering from Russia. Technically it's 120 credits, but in Russia, we have a different school/university system. The evaluation agency counted it as a 90 credits associate plus 30 credits from high school. I planning to apply to the pre-dental program...
  8. M

    I need advice please help

    hi everyone, I really need advice on my dental school journey so please advise. for some background: - I graduated in 2021 with a degree in Biology (3.4 GPA/3.0 sGPA) but my junior and senior year were prime pandemic years so I kind of lost interest in what I was doing and just graduated to...
  9. E

    Pass/Fail Question

    Hi there, I am currently a 3rd year in undergrad on the pre-dental track. I just finished up my fall semester and Orgo II went extremely poorly. I ended with a D+ so will have to retake the class at another university (if I don't pass/fail). My other pre-reqs have gone decent (Orgo I being my...
  10. John Meehan

    DAT Advice (MY DAT IS IN 4 DAYS! HELP :) )

    Good afternoon y'all, I come for some advice. I am taking my DAT this Saturday (8/20/22). I have been studying since the beginning of April, I followed Aris schedule and have been doing a practice exam every other day since last week. I try to replicate the exam setting as close as possible...
  11. V

    WAMC 3.7 GPA 22AA

    I am re-apply this cycle, and I have a 3.7 GPA and 300+ shadowing hours, and 200+ volunteer hours. I just retook my DAT and got 22AA 25TS but only 17 in QR. I also attached the school that I submitted; and I just submitted my application, and the official DAT score hasn't been posted yet. I just...
  12. L

    Should I retake the DAT?

    Hi everyone, I took the DAT and didn't get what I was expecting. AA: 18 TS:18 PAT:21 RC: 16 QR:19 Bio: 18 Gen Chem: 15 Orgo: 21 I'm debating retaking the DAT because of the 15 in gen chem and 16 in RC. I was just wondering what your thoughts were and if you had any advice. I submitted June 21st...
  13. P

    I need some advice after taking my DAT

    Hi, I really need advice. I just took my DAT in July. I was super nervous as this was my first time and I had been studying since about 5 months ago. I planned on applying this cycle 22-23 once I took my DAT but I don't think I can anymore. I also got sick a couple days before the exam as well...
  14. predentstudent6zo

    AADSAS Question: Should I submit my application early and update my experience section later?

    I qualify for financial aid on my ADEA AADSAS application. However, I would have to submit my application in 4 days, or I would lose the aid. I'm done with everything except for the experience section. I have a lot of ecs, shadow, volunteer, etc that will most likely require more time to be...
  15. M

    Application advice: Should I apply and or retake DAT?

    Hello, I recently retook my DAT and did terribly, but I really want to apply this cycle. I’m not quite sure what to do- whether I have a chance at applying (or wait until next cycle), and if I should retake the DAT in late August and send a letter to the schools that I will be applying. I have...
  16. D

    Can I get into dental school without committee letter?

    I’m getting my bachelor at FIU and is on the pre dental track. My institution is providing committee letter package but I can’t get one because I’m missing a non science LOR. Would that be a reg flag for dental school and decrease my chance of getting into one significantly?
  17. M

    Is there hope?

    Date of submission: 4/12/22 Overall GPA: 3.61 Science GPA: 3.64 DAT score: PAT: 19 QR: 18 RC: 21 Bio: 17 GC: 19 OC: 19 TS: 18 AA: 19 State of Residence: Texas Major: Biology Minority? Female, Arab Reapplicant? No Nontrad? No Shadowing Experience: 60 + hrs (*note: this will be higher...
  18. I

    Buffalo vs Columbia

    Hello everyone I can't decide between Buffalo and Columbia. I would like to go for OMFS (only considering it but not hell-bent) in the air force as I am in HPSP program. Both seem to be very good and loved both places during the interview but I don't know much about Columbia so if anyone who...
  19. D

    Applying late in the cycle?

    Hello! I originally planned on going to medical school but decided on dental after undergoing extensive dental work and being inspired by my dentist last year. This set me back as I planned on taking the MCAT this past summer but changed my plans. I don’t think I have time to study enough for...
  20. Sabeli

    LOOKING FOR ADVICE, Masters student with 19 DAT

    Hi I need advice. I applied in august to 10 schools but I am hoping to go to any CA school, preferably USC or Western. My stats: science GPA 3.3 undergrad GPA 3.6 masters GPA 3.9 AA 19 SA 18 PAT 20 QR 18 RC 23 I have great extra curriculars, shadowing hours and LOR’s, and I am...
  21. A

    Reapplying and Worried

    I will be reapplying to dental school during the 2022 cycle. Unfortunately, due to personal issues, my GPA has dropped and I have received some less than satisfactory grades in Microbiology and a few other classes. I plan to retake but I am still so worried. My stats: GPA: 3.2 (3.6 last...
  22. J

    WAMC: Do I have a shot at dental school?

    Real talk: I graduated with bachelors in music for undergrad at a private 4-year university with overall 2.65 GPA. Yes, you read that correctly. After my bachelors, I took some pre-requisite science courses at 4-year public university like Gen Bio and Chemistry and still did horrible - ended up...
  23. jamesdwa

    Does a RA position look good for dental school?

    I am a pre-dental freshman this year at University of Washington-Seattle, and I am planning on becoming a RA this upcoming Winter quarter because there is an opened position. I find it as an opportunity to improve my communication skills, build community, learn from diverse experiences that I...
  24. firstgendent

    Advice for next step

    Hello everyone, First of all, I am grateful for this community so I would like to thank you for taking the time to read and respond to this question. I am stuck and do not know who to talk to. My family has high expectations of me. I had always done well in school until I reached University...
  25. predental.Em


    Hi! I’m about a year a half from applying to dental school. So far I have 10 w’s. I’m getting worried that my first year won’t allow me to be looked at further by dental schools. In that time I went to dental assisting school and realized how much I love it and want to continue in my dental...
  26. M


    Hey everyone, I have yet to receive a single interview from any of the dental schools I have applied to. I just want to get someone else’s opinion on my chances since I’m in panic mode. School List: Harvard submitted June 26 UCLA submitted June 26 UCSF - rejected sept 1 WesternU- submitted...
  27. F

    Average AA/TS, low PAT. Help!

    Hello everyone, I was looking for some advice on my scores. I took my DAT 5/26/2021, and received the following scores: AA - 20 TS - 19 QR - 18 RC- 23 OC - 19 BIO - 18 GC - 22 PAT - 15 I am nervous about my application because of the obviously low PAT score. My overall GPA as well as my science...
  28. A

    WAMC?? low undergrad, high grad GPA, and pls help w school list

    Overall GPA: ug: 2.7, 4.0 post bacc, 4.0 masters, 4.0 last 30 hours of science Science GPA: 2.6 (will increase after fall sem) Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 2.7 (will incr after fall sem) DAT score (include AA and all sections): 18 AA, 19 bio, 17 gc, 17 oc, 20 RC, 17 PAT, 18 TS State of Residence: TX...
  29. A