1. W

    Which Post-Bacc should I choose?

    First post! Woot! I've thought about paying for a session with a med school admissions coach/counselor to get some advice, but SDN has helped me tremendously so far, so I thought I would give it a shot by asking on here. I graduate in May and the only pre-reqs I need to finish are Physics 2...
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  3. D

    Need help with planning DIY post-bacc

    I've decided that I want to become a psychiatrist, but I'd never planned on attending medical school so I don't have the necessary pre-reqs. Since graduating in 2017 I've been working for a healthcare IT company on the the insurance side of things, so I don't have clinical experience, but...
  4. H

    Self -Paced Online Pre-reqs

    Good afternoon All, any recommendations to other ONLINE PRE-REQs that are SELF-PACED in the vein of UNE?
  5. C

    List of community colleges offering pre-reqs

    I'm a non-trad student who needs basically all of the biology pre-reqs (list below). I'd like to take as many as possible at community colleges if possible to save on cost. Some classes are at most community colleges, like anatomy and physiology or intro to biology. Others are much less common...
  6. I

    Taking Animal Physiology online

    I am an undergrad student who doesn't need to take animal physiology to graduate. However its a required course for some vet schools. Does anyone know if you can be enrolled at two universities (one of them online). I'm not sure if I need this course to transfer to my current school to...
  7. G

    Best route to take for student with military conflict?

    I have been a full time student and member of the National Guard for the past 4 years. Until this semester, I have been in pursuit of completing my pre-requisites for medical school. Before this semester, I was notified of a deployment that would take place shortly after the semester completed...
  8. B

    For all you science h8rs, How science-heavy is dental school?

    Hey y'all! I am an Anthropology Pre-Dent major who is really struggling with keeping motivation with her science classes. I hate all of my science classes. I would rather take Comp 1 and Comp 2 over and over again than to take Biochem next semester. I am doing alright in my science classes with...
  9. K

    Do Pre-Reqs affect Interview Decisions?

    I have my BSc. from a Canadian institution; Canadian med schools don't have pre-req courses, so I never really thought about them. Unfortunately, I only took 1 general (inorganic) chemistry, but I have all the other DO pre-reqs. Would missing 1 pre-req course immediately invalidate my...
  10. T

    Pharm Schools that dont require a 2nd inorganic chem

    Hello all, I took General (inorganic) Chemistry 1 and the lab and am looking to apply for Pharmacy School. I see that many schools require 2 semesters of inorganic Chemistry, Im thinking the 2nd inorganic chemistry is Physical chemistry. Can anyone name US Pharmacy Schools that don't require 2...
  11. A

    I have to start college at a community college.

    I can't start at a university. I have to do two years at a CC. I know med schools don't like CC credits. Can I take all med school prerequisites my junior and senior year of college when I'm at the university? I have no idea how college works.
  12. B

    DIY post-bacc to raise GPA but already finished pre-reqs

    I just graduated from UCI and need to do a DIY post bacc to raise my cGPA/sGPA of 3.45. However, I was a human bio major so I have already taken all the pre-reqs and several upper division bio courses. For my DIY, should I avoid the basic pre-req courses and only go for upper div sciences, or is...
  13. D

    Taking classes outside of your curriculum

    I'm a second year neuroscience major and I have most of the mcat/med school pre-requisites in my curriculum except for biochemistry (which I intend to take). However, I have quite a few classes (outside my curriculum) that I want to take to be more prepared for the mcat and med school classes...
  14. L

    Taking classes after graduating BUT NOT IN A POST-BACC program?

    Hi! I never really post on here so I don't know if this has been asked/answered before, so sorry. I'm a 3rd year and I plan on graduating next year. I've taken most of my pre-reqs already, because I require them to graduate for my major. However, I don't have time for some random requirements...
  15. E

    Unpopular opinion??

    A little bit of a rant, I suppose. Most may not agree or take this the wrong way. However; it must be said. A little background: I have been accepted into a College of pharmacy. It is not top tier or bottom tier. The university is pretty famous, but the pharmacy school is a little above average...
  16. J

    MD & DO Advice for nontraditional pre-med student taking pre-reqs at CC

    Hello everyone! I know this topic has been posted a couple years before; however, I wanted to gain fresh feedback. Some background information: I transferred from a community college to a four-year university and graduated with a B.A in psychology and social behavior with a minor in medical...
  17. DarkKnight835

    Taking too many Pre-Reqs over the Summer?

    Hello everyone, I have a question for all the upperclassmen/ADCOMS that are on here regarding taking too many pre-reqs classes over the Summer. I am a current rising second semester sophomore at a local 4 year university. The first Summer between Freshman and Sophomore year, I had to take Gen...
  18. Z

    Non-Traditional Student Advice - Prerequisites

    Thank you!
  19. V

    Undergraduate Courses

    Which has been the most challenging course y'all have taken as an undergrad? Which course has been the best one? Which course were a joke, as in it should've been tough or something but maybe the professor made it super easy?
  20. F

    When to take pre-reqs?

    Hey everyone! I'm planning my next semester's schedule and I was wondering when to take all the pre-reqs. As of right now, I would take the physics with calculus series in my senior year (currently a sophomore) and all the other pre-reqs would've been taken by then. Do the schools require or...
  21. dogsRgreat

    PharmCAS: ACT score replacing class

    I scored very high on the English portion of the ACT so I was not required to take the writing composition courses. However, I didn't learn this until I had take Writing I as a dual-credit class and received a C... that's high school. PharmCAS gives an option to enter any CLEP tests, etc. but I...
  22. C

    Where can I find prereq GPA?

    Where in PTCAS can I find my calculated pre-req GPA? I submitted on Monday have already been verified. I found my overall calculated GPA when I downloaded my individual app to each school but don't see where it says pre-req GPA? Any thoughts?
  23. Foxxy

    Finding my way back to school

    Hi there! So I am a retired art student haha at 23. So quick story, I did not want to go to college right after HS because I had no clue what I wanted to do. My parents forced me so I decided to major in Fine arts at the local community college. I did all right, had an internship in Disney...
  24. DarkKnight835

    Please HELP!! What Should I do With MY PreReq English Class??

    Hello SDN Members! I have been on here for quite awhile, but this is my first time posting. Thank you for your wise advices in helping pre-meds like myself! Anyway, I am a rising Sophomore and just looked at my classes and requirements for med school, I had a 3 on my AP English and was exempt...
  25. K

    Bio I from CC - retake or take another bio

    I took Biology I from a cc. The lecture was online and lab was in-person, altho the transcript doesn't indicate so. Should I retake Bio I or should I just take another Bio course (like brain behavior + lab). According to AADSAS brain behavior falls under bio subject... I'm planning on calling...
  26. HopefulDoc91

    AACOMAS error

    Okay I'm pretty upset because AACOMAS messed up part of my application. Please tell me if you think this will prevent me from getting interviews: 5 of the courses on my transcript verification were marked as "lecture only" instead of "lecture and lab." Now you would think it's still obvious...
  27. G

    FIU PT Majors + Pre-requirements

    I'm applying to FIU because it's 12 minutes away from my place. I had a stressful time looking trough the majors, and trying to find something related to PT. These are the recommended bachelors in their page: Psychology, Sport & Fitness Studies, Recreation & Sports Management, Biology. (They...
  28. I

    Pre-requisite Not Completed

    Hello, I am a biological sciences major, and have not yet completed my biology lab prerequisites, but will be finishing them next year (finishing my junior year right now). I'm not sure yet which labs I will be taking and what courses I plan on taking next year, so I'm not sure if I should...
  29. chunkyfilms

    My General Chemistry 2 course covers some orgo?

    Hello SDN this is my very first post. I couldn't find an answer anywhere on on the site, but I remember looking up pre-reqs for for medical schools on the school websites and reading that one school did have an exception of some sort for this. I'm currently taking Gen Chem 2 and it includes...
  30. P

    Crappy GPA

    So I am looking to apply to Podiatry school for next cycle. I have about a 2.5 GPA overall and a 3.2 Science GPA. I know they're not good but I have been busy working in the podiatry field while taking all these classes. I have seven years podiatry assisting experience both clinical and...
  31. S

    CLEPed for a pre-req

    Hey guys! When I first started undergrad, I was pre-pharm and so I took the CLEP exam for gen chem. I used my credit to skip gen chem 1, but I still took gen chem 2 and the lab for 1 and 2. I finished organic chemistry with labs last semester, and I have made As in all of these courses. I...
  32. H

    CC pre-reqs while in MPH program

    Hey all! I just graduated (summa cum laude) with my BA in anthropology/minor in biology and will be starting an MPH program this fall. I'm still considering going to medical school in the future but didnt complete all the required pre-reqs during undergrad. What I'm wondering is if it would be...
  33. T

    Late-comer to Optometry. 26 and considering applying, need advice.

    Hi all, I am 26 years old and I received my BS in Biology in 2013. I am currently a Certified Orthoptist in Chicago and I work with two optometrists almost daily, often seeing their patients in my own clinic. Additionally I am about half way done with my Masters in Clinical Vision Research from...
  34. A

    Bad to Take Physics at Community College?

    Hello, I am a first year at UCLA and am hoping to take physics at a CC close to home this summer. However, would this be looked down upon greatly by med schools? i have no physics background (never took physics in high school) and am afraid of not doing well in the physics series at UCLA...
  35. S

    Is it ok to take prerequisites for medical school in the summer on a partial course load?

    I am in my semester of my program and planned to take one of the prerequisites for medical school this semester. But what happened is that my full year course decided to change it's class time and because of that it overlaps with the pre-req I am trying to get into. Because of that my school is...
  36. dr.wolf


  37. F

    Retaking Science Pre-requisites

    Hello, everyone! I have a question that may apply to a lot of applicants who are planning to apply next cycle or who may have not quite made the cut this cycle: What schools out there accept grade replacements for science pre-requisites? I know that a lot of PT programs only accept 1-3...
  38. nembry

    can you take the pre-reqs as electives for your degree?

    I'm thinking about majoring in Psychology so I am curious if you can take all of the med school prereqs as electives for the degree? The curriculum for Psychology doesn't include any of the med school prereqs so I would not wish to take extra courses. Basically I'd like to not have to take over...
  39. M

    Wanting to begin a new career

    I currently have a BA degree, but at this point I want nothing more than to redo the last few years and study science instead, because I have realized that medical school was the right path for me. It's something that I've wanted to do all my life, but for various personal reasons in high...
  40. K

    Can I apply before I finish some reqs? How many gap years must I take?

    I will be graduating in Spring 2017 from undergrad with all the pre-med requirements done except for two physics courses. I am planning on taking a gap year anyway to work, volunteer, get thing together, and I had been planning on taking physics during this time. Here's the question: Could I...