Jun 4, 2019
I've heard that WUSTL is a very numbers heavy school. Being a Mathematics major along with two other challenging majors (Biochemistry and Immunology), would a GPA of around a 3.5 be too low to apply with? Unfortunately, I have earned several A-s/B+s because of the sheer difficulty of my curriculum rather than not studying enough. All other things considered, I have plenty of clinical volunteering hours and shadowing experience along with other ECs. I am counting on scoring well on my MCAT to compensate for the rather mediocre GPA but still I would like to know if it is even worth applying? And what would be a good MCAT score to aim for given my below average GPA?


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Oct 21, 2014
My guess is 523+ will most likely get a look from WUSTL with a low GPA.

Is admission to the School of Medicine guaranteed?
To continue to medical school as a University Scholar, you will need to fulfill all entrance requirements. Your pre-professional advisor will work with you as an undergraduate to make sure that you fulfill the prerequisites for medical school. You will also need to maintain an overall minimum 3.8 grade point average (GPA) and achieve a minimum total score on the Medical College Admissions Test (equal to or above the 97th percentile). If your GPA or MCAT are below this minimum, your eligibility for graduate study will be up to the School of Medicine's discretion.
This is from the combined BS/MD program website and it roughly translates to 75 or more on LizzyM. However, 3.8 from WUSTL is not an easy GPA and mostly likely their graduates with auto admission are at 78-80 rather than 75 since students with those GPAs will score 98 to 99th percentile.
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