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  1. bubble21

    Holding Acceptances, But Holding Out For Waitlist Question?

    This might be a dumb question, but I am a bit of a neurotic pre-med, I can admit and would really appreciate some help clearing this up :) I currently hold two acceptances, but will be withdrawing one of them today. However, this is after the May 15th deadline. I'm a bit confused as to how the...
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical Why a Hands-on Approach to Patient Care Is Important to This Aspiring Physiatrist

    Learn how real students navigate their way through the medical school admissions process and med school itself with our What Is Medical School Really Like? series. Meet Becca, a hiking enthusiast and OMS3 who hopes to dispel misconceptions about individuals with disabilities. Thank you, Becca...
  3. CoomassieBlue57

    Whoot! Whoot! COCA Seeks Feedback (Wait, What?)

    COCA invites the osteopathic medical education community, the osteopathic profession, and the public at large to share feedback for the “COCA Substantive Change Policies and Procedures” document. The document can be found here...
  4. S

    UNECOM vs ATSU-SOMA vs. Touro-Harlem

  5. Bobcat01

    Seeking Advice for AZCOM vs. PCOM-GA [please help!]

    Hello there! I've been extremely fortunate to have been accepted to a number of DO schools. I have narrowed these down to just AZCOM and PCOM-GA based off location, curriculum, and other preferences. However, now I'm facing an increasing struggle to decide between the two and would really...
  6. K

    What are my chances?

    Age: 23 Undergrad University: Florida Atlantic University Residence: MI Sex: Female Ethnicity: Middle Eastern (immigrant) MCAT: 498 (124,123,127,124) Undergrad GPA: 3.26 Science Undergrad GPA: 3.15 Graduate GPA: 4.0, masters' of biomedical sciences with a thesis in alzheimer's disease (thesis...
  7. c_t_a_95

    Average MCAT scores for DO schools?

    Does anyone know of a website or something like MSAR that has the average mcat scores for all of the DO schools? I see a lot of things with old mcat scores but I cant find much for the new scoring system.
  8. B

    Is it too late to submit a DO Primary?

    Hi, I've called a couple of schools and asked about my stats specifically and they said I would be within range. But realistically, is it too late to submit a primary right now? Schools: LECOM, NYITCOM, PCOM, UNECOM
  9. Fussbal_doc

    Should I apply this cycle?

    I am currently a junior in college doing a science major, as well as a college athlete. I currently have a 3.71 cGPA and a 3.52 sGPA I am planning currently on taking the MCAT towards the end of July. However, I am at a cross roads, I have minimal shadowing (50 hours), and minimal volunteering...
  10. C

    D.O. Personal Statement

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if someone would be so kind to read and give me feedback on my personal statement? I'm hoping to get advice from some medical students! Thank you!!
  11. P

    2.9 sGPA 510 MCAT

    Michigan Resident Ethnicity: Indian 2.9sGPA, 3.0cGPA, 510 MCAT 50 hours of tutoring 50 hours of MD shadowing 250 hours of CNA 500 hours of volunteering at family business Any chances?
  12. O

    Why I am regret osteopathy

    “DO’s treat the person as a whole”, “DO’s are holistic”, “DO’s are trained to use their hands to bring relief to their patients”. Such phraseology peaked your interest and you gravitated towards the profession. Who wouldn’t want to treat their patient “as a whole”? If you are still reading...
  13. O

    Why I am regretting osteopathy

    “DO’s treat the person as a whole”, “DO’s are holistic”, “DO’s are trained to use their hands to bring relief to their patients”. Such phraseology peaked your interest and you gravitated towards the profession. Who wouldn’t want to treat their patient “as a whole”? If you are still reading...
  14. G

    Trying to figure out where to apply....

    Hi everyone! I would appreciate any and all help! I am going to apply this cycle and was wondering which MD and DO schools I had a shot at getting into. Thank you!
  15. T

    ou-hcom-ohio vs edward via-virginia

    I have lots of interest in attending both schools. They both seemed very similar and I am having a hard time choosing between the two. -Tuition is not much of a factor because ohio U increases their tuition for years 3 and 4 making it only negligibly cheaper overall. -I like the location of...
  16. D

    5 DO invites and 0 MD invites..why?

    I applied to ~34 MD schools and ~16 DO schools. My problem is that I have gotten 5 DO interview invites but only 1 MD invite, to which I was eventually rejected. My LizzieM score is 66.5 (3.65gpa/508 MCAT). I think the reason may be that my stats are simply not competitive enough for MD schools...
  17. D

    DO's: USMLE Step 1 scores

    Can someone please answer this question for me as I have tried finding out this info online and am not able to find it :/ For both TUCOM-CA and DMU-COM students: What is the average USMLE Step 1 score??? How are students scoring on the step 1? Are their ample resources?
  18. H

    AZCOM vs. KCU-Joplin

    I know these threads can be common but I have yet to see one that discusses the Joplin Campus Specifically. Both schools are solid academically as far as I can tell, so that wont be listed as a pro or con. Here is how the situation plays out for me: I am from California so AZCOM has the...
  19. D

    Should I attend DMUCOM or TUCOM CA?

    Hello everyone, I have a tough decision to make, and I know that only I can decide what's best for me. With that said, I need advice to help decide which school I should attend this coming Fall 2017: Des Moines Univ College of Osteopathic Medicine (DMU-COM) or Touro University College of...
  20. P

    Study Plan for MSI/MSII and Boards

    Hey everyone! I've been perusing SDN since getting accepted to DO school last September, and have been looking through various study plans that were used by successful students on here. I ended up combining the ones I liked and thought would work well with my learning style into one big study...
  21. bookworm_92

    Wondering the reason for my post interview rejection at KCUMB :(

    Hey Y'all, I'm a Texas resident who applied to all Texas Schools and about 9 DO schools. I knew I wasn't a competitive applicant for MD schools but I thought I had stats decent enough to get me into DO schools. Well I got secondaries from all DO schools and I got invited for interviews to one...
  22. L

    Osteopathic schools that teach nutrition?

    Hi! I would really liked to be trained in nutrition. Does anybody know any osteopathic medical schools that make nutrition a part of their curriculum? Do you know of any residency type programs where you can get certified in nutrition, if this is not a possibility?
  23. M

    Questions for OU-HCOM Graduates

    Hello Everyone! I just got accepted in the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. I have a few questions for graduates that have finished their residencies and are now working after earning their degree from this great school. How did you compare to other students whether...
  24. I

    CCOM Interview - Please Help!

    Hellooo, I have an interview at CCOM coming up, and I was wondering if anyone could give general advice on the process and also share questions that they were asked during the interview itself? Any advice is welcome and appreciated! Thank you!!
  25. G

    Low GPA..Stressed. My chances?

    Currently a junior. Recently decided to go into DO school....did not have much guidance during college, first two years were very tough with low gpa. Recently decided to go into osteopathic medicine. Have a lot of C's. New to this, have a lot of questions but don't know who to ask so posting on...
  26. M

    DO Canadian - 3.7 gpa - Mcat 505

    I just got my mcat score back and im really crushed, do i still have a chance at US DO if apply in May 2017? The gpa is from the aacomas calculator with grade replacement. Im thinking that that maybe i should repeat the mcat since I am a canadian, but then that would be my third time taking it...
  27. G

    Need Advice..

  28. C

    Post Bacc Programs Abroad?

    I am a junior in undergrad and am hoping to get into DO school. I have some bad grades from previous semesters, no clinical experience, and very few extracurriculars since high school. Right now my chances to getting into DO school are slim to none. I am currently working on getting clinical and...
  29. J

    highschool vs. college

    I keep reading everywhere that what you do in high school doesnt really matter.... in a sense yes it doesnt because you can start fresh in college... however I cant wrap my head around the fact tht if someone struggled in high school... where easier things are taught how will they succeed in...
  30. S

    MD & DO What are my chances for DO or MD?

    Major: Occupational Therapy with a minor in Psychology cGPA: 3.61 sGPA: 4.0 I haven't taken the MCAT yet, but I'm hoping to take them Spring 2017. I'm about to enter my 4th year in a combined BS/MS 5-year occupational therapy at a relatively small school, however I ended up realizing...
  31. Y

    School List Revision - 507 MCAT

    Hi All, I have posted about my chances before. Well, now I am back with legitimate updates and am very close to submitting my app to AACOMAS. I am NYS resident, 507 MCAT. Just got my grades and managed to maintain my GPA (thought it was going to drop way way low) - 3.81 cGPA, 3.7 sGPA. Just...
  32. M

    DO My chances of getting into Osteopathic Schools ?

    Hey everyone,
  33. I

    Which schools to apply to??

    Almost ready to submit my AACOMAS application and wondering which schools I should apply to for the best chance: GPA: 3.3 (science 3.0) MCAT: 501 Tons of volunteering, healthcare experience, and good LORs I would prefer to stay in the midwest but in terms of medical school admission, I can't be...
  34. Y

    2017 CIB and the aacomas

    Hi All, I hope I am posting in the right place - you might see two posts (i accidentally posted in the school specific DO forum - and i can't figure out how to delete it :/ ) But anyway...I was looking through the 2017 CIB and I started noticing that the schools that historically REQUIRE a DO...
  35. Y

    2017 AACOMAS requirements

    Hi All, So I was looking through the 2017 CIB and I started noticing that the schools that historically REQUIRE a DO letter have now switched to saying "recommend a letter from a PHYSICIAN". Some examples I found: DMU-COM - it's not on the CIB but on their website it says PHYSICIAN...
  36. G

    How hard is it to get into D.O. school with low gpa?

  37. S

    Do I apply this cycle or not?

    Hello, I am pretty confused on whether or not I should apply to DO school this cycle. I have a 3.4 cgpa/sgpa, averaging around 501 on my practice MCATs which I am taking in June. The problem is my extracurriculars are very weak. The only things I have done so far is tutoring other students for...
  38. CubanGatorGirl

    UF Masters of Medical science -- good route to take to get into an MD program?

    I graduated from the Univeristy of Florida in August of 2015 with a BS in Nutrional Sciences. Between then and now I have been retaking a few courses to boost my GPA because my goal was to go to a DO school because I had a horrible GPA (when I graduated it was sGPA 3.0 cGPA 2.9). I am starting...
  39. G

    Real Reason for MD Over DO?

    In general what are the reasons for choosing to apply to MD schools vs DO schools. Since they can do the same residencies and jobs it seems like the only real reasons to choose MD over DO is because of the prestige factor. Can anyone else give their insight on this?
  40. S

    Do I wait or not?