1. 3

    Receiving a Recommendation Letter Before Applying

    Hello everyone. I was hoping to ask my gen chem 2 professor for a recommendation letter to a medical school but am uncertain how to do so because I am currently not in the application process. I took his class last spring semester and thought it would be best to get a recommendation letter now...
  2. Kobethegoat24

    Really need help with dental school list?

    My stats: GPA: 3.88 DAT: 21 AA, 21 TS, 18 PAT (unfortunately also 16 QR) URM Volunteering: about 54 hours Shadowing: about 52 hours Virginia resident After giving it a lot of thought I have decided to wait until July to...
  3. 9

    Can you save Letters of Recommendation?/Being able to have them as soon as the cycle opens

    I have came across different threads that pertain to the process of asking for letters of rec, but what I am wondering is if is there a way I can talk to my professors and have them send me a letter of rec that I can save somewhere, or if I should tell them to save the letter until I send them...
  4. A

    Rec Letter help

    Hi everyone, I have a dilemma regarding my recommendation letters. I have successfully acquired a rec letter from an MD Physician (sent to my university). However, one of my science professors was not able to write his rec letter in the correct format (no signature included, etc.). I have...
  5. A

    Rec Letters

    Currently I have a rec letter from an MD family physician, a physics professor, and my school's committee letter. I was wondering if this is enough or do I need to follow the general rule of two science professors and 1 non-science professor? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks,
  6. L

    Letters from Course Professors vs PIs

    I decided recently to apply to MSTP programs this cycle and I realized that although I will have 4 great letters of recommendation from labs that I've worked in and doctors that I have shadowed, I have not established any relationship with course professors. And I know that most MSTP programs...
  7. S

    Would I be able to use this professor for my Science LOR?

    I am currently working under a full-time chemistry professor as a learning assistant for his General Chemistry I and II courses, and I have been working under him for the past year. I answer students’ questions in class about the course content, I help grade exams, and I lead out-of-class...
  8. P

    Is this bad???

    I’m currently a 4th year Biology major thinking about potential recommenders to write red letters for med school. The two professors that I took Physics with know me pretty well, I did very well in their classes, and I’m fairly confident that they will be able to write solid letters. Is it bad...
  9. Snickerdoodle1996


    does anyone know if LECOM requires a DO letter post interview? It was mentioned years ago on an old thread but there website says it is not required.
  10. B

    DO Letter of Recommendation Requirement

    After reading through the Letter Requirements for many DO schools, I've noticed that some of them point out that they require at least two letters of Recommendation: either 2 from science professors and 1 from a physician, or a committee letter and a physician. The DO I shadowed sent his letter...
  11. A


  12. Sameffect

    Letters of Recommendation from community college

    Hey everyone, I will be applying for Dental School in the upcoming cycle. I am getting a LOR from an instructor at my 4 year university and another from a dentist. For my third letter, I was thinking about asking my chemistry professor (PhD) whom I have kept in contact with for over 3 years...
  13. Tea Leaf

    Asking for a recommendation- should I attach the form to the email or not?

    Hi guys! I'm applying to a summer research program and I have to get 2 recommendations (science professors preferred). They aren't recommendation letters, they just have to fill out half a page with 4 questions (how long have you known the applicant, check box for how strongly they recommend...
  14. AMA2013

    Patient Recommendations

    What journals/websites are you using to stay current on your recommendations to patients? What topics have you been looking up recently?
  15. Master Thinker

    Research Letter of Recommendation Question

    I am currently doing research in a lab under a graduate student mentor and the Ph.D. PI does not really know me that well and I have never taken a class with him. Should I get a recommendation letter from my grad mentor alone? Or should I try and have the PI cosign it? Thanks for your inputs
  16. smileyfacegirl27

    Asking for a LOR in person unannounced?

    Hello! What is the best way to ask for a letter of recommendation for professors I have previously had when I don't know their Office Hours? Do I show up unannounced? Or send a professional email asking them to "Set up a meeting to discuss the possibility of a letter of recommendation?" I'm not...
  17. L

    Undergrad premedical adviser letter after two gap years?

    Normally, most schools recommend getting the premedical advisor/committee letter. However, I am taking two gap years and feel that the premed adviser did not know me well and I did not know him well. I also already have other recommendations lined up from my undergrad years and have...
  18. S

    Questions about Timeline for Recommendation Letters

    Hi, I'm taking my MCAT on August 24th (late i know but mostly focused on DO). I heard schools won't look at your app till your MCAT scores are in, so I will most likely submit my application in the last week of August. Question- does that mean I won't need to have my recommendation letters in...
  19. sydney1616

    Premed Committee recommend with reservations or regular LORs?

    [post deleted]
  20. F

    Dental Application 2017-2018 Adder Letters of Rec Question *AFTER* submitting

    Hi SDN Community! I was wondering if anyone knows the answer to my question: Are you able to submit your letters of recommendation after you submit the dental application? Like, is there a place in the application where you can update and add new letters? I am doing my letters through...
  21. ServiceFirst

    Understanding secondaries and LOR's?

    I've been looking around, if someone could point me in the correct direction/thread, but I have a question regarding secondaries and LOR's. When exactly do medical schools begin reading LOR's to evaluate applicant's? Do they begin when primaries are first transmitted and received? Or do they...
  22. S

    What to do if want new letters of rec but already graduated?

    Can I take classes at a CC solely for LORs? Or sign up for more undergraduate classes?
  23. L

    Writing a LOR Template??

    I recently asked one of my professors if he would be willing to write my a strong letter of recommendation, and he agreed, but replied asking me to send him a template that he can edit. He's a very busy man, so I understand why he might not have the time to sit down and write up an entire LOR...
  24. I

    Timing for Letters of Recommendation

    Hello! I have set my sights on becoming an optometrist for a while now. I am currently finishing my 2nd semester as a sophomore at UCBerkeley. I am also a part-time receptionist at an optometry clinic nearby and I have been working there for roughly half a year now. Coincidentally, the doctors...
  25. S

    Help for LOR!!!!

    Hi... I've got a few questions about LORs and I'd appreciate it if I got an answer. Regarding the LORs, I'm a bit confused about it. I finished my BDS from India. I'm not sure from who all I should get an LOR from. I know I should get one from the dean and a professor but what this science...
  26. H

    DO Neurosurgery Chances

  27. Slippers

    Should you give your letter of intent for residency to the profs you choose to write your rec letter

    What if one of the people you want to write you a rec letter works at one of the programs you are applying to (and could potentially be involved in the selection of candidates there)? And, my letter of intent won't be 100% complete when/if I give it to my potential recommendation letter...
  28. auoso

    One late letter of recommendation- send separately?

    Hey guys, I have one letter that was sent about a month later than when the rest of my app was mailed out. The writer has uploaded it in AADSAS and looks like the letter has been mailed out, but will I have to send it separately to admissions offices? Or will it make its way to them? I got an...
  29. W

    Letter of rec from a doctor?

    Hi, I may need to have an MD write me a letter of recommendation for dental school. My dentist that said he will do it is being very uncooperative. Will it be a bad sign if i got it from an MD? I mean some schools say that it is ok for an MD or dentist to write about my ethics. The one I am...
  30. H

    Change LOR after it was sent in

    Hello all, I designated 4 evaluators to write me a letter. One has sent his in already and it is seen as received on 7/11/16 and "completed" processing on the AADSAS website. After reading what he wrote, I decided I would like to choose a different evaluator. However, I do not see the red...
  31. S

    Recomm letter about a activity missed in the application

    Hey Guys, I haven't realized this until just now that I did a medical volunteer last summer. I think I'd be able to get a recommendation letter from them (which is great b/c my other letters are from science professors/research lab). However, b/c I just remembered this, I did not put this in...
  32. O

    Letters of Recommendation - Evaluation Addsas

    2 of my supervisors offered to give me strong letters......but how will they "send" or submit these letters to addsas? I also have a potential dentist that will give me another recommendation letter - where does it belong in addsas? Yes, I have addsas account almost completed except for this...
  33. R

    LoR - AMCAS Question

    I am currently waiting for a committee letter from my institution and they will not send any letters out until their letter is complete. I was wondering when should I hope they write and send the letters out to schools if I want to have my application complete early? When would it be considered...
  34. Z

    Acquiring LoRs from Dentists/Specialists

    Hey all. I've been shadowing a few different general dentists as well as specialists and I'm planning on asking for LoRs soon (from a general dentist or a periodontist). I know that the periodontist would write me a stellar letter, but I feel like the general dentist's letter might be lacking...
  35. PathforwardtoDPT

    Questions regarding LOR...

    I tried searching, but couldn't find these specific questions: I have a LOR lined up from a therapist, but he only just recently graduated like 3 years ago. Would this affect the LOR in a objectively negative way regardless of how great he writes the LOR? More specifically, do schools take...
  36. W

    not much things on the CV of Letter from professor.

    Hi, My professor asked me resume and PS but I do not have things to write on resume other than school, major, shadowing and volunteer. Is it normal problem that pre-dental student faced to? I already looked up many template of CV and resume and I feel I need to write some more information. Is...
  37. Dai

    When to request references before PTCAs opens up application?

    So I had a question regarding asking my current professor about sending in a reference letter to the PTCAs system. I am aware they PTCAs launches their 2016-2017 application in June -- however, I am nearly done with my junior semester and I would like my current professor to do a letter before...
  38. S

    Recommendations for specialty or department to rotate in Thailand Chiang Mai University

    I'm planning on doing a 4th yr international rotation at Chiang Mai University in Thailand. I will be there for a month. Wondering if anyone had any recommendations as to what department would be a great experience to rotate in? Departments: Anesthesiology, Community medicine, FM, IM, Ob/gyn...
  39. mikeolik

    Personal Statement - should I include this?

    Hello everyone, I am currently writing my personal letter and would like to know if you guys think these accomplishments are worthy of being present in my application (these are broad topics and they would of course be elaborated on): - Started a business in college with $500.00...
  40. moose786

    Health Professions Office Letter Needed?

    Hello, I have talked to some advisors in my Health Professions Office and they seem very discouraging and keep implying that I'm probably going to have to take a gap year. I don't mind that, but I have yet to take the DAT -- and I really just want to at least try to apply this year and see if I...