1. H

    Post-bacc and post-doc opportunities in oncology data science (San Francisco)

    Hi everyone, We were hoping to share the below research opportunities in our lab for those interested in health data science, AI/machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision: The Hong laboratory at the University of California, San Francisco (honglab.ucsf.edu) is part of...
  2. PatNanym

    Is this a good job offer?

    I am looking at a prospective job in community HemOnc. Small town Midwest. Base of $495k guaranteed plus RVU-based incentive after 5050 RVUs at $99/RVU. Around 12-15 patients per day in clinic, 4.5 days a week. 1:3 call, call is one full week, am told call is light, mostly ~1-2 phone calls at...
  3. A

    HemOnc median RVU numbers?

    I am looking to join a hospital-based community HemOnc practice in the Midwest. The prospective employer is offering a guaranteed base for up to 5000 wRVUs and then $/wRVU system after 5000 wRVUs. I am not sure if 5000 RVUs annually is achievable. Anybody has an idea about the approximate median...
  4. A

    Negotiating call schedule in contract

    I am about to sign my first job after fellowship and had a question about call frequency in the contract. I liked a job and I am in talks with the employer and am negotiating terms. They have 3 other physicians in the practice and I will be joining as the fourth. The employer says the contract...
  5. H

    MD & DO Pathway to Academic Oncology Specialization in Lung Cancer

    big dreamer here: if you were starting out as a first year med student, what is the path you’d take to secure a dream job specializing in lung cancer and related environmental research/advocacy at an academic medical center? what about while adding on an MBA and wanting to combine academia with...
  6. T

    MSc in Med School vs. Residency?

    Hey everyone! I'm a med student determined on an end-goal of medical oncologist. I have a keen interest in research having been involved in research for over 4 years. I've read that research degrees are useful for this field, and I'm interviewing for a MSc program through my med school. Is it...
  7. V

    Which oncology specialty will make the biggest advances in the coming decades?

    I know that all oncology fields (medical, surgical, radiation) will all continue to play a large role in cancer treatment and will make advances in their fields. I was wondering which of these fields you think will make the largest advances (being able to treat new cancers they previously didn’t...
  8. N

    Georgetown Business of Medicine Course

    Hello SDN! I am a recent graduate of the hematology/oncology fellowship at Georgetown University Hospital and I wanted to spread the word about a course we have developed called the Georgetown Business of Medicine Course. It is a virtual course consisting of 12 modules on different topics like...
  9. P

    BCOP 2020/2021

    Hello, I'm planning to study for BCOP this year. If anybody is interested in forming a study group, please reach out.
  10. S

    FMGs in academic medicine?

    Is it possible for a foreign medical graduate today become a physician scientist or enter into academic medicine. Given the fact that a lot of NIH grants are given to US citizens only, is it possible for foreign medical graduates to get enough funding to enter academia?? Say if a fmg lands into...
  11. R

    Medical Oncology (without hematology)

    Completing a palliative care fellowship and matched to heme/onc fellowship that starts in July. I would be very happy to find a job (open to private practice or academic) as a medical oncologist or even split position palliative and medical oncology. That being said, I am considering medical...
  12. G

    Hem/onc fellowship after pcp

    Hi everyone I ve been doing PCP x 3 years as waiver to get my green card, and now I want to apply to hematology and oncology. I have average step scores, few publications, many posters even in ASCO but 3 years ago and certainly board certified...Do you think Get hem/onc fellowship is harder...
  13. J

    Best IR rotations in the USA

    Hello, I am a Canadian medical student interested in applying for a 1 month rotation in the US in IR. I don't know much about US radiology programs, so I was hoping to find some help here. I am VERY interested in interventional oncology, so I'll ask my question in 2 parts: - what are the...
  14. A

    OHSU vs Dartmouth?

    Any thoughts? Both are NCI designated institutions? Any opinions on the strengths of each of these based on your experience? Is one significantly better than the other? Thanks.
  15. A

    MD & DO Interested in Oncology/Radiation Oncology and want residency application tips?

    Medical students interested in radiation oncology careers as well as medical and surgical oncology, are invited to participate in an upcoming webinar featuring Dr. Neha Vapiwala of the University of Pennsylvania. The program will be held on Wednesday, April 17 from 3-4 p.m. Eastern Time. After...
  16. K

    Research: Does Clinical vs. Bench matter?

    So I'm currently doing my masters and have the opportunity to do some research this summer. There are two programs that I'm interested in. One is a clinical / rural & community health research program working on Telemedicine and the other is bench research working with Pediatric Oncology. I'm...
  17. doctorstrangerthingz

    Whats is like being a hematologist/oncologist?

    Hi everyone, I'm an M1 and I've been giving a lot of consideration to heme/onc as a specialty (I know its still early to decide). Would anyone be willing to share what it is like to be a heme/onc doctor? Given the seriousness and life-threatening nature of the diseases encountered, do you...
  18. Birdnals

    Variety of surgical procedures in nsgy onc

    Hey all, I'm a third year medical student. Neurosurgery is still on the table for me but I don't have a home program so it's difficult to get exposure/advice. I'm working on making some connections so I can preview the field a bit, but I'm curious about the diversity of surgical procedures of...
  19. Sincerely Sapphire

    No Residency --> Clinical Pharmacy position

    Hey, I'm a 3pd interested in oncology. Looking on the forum, lots of people mention how people get jobs in clinical positions without residencies. I was wondering, what kind of things do those people have that make them acceptable for a clinical position right after Graduation. Are they...
  20. D

    Other What sub-specialties from others?

    Question should read: What sub-specialties STEAL from others? I am interested in oncology, but I don't know whether surgical or medical. It seems surgical oncologists have a better chance of stealing patients and taking a chunk from the medical oncologists. Is that true are they different...
  21. A

    Are Hem/Onc docs paid less than hospitalists in general?

    I heard from a current Hem/Onc fellow that hospitalists are paid higher than Hem/Onc specialists. I thought Hem/Onc had greater salaries, almost on par with Pulm/Crit and Cardiology, so I was just wondering how far was true. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  22. A

    Current Hem/Onc salaries?

    Is it true that compensation in Hem/Onc is declining? Do you see the compensation for Hem/Onc physicians going down in the future? As an IM resident planning on going into Hem/Onc, just wondering if the pay would be competitive. I see lots of figures thrown around in websites, but I am not sure...
  23. flannelfan

    Could you theoretically shoot for hem/onc without doing research?

    Hey all, I'm just an M1 here particularly interested in hem/onc. I was curious if anyone had any insight on this/would know anything about the possibility of matching hem/onc with good board scores, community involvement, leadership experience, etc. (hypothetically speaking of course, I know...
  24. S

    Am I too old to become an MD?

    Hi there, apologies if I am not using this forum right. I literally just became a member so I'm new to everything. So long story short. I went to school and got my BA in Social Work. I am about to finish with my masters in it as well, and the goal was to graduate and get my LCSW so I could open...
  25. immunokey

    Once in a Lifetime Biz Opportunity in Seattle (veterinary)

    Seattle startup is about to disrupt veterinary oncology with a medical device that completely eliminated tumors in 60% of dogs in recent PennVett dog study (dogs had 100% fatal cancers and were expected to live no more than six weeks). Our product is safe (no side effects, high quality of...
  26. PatNanym

    GI vs HemeOnc fellowship. Your help appreciated.

    I am an IMG PGY2 in a community-based hospital in New England. I am looking at doing a fellowship in either GI or HemeOnc. I am more interested in GI, but I'm a little apprehensive hearing the match rates (~15% for IMGs this year?) and am confused as to which to apply to. Is HemeOnc almost as...
  27. J

    Oncology research as an MS1

    Hi all, I am an incoming M1 who is undecided about which specialty I want to pursue (as we all are.) I have done extensive shadowing an a lot of fields, and from my experiences I have decided that I am leaning toward medicine related fields rather than surgical specialties. Fields like...
  28. BonniePharmD

    BCOP study - looking for chemo drug table

    Does anyone have a chemotherapy drug chart or table that they made (or already had) to study for the recent BCOP? I would like to have one; the one I have is from pharmacy school in 2003, so obviously, it's a bit outdated. I am willing to trade the 2016 BCOP Course Handbook (I didn't get a...
  29. H

    Future of Medicine

    Hey everyone! I was wondering about a few things in the next ten to twenty years of medicine. I am an undergraduate student, Molecular Biology Major, and hoping to pursue medicine in the future. This will be my last year, (I have taken my MCAT and have everything set to go). I am deciding on my...
  30. Sellersrobe

    Surgical Oncology

    Hi! I am currently researching the different options as an oncologist and the two that interest me most are radiology and surgical careers. There is a lot out there about the job market, salary, etc on radiology oncology, but I couldn't find anything specific about surgical oncology. Does anyone...
  31. O

    Oncology Pharmacy Oversaturation?

    Hi, I am currently a junior in high school and I am interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy. I would really love to work in a career that involves the treatment of cancer, so oncology pharmacy in particular has appealed to me. As I've been researching the field, I have seen many members...
  32. Kakarrott

    What makes heme/onc so... ?respected?

    What Iam trying to ask, whenever I see some threads about respected/intelectualy most difficult/broadest medical speacialities, everywhere I see heme/onc, what is so particulary great about this combination that makes it so, I dont think respected is the right word but lets go with that. I hope...
  33. Kakarrott

    Gynecologic Oncology

    I have searched this forum and the last thread for this topic is dated in 2005. So I wanted to ask if something changed, if it is still as competetive as was stated in that old thread. Also I wanted to ask if is true that you combine here aspects of medical oncology and surgical oncology at once...
  34. C

    New Peds Hem/Onc Fellowship in CT!

    The University of Connecticut School of Medicine and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center are pleased to announce the recent addition of a Fellowship in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology! Recruitment has begun and is underway for the 2018 Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellowship position. Our...
  35. Domek

    Medical Oncology

    Hi everyone, I apologize for my noobishness in regard to these forums. I'm sure there are probably at least half a dozen threads on this already, but I couldn't find one in the .000038 second Google search that I did on the subject so I thought I'd make another one. Here goes... Oncology is...
  36. K


    Hi all, I'm currently M2 at a US MD school. I'm basically 100% sure that I want to work with Myeloma, maybe exclusively. I want to eventually train under the best MM docs, and I imagine rotations for IM are my first opportunity to make those connections. That said, I'd really appreciate some...
  37. R

    Neurosurgical Oncology

    What is the lifestyle like compared to a general neurosurgeon? Are there usually any emergencies you'd get called in for? Also how competitive is it to get into neurosurgery residencies and neurosurgical oncology fellowship?
  38. G

    Pathology Puzzles International project

    We have launched our Pathology Puzzles project a few mounth ago and welcome all pathologists to join us! http://pathologypuzzles.com/ Pathology Puzzles is the online platform for professional pathologist's discussion and pathology cases diagnostics based on the Digital Pathology© system. This...
  39. A

    Will having two dogs in medical school ruin my life?

    Alright, so I am an undergrad looking at going in Neurology (Possibly Oncology) after my BA, which means medical school. I have a 6 month old incredibly easy puppy who is an amazing part of my life. I love having a dog and will never regret getting him as he is my best friend and understands...
  40. K

    Oncology (Hem/Onc) Residency Pathways

    From my knowledge, if one would like to go into Oncology or Hem/Onc, one would first apply for an Internal Medicine residency, then later apply for an Oncology sub-specialty training. Is that always the training pathway, or are there "Oncology residency program" that you can apply for right...