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Thanks for sharing your experience!

No problem. At the end of the day wherever you go, medical school is a fleeting experience, you will all eventually move on and become doctors. Perceptions on interview day can be deceiving, as every school wants to put their best facade forward. Best of luck to you!

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Current student here (MS3)...three words I have for prospective applicants. DON'T COME HERE! The program is malignant. I've been mistreated by several students and faculty over the past several years. It's true at a lot of places but my school has consistently ranked high for mistreatment on AMA student satisfactions surveys consistently for many years, more so than other places. 66% of students here report mistreatment compared to 44% national average. The school was so concerned that it enacted a faculty professionalism committee to deal with this persistent issues. If it's the only school you get accepted to, then you have no choice but if you do have a choice, go elsewhere and you will be much happier!
‘strong sailors are not made on calm seas.’ I like this saying. Words to live by. CUSOM is moving in the right direction on this issue. Hope it works out for you. GL.
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‘strong sailors are not made on calm seas.’ I like this saying. Words to live by. CUSOM is moving in the right direction on this issue. Hope it works out for you. GL.

Yes, there are definitely still good people here and at least the school still cares about its students and took measures to improve the culture. There is a fine balance between mistreatment and constructive criticism. Some schools are better than others at delineating between the two.
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Also current MS3 here - I welcome messages about my experience if anyone is concerned or alarmed. I don't want to diminish any individual's experience. However, I would just encourage everyone on SDN to always take whatever you read online about medical school, residency, etc. with a huge grain of salt. I know for me it caused a lot of unnecessary fear and stress.

I want to say that many of my fellow students felt very strongly about how supportive administration has been for us, and they really shined in light of COVID and how well they advocated for us with what happened with the Step exams. I would pick CU again any time in a heartbeat. It has been a great place for me. No medical school is perfect and medical school is hard, no matter where you go. You do have to figure out what your priorities are when you apply because no medical school is the right place for everyone.
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Check this article out...true I must say.

maybe I am reading this incorrectly, but doesn’t this study show that the interventions have brought the percentage down to the national average? Still too high IMO, but the 66% number is no longer accurate. It went from 62% in 2013 to 40.3% in 2019 which is roughly equivalent to the 40.4% national average.
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Just got the final word that the class is officially full and all students have matriculated for anyone that was still hanging on
Hi! Posting on an older thread, looking for some wisdom from folks who recently went though this process. I interviewed at CU last month and was placed on a WL. This has been my only interview so far and CU is a top choice for me, with it being my in-state school. Any recommendations for things I could do to go from WL --> A? I know CU doesn't accept updates, but does anyone have any tips?
+1 and if you know the statistics of getting off the waitlist