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  1. predental.Em


    Date of submission: Have not submitted, planning on submitting June 1, 2023 Overall GPA: 3.3 Science GPA: 3.4 Deleted. — School list: **** NEED SUGGESTIONS! UF NOVA Lecom midwestern az NYU
  2. E

    DAT ADVICE 2020

    Hello all! I’ve just gotten involved on SDN and have been reading everyone’s dat success stories and feel more motivated that ever. Of course, like every other normal person on earth, I’m still anxious about the DAT. I’ve been studying since May 1st (My actual exam is on August 17th) and I’ve...
  3. I

    [PRE-Dental, Please Read - What is your advice? -

    I have a bachelors of science degree in biology. I have an overall undergrad GPA of 3.0 and Science GPA of 2.79. I am retaking my DAT. Based on DAT simulator practice tests, I have been getting 19 to 21 AA. Please list as many dental schools as possible that you think I have even the slightest...
  4. I

    Dental Schools with group interviews?

    Does anyone know which dental schools do group interviews over one on one or MMI?
  5. S


  6. Biggytooth

    Have I been waitlisted or is this a common email sent out for today (first day of acceptance not.s)

    Hi, I applied to a number of dental programs this cycle. Among them was Marquette University. I received an email today saying that quote: "The Admissions Committee of the Marquette University School of Dentistry has reviewed your application and supporting credentials for the 2019 Freshman...
  7. F

    Chance for current cycle?

    Hi all! Very curious, I'm applying to about 15-18 schools, I currently have a 3.5 GPA, 3.4 sGPA, and amazing extracurriculars, letters and personal statement. I just recently took my DAT and did not score as well as I anticipated PAT:18 QR:17 Reading:18 Bio:18 Chem:16 Orgo:18 TS: 17 AA:17 I plan...
  8. R

    Dental Application questions

    I was going through my application and saw this question on some of the schools. "Is there anything else you want (dental school) to know that is not included in this application? " Does anyone know how to answer this question. I don't know what to write that I haven't already said in my...
  9. artist2022

    *~*~*~* Official 2018-2019 Application Timeline Thread (Submitted, Verified, Mailed) *~*~*~*

    Hey guys! The dental application opened on May 15th, 2018, and today (June 5th, 2018) is the first day you can submit! These are exciting times!! Thread from last cycle for reference: 2017-2018 *~*~*~* Official 2017-2018 Application Timeline Thread (Submitted, Verified, Mailed) *~*~*~*...
  10. F

    Do dental schools care if we PNP breadth courses?

    Hi all, Do dental schools care if I PNP breadth courses? I have not taken any science or prereqs as PNP. Thanks
  11. batRDH

    Delete post

    Hey guys! So I have a undergrad GPA from a foreign institution which is about 3.17 after conversation to American scale. I also got my associates in dental hygiene with a 3.12 cumulative GPA. I want to know how my gpa is calculated by AADSAS because my dental hygiene gpa was calculated on a much...
  12. M

    Application/DAT Timeline

    Hey everyone, Thank you in advance for your help. I just completed my junior year of undergrad working towards a B.A. in Chemistry. I have a cumulative GPA of 3.88. Overall, I feel behind the ball in my decision to pursue dentistry since most of my peers have experience and have already taken...
  13. N

    Concern about courseload

    I didn’t get into a class in one of my semesters and ended up with fewer graded units (~ 8 science) + 7 PNP (4 teaching) = total 15. I don’t want to seem like I’m trying to take easy courseloads to increase my gpa. Is this something to worry about? Please let me know your thoughts.
  14. mystic17

    How adversely will the lack of a committee letter impact my application?

    Hello All, I will be applying to dental schools this cycle as a junior. I was recently informed that I am not eligible for a committee letter from my school because I have an official warning on my conduct record for a fire safety violation (using a fire exit once, no alarm sounded). I am very...
  15. T

    What dental schools should I be looking at?

    Hello, I have not taken the DAT yet. I have a 3.83 GPA m/s and overall. I go to Temple Uni. Right now my list has: Penn, Temple, Pitt, Harvard, Columbia, UCLA, WVU, UCSF, Uni. Maryland, Michigan, and Ohio State. Volunteering as dental assistant close to 100 hours recorded. Senior Class...
  16. H

    suggestions for schools to apply?

    Hi, I'm going to apply to dental schools this upcoming cycle in June 2018 and I need suggestions on schools which I can apply for that I have chances to get into. DAT: PAT-19 QR-18 RC-17 Biol-27 GC-21 OC-23 TS-24 AA-21. (I'm worried about my PAT, QR, and RC scores especially the 17 with...
  17. H

    Should I get a LOR from a class that I got a C?

    I got a C in medicinal chemistry class. I contacted my professor and she was willing to write a letter of recommendation for me. Since I was taking biochemistry and medical chemistry concurrently (biochemistry was the prerequisite of the class), she told me that she can explain my grade in the...
  18. FutureDentist97

    Comments on my list of schools for the 2018 cycle, please? Thanks:)

    Thank you:)
  19. Future Molinator

    Organic Chemistry Breakdown of Type of Questions

    Hello, Can I get a conformation of the breakdown of questions for the orgo section. According to Kaplan, Reactions (30%) Mechanisms (17%) Chemical & Physical Properties (17%) Acid-Base Chemistry (10%) Aromatics and Bonding (10%) Stereochemistry (10%) Nomenclature (7%)
  20. P

    applied this past cycle, but didn't take DAT. Incomplete applicant or reapplicant for next cycle?

    I applied at the end of October 2017. I know it was pretty late but I decided to just go ahead.. so stupid. I thought I could cram and take DAT in december however I was not prepared. So my app was incomplete. I applied to 6 schools that I didnt really care about so in the high chance I would...
  21. Avacado0o

    Has anyone transferred from a 4 year to another 4 year university?

    I'm curious if anyone has changed schools here. I transferred from one 4 year university to another because frankly, I hated with the grading system (It has +/- and the A- (90-92) was destructive to my GPA). The curriculum was also very heavy and they didn't teach that well but they had high...
  22. M

    Tired of wasting time.. what would you do? Help please**

    Hey everyone, I need some legit reality check/advice from you guys. I am currently a post-grad who graduated last year from college and has been working full time at a non-dental related job to save up some money. After realizing that I truly want to pursue a career in dentistry, I am going to...
  23. P

    VCU, University of Illinois @ Chicago, or Temple Dental???

    I feel very fortunate to have been accepted to all these schools, but now comes the decision time! I am a resident of Virginia and have gone to undergrad at Richmond and so I would see the same city for the next 4 years if I attended VCU. Buuut, I was offered a 60Kscholarship ($15K per year) to...
  24. T

    Chance me; high GPA, Low DAT

    Hey guys if you could chance me or tell me what my odds are that would be great. I studied long and hard for the DAT and got so darn nervous and choked. I submitted my app. Jun 10th and took the DAT Aug 11th and my app was complete Aug 23rd. I applied to 19 schools. Any feedback or advice would...
  25. P


    Hi guys, I am taking my exam september 18th! I have been scoring really well on bootcamp and destroyer for the sciences especially. My scores range OC: 20-23 GC-21-24 BIO:19-22 PAT: 18 ( i struggle with PAT but i am willing to take the 18 if i ace everything else) RC: 19-21 QR-19-22 My GPA is a...
  26. R

    chance me dental school 23aa 22ts 21pat

    Age 21 Biology major chem and Spanish minors 23 aa 22 ts 21 bio 22 orgo 27 gc 22 qr 21 reading 21 pat 3.78 gpa. 3.68 science gpa 3.67 bio/biochem/physics gpa 200 hours community service fraternity philanthropy chair 350 hours working/shadowing general dentist Manager at country club 2 science...
  27. R

    chance me

    23 aa 22 ts 21 bio 22 orgo 27 gc 22 qr 21 reading 21 pat 3.78 gpa. 3.68 science gpa 200 hours community service fraternity philanthropy chair 350 hours working/shadowing general dentist ny state resident applying to: stony brook, Columbia, nyu, tufts, bu, maryland, rutgers, touro, buffalo, pitt
  28. D


    Hey, So i am looking to apply to dental schools and my undergrad GPA is 2.9. I am currently doing a Masters of Biomedical Sciences program at Rutgers. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions about which schools i have the best chance of getting into as well as what i should do in order to...
  29. T

    dental application

    Hello everyone, I just started studying for the DAT now, and I'm wondering if should submit my application first or should I worry about that, after taking the DAT?
  30. T

    DAT in late week of july late for 2017 cycle?

    I have been studying for the DAT now for 4 weeks and averaging a 18AA 19PAT overall. I would like more time to study so that I can get a 20AA. Would taking the DAT in the last week of July still be considered early? I submitted my application on June 5 and my gpa is verified and LOR are in. Plus...
  31. rasaini

    Individual letters and committee letter

    Hi everyone. I am planning on submitting my ADEA AADSAS application but I am really confused what I should fill in the evaluation section? Should I request a committee letter or individual letters? In case I want to send both what should I do? Because my committee letter will reach schools very...
  32. T

    DAT June 20th

    Should I fill out my application on June 1st and submit it even though I am taking the DAT June 20th? Is this considered "late," and will it hurt my chances? I have 3.72 sgpa, 3.76 overallgpa, 255 hours of shadowing, and 200 hours of volunteer, with good letters of rec. Also does anybody have a...
  33. D


  34. T

    Physics for pre-dentals

    Hello, I am an undergrad at University of Michigan and want to apply to dental school this upcoming cycle. I took all pre-req classes at the university but took physics 2 in South Korea during the summer. Will I have to take physics 2 again at a U.S. university or is it fine? Thank you in advance.
  35. Dr.HarleyQuinn

    Do I have a Shot

    Hello everyone, I think I am in need of some guidance; I have been very worried lately (probably over-worried). I want to know if you guys think that I have a chance at getting in to dental schools this coming application cycle. I am currently studying for my DAT that I am planning to take in...
  36. N

    Dental School Connections

    Since the threads on this are over ten years old I wanted some new advice on this issue. I have some professional connections who work at three dental schools and was wondering the extent that that can help? Do dental schools function based off of connections that aren't just from donors? Such...
  37. ucfknight7

    Nontraditional Pre-dental student applying this cycle! (PLEASE HELP)

    If you guys could give some solid advice for my personal situation I'd appreciate so much. I'm a senior and I was planning on applying to dental school this upcoming cycle, but I am stuck on whether or not that is the best route for me. I have a low GPA that should be around 3.2, which is mainly...
  38. C

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