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  1. S

    AUC or Law School?

    Hello, please don't just reply IMG bad. I am aware, there is no IMG I would consider except for AUC as the class sizes are not insane and they seem to accept candidates who have a decent chance of succeeding and don't see us as a walking dollar sign (compared to the others, they obviously still...
  2. S

    Nontraditional, Caribbean Med School (AUC) or Law School?

    Hello, please don't just reply IMG bad. I am aware, there is no IMG I would consider except for AUC as the class sizes are not insane and they seem to accept candidates who have a decent chance of succeeding and don't see us as a walking dollar sign (compared to the others, they obviously still...
  3. U

    Which Medical School should I attend: SGU or Ross?

    I got accepted to both Ross University School of Medicine and St. Georges School of Medicine (SGU) and was wondering which school I should attend and why? I get the bad rep Caribbean Schools get and I have already heard enough from family and friends, but these are my only options at the moment...
  4. F

    Honest opinions?

    This is ONLY for current and/or past students who attended Medical School in the Caribbean. How did you enjoy it? Pros? Cons? I would like to attend a school in the Caribbean... & then do family medicine residency which is not something super competitive to find residency in...which is why I am...
  5. P

    Texas licensing question

    Hello all, i Went to a Caribbean med school that " lacks regional accreditation". Im finishing up residency in family medicine and applying for my Texas Medical License since my entire family lives there. Can getting board certified PRIOR TO applying bypass this? I know that getting board...
  6. B

    An Honest Review of Trinity School of Medicine (Please!!!) ?

    Hello! I am deciding between attending Trinity and St George's in Fall 2019, and I am trying to get an honest review from a current/former Trinity student. For the record, I know that attending a Caribbean med school is not ideal, but I don't have the GPA to get into an American med school, and...
  7. U

    Non-US IMG 2019 match Thread!!!!(IM,FM,NEURO)

    Hey Guys!!! NRMP opens in a month! Let's stay together.
  8. NeuroNerdMD

    Stats of Direct Accept vs CFP for SGU

    Hi everyone! For those of you who were accepted to SGU, I was hoping you could list your stats? Were you accepted directly or asked to complete MSAP or CFP? I'm mostly looking for MCAT scores, but if you have your cGPA, sGPA, and/or post-bacc GPA feel free to post those too! Thanks!
  9. Clarus

    Military Medicine, coming from a Carribean Medical School?

    I was wondering how I would go about applying or being apart of military medicine coming from a Caribbean medical school. I understand the HPSP is only offered to US MGs but what other options/avenues are available to US IMGs? Is there a timeline that could be laid out in terms of venturing this...
  10. M

    Nontraditional - Do I have a chance?

    delete post
  11. R

    SGU 5 year MD program

    Hey Guys! Anyone here aware of the 5 year MD program at SGU? Anyone been enrolled in one? What's the application timeline? Thanks
  12. S

    Ross or SGU

    Greetings fellow SDN members, I have researched a good amount of posts regarding this topic here and in other well known forum sites. This has provided me with a good amount of information belonging to a time span of about 14 years (2003 to 2017) ranging from how class sizes have gone up...
  13. D

    Terrible Start

    Hey guys I've been lurking on this site for literally years now and finally decided to make an account. I was just wondering for some people who may have any opinions or advice on my situation. I am currently a student a low tier SUNY. My high school career was beyond a wreck and so was my first...
  14. D

    Caribbean school... smh

    Hey guys I need advice on how to help my cousin. So, my cousin is about to make the worst decision of her life! We both applied to medical school together hoping to end up at the same place unfortunately for my cousin she was not accepted anywhere and I fortunately was. She tried applying for...
  15. I

    AUC, SABA Students

    I am an international student in the US who has been accepted to medical school in both AUC and Saba. It will be cool if students from any school can give me advice on how the school is. Thanks.
  16. M


  17. K


  18. B

    MD / DO / International not sure what to do?

    Hi, I am a pre med major studying in a top 50 US School. Im in my senior year have taken my MCAT's and have already applied to around 20 MD US Schools. I scored a 510 on my MCAT Chem125 CARS130 Bio127 and Psych128. I have a 3.8 GPA overall (psych major) and a 3.7 BCPM GPA. I am graduating a...
  19. Belyzel4

    Alternative path to becoming a practicing physician?

    I started reading through old SDN posts today, and it seems that I have committed one of the cardinal sins when it comes to medical school applications. I applied late with most of my secondaries complete between Oct 1st and Oct 15th. Unfortunately, I am not a standout applicant with my ~3.43...
  20. A

    Carribbean Medical Schools

    Hello. I am a current senior, anticipating graduation this December. My grades and GPA in University are not where I would like for them to be, because I simply goofed off in college, and I didnt really realize this until I entered my last semester. I have not yet took the MCAT, but plan on...
  21. palumacella

    Do Carribean Med Schools care for GPA??

    Do Carribean med schools look heavily into gpa? I'm hearing a mix of yes and no. I know St. George's factors in gpa. I'm looking into St. Matthew's, Ross and AUA. I've seen little to no mention of gpa requirements on their websites, which is why I need clarification. Thanks.
  22. F

    Low stats, rejections, what now?

    Hi all, There may be similar posts on this forum but I would like some input regarding my own situation. I have currently applied to both MD and DO schools and have received several rejections from DO within 48 hours of verification. I tried choosing schools that had low GPA cutoffs or did not...
  23. MDAli

    Chances of St georges carribean medical?

    Undergraduate 3.85 (honors) in biological sciences with department recognition. Mcat 494. Also did ER and surgery internships. And I know some will say don't do it! I will have to say that I am going to caribbean or caribbean. No choice right now considering circumstances (complicated trust...
  24. S

    3.1 GPA 507 MCAT DUI Scribe... What are my chances?

    Hi! First time posting here, in need of some serious real talk advice. I really want to become a doctor. Always have, always will. But I think I might have ****ed up too much, and I'm here to ask whether I should take a chance and push on or give up. 23 y/o female, Indian, who recently...
  25. marli33

    American University of Antigua

  26. M

    Well connected, residency guaranteed upon grad., should I go Car.?

    At the cost of sounding like a narcissist, I speak with honesty when I say that my parents are extremely well connected physicians operating out of the NY/NJ area in the states in high positions in their respective fields. I have been assured that I will be guaranteed a residency in my chosen...
  27. D

    Low GPA, Decent MCAT:Carribean school chances?

    So, myy GPA is a 2.92 cum, 2.7 sci. and my mcat is 505(28 on the old one). I just finished sending in my transcipts, letters of rec etc. to St. George, AUC and Ross. Because of my low gpa, I was wondering what are my chances of getting into these schools(non MERP). I know my mcat is above...
  28. F

    Caribbean 2 yrs and USA 2yrs medical schools?

    So someone was telling me that there's medical programs where u do the first 2 yrs of med school in the Caribbean and the last 2 in the states. I never heard of anything like it, but they knew someone in a program like so I was wondering if you guys knew the names of these universities or...
  29. H


    Okay, so I understand you guys are probably tired of seeing these kinds of threads but I need some advice. So I'm going into my fourth year of undergrad and am planning on applying to programs next june ( After I graduate) and dont really have the best GPA. My science GPA is a 2.7 and my Cum GPA...
  30. Nick9933

    Should I go to Ross or accept this job offer?

    Hello and thank you to anyone who reads this and can offer some help with my decision. The basic low down is this. So about a week ago I found out I was accepted to Ross, which was the only school I applied to. I eagerly paid the $1,000 deposit and started planning my island adventure. Then...
  31. J

    Should I keep pursuing pre-vet?

    I am currently a junior at UT Austin and an advertising major. I've been pursuing pre-vet for a few semesters now and already know I'm going to graduate a semester or a year late. My current GPA is low... like a 3.1 and I do have vet hours but not that much. (I was going through some health...
  32. arindian470

    I am Carribean Medical Student who finished Basic Sciences

    If you have any questions please feel free to message me!
  33. ToMedSchool5000

    Could I get a job doing research with a Carribean MD?

    At this point in my life I know I want to go into research but I also want to see patients. I know I might not get a residency if I go to the Caribbean but could I at least get an MD level job doing research with a degree from the Caribbean?
  34. W

    In need of excellent advice - please hear me out.

    First & foremost, I've been reading other individuals' posts related to my delimmas for about 3-4 years now, seeking additional consult. However, I never had the desire to post my own scenario. I recently graduated with a BA in Psychology, and my science GPA is a 2.2 while my overall is a 2.65...
  35. J

    Post-bacc, Carribbean Med School, or PA?

    Hello, My goal is to go MD/DO eventually and I'm thinking of specializing as infectious diseases or pulmonology (or maybe a combination of both), but I don't believe I have the specs to make in at a traditional MD or DO program right now. I've been denied to a few med schools (FSU and...
  36. D

    SGU vs Medical schools in INDIA

    So, i am new to this forum and have no idea wether i should be here or not but anyways I am an indian citizen currently completing my high school will graduate this year (2016) i applied to SGU (not as a serious option) . Now I've got an offer from sgu for a 5 year Premed+Md program and i wished...
  37. L

    non-traditional looking for advice re Caribbean schools

    Hi, I'm a 3rd year graduate student looking to go back to medical school. I studied Physics for my first degree and am currently reading a PhD in Physics in the UK. I'm American by citizenship. To give some background, I also read the premed curriculum as an undergrad alongside Physics. But...
  38. shahzam1


    Hey everyone, I have just recently graduated from UCSD at age 21 (finished in 3 years). I took some time to travel to Europe and then took my MCAT. I scored a mediocre 500 (first time taking it). My cum GPA is 3.01 and my science GPA is a little lower. The reason for my low GPA is that during my...
  39. accepted109

    transfer from carribean to DO (Nova southeastern)

    Hi! I was just wondering if anyone had any insight. Is it possible to transfer from a Caribbean medical school to a DO medical school in the states? I currently attend a Caribbean school (not in the top 5). I won't lie its not the a great school. I've been emailing Nova Southeastern's school to...