1. R

    Gap year: live somewhere I’ve always wanted or Spanish speaking country?

    Hello, I wanted to ask for some opinions. I’m taking a gap year and am currently looking into applying to programs and jobs abroad. I figured this might be my only chance to do this while I’m young, and I’d love to experience living in a foreign country for a year. I will mainly be pursuing...
  2. M

    Resources to Learn Spanish

    Hello! I'm interested in learning Spanish during my gap year and I was wondering if anyone had ideas for cheap/free resources that I could use. Just some background, I know VERY little Spanish and would be starting as a beginner.
  3. F

    Where can I Apply Although Late?

    Hey I am trying to decide where to apply for MD medical schools after having taking the MCAT for the 2nd time. I know I am going to be a late applicant so I was wondering where I should apply with these credentials and still have a good chance of being accepted? GPA: 3.88 MCAT: 510...
  4. C

    MD What are my chances/options?

    Hello this is my first time posting on SDN. I'm a sophomore Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major (current GPA: 4.0) at a small liberal arts college, what I do: this is my second semester researching in a computational chemistry lab I am a volunteer ESL (English as a 2nd language) teacher...
  5. sasukeuchiha33

    Will top medical schools frown on only two biology classes?

    Hi all. So somewhere down the line if I maintain a high GPA, I would like to apply to top 20/ top 15 medical schools. Anyway, I've been told by my school that course rigor is a factor in med school admissions, and that my lack thereof would serve as hindrance to getting accepted at top schools...
  6. L

    Best language to fulfill an Undergrad foreign language requirement?

    Should I learn Spanish, German or Russian to fulfill my foreign language requirement for undergrad? * Which is best for medical school? *** I understand that Spanish is very practical and widely spoken across the US. However, will learning a different language other than Spanish set me apart or...
  7. F

    Where do I apply?! 3.88, 505 MCAT

    Hi I am trying to decide where to apply for MD medical schools. Where should I apply with these credentials and have a good chance of being accepted? GPA: 3.88 MCAT: 505 Extracurricular: College cheerleader/mascot Leadership: Assistant Director of a refugee soccer league Cancer Kid Camp...
  8. U

    Imperativeness of "recommended" courses

    I am a 2017 graduate from UCD, political science major with 3.88 sGPA I have recently decided to take a second gap year due to some health issues. I could have applied this cycle, but it may have been in a somewhat haphazard fashion that it is possible to see regretting, with my burning only...
  9. yogidoc19

    Any help is appreciated!!!

    Thanks for the help everyone!
  10. W

    Taking beginning spanish.

    Deleted for privacy. Thanks for all the help guys!
  11. Badgers2

    Taking additional classes during dental school?

    If I am fortunate enough to be accepted into a dental school, is it possible to take undergraduate courses at that university as well (assuming this school is part of an undergraduate university)? What I'm thinking is that I'm a Spanish major who would like to continue to take classes in the...
  12. A

    Spanish medical student

    Hello, everyone! My name is Alex and I am a spanish medical student. I would like to become a specialist in Ireland but I don't know which are the steps that I have to follow. Can you help me, please?
  13. R

    Spanish Study Aboad

    Hi everyone! I've been complaining about how I never learned Spanish in high school so I decided to finally do something about it so I don't ever have regrets. My first question is, do you/ someone you know have the experience of going from zero to fluent in a language you just started...
  14. BehindBlueEyes

    Medical Volunteering Abroad Bad for Resume?

    I'm an M1 and I'd really like to do something abroad this summer, probably the entire summer if I can. I know a couple of organizations I've worked with before in Peru and Guatemala that have different medical volunteering opportunities as well as legitimate Medical Spanish Terminology classes...
  15. sasukeuchiha33

    Struggling with Major, please help!!!

    I am trying to decide what I should major in. I was accepted in my school's health sciences program, which is very reputable and considered to be very good. They claim they churn out good applicants for medical school, but it seems the program is mostly PAs and Pre-Dental students. I want to...
  16. YellowTurtle

    How much should a language barrier play into residency choice?

    Hi all. Current MS4 here, plan on applying to general surgery. Currently working on my list of programs to apply to. I go to a school in the south where one of our main hospitals has a patient population where ~85% of the patients speak Spanish (not even an exaggeration). Being that I am not a...
  17. U

    Spanish on Transcript...

    I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place here. My pre-med reqs and my core requirements for the school I'm attending are immense and ridiculous. however, I know medical schools glance upon those who have some sort of Spanish major/minor favorably. My question is, would it be more beneficial for...
  18. #PowerhouseoftheCell

    (MSTP MD/PhD application) Improved chance with Master's? + Additional Questions

    Hello friends, I am currently a junior hoping to gain admittance to an MSTP program. My current GPA is ~3.65 and I am currently majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology (B.S.) as well as Modern Language with an emphasis in Spanish (B.S.) with minors in Chemistry (emphasis in Biochem) as well...
  19. P


  20. Sal Sero

    Speaking Spanish: How can it help your career?

    Incoming bilingual M1 here wondering about the actual applicability of Spanish to one's career as a physician. Aside from making life a bit easier when going through med school/residency (especially if you are training in certain parts of the country with large Hispanic populations), is there...
  21. D

    DO Deciding between reapplying at taking a guaranteed seat in a MSBS program.

    Year in school: Graduated August 2016 with a BS in Health Sciences, Spanish minor. In a gap year. · Country/state of residence: Illinois resident · Cumulative GPA: 3.30 - started off freshman year very poorly, ended with about 2.4 cGPA and it rose every semester. · Science GPA: 3.21 - was...
  22. E

    Should I stay or should I go? (voluntary gap year)

    Hi everyone, I am a fourth year "pre-med" student in Canada on the verge of completing my bachelors. I've applied to the med school in my home province and will likely receive an admission offer as I have great stats for an IP applicant. I'm confident that medicine is what I want as a career...
  23. 7

    Do med schools care about a Spanish minor?

    Sorry if this question has already been asked elsewhere ( I didn't find anything when I did a search), but does having a Spanish minor have any positive effect on your application? I enjoy studying Spanish, but unless I take 2 summer classes I will not be able to formally get the minor. I don't...
  24. N

    Has anyone used gap years to learn Spanish?

    I will most likely be taking two gap years before medical school. While I'm still playing around with the idea of TFA/peace corps/americorps or even public health research, I'm also really interested in learning Spanish intensively. I know that I am interested in working with underserved...
  25. S

    What do you wish you had done as a freshman (and what should I do)?

    I am a first year and I just finished my second quarter of college, having started a quarter early over the summer. My GPA is currently a 3.68 with 23 units so far. I know I can do better next quarter; I tried my best this quarter but I am learning how to study more efficiently and I can feel...
  26. Rhyolite

    Medical Spanish online course

    We created an easy online course for students/nurses/residents/physicians to learn medical Spanish. Use discount code STUDENT to save 10%. Hope this helps.
  27. DoctHouse

    Spanish Major in Undergrad -- Boosts Chances of Getting Accepted into Med School?

    I'd assume if you major in Spanish, that medical schools would view you as more useful because you'd be bilingual, wouldn't they? I'm a senior in High School currently. I know the major you choose doesn't matter all too much in terms of getting accepted. I just have been researching the wide...
  28. W

    Med Schools that favor being bilingual?

    I'm fluent in English and Spanish because of my Latino roots. I want to know which schools somewhat favor this besides Puertorican med schools.
  29. D

    Medical School Interview in Foreign Language

    I heard that if you write on AMCAS that you speak a foreign language, that schools might interview you in that language. Can anyone comment on: 1) How frequently schools do this 2) Which schools exactly might do this 3) What languages schools tend to do this with
  30. P

    I need help from my Latino friends!

    Hello there, I hope everyone is doing well I’m a middle-eastern final-year medical student who admires Latin culture (music/dance/traditional clothing and food) and wishes to apply for residency in a Latin country (in either one of the following specialties: ophthalmology, dermatology, ENT...
  31. M

    Best book for medical Spanish?

    I am currently volunteering and shadowing at a free clinic for the uninsured. A large portion of our demographic includes patients who speak Spanish but cannot speak English very well. Due to budget restrictions, there is usually not a translator available unless a family member can come with...
  32. M

    What do I do?

    I am a sophomore at a great school in North Carolina. I have a few questions. Do medical schools look at the difficulty of our undergraduate institutions? My school is definitely not the easiest, and I have heard many people say that. Should I forgo my pre-med classes to prevent further damage...
  33. is_this_name_taken_yet

    Spanish or Global Health minor?

    I am a freshman undergraduate student and am considering a minor in either Spanish or Global Health. There is only enough room for one of them in my schedule and I don't know which would be better. Both are interesting but Spanish comes with the possibility of being able to speak another...
  34. K

    5 Months before Dental School Application.. Do I have a chance?

    I graduated this Fall 2015 majoring in Human Communications with a concentration in Practice and Professional Ethics. I have a minor in Statistics and did my year of inorganic chem, organic chem, physics, and one semester with Biology and biochem. I am planning on taking the DAT Spring 2016...
  35. D

    Major & Study Abroad advice?

    So I'm planning the rest of my undergrad with my advisor and I'm pretty conflicted! My ultimate goal is to be a dentist and ideally start D school right after senior year. However, I'm also dying to study abroad and very passionate about Spanish and want to incorporate these things in my...
  36. D


    Hey everyone! So I was wondering if I could get some advice about what to do after graduation. I plan to graduate in the spring and I was wondering what would be better to do on my year "off". Should I: 1. Do a 1 year masters program in medical sciences. This would help me get my GPA high, I...