1. cobihaha

    General Admissions & OTCAS Question on listing courses in progress

    Hi everybody! I'm currently in the final stages of finishing my OTCAS application but I have a question regarding listing courses in progress. I'm missing pre-reqs for three of the schools I'm applying to (SJSU, St. Augustine and Colorado State University) with the plan of taking them over the...
  2. D

    All PTCAS GPAs, GREs, and Prerequisites in one spreadsheet

    Hopefully this helps people. Accurate with information from the first week of September 2017. If new information is not available, it remains from the prior update in April 2017.
  3. T

    General Admissions & OTCAS Developmental Psychology Prereq

    So, a few of the programs I am applying to require a developmental psychology course, often stating that is has to cover the entire lifespan! I am a Human Development minor so I have taken a ton of Human Development and Family Studies courses that cover development across the lifespan and at...
  4. F


    Hi everyone, In general, how strict are prerequisite requirements? By the end of college, I will have taken the following classes: *organic I, organic II, genchem II [I am using AP credit for gen chem I] *physics 1, physics 2 *bio 1, bio 2 *1 psychology class *(possibly) one sociology class...
  5. B

    2 Chems, Physics, and MCAT early? Switched from PA

    Hey Guys! I've read so many of these forums, it's nice to finally post in one! So here it goes: I will be a fifth-year college student this fall, having completed all PA requirements but decided on wanting to go to med school. This requires me to retake 2 semesters of gen chem, orgo, physics...
  6. W

    I'm pre-med, but haven't completed prereqs & have a low GPA. Where can I go from here?

    I have a question for anyone who may be able to give sound advice or has been through a similar situation. So, I recently got my B.S. in Community Health (or public health). Early in my undergraduate career I was on a pre-med track but after not performing as well as I wanted in Bio, Chem 1...
  7. D

    PTCAS Prereq GPA

    Hi everyone, so I am a little confused about the PTCAS gpa system. I submitted a few apps, and had my coursework verified, and they calculated the gpas. There is no prereq gpa, and it's kind of worrying me because I know my prereq gpa is a lot higher than my cumulative science, overall, etc. Is...
  8. SoftGel

    Using Non English courses for the English Prereq

    I am wondering what Non-English classes people have used to fulfill their English prereqs. For example, here is the English Prereq critera taken from the Columbia website: "6 credits, or the equivalent of one academic year of study, of coursework in English composition or literature or a...
  9. A

    Taking a Hybrid Class for Pre-Pharmacy Pre-Rec.

    Hey... I was wondering if anyone knows if the University of South Carolina's (Columbia) Pharmacy program accepts Hybrid classes for a Pre-Rec requirement? The only option available for Organic I at the community college I am attending is a hybrid class. The lab/tests would be in person, but...
  10. swiseman

    PCAT January 2018 without all Prereqs

    Hey guys! First thread here. I'm taking the PCAT on 1/3/18 with only the following prereqs: Gen Chem 1&2, Gen Bio 1, A&P 1, and Microbiology. I will not have Organic 1&2 or Calculus in yet, but I have College Alegbra/Trig pretty fresh. I learned the base of organic chemistry in another...
  11. T

    Other OT-Related Information Prereqs and Cost

    Hi! I am looking to begin my career in OT. I graduated with a BA in Sociology in January 2016. I am mainly looking at Stony Brook's OT program, since that is where I attended undergrad. However, I have none of the science prerequisites. Do you think it would look better on my application if I...
  12. C

    Harvard Extension School Online Courses for med school

    Does anyone know how online courses from Harvard Extension school are viewed for med school? I am looking at taking some courses through HE as refreshers so to speak. I already have the pre reqs for med school, but it has been a few years since I have taken them. I wasn't originally intending on...
  13. W

    Pre-med GPA troubles?

    Hello, I am currently finishing my freshman year as a pre-med and I have not performed as well as i had hoped. I am looking to finish with a 2.7 GPA, with a C- in chemistry and a D+ in calculus, which i am planning to retake. First semester i had a b- in chem 1 and a b- in bio 1. I was not...
  14. T

    General Admissions & OTCAS How to improve my chances?

    I am a rising senior and I just decided this year that I wanted to be an OT (previously nutritional sciences). I am trying to play catch up! I was wondering if you could take a look over my stats and let me know what I can do to improve my chances of being accepted! Major: Biobehavioral Health...
  15. predental808

    Taking pre-requisite AFTER applying to dental school

    Hi everyone, I am applying to dental school this cycle and I was wondering if taking English 200 after I apply (but before I graduate in May 2018) will affect my acceptance into dental school. I know schools will often give a tentative acceptance upon completion of the course, however does...
  16. iamsolemn

    Prerequisites for Psychiatrist

    Hello iamsolemn, I am a freshman in high school and see a huge opportunity in this career path. Not many people are employed here compared to all the other medical fields and pay very well. I was wondering, does this job deal with consoling and social science/humanities or is this all entirely...
  17. U

    Advice Regarding Two Years of Prerequisites

    I need help deciding where I should go to complete prerequisites for pharmacy school. My options are PBA and FAU. PBA seems to be the more practical choice as I would go their for two years and then apply to their pharmacy school for four years. With FAU, I would be going there to do prereqs...
  18. J

    Can you still get into medschool if you don't major in science?

    Hey, So I've been a Paramedic for seven years, also worked in Critical Care Transport, and last year I decided to go back to school and do premed. So they put me in a Biology major, and I got a 4.o, last semester (mostly generals, and one bio/lab class). This semester I have a B in Calc...
  19. pnwhmt

    Biochemisty as a Substitute for Ochem II

    Thought I would share this here in case it's helpful to anyone: I feel that there is an overwhelming consensus that the second semester of organic chemistry is required for admission to medical...
  20. AZhiker93

    What do you think about this plan?

    Already have my BSN. I just need to take these courses. I will likely sneak genetics in there somewhere as well. Fall 2017 College algebra and trigonometry General Chemistry I Spring 2018 General Chemistry II General Biology I Fall 2018 General Biology II Organic Chemistry I Spring 2019...
  21. N

    Waving Pre-req

    Hey does anyone know if UMICH has ever waived the sociology requirement. Fortunate enough to have gotten an interview from them, however, have missed the deadline to enrol in a sociology course.
  22. F

    Criteria in choosing a PT school

    Hi everyone! So I'm between three schools at the moment: UIC, Northwestern, and Ohio University. I got a great feeling at both OU and NW, but a meh feeling at UIC, although I know all three programs would be great options. In choosing a program, is it bad to go with the better logistical fit? In...
  23. R

    How does everyone complete Pre-Med reqs in undergrad?

    As a freshman in pre-med at a university that functions on the quarter system, I am already trying to figure out how I am going to complete all of my pre reqs in 3 years in order to take the MCAT and hopefully matriculate the year after graduating undergrad? So what's everyone doing? Do you guys...
  24. Dhudez

    Taking A Couple of Pre Reqs Online?

    Hey Everyone, I am thinking about taking Physics 1 online at a CC. The final exam is proctored on campus, and I would take the lab portion at my university. Would this look bad to dental schools? Also how would dental schools know I took this class online? I looked at my transcript, and it...
  25. Ollivander

    Looking to make a switch from pre-dental to pre-PA and seeking advice

    I'm currently considering refocusing my pursuit to become a dentist and transitioning over to pursuing becoming a physician assistant. I do have a couple of questions though. I graduated this past spring with a bachelors in finance, however I've taken all the prerequisites needed for dental...
  26. J

    AT/PT for non science major

    Hey guys, So I just recently graduated with a Bachelors of Business Administration. I'm interested in going back to school to do athletic training or physical therapy. I've been thinking about doing athletic training for a while now, even back when I was still an undergrad. I've only taken a...
  27. mrjbb

    Microbiology Instead of Biology 2 Prereq

    Asking for a close friend. She's taken Biology 1 and has the chance to take Microbiology instead of Bio 2. She's found micro to be of more interest. Her question to me was, can she use Micro/lab as part of the 1 year biology requirement? I've looked at some OLD threads on here and my answer to...
  28. M

    Mom, CC graduate, trying to transfer, almost no relevant coursework

    Hi all, this is my first time posting here. I am currently attending a CC. I am going to be graduating with exactly 90 credits in December with my AAS. I have done a lot of floundering around in finding what I want to do. In addition, many of my classes were completed while I was still in...
  29. therapist2be

    General Admissions & OTCAS Online prereqs and tracking observation hours

    Hello everyone! So I recently graduated from college in May thinking I was going to become an SLP but I have since changed my mind and decided to pursue OT. So far I'm finding the process to be so much more frustrating for OT than for SLP and I'm not even applying until next year. With SLP...
  30. P

    applying to vet school as a post-bac

    I am submitting my application (I little tight on time yes I know) and just want a little input, maybe even peace of mind. I graduated 4 years ago with a BFA in photography, decided recently that I wanted to be an equine veterinarian. I started taking classes last fall. I have two more classes...
  31. W

    Questionable Post-Bacc Program Attendance

    I was admitted to Charles Drew University's Post Bacc, but I only 7k to use in undergraduate loans left. The school I graduated from in another state awarded me 12k (maybe an error, but it's in state/non private unlike CDU). CDU is around 600 per credit hour, and I only would be there for one...
  32. R


  33. MedicalMermaid

    Need help making a MCAT study plan

    Hello everyone! Here is some background info: I will be graduating this month and am taking some pre-reqs before applying next cycle (May 2017). I am taking physics in the summer and OchemII in the fall because they were not offered together. I am also going to be shadowing during the summer...
  34. mednerd1004

    Retake at community college and/or post-bacc?

  35. toro2013

    Is this course load doable?

    Biology II w/lab Chemistry II w/lab Calculus I Microbiology
  36. T

    Pharm.D. to M.D. Prereqs

    Hello all, Here's my background: I graduated with a Pharm.D., received 1 year of post-grad training (PGY1), and have been working as a clinical pharmacist for about 1.5 years. I'm seriously considering applying for medical school and have been studying for the MCAT in preparation to apply this...
  37. T

    Pre-Requisite Timing: Biochem Before O-Chem 2?

    Background: Appreciate any and all advice. I'm finishing up my bachelor's in a non-science major this Spring so I'm taking a year to finish pre-requisites and get some additional ECs. I'm going to take classes in all 3 summer, fall and spring semesters, but I'm also going to take the MCAT after...
  38. R

    General Admissions & OTCAS If you have multiple classes that can fulfil prereqs, which one do they look at?

    I'm a psych major and my program requires a couple abnormal psych courses, which I've taken a bunch of. Which class will they use to fulfill the prereq? Will they take the latest class, the highest grade, one big average of all?
  39. M

    Help! Prereqs as MCAT prep?

    Hey guys, I tried looking through the forums for a post with my situation but couldn't quite find anything of use. So, here we go! I'm a 26 y/o and about 3 years removed from my bachelor's degree that didn't involve any of the science prereqs. I'm changing careers from teaching to medicine and...
  40. Cheyenne2313

    Nontraditional with Bachelors and finishing Masters: Where do I go from here?

    Hello Student Doctors, I am currently a master's student in occupational therapy and I am beginning to have second thoughts about this as a career. I am quickly losing interest in the field (I understand everyone has some level of burnout, but I have felt this way for about a year or...