1. B

    Gen Surg rank list

    Hi all, obviously down to the wire here and I'm trying to turn over every stone I can. I am pretty solid on my rank list but agonizing over my top 3: Georgetown, Jefferson, and Umass. I know they are all good programs, but I'm trying to figure out as much as I can about their...
  2. D

    Beware of Hawaii Psychiatry Residency

    University of Hawai'i Psychiatry Residency is risky because of its legal structure, culture, and recent history. Legally, it is unique because residents are employed by a corporation known as Hawaii Residency Programs. HRP is employed by the University of Hawaii. This gives the program...
  3. W

    Long SOM vs Dell

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out which school to rank higher on TMDSAS. I could find only one post about this from 2018. Now that 4 years have passed and Dell has become more established, I'm curious to hear other opinions on this comparison. Personally, I found the culture/ vibe at both...
  4. X

    Army Officer to HPSP--Rank

    Hi all, I'm an active duty Army MAJ with 18 years in, all commissioned. I'll likely be starting med school via HPSP in July of this year. Reading up on the regs it looks like that upon graduation from med school I should be awarded 1/2 credit, so I should start residency as a CPT with 9 years...
  5. J

    What rank is ideal to match into dermatology?

    Where should your medical school rank be, ideally, for dermatology residency? 1-10? 1?
  6. P

    How much does preclinical rank matter when the class average is fairly high?

    I'm an M1 at a lower mid-tier school with pass/fail with internal rankings (which determine adjectives on Dean's letter to residency). I score pretty consistently in the low-mid 80%s on exams, which I would feel pretty good about given the pass/fail situation, except for the fact that the class...
  7. thelazyvaca

    Anesthesiology (or any) residency from a pass/fail & rank-less dental school?

    Hello folks, I am about to attend a dental school that uses P/F in addition to being rank-less. I understand it is early to think about this, but what is the process with matching into a program without those two metrics? Is taking the ADAT a must for schools like that? I am super interested...
  8. M

    Emory vs UF vs Georgetown

    UF Pros -Cost: CoA is significantly cheaper 50K -Great Fit, all current students seem very welcoming and easy to get along with. -Very good match list, but perhaps the weakest of the three. Interested in a competitive specialty. - Administration seems very supportive and mentorship seems...
  9. P

    real trouble with rank list

    Having trouble making my rank list after my #1. Wanted some input on experiences people have had with the following residencies: Cleveland Clinic UPMC UFlorida Sinai NYU Wake Forest Hopkins WashU UTSW UTMB In particular, I feel pretty equally about WashU, UPMC, Cleveland, and Hopkins.
  10. Y

    List of IM residencies by competitiveness

    Hi! I'm looking for a site or something where I can search all (or most) of the US residencies in internal medicine and rank them by least to most competitive. Is there such a thing? I don't want to waste time/money applying somewhere that my chances of being accepted are almost none.
  11. R


    Hey guys! Here is a comprehensive list of the USNWR rankings for the top 50 schools over the last decade: ************************************* USNEWS RANKINGS 2010-2020 ************************************* I hope this is of some use. It seems like a lot of you have been interested in this! -RS
  12. Black Suede

    CWRU (Dean's Scholarship) vs. MCG (Minority Scholarship)

    Hi everyone, thanks in advance for chiming in! I'm very interested in getting different perspectives on this decision, especially from residents, attendings, and possibly PDs, given that Step 1 will be P/F by the time I take it. Some general info about my background/interests/goals: from GA...
  13. House D.O.

    Please help me rank these programs!

    So I cannot for the life of me rank these 3 programs. They are towards the bottom of my list and I was wondering if I could get any external input. JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute - NJ Chicago Schwab Brooklyn Kingsbrook Now I know what your thinking kingsbrook has no name, and schwab is...
  14. T

    Psychiatry ROL!

    Hi, I would immensely appreciate any insight and opinions on the following Psychiatry programs: - Baystate Medical Center/UMMS (Springfield, MA) - Berkshire Medical Center (Pittsfield, MA) - Harvard South Shore/Brockton VA (Brockton, MA) - Wright Center for GME (Scranton, PA) - St. Elizabeth's...
  15. D

    Program Rank #1 Advice Needed

    Hey everyone, I'm a medical student and I need some advice. So, a while back, I took part in a PD question answer panel at my base hospital. Almost all of the PDs agreed that it is best to send an email saying basically "hey I'm ranking you #1 in the rank process". I misunderstood and thought...
  16. D

    Step 2 CK/CS and rank lists

  17. S

    IM rank assist, interested in Heme/onc

    Hi, I am a US-IMG, MS4, interested in Heme/onc. I am mostly interested in/suitable for clinically oriented heme/onc fellowship. I realize none of them are strong for heme/onc, but I thought I'd still give it a try. What should be my rank list? All the academic > community? Texas Tech - El Paso...
  18. D

    Letters of Intent - what's the deal

    Alright, ladies and gents. The consensus is clear on the following: - it is worth informing your #1 program - you should never lie (i.e., tell your #2, #3, etc. that they are your #1) Where the consensus is grey: - is it worth telling programs at the top of your list (but not your #1) that...
  19. R

    Dental Rank 4 US best jobs of 2019!

    Software developer tops list of U.S. News & World Report's annual best jobs rankings According to U.S News ranking dentistry is now rank at #4 :( It was #2 in 2018 and #1 the years before. What do you guys feel about that? With how expensive dental school has become is that affecting your...
  20. toastytoes

    What now? After interviews, before ranks

    Hey, So mostly done with interviews, thank you cards sent, and getting ready to submit this rank list and find out already. What have people heard about communicating with your top choices prior to ranking? Is it standard to email your top choice and tell them they’re your number one? Top three...
  21. N

    MD Bottom in my class rank and starting to think med school is not for me

    I'm a fifth year medical student in a six year European-style program. We don't have Board exams and essentially matching is done based on your overall class rank, which is 50% the combined average of your annual class rank for the six years and 50% your rank in a final comprehensive board-style...
  22. M

    Dell vs UTSW 2019

    Both are great schools, and I loved the interview day, facilities, and meeting the students. However, I am torn between the two - which to rank as my #1. I am not entirely sure which specialty I will be going for, but there's a high chance I would like to do something like Derm, Optho, or...
  23. 3

    Perio Programs Overview

    I know this question gets asked a lot but I haven't seen a recent thread giving an overview of different programs. OMFS programs are usually overviewed more in depth on SDN, and I'd like to start that for perio. Can anyone give insight into your perio residency or what you have heard about...
  24. B

    May have shot myself in the foot...

    I received post-interview communication from several PDs and one of the schools I received an email from was very convincing. I decided to rank them slightly higher than I had intended but ultimately I did not end up placing with them. Overall I wasn’t very satisfied with my placement and I...
  25. 1

    Brown University Post-Bacc

    Hello! I was recently extended an interview invitation to Brown University's post-baccalaureate, Certificate in Medical Sciences program. I'm deciding whether to go in-person to the interview or to schedule a Skype interview since I live in California. Does anyone here know if there is any type...
  26. R

    Anesthesiology ROL Pro's and Con's

    Hi folks, I wanted to share my thoughts on the top 8 places I interviewed at this season for anesthesiology. Don't take my rankings of these programs too seriously though, all of them are phenomenal and have unique offerings. Hope this helps future anesthesiology applicants choose a residency...
  27. boog

    Scholarship vs Rank / Leveraging Scholarship

    Hi everyone, I have recently received a full-tuition+ (160k) scholarship to an in-state med school (rank top 50). I know this is an incredible opportunity, and I hate coming off as entitled, presumptuous etc. But when I attended interviews, the school did not click and students seemed really...
  28. P

    couples matching question

    hi, would a PD, aPD, someone w more experience than me be able to comment on this? for applicants who are couples matching, do their respective departments talk to each other before ranking candidates? or is it pretty independent and they make their decisions as though the applicant is applying...
  29. J

    Ranking Advice

    Hey SDN, I am a MS4 who is really struggling to make my rank order list. I have a lot of great options but an paralyzed by indecision. Most of my programs I enjoy pretty equally, except for a few minor blips. To be honest, almost every program I interviewed at was pretty similar IMO. Anyone with...
  30. DrSatan

    Official 2018 Rank Order Lists

    Hello everyone! It's been a long interview season. Hopefully most of you are done or at the finish line. As you probably know, rank lists entry begins TODAY. Rank lists are due in 38 days (February 21st @ 9pm EST). SOAP is in 57 days. And Match day is in 61 days (March 16th)!!! Please use...
  31. I

    2018 Match Results Thread

    The calls are coming in today! I am taking the format from last year's thread. If you would like your information to remain anonymous, you may private message your information to me and I will be happy to post it! --Board Scores: Step 1: Step 2: --AOA and class rank: --Reputation of medical...
  32. K

    AD Applying for UHUHS- Does current rank matter?

    Does current rank matter for applying to UHUHS? Does rank affect what pay you receive while in school? I am AD Army with 9 years service about to be promoted to O-4. Does my rank disqualify me for USUHS? If not, what would my rank be when I graduate? Would I graduate O-4, or would I be...
  33. N

    Rank Public Midwest Schools

    Hi everyone, just curious, but how would you rank the Midwest public schools? Also, what tiers would you divide them into (high, mid, low)? Midwest states are: North/South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio Thanks!
  34. B

    Ohio OB/GYN Programs

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to organize my rank list. I attend medical school in New York but I'm originally from the Midwest and I'm trying to match in the Midwest for residency. I'm having trouble differentiating between the many Ohio programs and was wondering how you would all rank them based...
  35. G

    My Idea to Improve Doximity Rankings

    Sooo I know the topic of doximity rankings (especially based off reputation) has been beaten to death but I was thinking about what could make the rankings more useful. What do you guys think? (I'm copy pasting a part of my e-mail to them) ____ After reading about the methodology for...
  36. S

    PhD/PsyD Internship match: what are the odds of matching to top choices

    Does anyone know whether there are any stats out about odds of matching to your top choice on your rank list? Top 3, top 5, and so forth? I searched around but can't seem to find these numbers. Thanks in advance and good luck!
  37. W

    HELP me rank these programs please! 2017

    I'm a US Citizen, no visa issues, location is not important. Below is a tentative list but please give your input. If I match in IM I plan to do a cardiology or allergy/immunology fellowship. If I match in FM I plan to do a sports medicine or ER fellowship. 1) UPMC Hamot - Emergency Medicine...
  38. cutsman

    Help me make a rank list