1. K

    Free Premedical Event

    Hi everyone! KAMSA (Korean American Medical Student Association) from the Medical College of Georgia is hosting a premedical online event on May 14th from 10AM-2PM. This event is targeted for premedical students hoping to learn more about different medical specialties, medical student...
  2. D

    Help choosing SMP

    Hey all, going to be doing an SMP to help boost my GPA and gain acceptance into medical school. Right now, I am accepted to all SMPs listed in the title and I need help weighing the Pros/Cons of each program. Now considering my age and situation, I would *prefer* to get into med school asap...
  3. J


    My husband and I are trying to attend law and medical school at the same time. These are our options to do so. As of now, I really don’t want to pursue a competitive speciality. We plan to have children. I guess I’d say I’m most interested in IM. I know some people are unhappy with the PCOM...
  4. P

    PCOM vs OUWB

    PCOM Pros Location - Philly is amazing and its 30 min drive from my family, which is a really big support system for me I'm really interested in primary care, so I don't care much about extra competitive specialties (derm, plastics, etc) Strong community Reputation - very good reputation...
  5. C


    Hello All!! I am having trouble deciding between two schools PCOM-PA and VCOM-VA. I have to decide soon to put a deposit down! For reference, I am from a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. PCOM is about 4.5 hours and VCOM is about 5.5 hours. The closer the better. I have visited both schools after the...
  6. rhondaswanson

    PCOM Biomedical Masters Students (current and former)

    Can anyone who has either completed the PCOM Biomedical Masters program or who is currently wrapping up their first year comment on the curriculum, specifically how the schedule is laid out (PA location) and how the classes are run (flipped classroom model, mandatory attendance, online lectures...
  7. Lindsayxx8

    Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM-PA) Waitlist 2019-2020

    Hi guys, I just wanted to make a group for those currently on the waitlist for PCOM-PA for the 2019-2020 cycle.
  8. M

    Geisinger MBS vs. PCOM MBS 2020

    Hi guys! So I recently applied for SMP programs these stat cGPA 2.8, sGPA 2.5, and MCAT 495. I got accepted into Geisinger MBS program in Scranton, PA, which is a 1 year program at an MD school. I also applied to PCOM PA/GA program which provides a certificate after 1 year. Both schools are...
  9. VivaVeritas

    PCOM HPSP/Post 9-11 GI Bill Insight

    Hey all, I'm interested in more insight about attending PCOM using Air Force HPSP and/or post 9-11 GI Bill resources. Please PM me with your experience. Thank you :)
  10. D

    What’s everyone’s opinion of PCOM-South GA

    Hey guys the title says it all. I’m looking for an opinion about PCOM-South GA. I’ve been accepted there and waitlisted a couple places. I chose PCOM South Georgia even though it’s a new program because of its affiliation with PCOM and the numerous opportunities available as the first class...
  11. justalittlestar

    Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine - Philadelphia (PCOM-PA) 2018-2019 - Delayed Decision

    This thread is for applicants that have received a delayed decision/hold for the PCOM Philadelphia Campus. Please post your interview date and date delayed decision was received. Hopefully we'll get some good news in April and beyond :cool:
  12. D


    I have already been accepted to PCOM (Philly campus) but was offered an II to CCOM. How do the clinical rotations of these two schools compare? Is there any significant reason why CCOM would be much better to warrant paying almost 20k more a year in tuition? Also which school would potentially...
  13. P

    Should I reapply again?

    Stats: cGPA: 3.44 sGPA: 3.18 MCAT: 501 I didn't apply to too many DO schools, I did around 8 schools and so far. I submitted 11 applications, but I only returned 8 of the supplementals. So far, I have 2 rejections, 1 interview and then rejection, and the rest are silent lol. So I decided to...
  14. K

    Kcucom-Joplin vs Pcom-Ga

    Kcu Joplin Pros: higher step 1/complex passrate Associated hospital Only medical school in area Joplin is a small town which has amenities (I like the city) Cons: far from home (Atlanta) Pcom ga Pros: Close to home Cons Lower step 1/complex pass rate No associated hospital Not a big fan of...
  15. P

    PCOM philly vs. VCOM auburn

    So I've been accepted to both PCOM and VCOM and I'm having a difficult time choosing one. The deposit is due mid December and VCOM's deposit is pretty hefty so I would prefer to only put a deposit down for one. I really enjoyed both schools and both are close to family (divorced parents). Any...
  16. Orion Pax

    Lecom Erie vs Pcom Phillly

    Hi everyone, I've been blessed to have been accepted to both programs for the fall of 2019. I'm trying to decide for sure which acceptance I want to take and would appreciate any thoughts anyone would like to add. I am leaning towards PCOM for many reasons at the moment. Would appreciate any...
  17. D

    PCOM or RVU-CO?

    My long term goal is to live somewhere out west whether that be CO, UT, CA. I've been accepted to both schools but also would like to keep options open for Gen Surg, Ortho or EM. What would be your recommendation for which school to go to given my goals?
  18. A

    PCOM vs COMP (westernU Pomona)

    PCOM pros close to current home city school highly ranked cons in the northeast when I ideally want to move to SoCal for residency interview day experience was unorganized and made me weary (because they just started a new curriculum - so my class would be round 2 guinea pigs) COMP...
  19. DoctorDay12

    DO My chances?

  20. M

    Pcom application 2018/2019

    Has anyone applied to PCOM for early decision, did you receive an interview? what are your stats?
  21. P

    PCOM Biomedical Sciences 2019-2022

    Hi Guys! Just wondering if anyone else is thinking about applying for the upcoming next year Fall 2019? Let me know your thoughts and stats and etc for anyone else planning to apply. I'm looking to apply to the PCOM-PA campus, anyone else?
  22. R

    PCOM biomedical sciences? what are my chances?

    I attached a screenshot of my current transcript with the grades I've earned so far. Obviously I'm not getting into medical school with these, although that is my ultimate goal. My cGPA is 2.88 and I know my sGPA is lower but I still have organic 1&2, physics 1&2, anatomy, virology, and calculus...
  23. H

    PCOM South GA

    Hi all, I'm from around the area where the new South Georgia PCOM will be built (I'm talking like born and raised an hour away lol). Does anyone have any information about how this set up will be? According to their website, "pending approval, medical students will begin in August 2019". That...
  24. I'm_a_dogtor


    Hello potential readers for this thread! I have been submitting secondaries (typically within a week of receiving) and was wondering when interviews usually begin to be scheduled for the following schools: DMU, ATSU (KCOM AND SOMA), AZCOM, CCOM, HCOM, NOVA, PNWU-COM, PCOM, RVU-COM, UNE-COM. I...
  25. M

    Do Penn's specialized studies or DIY?

    I applied this past cycle and received one interview. Stats: cGPA 3.51, sGPA 3.28, 500. So basically, I am deciding whether I want to do a formal post bacc program, like Penn's, or maybe even PCOM's or Tulane's MS programs, or should I not risk the possibility of doing poorly (also money...
  26. vs_95

    PCOM DO/PhD (Questions about program)

    Hello everyone! I was invited to PCOM to take part in their DO/PhD interview. This seems like a really exciting opportunity. However, there's some questions I have that I'm not able to find online. Hoping to get insight from anyone else who has good knowledge about this program! 1. How does...
  27. vs_95


    Hello everyone! I was invited to PCOM to take part in their DO/PhD interview. This seems like a really exciting opportunity. However, there's some questions I have that I'm not able to find online. Hoping to get insight from any DO/PhD or DO students at PCOM, or anyone else who has good...
  28. HopefulDoc91

    PCOM vs Nova

    Hi everyone, I was recently accepted to PCOM, and I was planning on putting down my seat deposit. I was looking over the other schools I applied to, and the only other school I think I would ever consider would be Nova. Does anyone have any insight in comparing these two schools? I am from ~45...
  29. W

    PCOM-GA Interview

    Hey guys, I interview at PCOM-GA pretty soon. I was wondering if anyone had any rundown on what the interviews are like? Is it one on one? How many are there? And also what is this writing test I keep hearing about? If anyone has any light to shed on any of it it would be greatly appreciated...
  30. F

    PCOM Biomedical Sciences 2018-2019

    I was wondering if you guys thought I had any chance of getting into PCOM biomedical sciences program for the fall of 2018. My Stats: cGPA: 2.87 GPA over the past 2 years: 3.08 MCAT: 492 (retaking) I have made significant progress over the last 2 semesters, making deans list. Do I have a shot?
  31. tangmello

    PCOM Secondary Lookover?

    Hey, all! I'm currently making edits to my PCOM secondary (holy moly 250 words for all this info is tough), and I was wondering if anyone could take a look at it. It's kind of rough right now, but I would love some opinions. PM me for link. Thanks!
  32. D

    PCOM-PA vs VCOM Post Bacc

    PCOM-PA: 2 year masters (can leave after 1 year if desired and will earn a certificate), >3.0 GPA in program gives guaranteed interview for their DO program VCOM: 1 year certificate program, guaranteed admission to VCOM DO program upon meeting criteria during December and March benchmarks with...
  33. susheeto22

    PCOM post-bacc

    Just got accepted to PCOM MS program. Is anyone in the program currently or went through it that can share their experiences?
  34. M

    PCOM Housing for Interviews or Rotations

    Hello! I am a second year student at PCOM. My second bedroom is available for students coming to the Philadelphia area. I am a 3 minute drive to PCOM. If you're interested in renting the bedroom for a night or longer please contact diare2care @ Gmail.com. This room is only available until...
  35. laurenlee3

    TCMC vs PCOM

    At this point I'm interested in neurology and primary care/geriatrics (which can obviously change). Prestige means nothing to me, but I do acknowledge the possibility of being more limited in residency with a DO. Just please hear me out and consider these personal factors: Geisinger...
  36. S

    AACOMAS New Repeat Course Policy and RowanSOM

    Ok so idk if you guys have heard of aacomas changing its repeat course policy. If you haven't here is a link: http://www.aacom.org/become-a-doctor/applying/notice-of-repeat-coursework-policy-change I am super upset about this because I could have avoided it. I was suppose to apply during the...
  37. Dr.RickSanchez

    PCOM or Touro Nevada

    Hello SDN, Sorry to add yet another thread like this to the pile but I would appreciate any feedback possible regarding a decision on acceptance between PCOM and Touro Nevada. As far as cost of living goes I am not too worried about it, I am just concerned about facilities, the respective...
  38. C

    RowanSOM vs PCOM

    I have been accepted to both programs and need to decide which one to attend. I am a NJ resident so Rowan is cheaper but I have heard amazing things about PCOM that might be worth the extra 10k? Any advice or insight is greatly appreciated!!
  39. lhf556

    Does anyone know anyone who transferred to PCOM (successfully or tried and failed)?

    Does anyone know anyone who transferred to PCOM from a different COM? Has anyone transferred to PCOM from a different COM? If so, could you tell me about them, or yourself if it is you that transferred? (Grades at previous COM, MCAT score, reason for transferring) Before you reply, please...
  40. P

    MD & DO Looking for constructive criticism before my first cycle

    Hey sdn, So I know everyone is freaking about about the grade replacement thing (and as someone who replaced two Cs with two As I feel your pain), but I'm really looking for some advice and honest appraisals of my applicant profile if you don't mind. Assuming that grade replacement is out...