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  1. G

    Thoughts on my school list/what are my chances

    I have a 502 MCAT and with 2nd attempt got a 500 (don't ask, literally don' know what happened on test day as I was averaging 510 on AAMC practice). Anyways, I have a 3.55 GPA & 3.3 GPA, a lot of leadership, clinical experience, research and volunteering. I'm a FL resident and have compiled a...
  2. F

    500 now - Retake in JULY for DO school?

    Hi all! I unfortunately received a 500 on my MCAT. I have a 3.5 cGPA and around 3.2 sGPA. I am not sure if I should plan for a retake on July 24 or just apply to DO schools with this score now. Is there any way I can apply with this score and then sent an updated one? I would really like to...
  3. S

    WAMC at DO

    Just looking for some advice. cGPA- 3.45 sGPA- 3.31 MCAT- 502 (125/127/125/125) White male Undergraduate major- Clinical Lab Science Extracurriculars- EMT (800 Hours), Volunteer Firefighter, Volunteering (100+), a Resident assistant during college, leadership in IFC Other- Currently employed...
  4. D

    Advice/Input, am I doomed for getting into Med School?

    Hello everyone, I am currently finishing up my sophomore year in CUNY Brooklyn College I intend on going to medical school to become a pediatrician, I have always been in love with the medical field and coming from a big family were there was always little ones running around I always loved...
  5. P

    DO Chances, any school suggestions?

  6. C

    Another WAMC

    Hey all, I graduated last year with a 3.07 cGPA and 2.87 sGPA. I read a plethora of other posts similar to mine and saw Goro's tips on reinvention. However, I wanted to make this thread to get some personalized advise. I am planning on doing an SMP or post-bacc classes. If I get straight A's...
  7. T

    Chances for DO schools

    Hello, I would love some input on my chances and which DO schools I should apply to this summer for 2019 admission. Currently I'm a Junior at University of Texas at san antonio, just a normal state college. MCAT: 507 cGPA: 3.47 sGPA: 3.44 -The only hole in my GPA is Cs in chem 2, ochem 1...
  8. H

    DO WAMC? 3.18 cGPA, 3.09 sGPA, 506 MCAT

    Hi everyone, I will be a reapplicant to the DO cycle. What are my chances for matriculation for Sept 2019? US PR (reside in Illinois) 3.18 cGPA, 3.09 sGPA, 3.33 non-sGPA, 506 MCAT I do have an upwards trend in my GPA. Clinical Experience: Physician Shadowing at Hines, VA - went to rounds...
  9. C

    What are my chances? 3.83 cGPA 3.81 sGPA 504 MCAT

    cGPA: 3.83 sGPA: 3.81 MCAT: 504 50 Hours shadowing 720 Hours clinical experience (Scribe + Medical Assistant) 760 ish Hours volunteering - clinical and nonclinical - FIMRC International Medical Trip: Two separate medical trips. Led the trip as President and founder of the organization at my...
  10. B

    Chances/ List of DO schools

    What are my chances of getting into DO school? Major: BS Biology (with a minor in Math.... 1 class away from a BA in math but some personal issues came up and I wasn't able to complete it) Science/ Overall GPA= 3.6 (Graduated Cum Laude) MCAT= 500 EC: >1000 Hrs working in a clinic as a chaperone...
  11. S

    MD & DO Canadian 3.6GPA 514 MCAT chances?

    Hi, Canadian here, I'm currently in 4th year of undergraduate honors neuroscience. How competitive am I as an international applicant for MD and DO? Is it worth it to apply to MD at all? GPA 3.6-3.7 with progression of 3.85, 3.65, 3.94, 3.3-3.4. Are fluctuations detrimental to applications...
  12. R

    Fairleigh Dickinson DO program

    I was wondering if anyone who is in the program or knows about the program, to explain how this program really works. I checked the site and I've seen some info, but I still wondering what are the chances of being admitted into the program? Thanks.
  13. S

    3rd year medical student: love surgery but scared

    Hi guys! I'm a third year osteopathic medical student. I'm currently on my surgery rotation and I do really like it. Only problem is I get really nervous and freeze when my preceptor asks me to suture or do anything. I think I want to go into surgery, but if I can't even suture when the...
  14. G

    Low GPA Low MCAT Confused.

    Super stressed right now. Not sure what to do. Counselor is not good at giving advice. Need someone to help me out and show me a path to take. I am currently a senior at MSU. Right now I am clueless of what I should do. Is it too late to apply for post bac programs? Or should I do masters? Or...
  15. B

    MD & DO Realistically, what are my chances (506/3.82/low ECs)?

    My concern is my pretty subpar EC's. I graduated May 2015 with a GPA=3.82, science=3.88. I tutored for 2 years while going to school but that's about the extent of my work. Did a summer research gig between junior and senior year. Since graduating I worked as a home health aide since I was...
  16. D

    DO Advice for Pre-Meds (Post-Bacc and/or SMP Programs)

    Hi all, I'm new to the SDN community. :) I am currently a senior majoring in philosophy (lol merp) and minoring in biology. I have not finished my pre-reqs and was looking into a post-bacc program since I don't have many upper-bio level classes. I haven't taken the MCAT yet, will probably do so...
  17. WhereMyLiberalsAt

    Getting Burnt out....

  18. monkeym8

    Biochem-- Should I risk my GPA or my last semester of UG?

  19. Dreadhead

    Some advice please? 2.89 cGPA, 3.09 sGPA

    Hardworking first generation college student. Provided for myself throughout college. 3 jobs + full-time commuter student. MathBio major Neuro & Chem minors. cGPA 2.89 (upward trend), sGPA 3.09, MCAT score 495, with little prep via Kaplan book set & lots of anxiety surrounding test day. (As I'm...
  20. M

    MD & DO Has anyone heard of a Master's program to get into Med School with low MCAT?

    I saw a video on Youtube about someone getting into Med School by doing a biomedical Master's program (taking the same exact 1st year Med School classes) at that particular medical school. Video Here - What are the chances of getting in with such program ? Any others with similar experience...
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    Currently just began a Masters in Med Sciences program for a year. 3.25 sGPA, 3.30 cGPA 502 MCAT >2500 hours clinical employment in a teaching hospital > 40 hours shadowing an MD > 1000 hours clinical volunteering > 500 hours non-clinical volunteering Obviously my GPA hurts, I worked two part...
  22. W

    Which school is best? Overall ratings? Pros and cons?

    Hey guys. I have applied to Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine, VCOM in Auburn, William Carey, and PCOM in Georgia. A little background: 3.8 GPA at Birmingham Southern College. Student athlete. Loads of observational hours in Cardiology, Pathology, General Surgery, Urology, Internal...
  23. S

    3.1 sGPA, 3.1cGPA, 3.8 nonscience GPA, 508 MCAT

    Hey all! Like the title says, I have a 3.1 sGPA, 3.1cGPA, 3.8 nonscience GPA, and 508 MCAT. My MCAT breakdown is: Chem/Phys: 125 CARS: 129 Biochem: 125 Behavioral: 129 Total: 508. I have over 300 hours of combined shadowing and clinical volunteering work, both in under-served areas of San Diego...
  24. G

    DO (WAMC) MCAT:506 cGPA:3.84 NY resident

    Hey Everyone! I would really appreciate some help on deciding if I should seriously apply with the stats that I have. I've recently started to look into Osteopathic schools to apply to however, my MCAT is unbalanced 506:127,122,128,129 and I think that might severely deter me from getting any...
  25. T

    Chance DO Cali Resident

  26. E

    Road to DO

    Hi All, I graduated as a Pre-Physical Therapy Student. After an acceptance to DPT, I turned it down to pursue a career in medicine. I have all the prerequisites completed but have not taken BioChem (not pre-req). My GPA (cumulative/science) hovers around 3.5. MCAT NOT Taken. 1) Should I...
  27. N

    Low GPA. Ok MCAT. First time applicant. Is there any hope for me?

    New member here. This should have been posted at WAMC. Graduated May 2013 with BS in Biochem, Applying to DO -3.1 cGPA, 3.0sGPA -511 MCAT Undergrad experience (until May 2013) -2 years research experience in organic lab during undergrad (~15-20 hrs/week) -work experience: high school tutor...
  28. M

    What can I do to maximize my chances of matching into an AOA Orthopedic Program?

    Hi friends, About to start school at KCUMB...taking a look at the match list from the past couple years and there have been several orthopedic residency matches at various AOA programs. Besides stellar board scores, what can I do maximize my chances of matching into orthopedic? I know...
  29. W

    DO and MD school suggestions/list

    Hi, My MCAT is 501 (first take was a 496), my overall GPA is 3.67 and science GPA is around 3.5. I have been working in clinical research for 5 years and I am a certified phlebotomist, worked inpatient for 7 months. I also have research experience at my university (2 years). I am the president...
  30. U

    DO My chances? 3.1 cGPA, 3.0 sGPA, 510 mcat

    I'd appreciate some comments/guidence on my current situation. I completely understand my stats, including how they would portray an applicant. Please note, I went through a family crisis that consumed every part of me during years 1-2 of undergrad. I'd be happy to share more privately. B.S. in...
  31. D

    Help with school list, please! 3.55 GPA/502 MCAT

    Hey y'all. Like the title says, I'm having a hard time figuring out what schools to apply to. My cGPA is 3.55, sGPA 3.45. Strong upward trend since my first year. MCAT 502. I have strong extracurriculars, with research, leadership, non-medical and medical volunteering, clubs, medical and...
  32. C

    High GPA, low MCAT DO school advice

    So my highest MCAT is 500 (123 c/p, 124 bio, 125 cars, 128 psych/soc). I did not study much for it and I made a huge mistake retaking the MCAT 3 weeks after this before getting my 500 score back bc I thought I did terrible the first time and wouldn't be able to retake again before the end of...
  33. S

    With these stats, which DO schools should I be looking into?

    I am 24 years old, history major, biology minor. NJ resident. cGPA: 3.098 sGPA: 2.88 ** re-took all science courses after undergrad that I got a C/D/or F, and made sure they were all above Bs. The 2.88 is without the retakes! MCAT: 505 My ECs are pretty dense. Lots of shadowing hours of a DO...
  34. A


    Hello all. I really need some advice on whether to void my upcoming MCAT score on June 1st. I have been studying for the last 3 months for my retake. I originally took it back in August 2016 and got a 499 (125/122/124/128). I have taken several practice MCAT tests from Nextstep and the AAMC...
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    DO Help with school list

  36. L

    help with school list

  37. K

    Considering DO School with clinical neurology experience

    Hi all, First time poster here. I graduated last year (2016) with a B.A. in neuroscience and psychology. I am currently working as a clinical research assistant and study coordinator in the neurology department (movement disorders clinic) of a hospital. I also did an undergraduate internship...
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  39. EmmyM

    New to DO-School list advice

    I am applying to DO schools this cycle after I foolishly didn't last cycle. I have been researching schools for hours, but I cannot seem to come up with a decent list. Every schools seems so similar! Any advice on the best places to apply to/schools to stay away from would be much appreciated...
  40. P

    2.9 sGPA 510 MCAT

    Michigan Resident Ethnicity: Indian 2.9sGPA, 3.0cGPA, 510 MCAT 50 hours of tutoring 50 hours of MD shadowing 250 hours of CNA 500 hours of volunteering at family business Any chances?