1. cruz3r

    Gots Cs in Orgo and Physics 1. What should I do?

    I ended up getting Cs in orgo 1, orgo 2, and physics 1. On the brighter side, I made an improvement by getting a B in physics 2. As of now, my gpa is around 3.68 (including college transfer credits from high school and also 2 Bs from microbio and a pharmacology class). BCPM is 3.51. I was...
  2. L

    Taking Orgo 2 for the 5th time - am I delusional?

    I am going to be taking Organic Chemistry 2 for the 5th time this summer. (Lord.) I took Organic Chemistry 1 THREE times before I finally passed with a C. I HATE chemistry to say the least. I don't get it at all but to be fair, if I spent more time with the material than I currently do, I might...
  3. soakedwithwatermel

    Retake Orgo I & II from community college (dual enrollment) at four-year university?

    Hello! I took Orgo I & II (lecture only, no lab component) at my local community college senior year in high school for dual enrollmennt and ended with 'A's. Should I retake Orgo I & II (lecture with lab) at my four-year university as the course may be harder at a university level and medical...
  4. J

    Orgo lab before or after pod school Easter egg collection?

    I am currently enrolled in orgo II and will need to take the lab separately. I was planning on taking it during the summer I session but I'd like to take it in the fall instead after applying this cycle as I would like to devote my time to finishing my mcat prep and exam. Would this affect my...
  5. Perchperkins

    I got a 3.0 this semester with an overall GPA of 3.63, what are my chances?

    Hey guys, I posted a few days ago about how my grades went down. My first semester was a 3.77, my second a 3.89 and now my third was a 3.0. It was a huge drop - thanks calculus. I had a lot going on with work, COVID and online classes. The good news is that I got an A is orgo, the bad news is...
  6. S

    Seeking Advice for This Summer

    Hey yall, I was going to take Organic Chemistry I-II (with lab) this summer and volunteer a bit at a nearby hospital/nursing home, but now most programs moved online and I'm worried it'll look bad when I apply to med schools. A little more about my situation: Taking during the school year I...
  7. clr12

    Organic Chemistry Requirement?

    Hi guys, for the schools that only require one semester of organic chemistry with a lab should it be the class titled Organic Chemistry 1? I'm trying to take some classes over the summer and they offer one called Foundations of Organic Chemistry which would work so much better with my schedule...
  8. M

    In need of some input? Pre-pharm chem grades

    Mid-semester blues happening right about now. Worries for daysssssss. My overall cumulative GPA is 1 3.65 and my science grades are... Gen chem 1: B+ Gen chem 2: B+ Bio 1: A Bio 2: A Orgo 1: B- Heart breaking I know :( I would get A's on several exams in all my chems but somehow get screwed...
  9. F

    gen chem

  10. A

    C/C- in Organic Chemistry but I can't retake at my school

    On the online admissions pages for most schools, I didn't see a lot of hard cutoffs per subject, but when I looked at the prerequisites for each school through AADSAS, most schools list "Organic Chemistry - 6.0 credits - 2.0 grade" I'm panicking now because I received a C on my first quarter...
  11. P

    Question about Sn2!!!

    The Kaplan book for Orgo mentions that the Gabriel synthesis uses a very bulky nucleophile (phthalimide) for the Sn2 reaction with diethylbromomalonate. The book mentions that "the bulkiness of the nucleophile creates steric hindrance, which prevents the substrate carbon from undergoing multiple...
  12. I

    basicity of amino acids

    I was wondering why histidine < lysine < arginine are in this order of increasing basicity, if histidine has a more stable conjugate acid (protonated form) due to resonance?
  13. 2

    When to take DAT- Taking Organic This Year

    Hello, Im brand new to this website, so I apologize if I seem oblivious to things that might be obvious. Currently a junior at a small college in western New York, and will be taking Organic I in the fall and II in the spring. I'd like to take the DAT in late March, after I've been able to...
  14. brightlight3

    Biochem as an acceptable substitute for Orgo II

    I have a question regarding Biochem substituting for Orgo II for medical school admissions. If I took Orgo I with Lab and did Biochem I, would I need to have a lab component in order to fulfill the medical school requirements or would it be acceptable to just have the lab for Orgo I with a...
  15. P

    Why is an acetal less reactive than an aldehyde?

    Why is an acetal less reactive than an aldehyde?
  16. G

    Pass/Fail Organic Chemistry

    Hello, I'm unsure whether I should change my Orgo I grading option to pass/fail and retake it next year. I got below the average score for my first midterm and after taking the second one...not feeling so great about it either. Would retaking the class and getting a higher grade be able to...
  17. D

    ACS Exam for Organic

    My Organic 2 class is taking the American Chemical Society Organic Chemistry standardized test for our final in a month. Has anyone else taken this exam? How did you study? Any tips?
  18. jg2021

    Tips on Surviving Organic Chem

    I have just finished my second semester of undergrad, hating gen chem all the way. I am more of a memorization person and the number of concepts frustrated me a bit. I'll be taking orgo, along with stats, microbio, genetics, and phys next year (split up over two semesters of course with a few...
  19. S

    Good enough gpa? HELP!! pre-dental

    Hi everyone, I am a double major in Philosophy and Biology (I know they are very different.) My first two years of college I had to work full time because I had to pay for college while I was a full time student too. I did my best to keep my grades up and did well on biology, got A- on both...
  20. S

    Taking ORGO 1&2 at another university for the Summer?

    Hey everyone! Even though I've been stalking SDN for a significantly long time, this is my first post! Small tidbit about me: Sociology Major, Spanish Minor Sophomore at Top 50 Private University 3.6 Overall 3.4 Science GPA Black Female Due to my interest in my minor, I have formed my four...
  21. R

    Organic Chemistry Lab Grade

    I took Organic Chemistry 1 this last semester (with the lab) and received a D in the lecture component and a C- in the lab. I am re-registered for the lecture, but am wondering if it is really necessary to re-take the lab. While I understand re-taking it and getting any grade above the C- would...
  22. futureortho14

    UNE Online Class for Pre-Dental

    Hello, I need to take BioChem. Unfortunately, I work full time and unable to take time out of my work day to attend an actual class. Has anyone ever taken UNE classes online and still got accepted into dental school? If so, which class or classes? If you happen to know which schools definitely...
  23. Niikkiiii

    Having trouble this semester

    Hey all, I have had a pretty rough semester. I guess I would like some reassurance (if possible). I want to go to medical school but I am literally in danger of failing two classes. I have been busting my ass and trying to pull through but I do not know if that will be enough as the semester...
  24. Isoval

    Where did the second 'o' in 'orgo' come from?

    Seriously, this makes no sense to somebody who calls it 'ochem'. Where ever did the second 'o' come from? Did you guys take orgonic omistry? :thinking:
  25. Niikkiiii

    Chemistry Questions (Do I have to start all over?)

    Hi all, I am currently in my sophmore year of college, and I am finishing the chemistry for my program. However, my program is "advanced" I guess you could say. It is supposed to be done in a year and a half, instead of two years like med schools require. Instead of the classes saying organic...
  26. D

    WANTED: TBR Orgo and Chem

    Hi all, I am looking for the Orgo and Chem TBR sets for the new MCAT. Preferably minimally marked. Thanks!
  27. D

    DAT in 2 weeks/reschedule?

    I only had 7 weeks to study for the DAT after summer school session 1 because I am going on a dental mission trip the third week of September. I am now only 2 weeks away from my test date and I am basically only halfway done with Ari's Study guide. I started doing the gen chem bootcamp and...
  28. D

    Studying using 2011 TBR so what should I do about biochem and ochem?

    I'm using the old version of the Berkeley Review to get ready for the exam, but I am worried that the 2011 version that I am using will not adequately cover biochem. Also I think their ochem might be more in-depth than I need for the 2015 MCAT. Any suggestions as to what I should do especially...
  29. O-Block Uchiha

    Confusing MCAT Organic Chemistry Question

    So I'm taking a quest bank and one of the questions read: Which of the following reactions will produce butanone? The answer: 3-oxopentanoic acid + heat. Can someone please explain this reaction to me?! Thank you in advance.
  30. M

    Should I retake these courses???

    Hi Everyone! So I'm applying MD and am really only concerned about my grades in Orgo 1 and 2. My school does lab and lecture separately so for Orgo 1 I ended up with a C+ in lecture (3 credit hours) and an A- in lab (1 credit). For Orgo 2, I had a C in lecture (3 credits) and an A in lab (1...
  31. B

    How much to charge as an orgo tutor?

    Incoming MS1. I've taught organic chem for 4 years now and plan to tutor 2-4 hours/week this year for some spare $. I charged $25/hour in undergrad and $40/hour since graduation last year. Should I keep my prices the same or is there room to go up?
  32. Sortie

    Does it matter which core course I take sophomore year?

    I took Gen Chem 1&2 last year. I received an A and B respectively in each course (My university doesn't assign letter grades like A- or C+). However, I was wondering if dental schools would frown upon me putting off Orgo until junior year, as I'd rather take physics and biology this year. What...
  33. A

    Orgo at Community College

    What schools should I NOT apply to if I took organic chem 1 and 2 with labs over the summer at a community college (A in 1, C in 2)? What schools are strictly against science courses at a CC? Just trying to narrow down my list before this application cycle begins in a few days. Thanks in advance.
  34. C

    Best resource for Organic Chemistry I and II

    Hello! I am taking the dreaded O Chem 1 and 2 this summer over two 5 week sessions. As such, I am looking to be successful in this course. For which, I am looking for resources that you used, i.e. review books, problem sets, etc, that you found especially useful in fighting the beast. I hope to...
  35. F

    Organic chemistry prep?

    Going to be taking organic I & II in summer, and I've got two weeks before classes begin. I was a solid B+ in Chemistry (with a huge curve in chem II though), and pretty much memorized my way through chemistry without really understanding concepts too great. Any books, videos, or etc...
  36. 2

    Predental student: C in orgo 2

    Hey everyone, I was trying to find a thread on this already, but I couldn't find anything very recent. I just found out I got a C in orgo 2. I just finished my sophomore year and I currently have a 3.469. I got a solid B in orgo 1, so seeing it go down a whole letter grade gives me anxiety...
  37. puppers

    DAT Organic Chemistry Question

    Hi! Just wondering.. I'm currently a soph in undergrad and I'm finishing up this semester w/orgo 1, and I'm taking orgo 2 over the summer.. Would it be a good idea to study for the DAT at the same time and take it sometime July/Aug? I have all my other DAT prereqs done. Just wondering because...
  38. L

    Drop Class? Study tips?

    Hey guys, I'm currently a sophomore in college. I've found the transition from high school to college quite difficult, especially relating to science classes and as such my gpa has suffered quite a bit (3C's, 4B's, 1A). A big part of why my GPA suffered so much was related to ineffective...
  39. F

    Orgo I & II during the summer

    I know there's lots of posts on this but wanted to share my credentials. I'm looking to take orgo I & II (lab during normal semester) in the summer. It's at the same university I go to and it's basically because I'm a year behind on the pre med track and taking orgo in the summer would allow me...
  40. O

    What to be studying?

    Hi everyone! Im planning on taking the DAT this coming summer but i will be studying all summer and taking it at the end. I was curious as to what material i should be using? Based on previous standardized exams i'm not the best at english/reading comp. Im currently taking bio 1 now and will be...