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    DAT + OTHER questions about Dental school!

    Hey guys, I am a junior at UCLA and am majoring in a social science. I am NOT planning on applying to Dental school until June of 2017, but aiming for the next cycle. I've taken Anatomy, finished the the General Chemistry series, Statistics and am currently enrolled in Biology. (Planning on...
  2. K

    ASDOH vs UIC

    Hi guys So I was accepted to both of these schools so far and are both great schools imo.... But which one is the better? And I think the tuition amount is about the same? I'm from IL and after the first year the cost of UIC is the same with ASDOH. I'm just wondering what majority of you guys...
  3. K

    19 AA on DAT what are my chances??

    Hey so I just took my DAT today 1/5/17 and my scores were: PAT: 24 QR: 16 (idk wtf happened I ran outta time) RC:18 Bio: 19 GC: 20 OC: 23 TS: 20 AA: 19 :( My gpa is a 3.84 currently I still have 2 more quarters left and I think my science is around 3.7ish not sure. But i just totally messed...
  4. D

    Need advice

    So I'm in need of some advice and opinions on my chances of getting into dental school. I'm a Hispanic male currently a Junior perusing a major in biology. Below are the list of my credentials. 3.2 GPA 20 DAT Minor in Business Deans list twice Member of pre health club 3 Letters of...
  5. M

    Bad Semester

    I know this question gets asked alot but i've been feeling in the dumps lately. I am a senior at UConn and am having sort of a crappy semester. That may be due to many different factors but bottom line is im not doing as well as i would of wanted to. I currently have a 3.67 GPA, and well this...
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    Talking about personal health problem in Dental School SOP

    Hello everyone! So I started writing my essay and I talked about a health problem that I have. This health problem truly was one of the important reasons I wanted to get into health sector. Now that I am half way through I started being concerned if this is a bad thing to write in my essay...
  8. A

    Dental School Rejection

    Hello, I recently got rejected from the dental school I have been wanting to attend for a VERY long time now. My question is, what exactly should I do to improve my chances? I feel extremely lost at this point. ANY advice would be so beneficial. What exactly do dental schools look for in...
  9. mjbjr9

    Low gpa, average dat

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting in the forum, but I really want some advice on my situation. I am currently a senior at my college. My cGPA is 3.1 and my sGPA is probably somewhere between 2.9-3.0 (I haven't properly calculated yet). My DAT scores are 21AA (19 bio, 21 GC, 21, OC, 21...
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    AADSAS Application Coursework Question

  11. Sameffect

    Getting into Dental Schools with C or B-

    Hey everybody ! I'm a student who is taking 16 credit hours in this semester. I am managing a club of which I am the President, taking part in all of my group activites of my pre-health frat club, shadowing a dentist and working a part time job. Right now, I am on my way of getting 3 As, 1 B and...
  12. T

    2016 Kaplan DAT lesson, review book , flash cards, quick sheets entire Brand new package

    Hi, hope all is well. I am selling a brand new package of 2016 Kaplan DAT Online prep course materials (BRAND NEW (in their original wrapped packages) books and Flashcards!!-I paid $1499 for the entire course. Excellent and comprehensive resources! 1. Kaplan DAT Review Notes: comprehensive...
  13. A

    What to do during my gap year?

    Hello SDN friends! I am in a bit of dilemma and I would like some input. I currently am a senior at Virginia Tech. I am a Biology major with a 3.32 overall GPA and I scored a 22 overall on the DAT this summer (22 AA 22 PAT 22 TS). I am definitely fighting what I feel is an uphill battle with...
  14. RJLIL

    Organic Chem Labs - New England Uni. Online

    I need to fulfill my requirements for Orgo 1 and Orgo 2 labs before matriculating. I wanted to know if any of you have experience with taking the Organic chemistry Labs online through UNE. Thanks
  15. Y

    Canadian Applying Late (August/Sep)?

    Hey guys, I am going to submit my application by the end of the august and also scheduled the DAT for Sep 6th. Would I still be considered for pre-december interviews? (GPA 3.53 and lets say above 20 DAT)
  16. F

    For all of the current dental students...

    What dental school do you attend and why do you like it? Pros/cons.
  17. F

    Schools that accept AP??

    Does anyone know if the following schools accept all AP Credits and CLEP Exam credits that are non-science and appear on my transcript? UCLA Harvard Case Western UPENN Columbia LECOM UNC UOP SIU NSU BOSTON TUFTS UW West Virginia University of Michigan University of Texas at Houston Thank you.
  18. moonwolf

    Low PAT effect

    I have 21 AA 22 TS 22RC 19 QR 16 PAT, 3.93 GPA for both science and non-science. Every time I try to feel good about my score the 16 on PAT jumps and punches me in the face. How much is the 16 on PAT going to affect me? do schools just cut you off without looking at other stuff if the PAT is...
  19. CavHooah

    Dental Hygenist->Business School->Dentist?

    First off, thanks for anybody that responds, and this is my first post so... Hello! Alright guys, I'm really hoping that somebody can come in here and give me some solid advice. So a little background on myself, I am a 20 year old male. I am a current National Guardsman and I am finishing my...
  20. T

    DAT Destroyer

    Dear Dental Community, Hope all is well. 1. I would like to buy recent DAT Destroyers for cheap, please let me know if you are selling them 2. I have a full-time job and would like to ask for a study schedule for DAT studying 3. What are the best resources/study materials for DAT? Any coupon...
  21. Dental_Dude

    DAT scores 2016 Chances?

    Hello, I took the DAT 6-16-16. I submitted my application right after I took the DAT. My GPA just got verified today and I am still waiting for my DAT scores to show up. My APP should be sent out to my school within the next 2 weeks. What are my chances? Here is a list of the schools that I...
  22. Hubguy

    Pre-dental GPA

    Hello, I currently have a BS in Public Health, and have worked in Microbiology (USAF-Active Duty), and have Dept of Defense & CDC (published 2x) on my resume. I am currently taking the pre-requisites for dental school. Will be taking O Chem in the Fall. My question is, how is GPA averaged for...
  23. T

    Undergrad science courses grades

    Hello everyone, I'm currently an undergrad (going into 3rd year) at Temple University, PA. I don't know if this matter has been discussed or not but I have a HUGE concern on my undergrad science grades and GPA (see attachment). I know it doesn't look really good but should I retake Biology 1 and...
  24. P

    GPA Questions

    So I'm just looking for some answers but if I had a a year with a sub 3.0 GPA second year with a 2.66, will that disqualify me in any way. I had a 3.38 GPA first year and with summer courses I'm at 3.1 overall with a BCP of 3.3. I know I still have 2 years ahead of me and I could bring it up...
  25. A

    AADSAS Application: AA vs. AS

    Hello All, Firstly, congratulations to everyone who is applying for this cycle. I am filling out my Apps right now and had a question and wanted to know if anyone knew. Prior to my BS, I completed 2 years at a community college and received an AS "Associate of Science." The AADSAS app only has...
  26. P

    PS Help

    Would anyone mind reviewing my PS and giving me comments/edits/suggestions? Any help would be appreciated!
  27. J

    Schools Accepting AP Credit

    The only class that I might have a problem with is Physics, because my AP credit from high school carried over into my physics requirement for college. Does anyone have a list or know what dental schools will accept the AP credit? Also, even if a school says they don't accept AP credit, what...
  28. S

    Dental Hygiene or MPH?

    I will be graduating with B.S. in biochemistry with a GPA of 3.0. I have been accepted into both dental hygiene program for NYU and a master in public health program for GMU. Which would be better in the long run into getting into dental schools?
  29. D


    HEY GUYS/APPLICANTS/FELLOW D2020 STUDENTS I HAVE A MAJOR ISSUE AND I FEAR THAT MY ACCEPTANCE WILL NOW BE TAKEN AWAY FROM ME: -So I got accepted into a dental school a month ago-i had graduated with my B.S. in biology in 2014, with every pre-requisite needed for dental school [and this specific...
  30. L

    How does transferring from a 4 yr university affect Dental application

    Hey everyone, I am a junior pre-dental student hoping to apply/attend Dental School in the near future. I transferred from a smaller D1 university this year with a 3.9 GPA. I transferred to a huge university that is very well-known, but I am struggling with the rigor of the courses, and my GPA...