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  1. johnsonthehopeful

    Reapplicant advice/school list assistance

    Hello all. I've used SDN for years, but after an unsuccessful app cycle this year, I've decided to finally ask for some assistance. I only applied to a few schools last cycle, but I thought I would just give it a shot since I had AAMC Fee Assistance. In hindsight, I shouldn't have applied last...
  2. N

    ACCOMAS has received and processed my 3 transcripts, but 2 of the transcripts are listed for the same place.

    I have the credentials-inc receipts showing that the 3 transcripts were obtained correctly for the 3 undergraduate institutions I have been to, and have checked the status of the orders. Within 24 hours of the orders being complete through credentials-inc, AACOMAS sent me an email stating they...
  3. P

    Deferring School for Depression

    Hello everyone, There have been threads on this in the past, but I couldn't really figure out what to do. Long story short I have recurrent severe depression for the past 4+years. Additionally, my anxiety which is currently not as bad as it has been is sometimes better and sometimes worse to...
  4. H

    MD, DO or Caribbean?

    Hey everyone, i’m new on the forum and was just wanting some advice regarding my chances and where I should apply. GPA at time of applying will be 3.2-3.35, MCAT 515, I have 4 letters of rec from 4 MD’s, volunteering with multiple organizations, I do have hospital volunteering, however, when I...
  5. C

    What are my chances for DO schools

    cGPA: 3.3 sGPA: 3.3 MCAT: 517 Excellent Extra-curriculars, with leadership work, good reference letters, shadowing, clinical experience No problems in Extra-curricular and clinical work. What are my chances for DO schools? also MD schools...probably not?
  6. On The Move


    Hey everyone. I am non trad (URM) student looking to apply to DO schools. 3.1 sgpa and 3.3 overall gpa 503 3.7 last 60 units Struggled in some intro classes but Have been doing well since. I am also taking some more science classes to further beef up my gpa. Let me know what you think Im...
  7. C

    SMP, post bacc, or DO?

  8. A

    Help with school list/suggestion?

    Hi y'all, first time applicant trying to come up with a list of schools I should apply to this upcoming May. I am a Virginia resident and considering applying to low tier MDs and DOs due to my stats. Stats: Graduated from a school in Illinois 3.3 sGPA/cGPA (upward trend, with DIY post bacc)...
  9. EnzymaticFuture

    DO Application Timeline

    Hello everyone. Would a July MCAT still be considered early for DO schools? Also, can someone give me a brief timeline overview for an early DO school application cycle? Do we need to turn in our MCAT scores and LORs to be verified?
  10. P

    DO 3.34 cGPA, 3.1 sGPA, 508 MCAT: chances?

    hi everyone. here are my stats. i really, really want to go to a DO school. graduated may 2018 with a non-science degree/major with science minor. CA resident. cGPA: 3.34 sGPA: 3.1 MCAT: 508 (1st time taking) volunteering: 500+ with various non-health related organizations since high...
  11. F


    Hi all, I am getting ready to submit my AACOMAS (late I know). I am still waiting on a letter from a DO who I shadowed extensively recently. However she recently had a family crisis and hasn't been getting back to me about the letter. I want to submit my app in the coming days. Is it possible...
  12. D

    PCOM or RVU-CO?

    My long term goal is to live somewhere out west whether that be CO, UT, CA. I've been accepted to both schools but also would like to keep options open for Gen Surg, Ortho or EM. What would be your recommendation for which school to go to given my goals?
  13. D

    Friend's DO school silence worrying me

  14. DoctorDay12

    DO My chances?

  15. P

    Need advice on whether I should apply this cycle

    Hey everyone, So I have a pretty unique situation and I'm really torn between whether I should apply late this cycle or not. During spring semester in my senior year of high school, I was indicted of an academic honor code (cheating) from having a brought practice problem during an exam. I'm...
  16. M

    Engineer, Low GPA, Post-bacc advice

    Hello, New to SDN and looking for some advice. I graduated with a 2.72 gpa but I'm looking to go to med school. I'm currently trying to get into a post-bacc program to boost my gpa and take what pre-med classes I didn't take in undergrad. I was biomedical so I've taken some of the pre-med...
  17. L

    Some advice on low mcat score

    I just received my mcat today and was disappointed with a 497. I know I am capable of doing better, I had a very rough test day with not finishing the test and being psyched out. I plan on retaking sometime before may of 2019. I was wondering what are my chances if I actually applied with the...
  18. B

    WAMC? and Help Creating a DO school list

    I know this is tough to dictate without an mcat score, but I have been scoring around a 504-505 on FL. Take exam September 8th. Resident of Arizona. Stats: Overall GPA:3.6, Science GPA: 3.2 (lower side), Post Bacc GPA: 4.0 (Respiratory Therapy Program) URM: Hispanic (Mexican-American) and Fluent...
  19. F

    Wamc and school list help

    This is my first post, so I apologize if I get this wrong. I am just looking for some insight into which schools I should apply to and what my chances are. I’m going for anonymity, but here are my rough stats: Undergraduate science and overall: 3.45 (I took 19/20 credit semesters for the last...
  20. D

    SOS WAMC 3.34 sGPA/3.5-3.6cGPA/503 MCAT

    Hey everyone! Long time lurker here- just wanted to get your guy's input on what you think my chances are for getting in to a DO school this cycle. FL resident 2 science, 1 MD, 1 DO LOR (should I get a non science LOR?) 1000+ hours of hospital volunteering Orgo TA 2 semesters Private tutor 1...
  21. G

    DO chances?

    Hi, so this may be a bit different since I am about to start junior year in undergrad. My gpa is 3.93. My main question is: as long as my gpa and mcat are solid (like 3.7+ gpa and hopefully 505-510 mcat at the very least), will I be able to get into DO schools with not much...
  22. B

    School List.

    Thought Id ask for some opinions on my current school list and stats. Currently have my application verified through AACOMAS, My Undergrad GPA: 3.6, Undergrad Science GPA: 3.3 and Postbac GPA: 4.0. I am URM and currently reside in Arizona. Have 800+ hours of clinical experience through my...
  23. M

    Touro COM Middletown vs NYIT COM

    I need help making a decision by tomorrow. Would love if anyone can give their experience in both!
  24. P

    Chances at DO Program?

    Currently considering applying to osteopathic programs, I am a hispanic male from arizona, bilingual. I have an undergraduate gpa of 3.2 and am currently enrolled in a respiratory therapy program with a 4.0. My mcat score is a 504, I have strong letters of recommendation from a MD, DO, Program...
  25. yogidoc19

    Extra LOR after application is "complete"

    I submitted a few secondaries already but just had another DO letter uploaded to AACOMAS (yay!) Does anyone know if I am "complete" at a few schools already will they be sent this letter by AACOMAS as an update or do I need to contact them all to let them know of the additional letter? Thanks...
  26. B

    Thowaway application

    I currently am in the process of getting my application verified so once I get my scores back from my September test date, I can submit to the other 21 schools. My main question is do I have to wait for them to receive my transcripts? or can I submit?
  27. G

    shadowing question

    Hi, I am wondering how much shadowing an ophthalmologist would help my application for medical school?
  28. G


    hi everyone, I am not taking classes this summer and will start my junior year this fall. I want to do some shadowing this summer, but I am having problems with actually finding doctors who want to do it. I’ve called several neurosurgeons, multiple private family medicine practices, and a...
  29. B

    Is it too late?

    Ive noticed that many individuals have already submitted their applications, I was planning to take my mcat in September and receive my scores late that month or early October. Would it be too late to submit my applications at that time?
  30. A

    LORs with AAMC/AMCAS IDs being sent to AACOMAS

    So, I already applied to MD schools and am in the process of applying to DO schools. I had 9 LOR's submitted to Interfolio and it turns out that 7/9 of them have my AAMC and AMCAS ID numbers in the actual letter. Considering that the AACOMAS application cycle is well on its way and that it took...
  31. D

    DPT applying for DO program

    I'm a currently practicing PT, for past 7-8 years. Due to numerous restrictions on what I can do for my patient clinically, I came across an idea of applying for DO program. I had finished my bio degree which was designed for pre-med students, so I did complete all required pre-reqs, but this...
  32. F

    500 now - Retake in JULY for DO school?

    Hi all! I unfortunately received a 500 on my MCAT. I have a 3.5 cGPA and around 3.2 sGPA. I am not sure if I should plan for a retake on July 24 or just apply to DO schools with this score now. Is there any way I can apply with this score and then sent an updated one? I would really like to...
  33. P

    mcat retake end of august, too late?

    I took my mcat august 2016 and got 491, my cGPA is 3.57 and sGPA is 3.44 (including math) i heard DO schools don't include math? so it might be different then since I got Bs in calc 1 and 2. I want to retake the mcat end of august, early september. My activities section is good. If i submit my...
  34. M

    3.73 cGPA, 3.43 sGPA, 501 MCAT (124/127/124/126) -- Should I apply?

    Hi, everyone. Received my MCAT score back and its lower than I expected based on practice exams. I'm concerned if I have a good chance with this cycle. I would be willing to retake in July but am not sure I would be able to raise it within the month given FT job and other responsibilities...
  35. A

    DO What are my chances?

    Hello, Guys I am currently a Sophomore entering my Junior year. I've had a rough two years at my institution I am currently at a 3.1 cumulative GPA. Yet, my major is Biology with a minor in chem. I have picked up two summer courses to try and pick up my GPA. I really want to enter a DO school...
  36. M

    Low GPA... What should I do?

    I just finished my sophomore year and I am very unhappy with my performance this spring semester... so now my overall gpa is a 3.14. I don’t know what happened, it just got the best of me I guess. Anyway, I was wondering if there’s still a chance I can raise my gpa enough (keep in mind I haven’t...
  37. A

    Re-app chances?

    What do you y'all think are my chances at getting in? Any input's appreciated, I need all the advice I can get!!! I'm a re-app, but my stats haven't changed too much. 3.53 cGPA and 3.41 sGPA with a downward trend, save for the last few classes I took in undergrad and a class I took for fun a...
  38. I

    cgpa 3.35 sgpa 2.6 mcat 519 great ECs

    HELP! I have a very low science and cumulative gpa. im going to be honest there is not a trend present in my science grades, although I am ending on a strong note. Due to some personal commitments/issues I have to at least attempt to get into a program this cycle. My EC are pretty good, writer...
  39. T

    Chances for DO schools

    Hello, I would love some input on my chances and which DO schools I should apply to this summer for 2019 admission. Currently I'm a Junior at University of Texas at san antonio, just a normal state college. MCAT: 507 cGPA: 3.47 sGPA: 3.44 -The only hole in my GPA is Cs in chem 2, ochem 1...
  40. S

    2018-2019 DO non-traditional applicant

    I am a non-traditional Texas resident looking to apply in the 2018-2019 cycle. I graduated in 2016 with a cGPA 3.2 and a sGPA 2.96, no strong increasing or decreasing trends. Since graduating I did a summer of full time research in HIV a Texas Tech Health Science Center in EL Paso Texas. I have...