1. S

    October 2019 NPTE

    Anyone ready for the NPTE and has any advice on preparing for the test? Everyone says this year is a nightmare. I use a practice test every Thursday (sometimes every other Thursday) and review ALL of my questions/answers. I use TherapyEd and Scorebuilders Basecamp as my primary means of...
  2. A


    Hello! Has anyone taken the Maryland MPJE in 2019? Can you share your experience with the exam? How did you study for the exam this year? Did you pass on your first attempt? How long did you study prior to taking the exam? Any advice you can give, etc.
  3. B


  4. J

    USMLE Step 2 CS study partner Gainesville Florida

    Hi everyone I am an IMG graduated from Egypt, I plan to take CS exam October 2019 in Huston and I need study partner (preferably live), I live in Gainesville FL.
  5. O

    Charles R. Drew University (CDU) Master of Science in Biomedical Science(MBS) 2019 thread

    Anyone been accepted or applied this year?
  6. Flamingo477

    Step 2 CS April-May Score release Thread 2019

    Hi Drs, I did my exam may the 3rd in Atlanta. I did plenty of mistakes that I hope would not lead me to a fail. - Did not have the time my personal notes perfectly. Many of them had only 2 DDx and some even did not have any supporting evidence. - Did not have time to add more than 3 workup...
  7. S

    CPJE April

    Hello. Anyone taking April-May batch? Anyone took it and want to share some insights?
  8. P

    Summer Program for Future Doctors 2019

    Hi everyone! I wanted to see if I could connect with any one else that has been accepted and planning on attending Brody's SPFD program this summer?
  9. B

    Overlap in AMCAS/AACOMAS Traffic Guidlines

    I’ve been accepted at a DO program since November but have interviewed at three allopathic programs as well. I’m currently waitlisted at all three schools, with two of them informing me that they expect to have a lot of waitlist movement around or after April 30th due to the AMCAS traffic...
  10. S

    Dalhousie Pharmacy 2019 Applicants

    Hi, It doesn't seem as if there is a thread yet for 2019 Dalhousie Pharmacy, so I thought I might start one for this year. Could everyone comment when they receive an interview call? And as well, does Dalhousie Pharm call for rejections as well? Thanks in advance!
  11. X

    NSU MS of Biomedical Sciences 2019-2020

    Anyone else applying this cycle? I think interviews started this month. What are your stats? cGPA: 2.74ish MCAT: 498 ~120hr volunteer, ~45hr shadowing, good ECs on campus Applied 3/13, just waiting for transcripts to arrive.
  12. S

    MATCH STATS 2019

    Match Day is tomorrow everyone! I want to wish everyone the best of luck and congratulations to us for getting through this entire process. This is based on 2018's thread. (You don't have to answer all of these, this is suggested so people can look through this thread next year and have an idea...
  13. GDTBATH16

    UNC MED Summer Program 2019

    Did anyone apply to this year's application cycle? Feel free to post information or questions y'all have.
  14. B

    USMLE Step 2 CS March 2019 Score Release thread

    I tested in Jan 2019 and the wait for the score report has been excruciating! I alternate between imagining best case and worst case scenarios and the most anxiety-inducing part of this whole experience is that no one knows EXACTLY how its graded- people claim to have done really well and fail...
  15. R

    DPT Seattle or Minneapolis?

    Hi, I'm looking for any outside opinion or perhaps insight into the DPT programs at University of Washington-Seattle and University of Minneapolis-Twin Cities. I have been accepted already and am currently deciding between both. I have weighed the pros and cons. I have read their sites and both...
  16. P

    Western University MSBS 2019-2021

    Hello Friends! Anyone else applying to the MSBS program??? Not the MSMS program... but the msBS program!
  17. M

    VIRMP Rotating Internship Question

    Hello, I am applying for an academic small animal rotating medicine/surgery internship, as I hope to pursue a residency in the future. I am very interested in going to the University of Georgia (UGA) for this purpose, and until today have felt confident that I have a fighting chance. However...
  18. F

    California DPT 2019 acceptances

    Hello, Was wondering if anyone has been accepted or received interviews for these schools in CA: University of st Augustine San Marcos University of the pacific Western university Chapman university USC West Coast university Mount St Mary’s CSU Long Beach If so, what were your stats? Thanks!!!
  19. G

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Stony Brook OT 2019

    Thread to discuss updates on applications for Stony Brook's OT program beginning summer 2019. I had an interview with Stony Brook mid-december. Had anyone heard back yet?
  20. hiyhiy

    University of Cincinnati M.S. in Physiology 2019-2020

    Suprised there doesn't seem to be a thread for this SMP yet, so I thought I'd start one. Anyone else applied and waiting to hear back?
  21. P

    University of St. Augustine Miami

    I was just recently accepted into the 2019 fall program for the University of St. Augustine in Miami. Had anyone else been accepted and, if so, do you plan on attending the program.
  22. ResidentSwap

    Position Available Radiology Breast Imaging Fellowship in NJ

    Featured Opening by Resident Swap, Inc. ( ResidentSwap.org ) -------------------------------------- 12/17/2018 Radiology Breast Imaging Fellowship in New Jersey Click here to check if this opening is still available Saint Barnabas Medical Center 94 Old Short Hills Road Livingston, NJ 07039...
  23. carapox

    2019-2020 Postdoc Interview Thread

    What do I do when I'm anxious? I rumina-I mean cope ahead!!! Here you can find a running list of all of the submitted interview notifications and rejections for the 2019-2020 Postdoc selection cycle. Please utilize the following format when providing information on interview notifications...
  24. M

    Any info about UConn AEGD interview?

    Hi, can anyone share information about UConn's AEGD interview? I know for 2019 intake, the interviews started on Oct 30, so some have for sure completed it by now. I can't seem to find any information about this interview ever since the program director changed from 2016. I would like to know...
  25. MEMBER23511

    Midyear 2019 ASHP

    Anyone interested in a dinner or lunch meetup during midyear? I would love to meet people from different schools.
  26. F

    Program-Specific Info / Q's USA Miami Campus MOT May 2019 start

    Hey guys, I just interviewed at the St. Augustine campus in Miami on 11/9.I thought I would make this thread to notify each other when we receive letters!
  27. O

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Ohio State OTD 18-19 Application Cycle

    Hi everybody! I wanted to start a thread and discussion for the OTD program at Ohio State for the 18-19 app cycle. My application was verified Oct. 10 and I just received an interview offer today by e-mail. Interviews are Dec 8, and I believe they only have one round of interviews. The e-mail...
  28. T

    Idaho State University Fall 2019 start Applicants

    Hey everyone, I haven't seen anything about applicants for this most recent cycle to ISU. So I thought I would create a new thread for it. so the question is who all has applied, have you heard back, done an online interview, or have any valuable information for the rest of us? Thank you and...
  29. U

    Position Wanted IM PGY-2 position

    I need a PGY-2 position starting in June 2019, when should I start looking for one and what's the best way to find out if a program has a PGY-2 position open
  30. D

    Rutgers Gateway to dentistry 2019

    Hi, Has anyone applied to the gateway to Dentistry program for this coming January? Did anyone receive any acceptance letters, as they should have been sent out on or around Nov. 1? I am worried I won't be accepted because I wrote that I shadowed over 125 hours, and they will assume that I...
  31. mhmd1ahmd

    Elective for international medical student?

    Good evening everybody, could you help me please find elective rotation in the US in February or March 2019 ?? I am a final year medical student from Egypt, USMLE step 1 score : 248 and TOEFL iBT score: 108 and I have a valid B1 visa. Looking for any elective rotation in any specialty that...
  32. DrHalsey

    Help with AACOMAS personal statement

    Below the line is exactly what is in my AACOMAS application. I am most concerned about the note at the bottom, is it acceptable? Or does it come across as pushy? I know that new MCAT date is late so that is my stealth way of asking them not to throw out my application before the scores are in...
  33. G

    Position Available PGY 5, Geriatric Psychiatry , 2019, NY

    Mount Sinai Beth Israel Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship We are currently accepting applicants for 2019 to 2020 academic year and hope that you will give consideration to our very strong fellowship program in Geriatric Psychiatry here at the Mount Sinai Beth Israel. We offer a very strong...
  34. M


    Welcome to the post-ERAS-submission world! Congratulations on getting this far! Let's get this thread started. Stealing this template from the thread from two years ago. 1) Keep the list in the body when you reply. 2) Please sort alphabetically by state. 3) Try to say what school/program you...
  35. S

    Should I apply this year? Best course of action?

    Hi, I am a non-US IMG who initially planned to apply for 2019. Currently I just have my Step 1 and Step 2 CK scores at hand. The scores are respectively 272 and 271. Due to unforeseeable circumstances, I had to postpone my Step 2 CS examination and am currently planning to appear for it in the...
  36. Ske0016

    Is the Early Decision deadline the deadline for pharmCAS verifying my application or me submitting m

    I am applying to the early decision program at Auburn's Harrison School of Pharmacy. I submitted my application on July 19. However, one of the three schools I attended as an undergrad has given me a very hard time about sending my transcripts. They just sent my transcript yesterday and they...
  37. C

    UAB Medical Science Post Bac Non Thesis

    I recently gained acceptance into the medical sciences post bac program at UAB which also has a medical school as well as some other programs. I wanted to know what to expect from there program as far as to course work and load, and does it offers the best resource tools and faculty experience...
  38. T

    **Official Maryland Class of 2023 Interview/Acceptance Thread**

    Hey everyone! I don't think there is a thread this cycle for Maryland so I thought I should start one. It seems that some people have begun receiving the supplemental application, including myself. Check your emails and best of luck to everyone! Link to interview prep: University of Maryland...
  39. P

    Official 2018-2019 Pediatric Emergency Medicine Match Cycle

    I always feel these threads create good content when it comes to timeline of interview invites and other tid bits. I figured it was too soon for invites to go out yet as I was told by multiple sources not to get my hopes up the first two weeks, but then I got a day 1 interview. So maybe they are...
  40. D

    ERAS Bullet Format for 2018-2019 cycle

    I'm currently filling out my ERAS and reading up on past advice. From my understanding, applicants were previously unable to include bullet points/dashes in their applications due to a formatting issue with ERAS. However, I have found no issue with this. Perhaps they fixed this? I've also read...