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    Sports Medicine 2022-2023

    This is the official 2022-2023 sports medicine fellowship application forum. Ask anyone questions regarding the sports medicine fellowship here. I wish everyone the best!! I'll start with the first question, how many fellowships are you guys applying to (for family medicine)?
  2. andyv500

    Active-Duty Military, Online Master's Degree?

    First-time poster! I'm an active-duty Coast Guard officer looking to switch into the reserves and matriculate into medical school (D.O.) in 2024. I have a 3.35 undergraduate GPA (not the best, I know, working on that solid MCAT score). I would have never considered a Master's program, but I've...
  3. D

    Event coverage with COVID

    I’m applying for a sports medicine fellowship next year, but I’m having difficulty with covering a mass event and continuity of team coverage. I have a few games, but nothing consistent due to COVID. Many mass events aren’t happening or they aren’t taking on residents. Therefore, I have no mass...
  4. A

    Position Available Clinical Research Position in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine

    Clinical Research Position in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Position: Full-Time Clinical Research Assistant to Dr. Benjamin Domb, MD Location: The American Hip Institute, Chicago, IL Description: Dr. Domb runs a successful sports medicine practice in addition to an active research...
  5. E

    PM&R Sports Med prep

  6. S

    Looking for suggestions

    Hello! First time poster! I graduated in 2013 with a BS in science (biology major, chem and equine studies minor). Good grades (honestly can't recall GPA stats, will have to contact my college to look at my transcripts again). I had planned to get the ball rolling much earlier, but as is life...
  7. D

    What kind of procedures do primary care sports medicine doctors perform ?

    Can they perform procedures as advanced as arthoscopies?
  8. Patrick Bateman's Brother

    Sports Medicine Fellowship after practicing

    Based on the school's calculations, it will cost $300,000ish dollars to attend 4 years. I'm not made of money so I've looked into primary care scholarship options. Specifically, 1 offers $30,000/yr so long as I take a residency in the state for primary care and then practice in the state for 3...
  9. Y

    Residencies with strong peds/sports medicine fellowship in NE

    3rd year MD student in NJ right now. Was looking for suggestions for FM programs that have/are: 1.In or near the NE (Family is from NYC, so preferably NY, NJ, east PA, CT, RI etc) 2. Strong Peds 3. Strong sports fellowship, preferably linked with D1/Pro football team or combat sports. 4...
  10. TankTuck

    Specialty Decision

    Hey guys, I am a 3rd year med student trying to figure out what the hell I want to do for the rest of my life and was wondering if any more experienced people could give me some advice. I have always been an active guy and into sports, drawing me to the sports med major in undergrad. Anyway, I...
  11. S

    PCSM Interview reviews

    Hi everyone. Wanted to see if anyone was interested in posting their thoughts on interviews they've been to, pros, cons, dislikes, or things they liked. Feel like it may be helpful for applicants during this cycle! Good luck, everyone!
  12. pvpapaioann

    Ortho Residency

    Once through Ortho surgery residency, is there an opportunity to become a non-surgical orthopedic physician or does this put you at a huge disadvantage in some way? If not, how would this set you up to work with athletes (sports medicine) or become a team doctor?
  13. P

    Clinical at Cincinnati Sports Medicine/Mercy Health

    Hi there! First off, I appreciate you reading my post. I am a PT student who will be starting a clinical at Cincinnati Sports Medicine in the next couple of months-now known as Mercy Health for Physical Therapy and am wondering if anyone has ever done a clinical at this site and what advice...
  14. P

    Vanderbilt Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship Website, EM and Non-EM Positions

    Hi everyone. I’m one of the fellows in Vanderbilt’s Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship. When I was applying last year, I read SDN almost daily and thought this would be a good way to let you all know about Vanderbilt’s new Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship website. The new website...
  15. DoctorWho92

    Integrative Internship

    I'm a fourth year veterinary student at UF trying to determine what to do with my life after vet school. Initially I was considering orthopedic surgery in small animals, but surgeons don't have the work/life balance that I hope to have. I also have strong interests in integrative/rehabilitative...
  16. B

    Sports medicine vs Orthopedic Surgeon

    So I have been interested in the two fields ever since I started playing sports. Well, more specifically when I tore my ACL and basically everything in my shoulder. I love looking at the MRIs trying to figure out what is wrong and reading up on different cases. The only thing that deters me is...
  17. R

    DPT vs Sports Medicine DO/MD

    Hello all, After reading through all of the threads on DPT vs Sports Medicine Physicians, I'm still a little confused. I understand what a MD or DO can do that a PT can't do, but can someone explain exactly what a DPT can do that a sports medicine physician CAN'T do based on training? For...
  18. 8

    Best MSK fellowship for sports imaging

    I'm very interested in sports medicine imaging. Are there any MSK fellows here or people who have done MSK fellowship that know if there are certain programs that are more geared towards this aspect of MSK radiology? I'm only an R1 so I have time to look around. I'd just like to get an idea or...
  19. 1

    A brand new sport, meant to avoid most kinds of injuries

    Hi there! We all know that injuries cost a huge amount of money every year. Contact sports like football or martial arts are the frequent culprits, but other non-contact, such as tennis, also cause a lot of problems with its racquet's weight, among other issues. I've been thinking of a...
  20. B

    Chemistry undergrad feeling very hopeless

    This is my first time on this website, and I found it at a very good time because the past week has been one of the most hopeless. I'm a third year chemistry and psychology double major and I just finished my first midterms. My first two years were iffy and my GPA right now is 2.6 which upsets...
  21. M

    Are specific FM residencies more tailored for sports medicine fellowships?

    So, I'm planning on applying to the next round of the Match next year to FM. Ideally, I'd like to do a sports medicine fellowship down the line, so I was wondering if it matters which FM programs I apply to? Are some programs more MSK/Sports med focused than others? And if so, are any of said...
  22. rs_med_student

    Physiology Tips Needed:)

    Hello. i am a first year med student. i just finished my general physiology class and i did very well in it. we used Guyton & Hall as a source...a classic and i love it i wanna ask what are the best chapters Guyton is known for? and what are the chapters/subjects that are best studied from...
  23. scoutnj19

    Pediatric Sports Medicine Fellowship (2016 Application Season)

    hey y'all... peds resident applying to sports medicine fellowship this year. just curious who else is out there applying. good luck to everyone!
  24. T

    Sports Medicine research

    Starting PGY2 year in Southwest. Initial goal was oncology but have hated the rotations thus far. Only other thing I enjoy is sports (yes, I know it's the other side of the spectrum). So I'm thinking of applying to PC-SM. I'm trying to think of how to 'explain' all my non-sports related...
  25. S

    Primary care sports med compensation

    I was surprised to see sports medicine compensation relatively low compared to some of the other "primary care" subspecialty clinic settings. Why do you think this is? Compared to a field like A&I, which can have starting salaries easily in the 200s-350s range, sports medicine has many more...
  26. S

    Jobs after sports medicine

    Hey All! The question has been asked in a few other forums but now that we have a dedicated forum, I'll post a similar question. I will be starting a primary care sports med program this July. I didn't have a huge amount of interaction with non ortho sports guys in med school or residency. It...
  27. O

    choosing residency programs- PM&R

    Hi all, So I am a 3rd year medical student, soon to be scheduling my 4th year rotations. I am hoping to go into PM&R but am having trouble figuring out what programs are appropriate for me to be striving for. I want to start planning which away rotations to aim for, and don't want to waste my...
  28. septoplasty

    Sports Medicine 2016-2017

    How did the match fair for everyone? Based on the report we got in the NRMP, pass percentage has gone up, despite a few programs dropping out pre-rank as well as more candidates.
  29. AT_surf12

    EM advice

    Looking for advice from the SDN community, ideally those further along in the process than I, in regards to emergency medicine in general and EM residency. I am a third year DO student, still fairly uncertain what I want to do. I appreciate any help/advice and congrats to the 4th years finishing...
  30. A

    Sports psychology

    Hello, I came to this forum to see if anyone can provide assistance with the situation I am in. I am a 2014 graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Biological Sciences. I graduated with a GPA of 2.94 and a regretfully say I have no research experience, but I have shadowed an orthopedic surgeon...
  31. E

    Sports medicine fellowship after EM

    First of all, I'm baffled that there is no sports medicine thread. Moderators....can this please be generated? I've been practicing for a year after completing EM and enjoy the emergency room quite a bit but absolutely hate the hours. HATE the hours. I really enjoy the MSK complaints and...