1. D

    CAA vs Dentistry

    For someone that likes both fields equally, how would you objectively compare these two fields? Looking for comparisons in regards to financial outlook, job outlook, work-life balance/schedule, work environment, politics, prestige/respect, etc. I will practice either profession in Florida. Keep...
  2. L

    AA or CRNA

    Hello, I am a non-traditional student and I am looking to make a career change. I was looking into CRNA until I was introduced to AA and it seems to be a better fit my needs. I don’t have any debt and I am currently taking the prerequisites at a local university. Since I have already obtained a...
  3. L

    Advice on Schooling for an Anesthesiologist

    Good Evening all, I am an aspiring Anesthesiologist, and am having some trouble with figuring out school. I was just advised I do not need a nursing degree to get into Medical school and can get my bachelors degree in anything. I would love some feedback on what you got your degree in or any...
  4. P

    Suburban Los Angeles Anesthesia

    PP all MD group all cases except transplant 1099, good income non-predatory group, transparent usually 1 year to yeah or nah partnership vote (almost always yeah) expanding hospital Call gets nightly stipend plus what you collect from cases.
  5. habbohomer

    Can Anesthesiologists refuse to work a case for any reason?

    Whether it be that you don't like the surgeon, the patient was your childhood bully, you find cosmetic surgery immoral, etc.. Where is the line? When can you refuse to work a case, and how does it affect you?
  6. RT2DO

    An Anesthesiologist venting out! Thoughts?

  7. L

    Anesthesiologist Assistant Jobs and Salary in South Florida

    Hi all, I was looking to ask someone about the South Florida job environment for Anesthesiologist Assistants (AA): for example what hospitals (or others) are hiring or have hired AA in the past in South Florida? Are there any in Miami-Dade (I believe I saw some in Broward but nothing in Miami)...
  8. A

    Non-Traditional> DO School or Perfusion?

    I'm at a crossroads and need help! I'm 27 years old (undergraduate degree in biosystems engineering), and have 5 years work experience as an engineer. Through a lot of soul searching, therapy, research, and volunteer/shadowing experience I know I want to go back to school to pursue a career in...
  9. KatiaRayanna

    CRNA Or Anesthesiologist ? Should I Transition ?

    Hi Guys !! I'm Currently In College For Nursing. I Want To Be An Anesthesiologist, But When I Jobshadowed One & An CRNA. CRNA Makes The Same Amount Of Money As An Anesthesiologist, The Only Difference Is One Is A Nurse & The Other Is A Doctor. CRNA Is Less Education Years As Well. My Plan Was To...
  10. S

    Anesthesiology Navy Reserves

    I'm an attending anesthesiologist at an academic institution who is considering joining the Naval Reserves. I've never served before. I'm most concerned about the amount of time I'd be in training and the duration of time deployed. I'd also like to know more about the wage gap for the time...
  11. D

    Gas vs Rads

    I was really trying to get more information to make a decision between either of these two. I am a USMD newer med school; step 1 234, clinical grades have all been pass. I've talked to a PDs who have said that my step score was within range. According to Freida, rads average step scores seem...
  12. student-of-life

    CCM / Anesthesia Lifestyle

    Hi, I'm a student interested in the blend of CCM and Anesthesia. I'm hoping some attendings can shed light on: Scheduling - My impression is that one will generally do one week in the ICU and then 3 weeks in the OR. However, I'm also under the impression that pure CCM attendings generally have...
  13. A

    Felony (what are my chances)?

    When I was 18, I made a really horrible mistake and was convicted of (credit card fraud) which is a felony. That is the only thing that I have been in trouble for. I have completely changed my life around since then and I want to go after my dream of being an anesthesiologist. I am now 20, and I...
  14. P

    Anesthesiology Fellowship Match Factors

    As an incoming PGY-1 anesthesiology resident, I'm interested to know what are the main factors in getting into a fellowship? Program connections? Letters? Research? Residency program prestige? I'm interested in pediatric or CT anesthesia at this point. It's early in the game, I know, but I'm...
  15. C

    Anesthesiologist Assistant or MD?

    I’m unsure if I’m posting this in the right place, so apologies in advance if I’m in the wrong area. I know everyone has a unique situation, so I wanted to explain mine briefly and ask opinions of others on if I should pursue a PA or MD route. When I say PA, I actually mean AA - Anesthesiology...
  16. C

    Anesthesiologist Assistant or MD?

    I’m unsure if I’m posting this in the right place, so apologies in advance if I’m in the wrong area. I know everyone has a unique situation, so I wanted to explain mine briefly and ask opinions of others on if I should pursue a PA or MD route. When I say PA, I actually mean AA - Anesthesiology...
  17. 1

    First time shadowing

    I'm an undergraduate about to shadow an anesthesiologist for the first time. Any recommendations or things to be aware of? I just don't want to do something embarrassing or awkward.
  18. M

    Critical Care Question(s)

    Critical Care. I had a question (sort of a multi-part question) in regards to critical care that I wasn’t really able to find a clear cut answer on. I’m aware there are various specialties of medicine, i.e General Surgery, IM, Anesthesiology, and I’m sure a few others, that are able to obtain...
  19. S

    Chance of Anesthesia Residency as IMG

    Hey there all! I was just accepted into the 4 year RCSI graduate medical program (yay!) and I was wondering if any RCSI alumni/current students had any info on residency rates? I'm hoping to get into an anesthesia residency back in the US. Thanks in advance :D
  20. D

    Would anesthesiology be a good fit for me?

    A little bit about me, I enjoy pharmacology. I love knowing about how drugs work on a human body. I was quite into art when I was younger. I'm fairly quiet and I believe that I have a genuine care to help people. I especially like caring for children and have always been told I have a way with...
  21. AnesthesiaLife

    Vegas? Florida? Cali? New Attending in 2018, 32/single, Where should I work?

    1. Major city/fun/younger crowd (But not too expensive cost of living) 2. Warm weather 3. Big hospital, private practice 4. Good incentives (Salary/lower income tax) to pay off loans 5. Collegiality/Comradery 6. Non partnership track
  22. M

    2 jobs?

    Hello all, I was wondering if it is deemed possible for an anesthesiologist to work two jobs at two different hospitals. If anyone can give me some insight to this. Thanks. :)
  23. N

    Anesthesiologist Needed Indiana for Pain Management

    ABA Certified Anesthesiologists for Indianapolis Pain Clinic Center for Pain Management is actively seeking a full time ABA Certified Anesthesiologists – Pain Management Physicians for our Indianapolis pain clinic and surgery center. We are a large, private medical practice specializing in pain...
  24. N

    Position Available New Fellowship Position Pain Management - Indiana

    About: Center for Pain Management is excited to offer a multidisciplinary chronic pain fellowship opportunity in our multiple locations throughout Indiana. All our procedures including implants are performed in the center’s dedicated licensed ambulatory surgical centers. Our fellowship...
  25. Q

    CRNA v Anesthesiologist Outlook

    I'm currently debating between becoming an anesthesiologist v CRNA. However, the purpose of this question is solely to get an idea of the current job outlooks of both career paths. I've heard rumors of a surplus of CRNAs, but also of CRNAs encroaching upon the jobs of anesthesiologists...
  26. I

    San Antonio, TX Partnership Track

    Looking for MD/DO anesthesiologist for private practice in San Antonio, TX. Partnership in 3 years, mostly doing your own cases. Skills and interests needed include ortho/regional and OB. Due to partners slowing down and retiring, we are looking for candidates both immediately and next summer...
  27. Richanesthesiologist

    What are my chances of Medical School? Freaking Out

    I just finished my freshman year and I really want to get into medical school or my University's Junior Medical Honors Program (UF). I will apply to this program Spring Sophomore year. My science GPA dropped from a 4.0 to a 3.95 because I bombed the ecology section of my biology test (who...
  28. F

    CRNA Career choice???

    Hello, I am currently a high school freshman with a 4.45 GPA (not sure if that matters or not), who is concerned about what career I should pursue. I know it may seem crazy to be concerned about my career at such a young age, but I am just super curious. My whole family is involved with the...
  29. Army Healthcare (CT)

    Part Time - Anesthesiologist (Connecticut)

    The Army is looking for Anesthesiologists to fill our ranks in the Army Reserve. We are offering $75,000 in Special Pay and loan repayment up to $250,000. The commitment is based off of the incentives you choose. The obligation is 38 days a year in the Reserve. If you would like more...
  30. N

    Job opening for pediatric anesthesiologist in Tacoma

  31. B

    Position Swap Anesthesia CA1/PGY2

    I am currently a CA1 in an anesthesia program in the New York area and would like to swap for a program in Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore/Washington or Boston. That said, I am open to pretty much any program under the right circumstances. Available: PGY2 (CA-1), Anesthesia, New York area...
  32. J

    Looking to speak to Canadian Anesthesiologists for a story about addiction

    I'm a Vancouver-based reporter working on a story about addiction among anesthesiologists for a major publication. I'd really like to interview Canadian anesthesiologists working or still in training. I understand it's a sensitive topic, but I'd really appreciate information from someone...
  33. DeterminedMan

    I need some help please

    I'm a junior in high school and I've wanted to become an anesthesiologist since I was knee high to a grass hopper. Next year I'm going to shadow an anesthesiologist during my senior year of high school. There's a slight problem I wasn't very smart about my ninth and tenth grade year. My GPA is...
  34. O

    Future of Anesthesiologists

    Hello, im a college student currently taking pre med courses. I have always been interested in medicine and specifically anesthesiology because i like working with patients, being able to knownall kinds of diseases and diagnoses, being in the OR and the fact that Anesthesiologists get to...
  35. S

    Possible Undergrad Minors

    Hi! I am a freshman at SUNY Albany. I am an intended Biology major on a Pre-Med track. My academic goal is to go to medical school and become an anesthesiologist. My academic advisor had mentioned looking into minors to kind of "spruce up" my med school application (starting early). I was...
  36. F

    Any ideas for foreign medical graduate in USA?

    Hello, I am a foreign (international) medical graduate. I was a General Physician and also did my specialization/residency on Anesthesiology in Albania. I worked as an Anesthesiologist and General Physician for over 20 years in the largest hospital of Albania. In US so far, I've worked as...