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  1. Y

    School List Help 3.89cGPA 511 MCAT ORM

    cGPA 3.891 sGPA 3.848 MCAT 511 Michigan Resident ORM Undergrad— top public state school Clinical MA in cardiology office 400 hours projected CNA for 6 months 400 hours Volunteer at free clinic 80 hours projected Patient sitter 100 hours Shadowing Rheumatologist— in process— 50 hours...
  2. N

    3.7/501/TX. Schools to Apply to.

    Hello everyone: I would like to apply as to many medical schools as possible. But I don’t know where I would have a decent chance to get in. I have an undergrad degree in Healthcare management and a minor in Biology. I have a masters in healthcare management with a concentration in analytics...
  3. B

    Texas Dental Schools OOS

    Hi, I have a strong desire to go to school in Texas but I am considered OOS. Could anyone with information tell me how many OOS interviews are given and the chances of acceptance of you end up receiving an interview? Is there anything that could make you stand out in an interview?
  4. D

    Coming back to CA for residency?

    Hey all, I'm a CA resident and I've been accepted to an established MD school on the east coast (Wake Forest) as well as a new CA MD school (CUSM.) I'm really leaning toward Wake Forest - I really like the city, the faculty, the fact that it's more established, everything about it. My only...
  5. Kobethegoat24

    Help me make the right decision

    So i was accepted into my state school and also another school. The other school offered me a 32000 per year scholarship that would make it cheaper for me to attend that school than my state school. So i paid the deposit and am planning on attending there. The scholarship is renewable for all 4...
  6. M

    MD OOS tuition waiver for veteran dependents

    Hi everyone! I will be moving to Florida for med school this fall and have heard that veteran dependents can receive an OOS tuition waiver in that state (this would allow me to pay IS instead of OOS tuition). I don't qualify for any GI Bill benefits through my dad's prior military service, but I...
  7. T

    UF (OOS) vs Case

    UF vs Case UF pros: - nice weather - more global health opportunities than Case - lecture is recorded and non-mandatory - affordable housing within walking distance of campus - less expensive (49k OOS) but could become IS (37k) after year 2 (over 4 years this is about a 85k total difference...
  8. Friendly MichaelMyers

    Tips for going out of state

    Hello. So I haven't been out of state for high school/undergrad. I might attend a med school out of state. I am wondering if anybody knows things that they did or their friends did that could ease my move-in to another state. I am thinking about things like: 1) When should I worry about a...
  9. jtom

    What are my chances?

    Hey guys I was wondering if you could give me any advice on how to improve my application for this cycle. I am a non traditional student and had to take a few pre-reqs to be considered last year. I applied last year and got interviewed and waitlisted at tennessee and also waitlisted at UF...
  10. Baryjt01

    IU (IS) vs. Louisville (OOS)

    Ok so here is the problem I have encountered. I have been accepted to Louisville and IU. IU is my state school so only 250k whereas Louisville is out of state which is 400k maybe a tad more. Louisville is the school I would rather go to but I dont know if i can do it with there being that much...
  11. Kayak_Croc

    Already married to Tennessee state resident

    I'm interested in Memphis dental school. I've heard they only offer in-state tuition to out of staters who get married to a state resident. I'm a New Mexico resident working on my undergrad. I recently married a Tennessee resident. Will I still qualify for that in state requirement? We plan to...
  12. collectedgp

    Out-of-state-friendly schools?

  13. D

    IS/OOS Questions

    Hi! Could anyone tell me which of these schools has an in-state bias? If possible, to what degree do they prefer IS residents? I was able to find information on some of these schools but not all of them. I'm considering applying to more schools without a residency bias if my shot at these...
  14. S

    Admission and questions about these schools

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum! I am pre-vet and looking at a few schools. I am not too far into my undergrad to really give an accurate GPA and haven't taken my GRE. But it is currently above 3.6 and I hope to graduate at that or higher, and hopefully will have around there for the science...
  15. Btylers

    ATTN: NAU Northern Arizona PT DPT Program Applicants

    Heads up for futures applicants to NAU DPT program. If you are out of state, you will not get in state tuition. They may say you might get it, but you will not. As a SPT at NAU and was told I would get instate tuition after a year of living. I followed the state of Arizona policy to gain...
  16. U

    MD School List Advice: CA res. 3.88 sGPA, TBD June MCAT

    Thanks for taking the time to suggest any number of schools. Don't need to read everything necessarily, just bolded and skim should be enough to comment. Profile - California resident, white male - Graduated 2017: Political science major**, 3.88 sGPA, 3.95 cGPA - MCAT TBD (June 16) - 2 years...
  17. Zaarge

    In-State Tuition for OOS Students

    Hi everyone, I am applying to dental schools this cycle and am currently in the process of choosing where I want to apply. I was wondering what public schools offer in-state tuition to out-of-state students who go about establishing domicile/changing their residency while they are in dental...
  18. D


    I've been trying to compare these two great schools but would really like the community's input for the pros and cons/ experiences from each college. I am an out of state applicant to both schools. It would be my first time at both locations. My goal is to get into an inpatient residency and...
  19. V

    Acceptance Dilemma...

    Would you rather go to a school that has everything you want, but pay out of state tuition? Or would you go to a school you don't particularly like at all if it had in-state tuition? This is my current dilemma. I am currently trying to choose between out of state 'dream' and in state 'eh'...
  20. J

    Pharmacy School In-State vs. Out of State? Differences?

    Hello everyone, I live in California and applied to a variety of in-state schools as well as out of state schools. Apart from costs and networking for a job, what are the differences between going to pharmacy school in california and out of state?
  21. K

    Thoughts on OU COP

    Anyone have an insight on the OU COP program. I am not from the state so I don't really know anything about OU's reputation as far as pharmacy. If anyone could give any insight on the program I'd really appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
  22. M

    Switch to in-state tuition at SUNY Upstate?

    I have been accepted to Upstate Medical University, and I really like the school. But I'm out of state and tuition is crazy high: $66k. I have read around the internet that it may be possible to switch to in-state tuition after your first year, which is a much more reasonable $45k. Can anyone...
  23. G

    out of state?

    hi, I am an undergrad student in Alabama. I plan to apply to at least 20 med schools (there are four in AL). I am wondering what would be other good ones to apply to out of state that do not give preference to their in state applicants??? I am open to MD and DO suggestions thanks.
  24. N

    Clinical rotations out of state a good idea?

    Hi guys, I am getting ready to start a DPT program and have to answer some questions. I will be attending a program in Arizona, but would like to move to California and practice out there. Do you guys think it would necessary to do an out of state rotation outside the state, or do you think I...
  25. M

    Weak state ties better than no state ties?

    I saw there were some threads about what constitutes strong state ties but my questions are a bit different as those threads all seemed to be about specific examples. There are a few public schools to which I want to apply, and I know my ties aren't strong to their respective states, but I was...
  26. UnchartedWaffle94

    DO Recommend OOS DO schools that are friendly to CA-residents w/ low GPA, avg MCAT

    Applying for the cycle of 2018 matriculation! My stats/demographics: Degree from a private California school: BA in Biology with Spanish minor GPA (both science and cumulative): ~3.1 MCAT: 500 (Chem&Phys: 125, CARS: 123, Bio&Biochem: 125, Psych&Soc: 127) Race: Asian (I know, surprise surprise)...
  27. P

    Out-of-state APPEs - how to set up? any experiences? advice?

    Hi everyone! I just finished my second year (entering my third year this August) at UF. I'm currently in a long-distance relationship and will likely eventually move to Los Angeles to be with my boyfriend. Due to both wanting to get experience in LA and wanting to be with my SO, I'm curious...
  28. A

    Strong in-state ties - Florida schools

    I'm a PA resident, but my sister lives near Tampa, my aunt and cousins live near Orlando. Would these be considered strong in-state ties for any FL schools? I'm fairly certain I'm going to apply to Miami, but I was also considering University of Florida and USF. I checked the MSAR for number...
  29. Jssgarden

    Summer Internship in my homestate

    Hello everyone, I've been looking around SDN for posts about summer internship, and while there are a lot of them, I haven't seen one that quite answers my questions. So I'm asking for advices. So I was accepted at Creighton, NE (campus pathway) and plan to go there. I'm starting P1 in this...
  30. O

    Out of State Applying for Texas Med Schools

    So I am a TN resident and I know that Texas med schools have separate applications. Do Texas schools primarily accept in state students? As in if I have a competitive application, is it worth also applying to Texas schools and having to fill out the separate application?
  31. LuckyRobo

    accepted but have late interviews

    I searched a bit, but couldn't find anything regarding my specific question. I have received an offer from one school and still have 2 interviews scheduled. One of those interviews is April 25th, so I am fairly certain I will not hear about my status for at least a few weeks. Would I have to...
  32. CavsFan2016

    4 In-state interviews and 0 out of state interviews - is this common?

    I have had 4 in-state interviews (out of 5 schools) and 0 out of state interviews (out of 15 schools or so) - just curious, does In-state really give you that big of an advantage?
  33. O

    Out of State Friendly schools?

    Hi, I was curious if anyone had a list or know if i could find a list of out of state friendly schools? Im specifically looking for the schools in New York, University of Maryland, Ohio state and case western, he Illinois schools, Pennsylvania schools, and Indiana schools? If you know any it...
  34. N

    Out of State Tuition

    What vet schools allow students to apply for in state residency after a year? I am looking for more vet schools to apply to and want to focus on those. Currently I plan on applying to NC State (my in state school) and Virginia-Maryland.
  35. T

    OU-HCOM vs KCUMB, should I go to KCUMB interview?

    Hello all, looking for advise here. I was recently accepted to OU-HCOM, and have an interview coming up in a week for kansas city university (KCUMB). I was wondering if I should cancel and save the flight mileage for something else (I am flying from Ohio). In state tuition is cheaper at OU...
  36. A

    What are my chances?

    So my numbers are not that great but I have think my EC are pretty good. I have a 3.5 GPA (3.4 sGPA) and a 30 on the MCAT. I was the president of the pre-health org, have been scribing in the ED in a leadership position with probably close to 1200 hours and likely closer to 2000 hours by next...
  37. X

    DACA (??) and dental school - immigration - applying to dental school

  38. S

    Excel List of 80 top ranked MD Medical Schools with GPA, MCAT, IS/OOS, Tuition and Fees, Scholarship

    Hey all. I truly appreciate those who take the time to help out other students on here. I'm applying this cycle and I've compiled a master Excel of the top 80 MD schools with GPA, MCAT, IS/OOS percentages, Financial info on a few, letter info on a few, and more. This info is from StartClass, a...
  39. S

    Clinical experience out of state??

    I'm sorry if there is already a discussion about this, I definitely can't find it if there is. Anyway, I go to school in Florida but live in New York. I really want to get clinical experience but it's really hard to get anything when I'm only in one state for three months at a time. I can't...
  40. tommytwoties

    Moving States for Medical School

    Hello! I am new to posting on this website because I am searching for serious advice. I am close to graduating with my BS degree and am hoping to go to medical school afterwards. Now, I am actually hoping to go to a specific out of state school, and have come up with the following plan. Move to...