1. B

    Is this considered “Other Science” for AADSAS

    Hi I just have a quick question. Would “Wetland Environments” be considered an “other science“ course. It’s in the Department of Geosciences. Based off this list (https://www.adea.org/uploadedFiles/GoDental/The_Application_to_Dental_School_ADEA_AADSAS/ADEAAADSASCourseSubjects2018.pdf) Geology...
  2. D

    How to remove a previously attended college after submitting application

    So for some reason there is a college under my "transcript entry" that I never attended. I don't know how it got there and it's making me worried that it might hinder my application in some way. There doesn't seem to be any way of removing it from my application. I called ADEA and they told me...
  3. T

    Using Interfolio for letters of rec

    I have been collecting my letters of rec on Interfolio and I plan to use that to submit the letters to AADSAS. I know it works by Interfolio generating a unique email address for every writer and you enter that in the place of the person's actual email address. My question is, by doing this...
  4. artist2022

    *~*~* Official 2019-2020 AADSAS Interview/Acceptance/Rejection Thread *~*~*

    Hey guys! The dental application opened on May 14th, 2019, and today (June 4th, 2019) is the first day you can submit! These are exciting times!! 2018-2019 Application Timeline Thread (This was not created for this cycle due to the poll results. Change that by clicking on the link & voting!)...
  5. N


  6. OddCorncake

    Admissions: I am getting married June 2019. How will my name change affect my admission? Help!

    So, I am getting married in June of 2019, and plan on applying to dental schools in July. I plan on taking my fiancé's last name, so I was concerned about how the name change process will affect my admissions. My letters of recommendation have my maiden name, so will admissions be suspicious if...
  7. penspinner

    Is AADSAS Academic Update Mandatory?

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know if it's mandatory to update dental schools with our fall grades on the AADSAS application? Will it be looked down upon if we don't so? Currently, I'm enrolled in a master's program and have a 4.0 GPA. I just got out of my final for one of my classes, and I'm...
  8. darude

    EST or PST for "Check Back on Dec 3"

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew if the AADSAS portal updates with decisions at 12 AM eastern time, or 3 AM eastern time (12 AM Pacific). Thanks and good luck to everyone!
  9. bigboikhoa

    This is really frustrating... (Tufts Supplement Fee)

    I sent my application to Tufts back in July and paid my supplement fee as soon as possible (mid-August). A day later, I got a receipt of my payment, so I assumed everything was good. I believe my status for Tufts stayed at "Under review" for the longest time. However, I received an email from...
  10. K

    Personal Statement tips

    For the personal statement, does anyone know if it would be of value to include an opening paragraph introducing myself at all?
  11. W

    Verification time

    Anyone that has recently got their app verified willing to share their submit date? Looking for an idea of how long the process is taking currently.
  12. W


    Anyone that has recently got their app verified willing to share their submit date? Looking for an idea of how long the process is taking currently.
  13. S

    What are my chances?

    Hey guys this is my 2nd cycle applying and just wondering what you think my chances are? Applied around the beginning of July. I retook the DAT June 29th and that was posted to schools around mid-July. oGPA: 3.42 sGPA: 3.15 DAT: AA 20, TS 19, PAT- 19 None 17 or below. I have dental shadowing...
  14. trying2bedentist

    Undelivered AADSAS Application Question

    I made a mistake with my transcript entry. I guess I should've shelled out the $65 and left it to the professionals, oops. I received the notification early yesterday morning (8/25) and corrected the error and resubmitted today. Has anyone had this happen before, and what sort of timeline does...
  15. P


  16. Ms.2:30

    Okay....now what, would I seem desperate?

    So my everything is in on AADSAS! Only heard back from NYU stating they got everything. Should I contact schools to make sure they received everything? Should I contact schools that received everything, when people usually expect an interview invitation? This waiting just making me a bit...
  17. A

    AADSAS Transcripts and Study Abroad

    I'm curious about everyone else's experiences submitting transcripts when they studied abroad during their undergrad. I've been emailing AADSAS customer service and they seem to be giving me the run around without actually reading or answering my questions. The company through which I studied...
  18. OddCorncake

    License/certification Question

    Hi all, so I am doing some research on licensing and things to put on my app. I see a lot of programs like x ray technician offering certification and it says nothing about licensing. Under "licenses" on the AADSAS app, do certifications count? Also, are they even a big deal to put on your app...
  19. bigboikhoa

    Application Processed/Verified in 4 days!?!

    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone went through this similar situation. I submitted my AADSAS on June 17th and I got an email on June 21st, which told me my transcripts were verified. I was confused because I thought the process was supposed to take 3-4 weeks, so I called AADSAS. I asked the...
  20. K


    Hello all, I am reapplying to dental school right now and have a few questions about the AADSAS reapplication cylce. Do they keep my transcripts from last cycle? I graduated a few years back so my transcripts have not changed. Do I need to request them from my schools and pay to have them...
  21. Canavero

    Official DAT scores to AADSAS

    Sorry if this questions seems RADICAL, but I am struggling to find info. So when I applied to take the DAT I selected the "send to all schools" option (At least I think I did). I took my DAT on the 29th of May and since I have uploaded the unofficial scores into my AADSAS application. Here is my...
  22. M

    Question about AADSAS FAP

    So I sent in the paper work for FAP around May 20th or so when they started accepting paper work for assistance. The Program Instruction I downloaded says it takes 4-5 business days to process the work for approval or denial. Did they start processing on May as they receive paperwork or on June...
  23. Y

    UMKC Prerequisite Section on AADSAS

    To anyone who has filled out the UMKC Prerequisite courses on the AADSAS app, what did you guys do when they asked for each class and lab separately if you had courses that had lab joined with them? For example, they're asking for Anatomy, then Anatomy Lab separately. I took Anatomy w/ Lab...
  24. Y

    Review & Finalize My Transcripts

    I already reviewed and finalized, but then realized I did have a W freshman year and took the same class second semester BUT I didn't mark that down as a retake. Is that considered a retake? Is that something I can request to edit because it's not letting me open that section again!!! Any help...
  25. J


    Hey guys! I'm currently filling out the AADSAS and I had a question on the Experiences section. I have been in a few organizations where I was a regular member, and then took on leadership roles in those organizations. Should I specifically only highlight the times when I held leadership...
  26. G

    AADSAS Experiences section question

    The ADEA AADSAS instructions state: "Volunteer: Volunteer work done outside of the health care field; for example, working for Habitat for Humanity, tutoring students, participating in or working for a fundraiser walk or blood drive, etc." Why does it say "outside of the health care field" ...
  27. J

    Using Interfolio to send LOR's???

    Hello I am working on my AADSAS applicaton right now, and I am wondering how to link my interfolio account with my AADSAS application? I have a couple of LOR's in my interfolio already do I need to send LOR requests through the AADSAS app also?
  28. A

    Early Application+Individual LORs or Late Application+Committee Letter?

    Hey people, so I’m kind of in a predicament here and was looking for some thoughts and opinions. I’m currently filling out the AADSAS application and wanted to have it finished by June 5 to submit it as soon as it opens up. However, I’m realizing this won’t happen if I want to get a committee...
  29. B

    Random AADSAS Questions: 2018-2019 Edition

    AADSAS application opened today, so I thought it would be a good idea to contain discussion about the application to a central thread that is easily accessible. Good luck everyone!
  30. D

    Questions about Reapplying this cycle (Thread post/ Add your questions too if you have one)

    Hi, I'm a fellow predental who applied the last cycle in 2017 but had no luck with the cycle, so I have been taking some classes and am going to retake DAT soon to prep for this upcoming 2018 cycle. I just have couple questions that I wanted to ask you guys who applied more than once to the...
  31. C


  32. A

    AADSAS Academic Update

    I am curious to know whether the academic update is required or not. I took a lot of upper level classes such as anatomy and biochemistry. Unfortunately I fell sick due to sinus problems for a while which impacted my GPA tremendously. I applied with a 3.5 but now my GPA fell to 3.35. I have...
  33. babytomato

    Adding a minor

    I'm majoring in biology but I plan on minoring in music. Since my school transcript won't show minors, is there a place you could put it down in the AADSAS? I know minors don't matter that much but if there's an option to put it on the application, I think it'd still be good to do so. Either...
  34. ramixjp

    AADSAS Calculated My GPA Wrong

    Hi guys. So long story short, I submitted my application on August 3rd and my oGPA was calculated to be a 3.49 and my sGPA was calculated to be a 3.61. Four months later I now realize that there has been a huge mistake.. they double counted a full-year business course that I got a 2.0 GPA in...
  35. A

    For Sale DAT Study Materials (Used these and got accepted 12/01/2017!!!)

    I took my DAT in January 2017 and recently (12/01/17) was accepted into dental school. These are the materials I used to prepare for the exam and I highly recommend this study package to anyone who really wants to pass the DAT exam with high scores. Selling bundle for $250(USD). This bundle...
  36. M

    ADEA Background Check via Application Station

    Hey guys, So I was accepted to Creighton and I received an email about providing consent for a background check through the website applicationstation.com I am currently creating an account and am attempting to plug in my AADSAS number. My number is only 10 digits, but the site is saying that...
  37. intheprocess

    Mistake on AADSAS after verification

    My AADSAS has been verified since the summer. Last night, as I was preparing to add another "achievement" to that section on my AADSAS application, I had an unfortunate slip of the finger resulting in me submitting an empty achievement titled "e". No description. Nothing. After emailing AADSAS...
  38. S

    Submitting Letters of Recommendations for Dental Schools

    Hi everyone, This may be an obvious/redundant question, but I was just wondering how the process of submitting letters of recommendation is when applying to dental schools? When I ask my professors to write one and they agree, do they have to upload it directly on to AADSAS, or would they give...
  39. D

    Does ADEA AADSAS notify dental schools of updates to experiences/shadowing?

    Hey all pre-dentals, do you know whether or not ADEA AADSAS sends updates on shadowing and volunteer experience to dental schools even after your application has been submitted? For example, I submitted my application in early July, and am just waiting on interviews. However, if I want to go...