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    Got accepted to DO med school but waiting on MD school?

    So I got an acceptance to a DO school and put a deposit down, however, an MD school emailed me stating that while not considered for admission this year, I could apply for their masters program which would give me guaranteed admission to their MD school. I was just wondering with all the AAMC...
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    Got accepted to DO med school but waiting on MD school?

    So I got an acceptance to a DO school, however, an MD school emailed me stating that while not considered for admission this year, I could apply for their masters program which would give me guaranteed admission to their MD school. I was just wondering with all the AAMC traffic regulations and...
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    Couple questions regarding path to medical school. Can i make it?

    Hello, As of right now, my gpa isn't stellar. This year was quite bad (sophomore year of UG). I received 3 Cs and a C+ and my GPA dropped significantly (my mental health was not good first semester). My cumulative gpa is like 3.1 now and last semester sGPA was 3.4 (yikes). I used to be a very...
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    WHAT ARE MY CHANCES? Apply for Fall of 2019

    Applying for the Fall of 2019. What are my chances? FOR MD OR DO Live in NY and graduated with a bachelors degree in biology with a minor in chemistry. *cGPA- 3.67 ( out of a 4.0 scale) *sGPA (major)- 3.71 *sGPA (minor)- 3.33 *MCAT- 494 (as of right now but still havent taken it yet so could...
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    MD School List Advice

    My top choice is USUHS Academic Undergrad - Honors Biology Program with minors in Chemistry and Fine Arts cGPA 3.56 sGPA 3.4 Strong upward trend after freshman year. MCAT - Have not taken yet. Most recent AAMC practice test has me at a 513 Extracurriculars Clinical 50 hrs shadowing +4,000...
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    Post Bacc: Is it worth it??

    Hi everybody, I’m a nurse with my BSN who is looking to go back to medical school. In college didn’t really take any pre-med courses so I would have to now take all of them which would take me at least 2 years. I have heard about some post bacc programs that only take 12 months which is very...
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    what are my chances? CA/US 3.5GPA 510MCAT

    Hi guys, Sorry I meant Canada & US not California xD 3.5 GPA (OMSAS scale), 510 MCAT 131/125/125/129 - this is my only MCAT (although I voided a test 3 years ago, which is the previous version) I was consistently getting 127+ for CARS and 130+ for BIO during prep but had an anxiety attack :(...
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    Pre-Med, Senior Year, Low GPA, Hopeful

    Hey Everyone, Fairly new to the site, but I am in need of some guidance. I am currently an undergraduate student and I will be starting my senior year in the fall. I currently am working full-time in a Medical Records Department in a Children's Hospital. My undergrad Stats thus far: cGPA: 2.97...
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    Please clear this thing up for me about the single accreditation system ?

    There will only be 1 accreditation system which is the ACGME , right ? Also, can you please point out a few things that will change for MD graduates ?
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    Terrible Practice Exam CARS score?

    Hi, My MCAT is scheduled for the 22nd. Last week I took the official practice exam #1 by the AAMC, and received a 126/122/128/130. I was truly disappointed and frustrated with my CARS score. I was doing SO well on the questions packs from the AAMC, but the CARS section on this exam was SO HARD...
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    Feeling extremely stressed out, any advice?

    Hi, My MCAT is scheduled for July 22...but I don't feel ready at all. At the beginning of my studying, I was doing practice problems and content, but doing practice problems at the same time caused me slow my pace in terms of reviewing content. So I switched to content review, and here I am a...
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    How are my EC's thus far?

    Applying this upcoming cycle with a cGPA of 3.72. Will be taking the MCAT soon. -500 hours of clinical volunteering in a hospital for research -300 hours of non-clinical research, with an abstract. -Will have ~ 100 hours as a medical scribe by the time I submit my primary ~ 100 hours of...
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    What is the most efficient way or studying? (MCAT)

    Hi, I'm retaking the MCAT this July. Last time I studied, I just studied directly from the books I had and tried to do the associated practice problems. This wasn't helping me retain the information for long periods of time. I find that making outlines/taking notes of each chapter of my MCAT...
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    Planning to retake the MCAT, will schools just see my old score?

    I'm planning to retake the MCAT this upcoming July. However, if I submit my primary in June/July, and my scores don't come in until August, will schools automatically just use my old score? Or will they wait for my new score? Thanks
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    Need advice on when to take the MCAT?

    Hi, I'm in my last semester of undergraduate. I planned to take the MCAT on July 9th. However, because I just started my scribe job, and of my regular classes, I haven't been studying as much as I've wanted to. I've only taken two practice exams thus far. My sample exam score was 65%, 75%, 80%...
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    Worried about Next Step Full Length score?

    Hi guys, I just took the second next step full length exam, and I received a 504 (126/125/125/128). I'm a little worried here. Do you guys find their exams representative of the actual exam? Thanks
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    The best full length exams for the MCAT 2015/2016?

    Hi guys, I'm taking my exam in July. I took the AAMC Sample exam about a month ago and scored 66%/75%/80%/86% I started doing pretty well on the section bank questions after that. I just took Next Step's second full length exam and...oh my goodness, it was so incredibly difficult for me. The...
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    Can't find the scribe america introductory packet?

    Hello all, For those of you who work as a scribe through Scribeamerica - what exactly is this introductory training packet we are going to be tested on? All I received was a link to the quizlet flashcards for the packet.
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    Confused with Khan Academy MCAT Chemistry?

    Hi guys, I'm a little confused here. I went to review titrations under the "Chemical and Physical Processes" section for the MCAT, and came across a sub-section that's called "acid-base titration curves." I scrolled down to where they showed the graphs for the titration of a SA w/ a SB and a...
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    To scribe part-time or full-time during a gap year?

    Hi guys, I have been hired as an ER scribe. I initially told them I could work part-time while I'm finishing up school, and in July I would be willing to work full-time, but now I'm not sure if that's a good idea. I haven't started training yet, I just got the job. Scribing full-time would mean...
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    Discouraging boyfriend?

    Hi, I'm in need of some serious advice. I am a pre-med major planning to take my MCAT during the summer and apply this cycle. I have been dating my boyfriend for two years. He's not a pre-med major. Everything was fine when I only had school to concentrate on. As soon as I started getting...
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    Taking a vacation before my MCAT?

    Hi, if anyone can offer any advice, it would much appreciated. I was planning to take the MCAT June 18th or July 8th. Technically this a retake. I'm taking three classes this semester, which includes microbiology lecture and the laboratory component (its treated as a separate class), as well as...
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    How are my EC's?

    Just wondering. - Soon to be 500 hours of clinical research - 300 hours of non clinical research -Will have at least 100 of scribing by early summer - 100 hours of community volunteering (nursing homes, helping out at homeless shelters) -1000 from tennis club - 50 hours from culinary club -...
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    Possible to study for MCAT retake during the school year?

    Hi all, I was hoping to take the MCAT in early July. I'm taking 7 credits - microbiology (lectures are recorded), microbiology laboratory (meets every other week), and an intro class that meets once a week. I was hoping to volunteer once a week. Does this sound realistic? I'm a senior and plan...
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    Is taking the MCAT in July too late?

    Hi all, I'm a senior in my last semester of undergraduate. I plan on applying this upcoming cycle. I'm taking only 3 classes, which adds up to I think 8 credits. Anyway, I wanted to take retake my MCAT exam on June 18 or July 8...I'm going to be studying for my classes and eventually working...
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    MCAT books with the most practice questions?

    Hello all, I'm going to be retaking the new MCAT and I just wanted to know what books you suggest. I'm looking for books that have a ton of practice questions. I feel last time I spent way too much time on content review and not enough practice. I've heard the Princeton books were good. Thanks!
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    Is Alpha Epsilon Delta worth the time?

    Hello, At my university AED requires a specific GPA, an application discussing your community service experiences, clinical experiences, extracurricular activities, honors/awards, a personal statement, and a letter of recommendation. Is it worth joining? Thanks
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    Tips on Applying to MD/MPH Programs?

    I am interested in pursuing an MD/MPH program. I was wondering if anyone knows what it takes for admission or how the evaluation process/what schools are looking for is different than just applying as an MD. I am seeing very little about what it takes/ what qualities are desired/ what...
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    For those that did well on the MCAT 2015?

    Hello, I recently got back my MCAT score and I've been really upset for the past few days. I plan to retake, as my score was incredibly low (499). For those of who you did well (508-509+) what resources did you use? More specifically, what books had the best practice questions? Thanks
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    Devastated by MCAT 2015 score, advice?

    Hello all, I really need some advice. I just got back my score today, scored a 499. I'm truly, completely devastated. I cried for an hour straight. I studied so hard and looks like I got absolutely nothing out of it. My gpa as is stands is a 3.67, and my science gpa is around a 3.6 (don't...