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  1. B

    Upitt BMP va Meharry MHS

    Hello All I’ve been accepted to both of these programs and I am having a hard time making a decision. does anyone have any inputs? I have a pretty good GPA >3.85 My issue is the MCAT. I’ve taken it and scored terribly. I’ve not really been good at standardized exams. I had to take the SAT...
  2. M

    Need help with SMP decision! 2 days to decide

    So I've recently been accepted to a couple SMP programs for academic enhancement and I've narrowed it down to Tulane's masters in cell and molecular biology program and Kansas City University of Medicine's master of biomedical science. My goal after the program is MD. I'd really appreciate some...
  3. H

    Career changer post-bac forced online - Will med schools discount my grades?

    Hello all, I'm sure many are in my shoes, but I was planning to start a post bac program this Fall for a 1 year post bac for career changers. However, it seems that Fall 2020 classes will now be all online, and who knows what will happen for Spring 2020. My question summed up is: Would MD...
  4. B

    Advice: Elms Post-bacc vs. Hofstra

    Hi everyone! New to SDN; I graduated last year with a low GPA (c: 2.93, s: (honestly idk, likely 2.6)) and got accepted into a few post-bacc programs this year. Currently, I'm having some trouble choosing between Elms Post-bacc and Hofstra's. I'm still waiting to hear back from BU MAMS, but...
  5. P

    Gap Year Decision! SMP? Research?

    I graduated from undergrad this May, and I will be applying to medical school next summer. I am taking my MCAT this August and so far I've been averaging around 510. I am at a huge crossroads on what to do this next year. I graduated from a top 30 college with 3.59 cGPA, 3.4 sGPA with good...
  6. S

    Pass/Fail Grade Option for Non-Prereq course in Postbac

    Hello Everyone! I am looking for some opinions I am currently doing a do-it-yourself postbac and have finished last semester with 3 A's and 2 B's. I will be finishing this semester with 4 A's and 1 B (in a non-prereq course). I was thinking of taking a pass on the B because I am trying to...
  7. A

    Georgetown University SMP 2020-2021

    I haven't been able to find a thread for this application cycle for the Georgetown SMP. I just submitted my application. Has anyone gotten in recently? How long does it take to hear back?
  8. Iverson234

    NYU, Goucher, JHU-Perspective Needed

  9. U

    UNR SOM Post-baccalaureate Program Interviews?

    Hi! I applied to the UNRSOM Postbac program and haven't heard anything re: interview. They said applicants would be notified 2/1 approximately for interviews, which of course was a weekend. Just wondering if anyone else out there applied and has heard. Says interviews are going to be held 2/19...
  10. L

    PBPM chances from HYP straight out

    Hi all! Long-time lurker, first time poster here. I'm a junior at Princeton (providing only for GPA context) with a ~3.85 GPA that hopefully will rise a touch by next fall. Scored 2390 on my SATs and am currently majoring in the social sciences. Have taken absolutely no STEM classes (except one...
  11. J

    What should I do?

    Hello everyone, I graduated may of 2017 with a gpa of 2.75 in psychology due to a death in my family during my freshman year & also transitioning into college, etc. it was just a lot going on during that year but I was able to do well from my sophomore up until senior year but unfortunately my...
  12. Y

    Keck Graduate Institute PPC Program

    I am going to have my interview in 5 days. I have heard that the interview process is pretty chill, and I did prepare a lot for commonly asked questions for grad school interview. I am still quite nervous since english is not my first language and this is my first time going to a interview for...
  13. B

    Accept now, decline later? (Post-bac programs)

    I tried to find a thread similar to this, but I couldn't, so I will ask here: So, most post-bac programs I have applied to (total: 6) wont sent out interview invites until next year. However, I just completed an interview (let's call it school A) and will hear back in the next few weeks and...
  14. S

    Fordham vs. Columbia Postbacc

    I’ve been accepted into Columbia’s postbacc program. It seems great, but it’s VERY expensive. Around $80,000 for the two years (which I can pay for but yikes). Fordham also has a postbacc which is significantly cheaper. But I can’t seem to get a good sense of how much of an advantage I would be...
  15. A

    Drexel IHS 2019-2021

    Hey guys! I was just accepted to Drexel's IHS program for Fall 2019. I noticed there wasn't a recent thread yet for this program and wanted to reach out. Anybody else considering attending? I'm having a lot of trouble finding information about it, so if you happen to be a student/alumnus, I'd...
  16. Ostkoshbgosh

    Barry Biomedical Science Masters (BMS) Fall 2019

    Hi, feel free to post any questions here. I am currently a student on the 18 month track!
  17. M

    Should I do a post bacc program or declare a chemistry minor?

    Hi everyone, I am in a senior in George Mason, and until a couple month ago I decided that I wanted to become a psychiatrist. I am a psych major with a 3.4 GPA and I haven't taken any of the chemistry premed requirements yet. I have two options, either declare a minor in chemistry which will...
  18. A

    Post Bacc/SMP Programs

    Hi! I'm graduating this May and know that I probably need an academic record enhancer post bacc program to be considered a strong applicant. I'm currently looking at Georgetown SMP, BU MAMS, Brown ScM and Johns Hopkins Master of Health Science (all 1 year programs) and got accepted to Duke MBS...
  19. G

    Post-Bacc Decision Help Needed! (Umich MEDPREP vs. Agnes Scott)

    Hi there, I am in the process of deciding between two post-bacc programs: The University of Michigan's MEDPREP program and Agnes Scott's program. I have heard more about Agnes Scott's program, as it has been around for much longer, but I do not want to discount Michigan's program because it...
  20. K


    Hello everyone! Has anyone applied to the IRTA post bac at the NIH for this year? For former post bacs, how was you experience and what were some of the challenges you faced during your time there? I had an interview today for Bethesda, MD. Has anyone ever worked there? Please share your...
  21. D

    Columbia vs NYU postbac

    Hi all, this is my first post here. I am facing a difficult choice between Columbia and NYU's postbac premed programs. The deadline to decide is tomorrow so I would really appreciate any feedbacks! I knew there are lots of complains about Columbia in this forum but I am having difficulty finding...
  22. D

    Columbia or NYU postbac

    Hi all, this is my first post here. I am facing a difficult choice between Columbia and NYU's postbac premed programs. The deadline to decide is next week so I would really appreciate any feedbacks! I knew there are lots of complains about Columbia in this forum but I am having difficulty...
  23. D

    Columbia vs NYU Postbac

    Hi all, this is my first post here. I am facing a difficult choice between Columbia and NYU's postbac premed programs. The deadline to decide is next week so I would really appreciate any feedbacks! I knew there are lots of complains about Columbia in this forum but I am having difficulty...
  24. B

    Loyola MAMS 2019-2020

    I haven't seen a thread for this yet, so I thought I'd create one. I just applied last week, has anyone else heard anything yet? Or have any insight into the program?
  25. C

    Goucher Post-Bac 2019-2020

    Hi everyone, I have decided to submit my deposit for Goucher's PBPM program for the 2019-2020 class year. Is there anyone else who has decided to join the class? I was admitted to both Bryn Mawr and Goucher and ultimately sided with Goucher because Bryn Mawr's program would have required...
  26. S

    Pursuing post-bac with significant science experience

    I finished undergrad in 2016 and I am looking to go to medical school. I majored in political science but I have quite the smattering of science courses. 3.998 GPA. I am trying to figure out the following It's been quite a long time since I took some science courses. I excelled in these...
  27. P

    Rosalind Franklin BMS 2019-2020

    Hey all! Im jumping the gun a little bit since the application won't open until November 1 but I figured Id start a new thread for those applying for the BMS program next year. Any recent BMS grads (2017-2018) on here who have any thoughts on the program? Thanks! and Good Luck everyone!
  28. S

    SMP Questions

  29. T

    BSN Student applying to Post Baccs

    Hi so I just graduated from nursing school and am wanting to go back to a post bacc so I can hopefully can go to med school. I will end with around a 3.5 gpa and lots of healthcare experience from nursing school. I did get two cs as a freshman in biology and chemistry but have improved my grades...
  30. K

    Need help clearing some questions

    Currently studying for the MCAT for 7/7 with practice scores between 507-510. uGPA: 3.1 postbacc GPA (19 credits upper division bio) - 3.947 final AACOMAS sGPA : 3.10 final cGPA: 3.23 ORM FL Resident My issues are: 1) Do I stand a chance with these stats for DO schools? 2) I will not have a...
  31. Mickey.Mouse

    How to approach and what classes to take on a DIY PostBacc?

    Hello everyone, I graduated from FDU with a BS/MS in 2016 with a combined GPA of 3.05. I've manually calculated my uGPA as 2.98 and my gGPA as 3.24, however, I might've done it wrong. I will recalculate it. Took my MCAT in 2017 with little to no preparation and scored a 488. I know that with...
  32. mbdavis

    Postbac-premed Questions!

    Hello everyone! I'm what most postbac-premed offerers consider a "career-changer." I didn't know what I wanted to do straight out of high school, and settled on studying my passion--music. I now will be graduating with my B.A. in Music in December, but over the course of my junior and senior...
  33. B

    Retake physics prereq and where?

    Current senior at Cal who failed physics 8a (got a C+...) Going to take physics 8b next semester and another bio upper div but there is class conflict. the upper div bio class sounds really unique so I was thinking of taking physics at berkeley extension but wondering if this would look bad on...
  34. C

    MoreHouse MSMS Program 2018

    I applied to this program and am looking for more details about the program such as: Expected interview questions, Extensiveness of the program, Do you have the ability to work while in the program? Thanks in advance.
  35. T

    Postbac timeline + Advice

    Hello! First of all let me just say I appreciate whoever takes gets a chance to read this thread and any advice you guys could offer. I'm a recent grad (May 2017) with a degree in bio from my state college "already with a gap year under my belt"- 2.9GPA (sGPA ~2.7) - took a big hit my junior...
  36. Z

    Very Lost: Sort of Unique Situation: Need Assistance

    Hello Everyone, I am currently a rising senior, and I am studying Mechanical Engineering. I have taken Chemistry I and II, along with Physics I and II with the corresponding labs. However, I have not taken any biology courses, or organic chemistry courses or the organic labs. The way my college...
  37. D

    28 year old seeking post-bacc advice

    Hi Everyone! I'm a 28 year old Sales Exec for a tech startup in NYC and after much deliberation have decided to change my career and pursue medicine. My undergraduate cGPA was a 3.0 and any science courses I took were in 2008-2009. I've began the process of becoming a local EMT volunteer and...
  38. M


    Hello to anyone kind enough to read this, I'm new and this is my first post here (although I've read several posts by many of you). I graduated with a BS in Biology. I finished with a horrendous GPA of 2.4 and 134 credit hours. (I'd failed and retook a few classes, but was mostly a C student)...
  39. R

    Confused about post bacc programs/masters program

    I am trying to figure out a route for me to get to medical school. It seems every option I have researched has been shut down. I really hope I am not the only student in the world with this predicament. Hence, why I am here. A little background on myself and school. I graduated from the...