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  1. L

    Touro Harlem vs Middletown

    On the secondary, it seems like you are only allowed to apply for one of the two campuses. All feedback is appreciated. Here are my questions: 1. Pros and cons of both? 2. Does anyone think one site is more competitive than the other? (I was thinking about applying to the one that isn't as...
  2. FutureDoctor5000

    Merger 2020

    Will the merger weed out the IMG's? Discuss and let me know what y'all think.. How long before these off shore schools close? Theres way too many DO and MD schools popping up for the IMG's and FMG's to even get spots. I really hope that sometime in the near future NO ONE other than someone...
  3. M

    MD (almost guaranteed spot at UMASS the following year) or start right away at a decent DO

    Hi all! I'm currently trying to make a decision and would like some input. OK so UMASS has basically accepted me into post-bacc program which is one year long. This program grants me conditional acceptance to their medical school the following year (given I pass the course work). The...
  4. D

    What’s everyone’s opinion of PCOM-South GA

    Hey guys the title says it all. I’m looking for an opinion about PCOM-South GA. I’ve been accepted there and waitlisted a couple places. I chose PCOM South Georgia even though it’s a new program because of its affiliation with PCOM and the numerous opportunities available as the first class...
  5. A

    What are my chances? Overall GPA 3.67

    Hi all! Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm hoping to apply to DO programs this upcoming summer, and was hoping someone could take a look at my profile to see what my chances are of getting in. I applied to some MD programs this past cycle and unfortunately only got one deferral after...
  6. mandyads

    Early Apply & Unreliable Application

    Hi All (looking for actually advise/experience, not a list), I am currently in a one-year, 37-credit SMP at a new DO school (3rd cycle coming up) in Texas. I had moved to the area due to a military partner and was hoping to pursue medical education again after 3 years out of school. I found...
  7. mandyads

    MD & DO Early Apply & Unrealiable Application

    *Unreliable Hi All (looking for actually advise/experience, not a list), I am currently in a one-year, 37-credit SMP at a new DO school (3rd cycle coming up) in Texas. I had moved to the area due to a military partner and was hoping to pursue medical education again after 3 years out of...
  8. S

    UNECOM vs ATSU-SOMA vs. Touro-Harlem

  9. L

    2019-2020 Applicant looking for some advice

    Hello all, Long story short I retook my mcat and to my disappointment I got a 499 (first time was a 497) and was looking for some advice. Retaking again before I apply this coming cycle is out of the question since I just have too much on my plate prior to applying and I don't want to risk...
  10. P

    Nova MBS vs Touro MS Middletown vs Touro MS Harlem

    Hey, I recently was accepted into both Touro Harlem MS and Touro Middletown MS, and am currently waiting to hear back from Nova for their MBS program. I wanted to know which program, you guys would do? Please feel free to post honest feedback on any of these programs.
  11. F

    Post-Bach Programs for Re-applicant LECOM vs. OSU COM

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if I could get some general advice on my situation. I have a number of conundrums. Any constructive advice is most welcome. Thank you! My Stats: B.S. in Biology from University of Wisconsin Madison (2017) Certificate (Minor) in Classical and Near Eastern...
  12. S

    Is it better to get dismissed or resign from residency?

    I am currently an intern in a DO FM residency. I am returning back to the medical field after taking a 3 year break. I was super excited when I first started , but once I started IM rotation in mid August, everything started falling apart. I realized I forgotten a lot of medicine and was...
  13. VeritasVitamEst

    LUCOM vs. Western U (COMP-NW)

    Hello all. Trying to make a decision between the two schools and would love some community input Background: I'm a non-trad student; married and expecting our first child. (I'll leave stats since people might find it helpful). Undergrad: Classical Liberal Arts and Culture (3.36) Post-Bacc...
  14. M

    2.86 sGPA, 3.05cGPA after post bacc

    Any help with determining if I'll be ready to apply June 2019? Looking at mostly DO schools, some lower MDs. Plan B is to wait it out til 2020 (would need to retake MCAT as mine expires by then) Graduated 2016, science major. 2.31 sGPA, 2.78 cGPA MCAT is 508 DIY post bacc of 37 credits (in...
  15. B

    ACOM vs LUCOM(upcoming interviews worth going to)

    Hi team, I have been accepted to two programs, ACOM and LUCOM. ACOM -is more expensive ~50,000 -pretty rural city in Dothan -literally no Asians or Asian markets -pretty good rotation sites around the hospital(the city has two bigger hospitals) -dress code -lectures are mandatory...
  16. K

    2018-2019 Waitlist Support Thread

    I saw that a waitlist thread hasn't been made for this cycle, so I took the liberty of making one:happy:
  17. K

    DO sGPA3.6 , 514 MCAT/ too late DO?

    Hello! I am applying MD & DO but would greatly appreciate any help with my DO school list! Stats: Florida resident sGPA- 3.6 cGPA- 3.58 2017 MCAT - 503 2018 MCAT - 514 Extra-curriculars: Shadowing 240 hours Founder of Two successful clubs focused on mental health- over 1,500 non clinical...
  18. J

    Should I add more schools this late?

    I am a reapplicant applying to MD state/regional schools and DO schools. Should I be worried that I haven't received II yet this cycle? I applied broadly DO to about 12 schools including KCUCOM, DMU, ATSOMA, KCOM, ICOM, OSUCOM, VCOM-Carolina, RVUCOM and a few others. I'm wondering if I should...
  19. L

    Is it too late for me to submit secondaries to DO schools and actually have a chance of getting in?

    I am a reapplicant a Lot of which has to do with me not applying to enough schools last year. I have already submitted to MD schools but haven't heard anything yet, I have my AACOMAS submitted and verified and just need to add schools. Is it too late in the DO app season to submit secondaries...
  20. M

    TouroCOM - NY Thread 2018-2019

    I read a lot of threads from previous years but failed to find one from this application cycle. If there is one out there that I haven't seen, I apologize. Anyways, after reading the ones from previous years I was curious about what the currently applicants are thinking about TouroCOM this year...
  21. armoman898

    How to handle NO Biochemistry (but 2 semester of Orgo)

    I have taken Orgo 1 and 2 (8 credits). I did not take Biochem before I graduated :bang:. I'm a non-trad. On my AACOMAS primary, I selected "I'm not matching any course to this prerequisite" for Biochemistry, for the schools that require Biochem. I already submitted (9/12/18). I emailed a few...
  22. B

    Chances of Acceptance

    Good afternoon, I know my application is no longer considered early, but I wanted to ensure I still have a chance of acceptance. I am applying with a 4.0 science GPA and a 3.97 overall GPA, my MCAT score is 505 (126/126/127/126). I have 230 shadowing hours, 100 volunteer hours, created a club on...
  23. L

    Some advice on low mcat score

    I just received my mcat today and was disappointed with a 497. I know I am capable of doing better, I had a very rough test day with not finishing the test and being psyched out. I plan on retaking sometime before may of 2019. I was wondering what are my chances if I actually applied with the...
  24. A

    DO 3.13 cgpa, 2.97sgpa, 511mcat.

    I'm a Canadian with 3.11cgpa, 2.97sgpa and 511 mcat. Asian. APPLYING DO ONLY. The gpa stands as is because of prior community college courses that I did horrible in, while my actual undergraduate cgpa is 3.45 and 3.25 sgpa. The last two years of ugrad my cgpa is 3.8 with no grade below A-...
  25. B

    AACOMAS hasn't verified my app after 2 weeks, should i be concerned?

    As the title says, I submitted my application two weeks ago and the status is still not verified. Anyways, they did send the application back to me a few days ago to correct one course on my transcript but I immediately sent it back. The representative on the phone also told me that my...
  26. S

    Should I send an email to schools to update them on my volunteer experiences?

    Hello everyone! As I continue through this grueling medical school application process I ran into a little conflict. I just recently became a volunteer for New York Cares, a non-profit organization that allows you to sign up for multiple events in the cities and contribute to serving those in...
  27. W

    School list help - Low GPA/okay MCAT

    Hey all! Need help with a school list. Got my Mcat score back today Final GPA (including post bacc) 3.23 cGPA 3.12 sGPA Post Bacc GPA (19 credits upper division science) 3.95 cGPA and sGPA MCAT: 507 (124 CARS) ECs: Volunteering at a women's shelter Feeding the homeless Shadowing Psych intern...
  28. K

    UQ Ochsner vs. DO Schools

    I was accepted into the UQ Ochsner 2019 cohort, and I have a few interviews for DO schools in Arizona and Nevada coming up. I'm having a hard time deciding which program I want to attend next year. I know interviews don't guarantee acceptances, and I'm still planning on interviewing at the DO...
  29. examsandyams

    Secondary tips?

  30. examsandyams

    Does the medical school you attend determine residency location?

    I'm from the Midwest, I would like to eventually end up working in the same region because of family ties. I know residency matches are dependent on COMLEX/ USMLE scores and specialty, but do residencies prefer students who attend medical schools in their region? Some DO schools have missions to...
  31. examsandyams

    Wait for possible, late Sept DO LoR if I have MD LoR? Would I be behind in app cycle? Stats listed

    I recently received my MCAT score of 500 and was recommended to apply broadly to many DO schools (have a different post about this). I have the chance to shadow a DO physician, but I can't until September. I was originally thinking of shadowing him and then asking for an LoR, but now I'm...
  32. M

    501 MCAT; 3.8 non science GPA; 3.4 science gpa

    Hey guys, I need some help. I got my MCAT score back and its much lower than I was doing on practice exams so I need to re-evaluate my school options. I decided not to apply to MD programs so I can just focus on DO. I am not sure what schools to apply to or if I even have a chance at getting...
  33. examsandyams

    3.67 cGPA, 3.4 sGPA, 500 MCAT, Continue with DO app?

    As the title says, I have a 3.67 cGPA, 3.4 sGPA, and a 500 MCAT. I have a good amount of leadership activities, volunteering, hospital-related work, and a study abroad in Asia. I already submitted my primaries to a large number of DO schools, and I have about 80% of the secondary questions...
  34. B

    Send Letters after I submit

    Thank you everyone in advance, SDN is always crazy helpful. As a reapplicant i was suggested to not send the same letters of rec. unless there are new ones to read as well. I am only a DO reapplicant. I applied MD also, but it takes so long to validate I'm sure it will come before i even get my...
  35. D

    SOS WAMC 3.34 sGPA/3.5-3.6cGPA/503 MCAT

    Hey everyone! Long time lurker here- just wanted to get your guy's input on what you think my chances are for getting in to a DO school this cycle. FL resident 2 science, 1 MD, 1 DO LOR (should I get a non science LOR?) 1000+ hours of hospital volunteering Orgo TA 2 semesters Private tutor 1...
  36. N

    WAMC -- Low GPA+High Postbacc

  37. N

    Need help with school list

  38. N

    WAMC Low GPA + postbacc

  39. N


  40. G

    WAMC- GPA 3.9 MCAT 512

    Hello! I'm assembling a school list, and I have some unbalanced stats. I'd appreciate any and all feedback on these schools. any in here seem unreasonable? Thank you a bunch, and best of luck everybody! Also to note: I am a reapplicant, but I applied to an exceedingly small amount of schools...