1. L

    NYU vs. Temple vs Touro

    Help me choose between NYU, Temple or Touro please. Factors are cost, area, clinical experience, overall opinions from students in terms of happiness and how they feel at the school, and anything else that is important to know.
  2. YoungDaggy

    Post-II Letter of Intent

    I was fortunate enough to interview at an MD school (LKSOM) that I really want to attend. As I await their decision, I thought of possibly writing them a letter of intent, especially since they mentioned during the interview day that they like receiving letters. What do you guys think? I don't...
  3. A

    Temple (OOS) vs Midwestern AZ

    Hi all, I am an atypical applicant (several years out of undergraduate) and I am trying to decide between two schools to which I have been accepted. Both seem to have high quality clinical programs with ample patient populations. Temple: Pros: -Located in Philadelphia, seems like a nice/fun...
  4. B

    Geisinger (GCSOM) vs Temple (LKSOM)

    hiiii so i promised myself i wouldn't post a thread here but decision day is approaching quickly and i really don't know what to do, so just wanted to get some opinions from others who have maybe faced a similar situation. i was accepted to temple med (lksom) which is a DREAM school for me. i...
  5. N


    The house is located on a small quiet street. Grape vines and a fig tree grow out front. 11 minute walk to the Pennsylvania Hospital. 13 minute walk to Jefferson Hospital. Nice bike ride or public transit commute to West Philadelphia (UPenn/Drexel). This ride is great in the summer, and safe...
  6. T

    Temple Pharmacy class of 2027 alternate

    I had my interview last week and got an ‘alternate admission’ Anyone else on this boat or was & have any tips on what to do ??
  7. P

    Philadelphia DPT 22-23 Cycle

    Hey everyone! I wanted to start this thread to share timelines/interview info/acceptances etc. for all the DPT programs in Philly. I know some interviews have already started, and I'm sure we're all anxiously waiting to hear back from our schools!
  8. M

    Dental: Temple vs IUPUI

    I’ve been accepted to Temple and IUPUI and would really appreciate any input from grads, current students, etc. regarding clinical and academic experiences? I’m out of state for both so I don’t know much about either school besides what I’ve learned online and during my interview. Thanks!
  9. A

    Temple (OOS) vs. VCU (OOS)

    Hey guys! I was lucky enough to get accepted into both Temple and VCU for dental school. I'm out of state for both schools and I'm having a lot of trouble trying to choose between the two. I enjoyed the interview for both schools, but I was only able to have an in person experience at VCU, so I...
  10. G

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  11. B

    BU vs. UB (IS) vs. Rutgers (OOS) vs. Temple (OOS)

    Hi everyone — I need some guidance in deciding what school to attend next year. I loved BU the most out of my interviews, but have read quite a few negative things about the school on SDN. Any BU students have feedback on this? In terms of financials, I would get in-state for Rutgers after the...
  12. G

    Post Bac: GW or Temple BCHS?

    Which would you choose between GW and Temple BCHS post bac?
  13. M

    Temple (OOS) vs. UDM vs. UMD (OOS) vs. UK (OOS)

    In terms of clinical experience, out of Temple, Maryland, Detroit-Mercy, and University of Kentucky which would be at the top and what makes them special? Do they schedule their own patients? Place implants? Have their own chair? Each schools individual requirements? If current dental students...
  14. LindaAccepted

    Medical Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University Secondary Application Tips [2019 – 2020]

    The Lewis Katz School of Medicine has several campus locations in Pennsylvania. The school emphasizes hand-on, collaborative learning, community service, and the intersection between research and clinical care. It is one of the top ranked research-oriented schools. Temple also features a...
  15. S

    Temple BCHS

    Hi all, I wanted to apply to Temple BCHS program for Summer 2020. I took Gen Bio with Lab twice in undergrad - did poorly. I took Gen Chem twice in undergrad - did poorly. I took physics once in undergrad - did poorly. This was almost 2 years ago. I have EXTENSIVE clinical experience and could...
  16. P

    Temple (IS) vs. Penn

    Hello All, So situation is I have to pick between Temple and Upenn soon. I want to be a GP, Its what i already wanted, because i have to get out of school as quick as i can to support my family. Penn have given me 20k in scholarship which tuition and fees , is 4 k higher than temple now...
  17. P

    Pitt (IS) vs. Temple (IS)

    So the breakdown. I am instate but i can commute from home from Temple about 40 minutes drive. Pitts much further will have to dorm there. I am financially completely on my own, parents would not be able to contribute much. I want to know if there is a difference in getting a job afterwards. If...
  18. P

    Temple (IS) vs. Maryland (OOS) vs. Touro

    Maryland gave me a little scholarship to start with. not enough to overcome the amount it is for out of state tuition. temple is my in state school. - but seems like i would have to apply for scholarships and i would not find out until much later. I would like to be a general dentist, not...
  19. UTadvising

    Temple CST Post Bacc Program 2019 - 2020

    Saw there was a thread for the LKSOM Post Bacc Program so thought I would start a specific thread for the College of Science and Technology program. I see their interviews start in January so was curious to know if anyone has heard anything from them or knows much about the program.
  20. M

    Program-Specific Info / Q's THOMAS JEFFERSON / TEMPLE / SALUS

    I’m torn between these three schools!! I’ve been accepted to Temple and Jefferson...still waiting from Salus. With my stats, I think I should be accepted. (They asked me to retake the MAT before giving me a final decision which I did (got the scores!) and been waiting on them for over a month..)...
  21. I

    Temple Hotel Accomodation

    Hello! Quick question for those who have interviewed at Temple, did you guys take advantage of the hotel accommodations they provide? Because I am trying to book a hotel for a night through the link that was sent to me (by admissions I believe...) however when I get to the...
  22. StripedTie

    Temple / LKSOM Post-Bacc ACMS 2019-2020

    Greetings all, I couldn't find a thread for the 2019 - 2020 class at the Temple / LKSOM Post-Bacc program so I thought I'd start one. Good luck to everyone applying!
  23. HappyPomme

    Need a car for school?

    For current pod students, especially Temple and Western ones, is a car necessary for everyday types of things (i.e. getting to school, running errands, etc.), or even during the clinical years? I know carpooling is an option, but Im trying to find the most "commuter-friendly" school among all...
  24. aintordinarylife

    TUSPM - Temple - Class of 2023

    This may be s u p e r early, but just committed to Temple for Fall 2019, and wanted to get the thread going! If you're also joining Class of 2023 - give a shout! (Or if you are considering TUSPM, feel free to post here with any questions, etc.) Pumped and ready for the next four years to come...
  25. LindaAccepted

    Medical Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University Secondary Application Tips

    Temple University has several campus locations in Pennsylvania. The school emphasizes hand-on, collaborative learning, community service, and the intersection between research and clinical care. It is one of the top ranked research-oriented schools. Temple also features a “simulation center”...
  26. A

    Temple's 3+4 Accelerated Dental Program?

    Can I get accepted with one C in PE? The rest of my grades are mostly A's, I have a 4.0 GPA. Should I still try to apply even with that one bad grade? Thank you.
  27. P

    Thoughts on Temple's on-campus housing?

    Was really stuck between off and on campus but eventually decided for on-campus bc of convenience and social aspect. Have any of yall lived there, and if so, do you regret it? What're some pros you get from being on-campus vs off-campus?
  28. O

    Temple vs Jefferson

    I got accepted to both Jefferson and Temple. I'm torn on which one to choose though. Which one is better and why?
  29. Silver_Surfer

    HELP: VCU (MCV) vs Temple

    Hi everyone! I currently have a tough decision, and was very fortunate be accepted into both Temple and VCU's school of medicine. Although I am very thankful, I am now tasked to choose one of these schools! At the moment, the cost of attendance for both schools are pretty much the same (VCU is...
  30. L

    Temple College of Science and Technology

    Can anyone who interviewed for the CST postbac programs provide advice/ information about what the program is like?
  31. H

    Temple BCMS 2018

    Hi! I was recently accepted into the BCMS program at Temple and was wondering if anyone else had heard back yet or knows any details like start date, orientation, etc. Thanks!
  32. wizarddoc2213

    Temple (St. Luke's) vs. USF Morsani (SELECT)

    Hi Everyone! Does anyone care to share any insight on these two programs, which one may have an advantage over the other, and/or personal experiences? I'm a PA resident, so Temple (St.Luke's program will be slightly cheaper, especially with the St. Luke's 10k scholarship). For Temple's program...
  33. H

    Program-Specific Info / Q's SALUS, TEMPLE, USCIENCES ... admissions process

    Hello, I had some questions for the admissions process once accepted to the programs at schools such as Temple, Salus, and Usciences. I want to live in the Philadelphia area and have already been accepted to programs but I live far so I wanted to know whats involved. Does anyone know if these...
  34. MessiNeymar10

    Temple dental first year

    Hey friends, I was wondering if there are any recent Kornberg D1s on here that can shed light on how first year typically is, how we can expect the transition to be, how much time we'd be in lecture, how often examinations take place... etc I want to get a feel for what our first year is going...
  35. N

    Temple ACMS after an SMP?

    Hello! I am CURRENTLY in a 1-year SMP, and would really like to get the ball rolling in terms of beginning medical school, or at least have a semi-guarantee that I'll be in medical school ASAP. That's where Temple comes in. I realize that Temple's program requires a 3.6 throughout the next...
  36. F

    Just starting on path to be ready for Post-Bacc, help/criticism appreaciated!

    Hello Everyone! First of all thank you to everyone who took the time reading this. I've just completed stage 1 of my journey to getting into a postbacc and - hopefully - MD program, which is landing a stable job that allows me time to volunteer at the local hospital. I'm looking to submit my...
  37. J

    Internships & OMFS

    Recently scheduled an externship at Temple and was dismayed to hear that Temple is only interested in taking residents who have completed an intern year. Anyone know if this is the case, and if there are other programs with the same mentality?
  38. S

    Adelphi/NYU 7 yr Vs Temple 7yr

    Hi! I got accepted into the Adelphi/NYU 7 year dental program as well as the Temple/Kornberg 7 year dental program. Aside from the cost (which isn't what I'm basing my decision off of) I was looking for input on either of these programs. I know NYU has a bigger name but is that something that...
  39. H

    NYU or Temple Accelerated Dental Program?

    I've recently been accepted to both the 7-year accelerated dental programs for NYU and Temple University, and I'm struggling to decide which one I should attend. Here are some factors that I'm considering: Temple gave me a full scholarship for my undergraduate time there, whereas I received no...
  40. T

    Why do local dentists hire Temple over Penn/NYU due to clinical skills?

    Hello SDN. This is first post of mine and please excuse English as is not first language (Singapore). I have been shadow practice in Pennsylvania and New York for past three months. Five doctors told me that they do not hire Penn or NYU new completed students. Only Temple, but sometimes Pitt or...