1. C

    Should I include this experience from HS?

    Hi everyone, I went to a health magnet high school where you attend clinical rotations in different hospital departments for a year. I consider this to be a significant experience and was wondering if it would be okay to list it or just write about it in my personal statement. Thanks!
  2. D

    How does admission to european medical schools work?

    I am not considering applying to medical school in Europe, but I have always wondered how their admissions system differs from ours. It seems like most students go straight from high school into medical school there. Are there ever any "non traditional" medical students in that system (i.e., you...
  3. peachtree <3

    IB Subject Help!

    Hi there, I'm in my 2nd year of high school and my IB subject selections are due soon. I really want to pursue medicine and possibly psychiatry, but I'm not sure if my subject choices are going to be appropriate. At the moment I am taking: HL Biology HL Chemistry HL Lang-Lit SL Maths AA SL...
  4. J

    Advice for a High School Student

    Currently, I am a homeschooled, high-school Junior and dual-enrolled at my local community college. That means I have access to college-level courses that will transfer to any university in the state of Florida. To get you up to date, I have taken Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Gen Chem 1, statistics...
  5. M

    Will my casual Marijuana use during my high school years stop me from becoming a surgeon?

    So I am just starting undergrad now. I'm interested in going to medical school and my dream is to become a surgeon. I'm extremely passionate about it and I performed pretty well in high school. However, the summer going into my junior year I began smoking weed probably around 2-4 times a...
  6. L

    High school marks instead of uni degree

    If I wasn't happy with my uni GPA and have not completed my degree yet, do you think it is possible to use my highschool marks instead to apply to a BSc/MD program in the UK? Thanks
  7. Smalltowngorl

    Starting Highschool, graduating early?

    Hey so I’m a freshman. Yes I know very early to be thinking about this kinda stuff. I want to graduate early so I can take premed and college at the same time and then go to medical school right after. The problem is, if I don’t keep my GPA up all the way until to the end of junior year (which...
  8. P

    Choosing an undergrad

    I am currently a sophomore in high school and I am hoping to become a doctor. I have been thinking about schools on the Northeast but out of my state. I work decently hard in school and I want to go to a good undergrad school but I am questioning if it is worth it. I am considering schools like...
  9. S

    dual admission at nova southeastern interview

    Hey I am a canadian high school student applying for the dual admission dentistry program at nova. I was wondering a few things: 1. does everyone who gets accepted into the undergrad at nova, get an interview? and is the interview the final step or is it just taken in consideration? 2. what...
  10. S

    Med School, Can I get in? Low Physics Mark!!!

    Hello everyone, I have applied to honours sciences at Queens University, and got an early acceptance, however, I just applied to medical school in Ireland, and was wondering what my my chances are of getting in. Currently my physics mark is quite low, which I feel may hold me back...
  11. Z

    What experience do I need?

    So I’m a Sophomore in High School. I’m pretty smart I think, 4.1 GPA with all A’s which I’m not worried about. It’s the experience that I’m worried about. So in the summer I signed up for Havard MedScience, which was a week of shadowing, meeting and listening to doctors and other researchers at...
  12. P

    Please give advice Pre-dental (international high-schooler)

    Hello everyone, I am in my senior year of high school and am following the British pattern system (A-levels) in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. I plan to become a dentist and work in the US. I am a US citizen and a Pakistani, and I know I can either do: (1) 4 year any undergrad in the US...
  13. G

    Don't Know Where to Go

    Hey SDN, I'm a senior in high school who is residing in Georgia and is interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. However, before I can begin this journey I must first choose a undergraduate school to attend and I'm conflicted on where to go on one hand I can attend Kennesaw State University...
  14. T

    The big question

    hi.... I know this question is brought up a lot but I will bring it up again. As a junior who is looking into the medical field, is it possible for me to become a DO. I have taken Bio1 and 2 and passed with A's but I have only taken Chem 1 and got an 85%. My teacher said I better change my mind...
  15. redence

    6 year foreign med school or go to college and do premed?

    -btw I posted something similar to this in the MD + high school forum a few weeks back- just wanted some input from foreign grads now- I'm a 17 year old high school senior, and I have to apply to colleges soon. I'm interested in the health field, but I'm not 100% sure yet if I want to be either...
  16. W

    Help With a Data Math Question

    Hey guys, so I was tutoring a student, but got stuck on this question: A cooler has 24 Greek Yogurt containers and 6 vanilla yogurt containers. The person in charge of the yogurt reaches into the cooler (without looking) and randomly picks them out of the cooler. What is the probability that...
  17. R

    90 hours of physician shadowing in highschool. Waste?

    I shadowed a cardiothoracic surgeon (family friend) for 50 hours over 2 weeks in 11th grade. Later, in 12th grade, I shadowed a General Surgeon for another 40 hours, also over 2 weeks. Both were kind enough to provide me with a signed letter of proof. Would these hours be worth mentioning on a...
  18. C

    Would you retake the prerequisites or would you not?

    if a high school student did dual enrollment and graduated with their AA with some premed prerequisites during high school, as dual credit would you retake the prerequisites or no? Some med schools I contacted said they will accept the credits as long it was done at junior college. And the...
  19. Nita W.

    In need of sincere advice

    Hello to anyone who reads this, as you can see from the title of this conversation I'm seeking advice about my current situation. It has always been my dream to become a doctor, this is one of the earliest memories I have from growing up. This is something I've always wanted and have always...
  20. latiere


  21. C

    Directly Med School from High School

    Hi Guys!, Currently I'm going to be a senior and unfortunately reality has came :(. I was wondering what medical schools would accept a student coming directly from high school. I've read that the Caribbeans would be good until I came here. My brother went to China directly from High School and...
  22. h23

    High school Volunteer Experiences in my AMCAS app

    So I understand this topic may have been talked about on SDN forums but I wanted to make sure based on my situation. I'm a nontraditional and I volunteered at this hospital in high school about 7 years ago. I got around 50 hours from that. Fast forward to now, I finished college and I just...
  23. J

    CHOP NHSSP / Junior Volunteers

    Hello! Is anyone familiar with Children Hospital of Philadelphia's "Neurology High School Scholars Project"? It sounds very interesting, but I was wondering what they had done in past years for the basic science or clinical research project? In addition, what they are specifically looking for in...
  24. I

    Is pharmacy a good career for those who love chemistry?

    I'm current a HS junior. I loved pre-AP chem, and I'm taking AP chem my senior year. I'm in AP physics now.
  25. R

    Grades aren't great.. do I still have a chance?

    So, I am a current High School Senior. At the end of my junior year I decided that my senior year I was going to Dual enroll at a college and my college credits I was taking there will also count as the remaining high school credits I needed to graduate. Well now I'm in the spring semester and...
  26. L

    misdemeanor from high school

    so long story short, my sophomore year of high school i got a car and my parents give mace to keep on my keychain for protection. my senior year one of my teachers noticed it and reported it to the principle and because i was on a high school campus and it's considered a weapon, i received a...
  27. J

    Advice needed!

    I am a graduated high school student recently returned from a two year volunteer mission in Scandinavia and will be starting my university education this summer. As of right now I am torn between psychology and psychiatry, but leaning towards psychiatry. I have about 4 months before I begin...
  28. G

    Do you think I could become a doctor with my past?

    I am a junior in high school and I know I have a long ways to go in terms of school. Freshman and half of sophomore year my grades were so terrible (c's, d's, and f's). This caused my GPA to go down to a 1.6. By the end of my second semester of 10th grade I raised my GPA to a 2.4. I just...
  29. K

    Would I have a chance in becoming a doctor?

    Hi everyone, I am currently a junior in high school. I have an interest to go into Emergency Medicine. I do understand the mental work pressure/ work ethic that specific field demands of. I'd like to have some advice or honest criticism through this :) I have a boyfriend who is very intelligent...
  30. Legardemain

    Need advice and comments on likelihood of success

    First post here on Sdn, I'm an 18 year old Highschool student that wants to specialize in Ortho and sub in Hand but here's my dilemma; My Highschool experience has been highly unfavorable and definitely not the ideal. 9th and 10th grade went decently and I pulled about a 3.3-3.5. Then junior...
  31. F

    ROTC, Guard/Reserves, or HPSP?

    I am a high school junior concerned about how I am going to pay for college and possibly med school, my ultimate goal. I just don't want to be paying off student loan debt for the rest of my life. I thought about the Air National Guard for undergrad but I'm worried about being deployed during...
  32. S

    Immunology Undergrad Major Questions + Philosophy

    Hi, I'm new to SDN and this is my first post. I'm just now beginning to look into college. I have ambitions to go on to medical school after I obtain an undergraduate degree. I'm very interested in immunology and allergies so my future career goal is to be an allergist. It's something that I...
  33. A

    Please chance me for BS/MD programs

    Hey all, I'm looking at some upper-mid tier BS/MD schools like: - UMKC - VCU - Baylor - Hobart & William Smith - GWU - etc Stats: Race- Asian School Type- Private Catholic UW GPA- 3.7 (All A's except in theology) GPA subject to change | 3.86 so far this year ACT- 36 English, 33 Math, 32...
  34. J

    highschool vs. college

    I keep reading everywhere that what you do in high school doesnt really matter.... in a sense yes it doesnt because you can start fresh in college... however I cant wrap my head around the fact tht if someone struggled in high school... where easier things are taught how will they succeed in...
  35. J

    highschool vs. college

    I keep reading everywhere that what you do in high school doesnt really matter.... in a sense yes it doesnt because you can start fresh in college... however I cant wrap my head around the fact tht if someone struggled in high school... where easier things are taught how will they succeed in...
  36. StudentDoctorDan

    Neurosurgeon Shadowing Opportunity?

    Hello! I am a current high school student and was really interested in shadowing a surgeon. Particularly a neurosurgeon. Currently, I have shadowed an Internal Medicine doctor and a Cardiologist. Would a neurosurgeon (assuming they aren't busy) allow me to shadow them for even a day if I am...
  37. O

    High school student wanting some advice pharmacy school! (sorry it's so long) (That's what she said)

    Hello, I'm currently going to be a senior this coming fall and I am interested in a career in pharmacy, but I have some questions. Firstly, is it better to go to an undergrad that has a pharmacy school? I was thinking on going to Hampton University for pre-pharmacy because I can get in with...
  38. O

    Help a highschooler out with some pharmacy questions? (sorry it's so long) (That's what she said)

    Hello, I'm currently going to be a senior this coming fall and I am interested in a career in pharmacy, but I have some questions. Firstly, is it better to go to an undergrad that has a pharmacy school? I was thinking on going to Hampton University for pre-pharmacy because I can get in with...
  39. D

    Thinking about dental school as a junior

    Hey I'm going to be a junior in high school next year and I'm thinking about going into dentistry because out of all the other medical fields i feel as this one is the easiest for me to comprehend to and learn. I heard there are 7 year programs for dentistry and stuff like that but i was...
  40. P

    Highschool student with questions for people in medicine

    Hi, I'm in highschool, and I'm interested in medicine. I'm 15 years old, black, and female(underrepresented minority). I had some questions for all of you that I hope you can answer. How did you know that you wanted to be in medicine? How do you choose what category of medicine to be in(like...