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Apr 2, 2010
I am deciding to go to schools among Brown, Northwestern and Pittsburgh medical school, any one has any suggestions.


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Feb 24, 2008
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I'm not familiar with Brown, but I interviewed at Pitt and Northwestern. This is what I saw:
-WISER sim center was awesome
-Curriculum was streamlined yet jam packed. It was very well-thought-out and every minute of the day was there for a purpose. But there was not much down-time. They are also innovative w curriculum and tweaking things in response to student feedback
-Clinical training was strong due to extensive UPMC hospital network, lots of patient diversity
-Research is strong, and scholarly project is required. Pittmed is trying hard to break into the top ten ranking and has been rapidly rising in ranking the last few years, I picked up on an "up-and-coming" type of vibe which I liked
-Location is surprisingly beautiful, more small city feel than Chicago, more natural beauty with all the rivers, trees & hills

-Great downtown location right next to lake
-Most students live right near the school
-Curriculum is way streamlined (4 hrs lecture per day) w lots of free time for studying/partying.
-possible to do a concurrent MPH w/out adding an extra yr
-Nice academic facilities and hospital, some patient diversity, but not as much as Pitt
-Lots of younger 7yr bacc/md students from NW undergrad
-Students overall seem happier and more friendly at NW, not that they weren't happy at Pitt, Pitt students were just seemed more serious and busy overall

Between Pitt and NW, I would say choose Pitt if you want the absolute best academic and clinical training and don't mind the extra work, and like the smaller city atmosphere. I would say choose NW if you want excellent training but still want time to relax and have fun w other students, and would enjoy a big city downtown experience. I think both schools would give you the same types of options residency wise. I would personally choose Pitt but that is based on my situation and preferences. I would be very happy at NW as well, and if I were a young single premed I would go there over Pitt.

Feel free to PM me if you want to compare our interview experiences further. Congratulations on some great choices, good luck with your decision!
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Oct 29, 2006
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All of these schools are nice, as the previous poster mentioned, you'll have a lot of BS/MD students at both Brown and NU. Whether this will affect your decision is questionable. I think Pitt has a marginally better reputation for academic med and NU seems to pipeline a lot of their specialty bound ppl into a couple specific routes historically but they're all good schools.
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